Friday, July 29, 2011

Chairman of the State's Hospital Closing Group Illegal Fed Off the Corrupt State Pension System


Berger: I Got Mine No Health Care 4 You

Stephen Berger, the Brooklyn work group’s chairman of the hospital closing group has made a living off of the state's corrupt pension funds.  Many people who pension funds Berger company Illegal obtained will no longer have less heath care once Berger closes his hospitals.  Hospitals in Brooklyn Defended at Hearing State officials looking for savings suggested that the borough had too many hospital beds and said more patients should be using outpatient clinics.  The Berger Commission was against the closing of St.Vincent’s Hospital before the Rudin's got involved. For some reason the political powerful family that pays for campaigns got the Berger committee to agree to the closing of the hospital.

Stephen Berger Paid Off Hank Morris for Pension Funds and Paid A Fine

  Berger is also on the tit of the state pension funds and payed off convicted fellon Hank Morris.  "Sometimes Morris drummed up new business on his own. In 2004, investigators say, Morris contacted Odyssey Investment Partners. One of the firm’s founders, Stephen Berger, had long been active in Democratic politics. Odyssey had hired CSFB, the large investment bank, to serve as its placement agent with the state pension fund—until Morris allegedly told Berger that the fund had its “own” placement agent, Searle. Odyssey switched to Searle and soon received $20 million from the state pension fund." NY Magazine.  Odyssey was fined for its participation in the pension corruption



Boehner Own Caucus Threw Him UnderA Bus

House Puts Off Debt Vote as Press by Boehner Fails(NYT) * Surprise End to Day of Strong-Arming and Head Counts(N YT) * Vote on Debt Plan Is Delayed(WSJ) * Republicans are willing to nihilistically sabotage the economy to get what they want(NYDN) * GOP leaders put off debt vote as Boehner tries to entice Tea Party holdouts * If Congress doesn't deal on the national debt, the country will be in a world of trouble(NYDN Ed)* The delay caught the White House off guard. The administration had no immediate reaction.* A White House list of local elected officials nationwide calling for a debt ceiling compromise includes Bloomberg and state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, but not Cuomo.

Update 6:25PM House passes Boehner bill, 218-210

Poll: 46% of Americans believe most of Congress is corrupt Just 29% said they believed most lawmakers weren't corrupt, and 25% said they weren't sure.(NYDN) * President Obama’s approval rating has hit 40 percent for the first time ever in a Gallup poll.

 Top Obama aides blast GOP debt plan as Grinchy(NYP)


Tea Party Vs. James Madison

To minority of t party who oppose Boehner spending cuts, your feud is not w Boehner, Reid or Obama. It's w James Madison (Twitter) *  NYT NEWS ALERT: .S. Economy Slowed Sharply in Second Quarter With 1.3% G.D.P. Growth 


There Goes the Hood - Slow Racial Change in City

Slower Racial Change Found in Census of City Compared with census figures from the 1990s, the numbers of Hispanic and Asian New Yorkers grew more slowly; blacks recorded their first population loss since the Civil War; and non-Hispanic whites, who registered their smallest population loss in decades, also logged the biggest gains of any group among young children, the New York Times 



Vito's Bushwicked By Poor Ratings Lose $$$

The Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, which has ties to Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez, won't be eligible to run 10 new enhanced senior centers because the agency received a rarely issued "poor" rating by the city last year  Poor ratings sink bids by Vito-linked group



Redistricting and Control of the Senate is All About the Prisoners 

Oh, Is That the Law? The redistricting panel in New York State has shamelessly violated the prison gerrymandering law. (NYT Ed)


 State Broke$$$

  The state can’t afford to pick up the $95 million tab for its federal unemployment insurance interest, despite the stronger-than-expected first quarter revenue numbers, Cuomo said




Thousands of employees of smaller bargaining unions operating under expired contracts are closely watching to see how the state's two largest unions, CSEA and PEF, vote on a five-year contract agreement with the Cuomo administration, (Times-Union)





City Hall News WINNERS & LOSERS: We ignore the polls for our weekly look at who's up and who's down. Happy winners are Greg Ball, Robert Duffy, Janette Sadik-Khan, Jerry Goldfeder and Michael Grimm; sad losers are William Boyland Jr., Richie Kessel, Marty Markowitz, Greg Meeks and Michael Mulgrew



 Major Queens Corruption Investigation

Trying to Leave Town Again Edul?

Queens real estate broker with political ties stopped from traveling to South America for deal(NYP)

A Queens real estate broker who loaned money to Rep. Gregory Meeks today was denied permission to travel to South America - one week after his arrest on mortgage fraud charges.



Election 2013

Quinn hails Kelly(NYP)NY1 Exclusive: NY1/Marist Poll Shows Close Race For Potential 2013 Mayoral Candidates


Fighting City Hall: Quinn wonders why Bloomberg administration isn't being more amenable to her objections over a homeless shelter in her district. [NY1]




Weprin Jewish Guardian Angel 

As Assemblyman David Weprin runs for the House seat in Brooklyn and Queens, could he have a guardian angel watching him from lower Manhattan? A rumor making the rounds contends Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is pushing hard to deliver Jews for Weprin - such as lining up yesterday's endorsement by Sen. Joe Lieberman - so as to undermine Ed Koch'sefforts for opponent Bob Turner. Koch is trying to make the race a referendum on President BarackObama's support for Israel; if he fails, the theory goes, he loses influence in his ongoing push for independent redistricting next year. (CHN) * NY-9: Only two news organizations showed up to cover Lieberman endorsement of Weprin, in DC. * NY-9: Turner is "about as close as you can get to a Reagan Democrat these days." [Colby Hamilton / WNYC] *  GOP Makes Play for Boro Park (NYO)* Bob Turner, 2.0.(WNYC)* NY-9: “This might be the one district where you actually want [Lieberman's] help.”  [David Nir / Daily Kos * Lieberman: Weprin "Fights For The People" (NY1)


Bloggers Cheerleading for  Lobbyist Instead of Investigation them for Corruption

Parkside Group Hires Former Cuomo Aide(NYDN) * Parkside Expands (YNN)

Corrupt Parkside

Queens Crap: Times exposes Bloomberg-EDC-Parkside-Shulman corruption * Council Member Items Slush Fund A Letter to Garcia: (Michael) Garcia U.S. Attorney | Room Eight

Where does Evan Live? Is He A Fake District Leader in Queens?

Stavisky's Parkside of the Group's wife is the Democratic leader from Rockland County.  Evan is a district leader in 26th Assembly District in Queens.

Queens Machine Throws Student Off the Ballot - Mayersohn Seat 

Out of Town Crowley Uses the Election Law to Remove A Candidate Trying to Run Against His Pick. Uses His Patronage Guy Bolz to Do the Dirty Work

How high are the odds stacked against independent candidates in special elections? Ask Justin Wax Jacobs, a college student who wanted to run for the Queens Assembly seat vacated by Nettie Mayersohn. He first asked a local district leader if he could interview for the Democratic nomination - but says his offer was flatly rejected. He then somehow gathered 1,600 signatures in six days to run as an independent. Yet even though he posed no real threat to Mayersohn's chief of staff Michael Simanowitz, Queens Democratic election lawyer Frank Bolz was on hand at a Board of Elections hearing Tuesday to make sure Jacobs was thrown off the ballot over a technicality.



A Day After NYPD Top Tech Guy Fired for Poor Work the NYPD Spin Doctors Put Out Press Release on Tech Projects  . . .   Interesting  Expanding network of security cameras catching more crooks The NYPD developed the Ring of Steel following 9/11, hoping it would become a key crimefighting tool. (NYDN) * '911 revamp' big out(NYP) * NYPD Rolls Out Real-Time Radiation Detectors(NY1)

 WTC NYPD Protection

Officers Training to Protect WTC Area(WSJ)

WTC Retail Deal

Retail Pact for World Trade Center  Mall operator Westfield Group has struck a $612 million deal to develop shops and restaurants in and around the World Trade Center site. (WSJ) NY Tallest Building  (WCBS)


9/11 Anniversary: Bloomberg said GW Bush and Obama to attend anniversary event here; for first time, PA and DC will be read, along with those from NYC. [via WOR710]

Officers make her-story in Brooklyn as top cops in precinct(NYDN)


NYPD Leak?

Grand jury "investigating how reporters knew Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad lived in CT b4 he was captured" 

Reporters tipped off on top-secret terror cases(NYDN) *Terror-case cop exiled to academy(NYP) some cops claimed "they issued the summonses after their shifts ended, requiring them to be paid overtime."


Cops in the Bronx DA Office Which Is Investigating the NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Caught in An Overtime Scam

The media covers this as an overtime scam and forget about the NYPD Ticket scandal investigation.  Why was this investigation done now?  What effects does it have on the investigation?  Were these cops leaking stories to the press about the scandal?

NYPD's 'time' bandits(NYP)'Red light' stops 11 cops in goofy overtime scam(NYDN)



The UFT lost another lawsuit. This time, its claim that NYC misused millions of dollars in state money earmarked to reduce class sizes was dismissed by an appeals court.





Ferry Parking Up $$$

Staten Island: Parking at municipal lot by ferry going from $60 a month, to $150. [Michael Sedon / SI Advance] 


Cindy Adams Says Men Can't Keep It In His Pants

Cindy Adams laments the fact that she has yet to see a woman NYS governor or president. “Women politicians aren’t caught up in stupid sex scandals. We do not leave paper trails. Or illegitimate baby trails. Or ugly third-wife divorce trails. Or hooker trails. Nor do we consider a paternity suit something you wear when the temporary beloved’s pregnant.” * For Weiner & Spitzer, NYC voters agree there are no 2nd acts in politics - especially when it comes to 2013 mayor race(NYDN)




New Brooklyn Nets Stadium Has the Garden Fixing Up

The New Garden

The Garden, Under the Knife There are more expensive clubs, sure, but also more bathrooms for the commoners.(WSJ)

NYC Stadium Give Aways

Mets and Yankees deal leads to loss of revenue for parks department.  Losing $30M in annual fees shows city whiffed big-time on new Yankee Stadium, Citi Field.

Gonzalez: City whiffed financially on new Yankee Stadium, Citi Field(NYDN)



Ninth arrest since city began issuing letter grades to restaurants for health standards 

Eatery Grades Bring More Bribe Charges(WSJ)




Padlocked pizza guy's out lots of dough for Smoking (NYP)


With Sewage in Hudson, a Big Blow to Business(NYT) * Water main break may sink bunch of businesses in Bronx * Goin' down the drain Bx. stores decimated by water-main flood(NYP) * City Waterways Open Again To Swimmers, Boaters(NY1)

Strauss-Kahn Accuser Thanks Supporters(WSJ) * Glammed-up DSK accuser suggests case is about race(NYP) * Supporters Turn Out For Alleged Victim In Case Against DSK(NY1)



Law and Order

Wiseguy Sicilian takes reins of Gambinos, once led by Gottis (NYDN) * Ex-con's fatal asthma attack from cops' pepper spray ruled a homicide(NYDN) * Bx. kid, 5, hit in crossfire(NYP) * Probation for Malcolm X's kid(NYP) * Young Boy Shot In Leg In The Bronx(NY1)

Police Seek Suspect In Connection With Attempted ATM Robbery(NYP)


Jon Stewart takes on Twitter news pundits

 "Twitter more like a newsroom than a newspaper"


Jon Stewart Imitates Chuck Schumer [Video]

Al Sharpton’s Radio Power Play  The reverend’s crucial support of the Comcast/NBC union came with a perk—riches for his other employer, a niche black-owned radio station. Wayne Barrett on how his moves paid dividends.(Barrett, The Daily Beast)

Murdoch's Murder Victim Phone Hack

Parliamentarians Indicate James Murdoch Will Have to Testify Again * Murdoch back on the hot seat (Washington Post) * Mother of a second murdered schoolgirl was phone-hacking target(Sidney Morning Herald)

Roger Stone

RT : NY Post tells reporters to keep documents related to phone hacking. Dicker going down !(Twitter) *  Editor Cautions New York Post Staff (WSJ)

We still want our MTV, 30 years later (AMNY)

Video: MTV News Explores Cyberspace In 1995