Monday, August 1, 2011

Tea Party Win; Search for New MTA Chairman; What John Liu Missed; Quinn Slush Fund Keeps Rolling; Will Ackerman Boat Sink?; Marty Takes his Wife

Update: House passes debt ceiling measure, 269 to 161. Democrats split 95-95, Republicans in favor 174-66.

Gabrielle Giffords votes for debt limit deal(CBS)


A Big Win for the Washington Tea Party

Not only did they force Obama and the senate to accept their policies.  They forced their own party's leadership to accede to their demands. Dowd at the NYT calls them terrorists, but they really are a strong  negotiators in a broken congress.  They took a one page bill to raise the debt and turned it into a game changer.  But what kind of change? Not one job will be created for what happen in Washington yesterday.  In fact as local and fed budgets are cut more will lose their employment.  And millionaires still pay little taxes.  As we watch the congress tell us have they save us from Armageddon.  Lets remember they caused the problem and have not solved the real economic problems destroying this county.

Taking It to the House
Debt ceiling agreement sets scene for showdown in House(NYP) * Obama and Leaders Reach Debt Deal(NYT) * After Protracted Fight, Both Sides Emerge Bruised(NYT) * Boehner Outlines Debt Agreement(NYT) * Plan Leaves Out Hard Issues(WSJ) * Boehner's Future Tied to House Vote(WSJ) * Representatives last obstacle to new debt-limit deal(NYP) * CBO Analysis of August 1 Budget Control Act * Pleasing Few, Debt Deal to Go to Vote (NYT) * Update 5:30PM Pelosi Will Back Debt Ceiling Bill


 Obama and Congressional Blame

The President Surrenders Extortion over the debt ceiling wins, and the country loses. (NYT, Krudman) * To Escape Chaos, a Terrible Deal Democrats won almost nothing they wanted except avoiding default (NYT Ed) * Boehner, McConnell and Reid come up with debt compromise that no one likes (NYDN)

NYP Says Cuomo Next Trick Will to Find An New MTA Chairman Who Can Win Affordable Transit-Union Contracts

  The Times urges Cuomo ("who, incidentally, commutes from Westchester to Albany by car or plane") to take charge of the MTA by finding the best possible person to replace Chairman Jay Walder and supporting new revenue from the city, the state, car drivers and businesse

Gov. Cuomo’s Subway System In New York, millions of commuters a day depend on a governor who calls himself a “car guy.” (NYT Ed) * MTA isn't 'rail' helpful at neediest times(NYDN)  * "sources say PA Director Ward rarely gets to communicate directly with the governor" - Does not Owe Cuomo A Thing (Capital NY) * Cuomo's Econ Councils: Less than a third of members donated to governor's campaign, totaling $183,530. [Ken Lovett / Daily News] *Transit: Silver predicts MTA funding will be part of budget talks next year. [Noah Kazis / Streetsblog]



How Come John Liu Did Not Notice This MTA Problem When He Was the Chairman of the City Council Transportation Committee? 

Audit Faults M.T.A. on Subway Service Changes(NYT) * Audit Faults Subway Woes(WSJ) * Audit: MTA's Weekend Subway Diversions Overbudget By $26M(NY1)


With the Slush Fund Investigation Stalled Quinn Keeps Funding None Profits and Collecting Contributions From Them 

Porky nonprofits gave Christine Quinn $127G Running for mayor is a little bit easier when you control tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer pork. (NYDN) * Private park rakes in pork (NYP)

True News Has Been Demanding to Know Why DOI Deep Sixed the Council Slush Fund Investigation

Why Do Only City Council Minorities Members Get In Trouble Wit Member items?

There's no evidence Quinn actively solicited contributions from officials at pork-seeking nonprofits. Several contributors contacted by The News declined to comment or did not return calls.


Miguel Martinez, Ex-Councilman in New York, Gets 5 Years in Theft ... * U.S. Indicts Larry B. Seabrook, Bronx Councilman, in Fraud ... * A 2nd pol treads on thin $lush Bx. councilwoman eyed as next fed target


Daily News Reporter Erin Einhorn Accepts Tainted Spin Doctors Guma Word

 "A Quinn campaign spokesman said the money she earmarks has nothing to do with campaign donations. "Speaker Quinn supports nonprofits and other groups based solely on two criteria: the quality of the organization and the importance of the work they do," spokesman Mark Guma said.

Mark Guma is the former partner of Hank Morris.  Before Morris when to jail he and Guma contributed money to the Governor of New Mexico who somehow give pension funds to Morris and his partner Steve Ratner.  Guma also forgave some of the campaign funds he was owed by the Manhattan DA.  Guma wife worked for Bloomberg campaign along with Haggerty who DA Vance has indicted for stealing a million from the mayor.  What Einhorn should have ask Guma was why is the city still paying for Quinn lawyer and lawyers for the entire city council for a three year old slush fund investigation which was all about pay to play member items.

Non Profits Want to Weaken Lobby Law
The commission charged with revamping New York City's lobbying laws will likely recommend groups should register their lobbying spending when it reaches $5,000 a year, up from $2,000. The change is aimed at helping small nonprofits that lobby for funding. Also likely: a one-time amnesty on fines for lobbyists who have failed to register with the city. Good government groups aren't getting everything they want - Citizens Union wanted lobbying enforcement moved out of the city clerk's office, for instance - but are cheered that lobbyists will likely have to disclose more about the targets of their work. (CHN)

CM Martin Dilan Member Items His Side and His Opponent

Councilman Erik Martin Dilan gave more than $200,000 in member items this year to the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, which is expected to help his chief of staff, Rafael Espinal, as he runs in an Assembly special election. But Dilan also doled out $10,000 to Make the Road New York, whose staffers are volunteering in large numbers for the rival campaign of Jesus Gonzalez. Even stranger, Dilan's father, State Sen. Martin Dilan, apparently once feuded with Make the Road and a then-13-year-old Gonzalez over a vacant lot in Sen. Dilan's district. "These are not the type of people that I like to work with," the senior Dilan recalled on the radio program the Perez Notes.

Weprin and Gay Rights
What Message is He Trying to Send?
 Assemblyman David Weprin, who voted “yes” on same-sex marriage, said he’s open to investigations into any “procedural issue” connected to the bill’s passage in the Senate. * David Weprin interview on Vos Iz Neias? * Turner Supports Debt Deal(YNN) *  Turner Votes Yes, Weprin Leans No On Debt Ceiling Deal (NYO) *NY-9: "[H]ow would Turner fare on a Brooklyn quiz? [Mary / Midwood Blog]

Will Ackerman's Boat Remain Afloat
As Redistricting Looms, Legislators Face Anxiety, or Even Extinction(NYT) Rep. Ackerman: "Weiner option" solves downstate, Dem redistricting problem...shifts focus upstate to axe GOP seat. (Good for him, too).Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle is “seeing the writing on the wall” about her district being eliminated in 2012, and is reaching out, ramping up her fundraising in hopes of saving herself. Democrats think they can defeat her the old-fashioned way – at the ballot box.


What Does Vinny the Chin and NYPD Ticket Scandal Cops Have In Common . . .  Memory Lapses in Court

 Amid a ticket-fixing investigation, the New York Police Department is focusing on officers’ memory lapses or nonappearances in traffic court. Now, Traffic Ticket May Hurt Officer Who Writes It as Much as Driver Who Gets It




Loser State Dem Leader Jacobs Now Making $$$ Off of Hydrofracking - Days Numbered 

 The Dicker hit piece on Jocobs' today is a sign that Cuomo wants the state's democratic leader out.

New York State Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs has signed a contract with Hess Corp. to allow "hydrofracking" for natural gas at a Pennsylvania summer camp he owns, the Post says. Jacobs won't say what he was paid, and says he won't sign a drilling contract on a New York property he owns to avoid conflicts of interest Dem Party boss' great frackin' deal(NYP)

True News Said Jocobs' Day Numbered Last December

NYS Democratic Leader Jay Jacobs Will Have To Go Part II (True News) Loses Mount for Head of the Democrat Party Jacobs.  Democrats Lose the State Senate on Long Island - Jacobs' Base




 The Steam Roller Keeps Rolling

The Marist Poll numbers on former Gov. Eliot Spitzer running for mayor in 2013 seem solidly against it (57-33 percent), but the size of the no-yes gap has narrowed to 24 points from 42 points in April 2010. The gap is even smaller among black voters, with a 16-point gap, and among Latinos, with only a 13-point spread against running. With just one black candidate and no Latinos mounting campaigns for 2013, Spitzer could find himself an important validator for those voting blocs. (CHN)


Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz won’t let a $20,000 fine stop him from traveling with his wife, Jamie, explaining to Cindy Adams: “I love her. I want her with me. I need her.” He will pay her way, he says. 




Report: FDNY Has Three Times As Many Black Applicants (NY1) * The FDNY’s hiring practices are under the microscope after hiring the police officers acquitted in the infamous Amadou Diallo shooting.

Will This Video Force Cuomo to Sign the Outer Borough Taxi Bill?

No Brooklyn For You

Cabbie who won't go to Brooklyn threatens to beat up passenger(NYP)

Bloomberg plan to give more city contracts to firms owned by women and minorities resulted in just 7 percent of revenue going to black-owned companies, while the bulk went to companies owned by Asian-Americans or white women

Minorities Plan Failing A Bloomberg administration initiative intended to help minority- and women-owned companies secure more public contracts has steered little money to black-owned firms, according to city data. (WSJ)


Today we report New York City officials expect more coordination than cash from Gov. Andrew Cuomo's new regional economic development council for the city. While the state's 10 councils will compete for $1 billion in funding, the city already sets aside even more for development City Expects More Coordination Than Cash From Cuomo’s New Job Strategy(CHN)

 Banks: Klein shows locations of bank-owned properties in NYC, some in disrepair. [Nick Reisman / Capital Tonight]


Stalled construction projects litter the city (Crains NY)





CapCon has a very interesting look at how many prisoners live in each Senate District.







Food Grade Inflation? 

Nearly 70 percent of NYC restaurants earned top mark on inspection reports(NYP)



The pro-vagrancy activist group was milling about outside Penn Station, urging folks to "let them sleep." That is, the "homeless" have a right to sleep in subways and train stations because . . . well, just because. That '80s show(NYP Ed)


Joseph Rabito, deputy commissioner at the state Office of General Services, who was cleared of allegations of mixing politics and state business, is now facing another claim in federal court of playing politics with state grant funds, the Times Union 

WATCH: New York Throws A 'Hackathon' To Improve Post)


Ambulette plan at (call) center of a storm(NYP)


The police report on state housing boss Darryl Towns' DWI arrest says it all (NYDN)



Skull and crosswalk: Crash tally shows Delancey-Essex corner among deadliest in city(NYDN)


Farms Crop Up in the Bronx(WSJ)




Along 57th Street, New Signs of Edifice Complex The battle to build New York City's tallest, and possibly priciest, residential building is heating up along Manhattan's 57th Street corridor. Extell Development Co. has leapt ahead by building 22 floors of a 90-story condo and hotel project that will sprout 1,004 feet high. (WSJ)

State lottery revenues are up 3 percent after years of stagnation, thanks to higher Mega Millions and Powerball sales as well as a surge in cash from the state's eight racinos   As N.Y. lottery revenue bounces back, the gambling industry grows(NYDN)


Al Jazeera English Arrives on N.Y. Cable(NYT) * Al Jazeera english cracks US cable censorship cartel(Journalism - Deal with Timewarner UK)




 Law and Order

Teen Girl Hit By SUV Driven By Stabbed Man(NY1) * Death of Woman Found in Bronx Ruled Homicide(WSJ) * Man Stabbed Before Crash(WSJ) * Perv on upper East Side subway platform boosts grope fear(NYDN) * Pervert on platform boosts groping fears(NYDN) * Postal jewel heists(NYP) * New TSA 'theft' leaves teen's bag $100 lighter(NYP) * 17-year wait for cop suit(NYP) *  Suite charity mystery 1 home, 196 nonprofits(NYP)


New details show SEALs always intended to kill bin Laden during raid: report(NYP)



Aaron Sorkin on Joel Klein! - An unfinished screenplay(NY Magazine)

Most Major Newspaper Editors Don’t Even Use Twitter(Gawker)