Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finally Feds Go After City Employees Involved in the CityTime Scandal

Revised: The Bloomberg Years
Passive Journalist Meet An Aggressive Investigator

All that we are learning today is coming from the U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara investigation of the CityTime scandal.  There has been no call by the media on how the largest scandal could occur without any inside in City Hall assisting. When you hire a truck load of lobbyist like the CityTime subcontractors have like Liz Holtzman, the media get amnesia.  Today comes word from the NYP that the investigators are now focusing on which city workers were in on the heist.  

vox clamantis in deserto
Now we get to ask questions who in DOI and City Hall know and covered up the former head of the Office of Payroll Richard Valcich 2003 letter outlining the corruption that was going on. Did the Mayor or Speaker Quinn work to block the City Council from truly investigation CityTime?  What did DOI  ignore the Whistleblowers.  The Daily News' Juan Gonzalez published several reportson several whistleblowers who when to DOI in 2008 to report corruption in the CityTime contract.  CityTime probe grows Mayor's staffers targeted  Mark Mazer, is a former city employee who once worked with Bondy at the Administration for Children's Services. Bondy also worked for one of the CityTime subcontractors, Spherion, before being hired as head of the city's payroll operation.(NYP)

The Queens Democratic Organization With 3 Pols In Jail This Year Pick 2 More Pols
An organization which is filling the federal jails with Hevesi, Mclaughln, Seminerio and more to come is now with the Tammany Hall Special Elections Laws picking 2 more of the boroughs elected officials.  We are still waiting to see who Crowley will pick to replace Weiner

Queens Backs Simanowitz and Goldfeder for Assembly Races (NYO) * Two Down, Five To Go(YNN)


Bloomberg Bathroom Budget, Bias Suits Up + Union Buster?

The Post wishes Bloomberg could have negotiated a budget as well as Cuomo did, saying the mayor gave billions to unions while rationing toilet paper at Coney Island restrooms * City Budget: Editors wonder if “niggling” cuts are all that Bloomberg can do anymore. [NY Post] Mike's bathroom budget(NYP Ed)

NYC workers' bias suits increasing and costing city millions City Employees’ Bias Suits Rise Under Bloomberg - 12% higher than the number during Giuliani’s two terms(NYT)
Labor leaders accuse Bloomberg of union busting with daycare reforms(NYDN) 
The Barron's Of East New York Mixing City Dollars with Campaign Efforts?

$350,000 in taxpayer money to a nonprofit called Man Up! Inc. run by longtime aide Andre Mitchell

Brooklyn City Councilman Charles Barron, assemblywoman wife may have improperly used taxpayer money(NYT) Charles and Inez Barron steered the money to Man Up! Inc., a group that helps inmates reenter society, and gave campaign funds to its affiliate, Hip Hop Stand Up and Vote. Both are run by Barron's  longtime friend and sometime campaign worker Andre Mitchell, records show. The arrangement raises questions about whether the Barrons improperly used taxpayer money to reward those who did campaign work for them. (NYP)

Look Who Did Not Come to Dinner

The Kings County Democratic Party's annual cocktail reception was a bit of a dud this year, with reports surfacing that turnout was much thinner than in previous years. A combination of bad timing - the reception was held June 23 at Steiner Studios, the same time as Albany was attempting to wrap up the legislative session - and poor planning may have contributed to the dismal attendance. One insider cited "staff turnover, a clunky system for researching and touching contributors, and an overly developed sense of expectation that things just work out on their own." And not that their crowds really overlap, but Public Advocate Bill de Blasio was holding a fundraiser the same night ...

 Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine (True News)

Liu Remembers His Union Friends

Liu Is Sued Over Wages City Comptroller John Liu ignored a state Supreme Court judge's ruling in setting a new prevailing wage schedule for movers that is much too high, a lawsuit filed Tuesday charged.(WSJ) * Controller John Liu credits...himself for strong city pension returns(NYDN)

Four Republicans want Rep. Anthony Weiner's seat after Councilman Eric Ulrich dropped out(CHN) * NY1 Exclusive: Councilman Eric Ulrich Rules Out Run In Congressional Special Election

Cuomo and Sandra Lee’s  ”relationship demonstrates the limits of state law governing the financial affairs of elected officials and their romantic partners

 She's a corporate brand, he's a governor: How Sandra Lee and Gov. Cuomo demonstrate the limits of New York's ethics law:

Semi-First Lady Sandra Lee is the first “romantic companion” of a governor not subject to the state’s financial disclosure law since its passage in 1987. Some firms she contracts with, like beverage giant Diageo PLC, have business before the state.  First Couple Show Law's Limits As Sandra Lee expands her brand while Gov. Cuomo runs the state, their relationship shows the limits of state law governing the financial affairs of elected officials and their romantic partners.(WSJ) * Gov dodges veep talk(Dicker, NYP) * Paterson's Teachable Moment(WSJ)


Cuomo Reiterates Veto Threat On Redistricting(YNN) *

Cuomo Still Wants Independent Redistricting(Politics on the Hudson) * Cuomo: Im still vetoing LATFORs lines(TU)





 The Gay Marriage Coalition Was A Thing of Art

Several of the “yes” votes Cuomo obtained for same-sex marriage come with considerable political – and legal (in the case of Sen. Carl Kruger) baggage.  * As of yesterday, NYC marriage licenses still required one member of a couple to be the “groom.”* Last night, the city clerk posted updated marriage license applications with spaces for “Bride/Groom/Spouse A” and “Bride/Groom/Spouse B.” *  Gay marriage, bishops and the crisis of leadership (National Catholic Reporter)

Bloomberg Crying Wolf On School Cuts 

In Reversal, Schools Doing Well Can Keep Unspent Funds(NYT)




NYPD Hires 1,635 New Recruits(NYDN)




Bloomberg Has Become Walmart Spokesperson

 Walmart Show the City the $$$
The Daily News relishes Walmart opponents like City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. being forced to watch Walmart giving $4 million for summer youth jobs in the city. Mayor Bloomberg bullish on Walmart coming to Brooklyn(NYDN) * Walmart has created thousands of summer jobs in New York and it hasn't even opened a store here yet (NYDN Ed)


Judge Joan Madden trashed justice by withholding ruling on homeless shelter until it was too late(NYDN Ed)




Paterson: Not Teaching By Example

Ex-Gov. David Paterson, who recently marveled at Cuomo’s ability to succeed where he failed in Albany, will teach a course called the “Teachable Art of Governing” at NYU this fall. 


M.T.A. Crew in a Cavern Has an Eye on Sept. 11(NYT)

Filthy, city-shut sushi bar stays open(NYP)

More Problems for Manhattan DA
Judge Delivers Third Not Guilty Verdict In Deutsche Bank Fire Trial * Third Contractor Acquitted in Deadly Deutsche Bank Fire (DNAINFO)*Final Verdicts Reached In Deutsche Bank Fire Trial: A Manhattan judge this morning cleared a third construction...  * No one's guilty in Deutsche Bank blaze that killed 2 firefighters: verdict (NYDN) * No Manslaughter Convictions in Deutsch Fire (NBC) *Years After Deadly Deutsche Bank Blaze, Closure Appears Elusive  (WNYC)

Law and Order

On May 18 in the NYP the Mayor Said: "I think it is humiliating, but if you don't want to do the perp walk, don't do the crime"

Mayor flip-flops on perp walks(Huff Post)

Mayor changes view in wake of DSK's trot of shame(NYP) *Mayor Backtracks on 'Perp Walks'(WSJ) *  Bloomberg not high on 'perp walks' in light of DSK fiasco(NYDN) * Taxpayers stuck with DSK accuser's hotel, bills(NYP) * Strauss-Kahn Lawyers and Prosecution Set Meeting to Discuss Dismissal or Plea Deal(NYT) * For French Tourists, Strauss-Kahn Town House Is Must-See(NYT) * Meeting Set in Strauss-Kahn Case(WSJ) * Strauss-Kahn Accuser Sues N.Y. Post(WSJ) * French tourists flock to NYC Strauss-Kahn house(WSJ) *  Cy starring in the shabby DA(Goodwin, NYP)* Strauss-Kahn Accuser Files Libel Suit Against N.Y. Post (NYT) * When a DA's Case Is About to Crumble (Gabe Pressman) * Tourists Flock To Strauss-Kahn Home(Fox 5) * Today's Crain's Insider asks where women's groups have been as DSK's accuser twists in the wind and Cy Vance takes a beating. 4PM Update DA says "no decisions" made after meeting with DSK lawyers(NBC) * Nine women’s organizations will gather Friday to pressure Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. to continue with the DSK case.* Strauss-Kahn's accuser asks Manhattan DA to withdraw from case (AM NY)


Roger Star takes on DA Vance over pursuing Haggerty vs. Conlin plea

 A Tale Of Two Cys: Colin v Haggerty

HaggertyGate (True News)

Peyser: The glove fits -- head case Casey gets Simpson treatment(NYP) * Casey Anthony not guilty: Evidence against her was strong, but jury wanted more(NYDN)

Howard Kurtz: Media Is ‘Merchandising Tragedy’ With Casey Anthony ‘Thirst For Ratings’



 IHOP assault and 'batter'y(NYP) * Nurse-slay suspect nabbed(NYP) * Wrist slap in UConn gridder slay(NYP)* Pa. killer in cheap art heist(NYP) * Day After a Killer’s Death, Still Sifting for the Truth(NYT) * NY man in fatal hit and run faces sentencing(WSJ) * Clemens trial begins Wednesday with jury selection(WSJ) * Brooklyn butcher busted by feds for acting as mob loanshark(NYDN) * Three teens, two boys and one girl, shot in the back at Brooklyn housing project (NYDN) * Suspect in custody in deadly Queens shooting(WABC) * Five fireworks-related arrests made on Staten Island(SI Advance)



Nicki Minaj's cousin shot to death in Brooklyn(NYDN)



 Terrorism Accused terror thug had Al Qaeda links, feds say(NYDN) * Accused Somali Terrorist Pleads Not Guilty In Manhattan Court(NY1) * NYC airport security tightened amid discussion of implanting bombs in bodies. *Rep. Peter King predicts “increased methods” at airport security due to the explosive implants threat.



Spitzer was gov longer than he was talk show host

 CNN Cancels ‘In the Arena’ With Eliot Spitzer(NYT)

Michael Caputo

Eliot Spitzer's CNN show cancelled. Heads up, high dollar hookers - he'll be an angry john so don't pick up the phone.(Twitter)




A British tabloid is accused of hacking into a murdered 13-year-old girl’s cellphone during an investigation. It is a despicable and outrageous act. The Greater Evil (NYT Ed) * From Crusading Guardian To Media Frenzy: Why Rupert Murdoch Should Be Worried (Huff Post) * Phone hacking: What Murdoch must do to clean the stables (GuardianUK) * Update Joel I. Klein, Former Schools Chancellor, To Tackle Hacking Case(NYT)

Nancy Grace And Panel Go Ballistic Over Casey Anthony: ‘The Devil Is Dancing Tonight’

Fox News Legal Analyst Calls Nancy Grace ‘The Revenge Host’ * WINNER: Casey Anthony verdict gives Nancy Grace her best ratings ever... HLN's ratings spiked 1,700%.


CourtTV Founder Steve Brill Chides The Daily Beast For Using Marcia Clark As An ‘Expert’



Fleet Street Crosses the Pond

British News Outlets Flock To U.S. Touting Global Perspective (Huff Post)

The Newspaper Is Dead, Long Live The Newspaper (Huff Post) * After Hacking Revelations, a Boycott Spreads Online(NYT)