Thursday, July 7, 2011

Manhattan DA Cy Vance Loses and Mistakes Increase Pressure On Him

Manhattan DA Office in Crisis
After decades of steady successful rule under Morgenthau the competency of the Manhattan DA office is now being questioned under its new leader after a series of high profile loses and missteps.  Vance is being attacked by both sides in the Strauss-Kahn case.  The lawyers for DSK want the case dismissed and the lawyer for the maid wants a special prosecutor. Women groups are demanding the DSK case continue.  The loses in the Deutsche Bank fire case has increased the pressure on the DA for failing to go after the big bosses. The Daily News demand to know why nobody was being help accountable for the death of two firemen.  The loss of the rape cops case has brought anger from the women groups.  The loss of the crane operator case has singled the construction mob that they will have an easy time under the new DA.  And now everyone want to see if Vance go through with a politically explosive Haggerty case that involves the mayor and his top staff.  GOP operative Roger Stone took the hardest shot on his blog A Tale Of Two Cys: Colin v Haggerty  After DSK: Cy Vance’s Next Courtroom Defeat

Manhattan DA Cy Vance needs to hold big shots accountable for Deutsche Bank fire tragedy (NYDN Ed)

Two firefighters died in a deathtrap bred of greed and indifference at the edge of the city's most sacred ground.  And still nobody has been held responsible. Three low-level figures were indicted, but their lawyers successfully argued that they were just scapegoats. The jury and the judge understood that whatever their sins, these three were not the ones in charge, not the ones who decided the job had to be done faster despite the dangers. * Final Defendant Acquitted in Deutsche Bank Fire(NYT) * New Acquittals in Fatal Fire(WSJ) *Nobody's guilty in Deutsche blaze that left two firefighters dead (NYDN) * Two of New York's Bravest died in Deutsche Bank fire and no one is held responsible(NYDN Ed) * Union Leaders Demand Investigation After Acquittal In Deutsche Bank Fire Trial(NY1)*Deutsche fire verdict sparks fury(NYP)

 The DSK Mess Corners DA

Strauss-Kahn Won’t Plead Guilty to Any Charges, His Lawyers Say(NYT) * Strauss-Kahn Defense Pushes to Drop Case(WSJ) *  Lawyer for Maid in IMF Sexual Assault Case Calls for Special Prosecutor (Fox News) * What the Strauss-Kahn Case Means for Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance (The Atlantic) * DA Cy Vance has to make the People's best case against accused rapist Dominique Strauss-Kahn * Strauss-Kahn's Accuser Wants A Special Prosecutor For Her Case(NY1) * Pressure mounts as Strauss-Kahn parties meet (WABC) * DSK struggles to unlock own front door(NYP) * Kelly blames media for perp-walk furor(NYP) * Strauss-Kahn Accuser Seeks Special Prosecutor(WNYC) 

Cuomo bet that voters would judge him on his efficiency, not his transparency

An anonymous lawmaker described Cuomo as “Mr. Inside AND…Mr. Outside.” . . . "He negotiates one on one. He negotiates in the newspaper

Cuomo Courts the Capitol He Ran Against(NYT)  After riding to victory on a wave of public revulsion against state lawmakers, Mr. Cuomo courted them like kings. He spent most of his nights at the Executive Mansion, where he hosted groups of lawmakers for frequent wine-and-buffet dinners, regaling them with stories, offering unsolicited political advice and preaching his platform. . .  When Carl Kruger, a Brooklyn senator facing trial on federal bribery charges, announced at a news conference in June that he would vote in favor of same-sex marriage, Mr. Cuomo stood with him and other wavering Democrats and publicly congratulated them.* Gov. Cuomo downsizes state tax office - in Chicago* Dem: 'Dumb' for governor to veto district redraw * The Brooklyn Catholic Diocese has “no plans” to deny Cuomo – or any other elected officials – Holy Communion “at this point.”* Obama promises, Cuomo delivers: Hot out of the gate, governor shows how to get things done (NYDN)


MT : If Mario's Kid wants to impress me, he'll have the rugelach shipped up fresh from Moishe's Bake Shop. 


“Cuomo set himself on a collision course with the Legislature” over redistricting

Cuomo reiterated his pledge to veto any redistricting plan drawn in the old, politically-controlled manner.*  The Senate GOP says it’s too late in the process for redistricting reform, and is forging ahead – along with the Assembly Democrats – with LATFOR.* Redistricting: Koch is “irrelevant’ to the process, says Dem Assemblyman McEneny. * Redistricting: “Cuomo set himself on a collision course with the Legislature” over redistricting. [Fred Dicker / NY Post]



Bloomberg Warned Time To Change Pitchers 

Could Bloomberg’s Bullpen Use A Little Jostling  Today we report that some of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's key aides wonder whether the boss could benefit from shaking up his top ranks to take some day-to-day responsibilities away from Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith(CHN)


Daily News Shows Barron Pay to Play Campaign Operation What About Vito Lopez?

Barron threw his support behind the Related Companies’ plan…after the firm signed a secret benefits agreement.”

Charles Barron backs Brooklyn complex after developer vows cash for ex-aide's 'confidential' plan Brooklyn City Councilman Charles Barron steered $3 million from a big developer to a community group run by a longtime political aide, the Daily News has learned. (NYDN) * A former top state agriculture regulator used his position to steer $100,000 in aid to a nonprofit group that employed his wife as a consultant, according to an IG report obtained by the NYT.


Crowley's Pick A Puppet

Queens Dems go with David Weprin for seat. Weprin was picked because he is the “most loyal” to the Queens Democratic party

The GOP is likely to go with Bob Turner now that NYC Councilman Eric Ulrich is out of the running. A Queens Democratic source says the borough’s party chairman, Joe Crowley, met with his Brooklyn counterpart, Vito Lopez, yesterday to discuss a replacement candidate for ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner’s seat. An announcement could come as early as today. 

 Weiner House seat will be a 'hot' one(NYP) * Weprin was picked to be candidate because he was the "most loyal" to Queens Dems* Quiet, Wonky David Weprin is Democrats Pick to Replace Weiner (NYO) * Weprin To Be Dem Candidate In NY-9(NYO) * The Caucus: Democrats Pick Assemblyman Weprin to Run for Weiner's Seat (NYT) * If the Queens GOP backs Reyes, they'd not only be at odds with the Conservatives but also their top choice : * The Weprin Choice, or How to Win Your Party’s Pick for a Special Election(NYO) * The Weprin Choice, or How to Win Your Party’s Pick for a Special Election | PolitickerNY (Politico) *  Weprin's Assembly district is 58.1% in Ackerman's district, 31.6% in Weiner's , and 10.3% in Meeks's. *  David Weprin’s Former Image Consultant Wants You to Forget About That (NYO) * David Weprin: more Hercule Poirot or Inspector Clouseau? * Assemblyman Rory Lancman’s Tweet about losing out to Weprin: “Congrats to our next Congressman, David Weprin. It was an honor to have been considered.* NY9: Weprin relying on ties to Silver to protect him in redistricting.* NY9: “Weprin reportedly has said he would not try to run for a full term next year.”* Church: “DiMarzio has asked all Catholic churches and schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn to ban state lawmakers who voted for gay marriage in New York.” * Comparisons:  “Gay rights have now usurped the progressive agenda to such an extent that the inaction on rent protections and police state malfeasance will be seen as irrelevant.” [Margaret Kimberly / Florida Courier] * David Weprin Says He's No Placeholder (NYDN)

One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next Congressman Tammany's Crowley (True News)


De Blasio Positions or Sell Himself As the Outer Boro Guy 

De Blasio Frames Mayor’s Race: Outer Boros And ‘Moving Forward’ from Bloomberg’s Third Term(NYO)






MTA Trying Out New Subway Maps (DNSInfo) * New Maps on Subway Platforms Seek Clarity (NYT)






City Hall News Bangs the NYT
Adam Lisberg




 Heaven Help Us

Atheists don't have a prayer of expunging heaven's name from street name memorializing 9/11 heroes (NYDN Ed)

 After Hours Partyeeeeeeeeee

City Setting Sunday Hours to Grant Gay Unions(NYT) * Clerks Add Hours for Gay Rites(WSJ) * A number of city judges have agreed to be on hand to waive the 24-hour waiting period for licenses, too.* City readies Sunday best for gay nups(NYP) * Court Rules Against Ban on Gays in the Military(NYT) * Weddings: Bloomberg to be first NYC Mayor to officiate gay wedding; aides Feinblatt & Mintz.



Walcott probes grades(NYP)



Central Park Cars to Stay

Plan to ban cars from Central Park loop comes to screeching halt(NYDN)

Manhattan claims most expensive parking in U.S. , with midtown and downtown coming in at top(CrainsNY)

The Ants Attack

Mosquito Invasion Sucks Fun Out of Summer for Rockaway Residents(NBC)





Teachers charge fuzzy math on regents test threw state results(NYDN)



Nuke Industry Push Back Against Cuomo Plan to Close Indian Point

Dirtier Air and Higher Costs Possible if Indian Point Closes, Report Says(NYT) *There’s a big anti-hydrofracking protest at the Capitol today. This while DEC Commissioner Joe Martens admitted there could be lengthy legal challenges on the horizon over natural gas drilling.* Cuomo is being urged by members of Congress to consider a 330-mile power line from Quebec to NYC.* The Post worries there are too many environmentalists on the 13-member hydrofracking panel.* A state investigation of New York Power Authority chief Richard Kessel’s donations, grants and other expenditures has reportedly expanded to reach back to his days as LIPA chief.* Anti-fracking rally at the Capitol (YNN)


Don't Expect the NY Observer to Write An Negative Stories About Vornado Realty Trust

Rescue for a Developer  Tentative Agreement Would Allow Jared Kushner to Hold Onto 666 Fifth Ave.

Update: Walks Out July 13

Casey Anthony sentenced to 4 years but could be released next monthABC news paid $200,000 of Casey Anthony's legal fees. Beyond gross. 

Casey Anthony juror tells how distraught they were over 'not guilty' verdict(NYP) * Risky decision to charge Casey Anthony with first-degree murder sinks prosecution(NYDN) * ‘Juror Number 3′ On Nightline: I Have ‘No Idea’ If Casey Anthony Killed Caylee




Law and Order

East Harlem Shooting Kills Resident, Injures Rapper(NY1) * Cold Case DNA Unit Links Rikers Inmate to ’86 Murder(NYT) * Murder Charges Filed in '86 Death(WSJ) * NYC police seek bank heists suspect(WSJ) * MLB prospect busted at JFK Airport smuggling 6 pounds of cocaine in his sneakers(NYDN) * Two busted for taking $200,000 in Mohegan Sun card sharp scheme (NYDN) * Sister of teen killed in pharmacy says murderer's punishment 'up to God'(NYDN) * 5-year-old shoot over Memorial Day weekend bounces back(NYDN) * Police: Robber Struck 15 Banks In Brooklyn, Queens(CBS) * NYPD widow lawsuit axed(NYP) * Police hunt for suspect in Queens liquor store robbery (WABC) * Bike-By Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, Rapper Hurt (NBC) * NYPD widow lawsuit axed 'Taser tragedy' suicide(NYP) * Slay suit nixed New anguish for widower of 'Waitress' star *  Man injured in gunfight after taking off-duty cop's weapon * Three Brooklyn thugs sentenced in brutal home invasion rape(NYP) * Two Queens Men Arraigned On Murder Charges For Flushing Shooting (NY1) * News of the World Staff Responding Appropriately to Shutdown(NY Mag)

Vigil Held For Hip-Hop Star's Shot Cousin(NY1)



Klein tapped by Murdoch to handle damage control from the U.K. tabloid hacking scandal

Joel I. Klein, Former Schools Chancellor, To Tackle Hacking Case(NYT) * New York Post libel suit: A story too good to check? (Wash Post The Murdoch Style, Under Pressure(NYT) * News Corp. Phone Hacking Scandal Now Includes Murdered Child, Terrorist Victims and War Veterans (Village Voice)

Update: News International says U.K. newspaper tabloid News of the World will fold after Sunday's edition; James Murdoch says if recent hacking allegations are true, it was "Inhuman and has no place in our company." 





Does Murdoch Use The Same Tactics in the NY?


Spitzer for Mayor 2013

CNN Cancels Spitzer's Talk Show (WSJ) * Ex-governor and now ex-CNN host Eliot Spitzer signed off his last “In the Arena” with a quote from TR from which he took the title of the show.* “CNN did to him what he used to do to that hooker,” snickered a source who once worked on the show. * CNN axes Eliot Spitzer's low-rated talk show(NYP)



John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Michele Bachmann’s First Campaign Ad (NY Mag)




The End of Optimism?

Kennedy: We Choose to Go to the Moon By the End of the Decade (Video)

Will the final voyage of Atlantis just be the end to NASA’s space shuttle program, or to optimism itself? (NYT) * Last Shuttle Flight Gives Russia a Monopoly(WSJ)