Friday, July 8, 2011

Independent redistricting will not change NY's corrupt election system until the ballot-access laws change

Stalin Only Candidate in 1937 Soviet Union Election
 New York's Soviet Style Elections

Today's NYP hit the nail on the head on calling NY's election system corrupt and undemocratic.  The editorial blasted the dictatorial powers of county leaders to control ballot access not only in the special elections which are going on this year but in all elections.  They also took a shot at Cuomo for calling the special elections during the July 4 weekend which made it harder for a none county leader back candidate to collect 3500 by July 11, let alone survive challenges by party election lawyers steeped in the arcane regulations that are meant precisely to keep insurgents off the ballot. The NYP said NY has the nation's most restrictive ballot-access laws -- permitting entrenched political power-brokers to anoint their favorites and bar anti-organization challengers. No reform here(NYP) * The DN also pans Weprin for being selected by the “bosses” and not the “people.”

NYP: Political Bosses and Goo-Goos Groups Don't Want NY's Ballot-Access Laws to Change

 Independent Redistricting Does Not Matter Without Ballot Access Reforms

"From the peoples' perspective, the size, shape and demographic texture of a legislative or congressional district are irrelevant -- so long as it's virtually impossible for anyone other than the bosses' choice to get on a ballot in the first place. . .    And nobody -- not Cuomo, not the so-called good-government groups and most especially not the political bosses -- wants that to change." (NYP)

How Can Crowley Be Queens Boss If He Lives in Virginia?
Crowley $690,000 House in Virginia

Queens Democratic Party boss lives in northern Virginia(NYP)

 Rep. Joe Crowley, head of the Queens Democratic Party, lives in Arlington, Va. with his wife and three kids, the Post says, while neighbors on the block of his longtime family home in Woodside don't recognize him.  Special election candidates for all empty seats will be chosen not by the voters but by the party leaders -- in the case of Weiner's seat, that means Queens County Democratic boss Joseph Crowley.  By the way, Crowley - who won his own seat in Congress by bypassing a primary - will then fill Weprin's vacated Assembly seat in yet another uncompetitive special election. * Democratic Party Boss Lives in Virginia, Not Queens: Report(NBC) * Joe Crowley Doesn’t Picture a Primary Against David Weprin(NYO)

Corrupt Boss Crowley Declares War On the NYP

Crowley Questions Post’s Credibility: ‘We Know What’s Happening in England’(NYO)

One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next Congressman Tammany's Crowley (True News)

Even Weprin's Spokesperson and Crowley Solider Lives Out of Town
The Parkside Group's Evan Stavisky wife is the Democratic leader from Rockland County.  Evan is a district leader in 26th Assembly District in Queens.  The blogger and journalist protect this corrupt bum who was paid over $2 million to deliver a Democratic State Senate and failed.  Stavisky and other consultant lobbyist give the clueless reporters story tips. Every report who meet this Weprin at the Thomas Jefferson Club last night or Tweeting the BS about Weprin staying in congress after his appointment is over should be ashamed.  It no big secret that NY reporters never write negative stories about lobbyists and cheer lead for there candidates.  What these clueless reporters do not understand is that they have corrupted journalism and whore themselves destroying their role as the watchdog of corrupt government and protector of the people.  More on How Stavisky Operates. * Is Weprin a friend to the real estate biz? Sitt, Gural, Sciame, Litwin and Levine have been contributors to the assemblyman (The Real Deal) * Update Queens GOP to cave to Conservatives and back Bob Turner NY-9 Congressional Race: David Weprin vs. Bob Turner Republican pick is the GOP’s 2010 nominee Bob Turner who got about 39% of the vote in the last go-around against Weiner.

Weprin the liar?
claims not to use Twitter, then what's ? It seems campaign related but did he send tweet from it? 

 NY'S Star Chamber Election System

Bottom line according to the NYP Editorial: "The reason the same faces keep reappearing in Albany year after year is because party bosses write the election laws to guarantee that their candidates are unopposed, or virtually so, for as long as they stay in line.)

I Never Tweeded
No Secret Weprin is Crowley's loyal Sock Puppet
Political analysts said that if Mr. Weprin handled a Congressional stint well, he could raise his public profile for possible future appointments or elections, including a possible bid for citywide office in 2013.  The Daily News said David and his family are masters at getting themselves appointed to office. * Democrats Make Pick for Weiner’s Seat(NYT) * Weiner Seat Nominee Set(WSJ) * Dems Pick Assemblyman David Weprin To Run For Weiner's Seat(NY1) * Weprin is 'Weiner' seat pick (NYP) *  Party Leaders Keep a Grip on Special Elections (Gotham Gazette) * Weprin said he's interested in running for comptroller if that seat is vacant in 2013.* Op-Ed in Yeshiva Wolrd News: “Jews won’t gain much by backing Weprin”

No NYT Editorial Today Against Boss Crowley
If the new Executive Editor of the NYT Jill Abramson wants to get more subscriptions to the papers website she better start paying more attention to NY'S corrupt election system on a timely basis


Barron Pushes Back Against Daily News Charges

Deals with my pal Andre Mitchell are legit, pol Charles Barron claims(NYDN)


Some Pig CM's Kid Schools Are More Equal Than Other

City Council members give huge pork dollars to schools their kids attend (NYDN)


City: No Tenure for You Young Teachers
Young New York City teachers are finding their requests for tenure turned down for seemingly arbitrary or unfair reasons as the city tries to limit the lifetime job protections, the Daily News says

More Education News
At the urging of Post columnist Michael Goodwin, Walcott Wednesday launched a probe into grading and promotion in the city's 1.1 million-pupil system. Whistleblowers wantedStudents who failed Regents won't be able to re-take test until next year (NYDN) * Teachers union chief Michael Mulgrew taking chances with $60M funding for schools that need it most(NYDN Ed)

Morgenthau Steps Into Vance Mess

What Happened in Room 2806: Three Possibilities(NYT) * Ex-DA Praises Handling of Dominique Strauss-Kahn Case(WSJ) * Legendary DA Morgenthau approves of Vance's handling of DSK(NYT) * Pol: Perp walks should be outlawed(NYDN) * U.S. news media debate naming Strauss-Kahn accuser(WPIX) * Amid DSK Case, Vance Wins DA Election(NYO)

Now Dershowitz Attacks Vance

 Alan Dershowitz rips Manhattan District Attorney's office investigation into sister-in-law's death(NYDN)



Fire Union Puts Pressure on Vance 

The Joker Greenfield
The Daily News lambastes Councilman David Greenfield, who in the wake of the collapse of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn prosecution wants to ban the press from photographing perp walks: City Councilman is proposing silly law to protect criminal suspects from having their pictures taken(NYDN Ed)


WNYC News Blog - Rift Widens Between Bloomberg, Cuomo on Indian Point Nuclear Plant

The NYPD Parking Scandal Cover Up

Ticket-fixing scandal has Bronx cops issuing fewer summonses(NYDN)

Unemployment rate hits 9.2 percent for June as employers added the fewest jobs in nine months

Last night, every major economy analyst was ratcheting UP expectations on today's jobs report. Making the news even more shocking to many

City & State Layoffs 

An appeals court cleared the way for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation to lay off 144 carpenters, electricians and laborers.  Court Allows City's City's Health & Hospitals Corp. Layoffs to Proceed(WSJ) * Cuomo axes more than 300 workers as talks continue with public union (NYDN)

Gay City News believes Cuomo’s “restraint” on redistricting reform this session had a lot to do with the Senate GOP’s willingness to bring same-sex marriage to the floor for a vote. 

Cuomo Picks Schwartz to Be New Top Aide(NYT)


Cuomo and Two Others in A Room

Q-poll, 6/29: 38% of voters say "three men in a room" continued under Cuomo, 37% say others now more involved, 25% DK.


Vallone Breaks Omertà code of silence Against A Fellow Pol and Pays For It

 Quinn slashed Vallone annual discretionary funding

Koch-$lap for Vallone(NYP)


Sushi twit's rat special(NYP)

 Vendors at greenmarkets now free to cut their cheese(NYDN)





Skyward Move for Manhattan Rents(WSJ) * The rent's high? Too damn bad!(NYP)



Church refuses donation from pol who supports gay marriage

A Brooklyn Catholic church heeded Bishop DiMarzio’s call and returned a $50 contribution to Assemblyman Joe Lentol to protest his “yes” vote on same-sex marriage. 

Assemblyman Joe Lentol's yeah for gay marriage gets him a nay from church(NYDN) * After Gay Marriage, Dolan Fears Polygamy May Be Next(NBC)

Bloomberg the Match Maker

Political Turns Personal: Mayor Will Officiate at Gay Advisers’ Wedding(NYT) * Bloomberg To Preside Over Same-Sex Marriage Of Two City Officials(NY1) * Mike's gay nups(NYP)


City Hall news’ weekly winners and losers.

If only (Eliot) Spitzer had been a tenth as interesting as his sins,” writes Jeff Simon regarding the former governor’s brief stint as a CNN host.

NYS eCourt Slowly

Long after federal courts have gone paperless, State Supreme Court in Manhattan is preparing for its first "e-court Amid Stacks of Paper, ‘E-Court’ Is Finally in Session(NYT)

Casey Anthony gets all dolled up for 'expected' release from jail(NYP) * Molloy: Soon-to-be-free Casey Anthony will cash in on her sick fame, you can bet on that(NYDN)

LI pharmacy 'killer' gets Amy Fisher lawyer: report(NYP)

Law and Order 

Brooklyn Man Charged With Attempted Murder Of Policeman(NY1) * Third Victim Dies, Four Days After Rampage in Pa.(NYT) * Off-Duty Officer Shoots a Man in Melee Outside a Bar(NYT) * Off-Duty Police Involved in Brooklyn Shooting (WSJ) * Murder Suspect Declines Jury Duty(WSJ) * Off-Duty Officers in Shooting Melee(WSJ) * Secret Service probing NY art spy camera project(WSJ) * NYPD officer fighting for life following water balloon fracas(NYDN) * Pratt Professor Wounded In Pennsylvania Shootout Dies (NY1) * 'Bloodbath' NY prof dies(NYP) * Dad-fight grid teen is buried Dad-fight grid teen is buried(NYP) * Scammer in kidnap twist(NYP) * Mother-daughter rape fiends will rot(NYP) *  Good lawyer' convicted in bike stabbing(NYP) * UPDATE: 2 Arrested in Police Brawl Outside Brooklyn Ba(NBC)


Terrorism   Betim Kaziu Guilty Of Supporting Overseas Terror (Huff Post)


Scandal Shifts Britain’s Media and Political Landscape(NYT) * British Tories Worry About Murdoch Ties(NYT)* Latest in News of the World scandal: former editor Andy Coulson was arrested today (WSJ) * Former Aide to Cameron Is Arrested in Tabloid Scandal(NYT)

AMI's secret OK! backer is Hudson News' Cohen(NYP)





Banks finding ways to avoid new FDIC regulations(NYP)

Who Writes These Rules?

As Wall St. Polices Itself, Prosecutors Use Softer Approach(NYT)

Justice Department guidelines adopted in 2008 allow prosecutors to grant leniency to companies that investigate and report their own wrongdoing. 

Betty Ford, Former First Lady, Dies at 93