Sunday, July 17, 2011

True News Sunday Update: Head of Scotland Yard Resigns in Phone Hacking ScandalBritish Police Arrest Top Murdoch Aide; Taxi Bribe for Quinn; Liu: Funded From the Hood

Breaking London

Head of Scotland Yard, Paul Stephenson, Resigns in Phone Hacking Scandal

Scotland Yard Chief Quits Over Hacking (NYT)

BREAKING LONDON British police arrest Rebekah Brooks over hacking: Sky News

Now We Know Why Murdoch Keep Bring Over Brits to Run the NY Post

British Police Arrest Rebekah Brooks in Phone Hacking(NYT) * Rebekah Brooks arrested in hacking probe(The Independent) * Rebekah Brooks's cardinal sin ( * . has cranked up its live blog for coverage of Rebekah arrest. * Fmr. Fox News Executive: Americans' Phones Were Hacked (Daily Kos)  * Why can't US TV newsman interview like this?  *Scandal felt in Britain’s power structure(Wash Post) * Murdoch Struggles for Control as Scandal Grows (Bloomberg)


 New Corp Scandal Does Not Stop Murdoch NYP From Wacking Lui Again

Liu's Poor Pension Fund Performance

Deputy Mayor Robert Steel this week blasted city Comptroller John Liu's disingenuous -- and wacky -- boast about the city pension funds' 20 percent return on his watch. "In fact, over the same period," said Steel, "the S&P was up over 30 percent." He slammed Liu's "achievement" as "a little bit light." Looney Liu(NYP) * Pensions: "The tyranny of pension consultants is a major governance flaw of US pension funds." [Leo Kolivakis /]

NYP Hits Liu Over and Over (True News)

2 Top Deputies Resign as Crisis Isolates Murdoch(NYT) * The Journal Becomes Fox-ified The Wall Street Journal interview with Rupert Murdoch might as well have been dictated by the News Corporation public relations department.(NYT) * US publisher quits in phone-hacking scandal(WSJ) * At News Corp., top execs out; Rupert grovels to hacking vics (NYDN) * Will NOTW Scandal Affect Murdoch's Foray Into Education?(Huff Post) * Rupert Murdoch went too far By Larry Flynt (Wash Post) *  Murdoch Apologizes for Hacking in Ads(Daily Beast*U.K. Gov’t. Defends Murdoch Ties(Daily Beast) * Bill Maher: ‘What’s The Difference Between Rupert Murdoch And Larry Flynt?’ *** Update Stain From Tabloids Rubs Off on a Cozy Scotland Yard(NYT) * Tentacles of Hacking Scandal Tighten Around Cameron(NYT) * Murdoch & Co. met with UK Prime Minister 26 times IN ONE YEAR(NYDN) * What Murdoch Faces Now:

Jeff Jarvis


Engel's Firetrap Basement Apartment 

City investigators shut out of Rep. Eliot Engel's illegal apartment building(NYDN)



CaseyAnthony's Dangerous New World

Casey Anthony released from jail after time-served, destination unknown(NYDN)

Bloomberg Spends $5.6 Million To Tell Us How Beautiful He Is

Mayor Bloomberg spent $5.6 million on TV ads, polls, mailings to help his own ailing public image(NYDN) * Mike 'ad'ding $5.6M as his popularity declines(NYP)



NYC'S High Tax and Fees Close Businesses and the Push the Middle Class Out- stealth tax

While Pols Cherry Pick Wealthy Businesses for Contributions the Rest of the Business and Jobs Rot

 "$19.6 million from higher parking meter rates & $4.4 million from various increases related to building permits.

Bloomberg uses fines, fees as stealth tax on New York City businesses(NYP) * Parking Rate Increase For Staten Island Ferry Commuters(WCBS)*  Revenue enhancers in city budget No new taxes, but new fees will raise at least $46 million.(CrainsNY)


The Boyland Family Of Ocean Hill Brownsville Era Ends(CHN)

 More Corruption

He's not injured, but union let him keep 'disability'(NYP)

The Buying of the Mayor 2013

Daily News: Mayoral hopefuls donors, from cashiers to stars, raise eyebrows as candidates(NYDN)



Taxi Bribes for Quinn

Cash Cab

As the taxi industry geared up to battle Mayor Bloomberg's plan to allow livery cabs to pick up street hails in the outer boroughs, the president of a major taxi medallion company raised $33,000 for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. . . In June, when Bloomberg realized the plan was getting no traction in the Quinn-controlled Council, he did an end-run around the body and took his proposal to Albany, where the legislature approved the plan. It's now on Gov. Cuomo's desk awaiting his signature


Liu: Funded From the Hood
Liu, who would be the city's first Asian-American mayor, took the majority of his contributions from people with Asian last names including 98 named Chen and 121 named Lee or Li. . .  Nineteen employees of a Fresh Meadows construction company each gave $800, mostly on May 5 or 6. And 12 employees of a Flushing supermarket - including cashiers - each gave $800 between July 8 and 11.

Stringer Pay to Play Real Estate
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer raised $653,001 over the past six months, increasing his war chest to $1,671,082. Executives with Glenwood Management, a major Manhattan developer, bundled the largest amount of cash for Stringer - $92,600. Glenwood Management has lobbied Stringer's office over land use issues.

 GOP & Dem Pay to Play Land Deal in Queens

Digging into land deals State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Queens) is drafting legislation that would require top-to-bottom reviews of state land sales in the wake of a no-bid deal that saw 4.5 acres in Queens sold to a politically connected nonprofit for a fraction of its value.

So Padavan and then-Assemblyman Mark Weprin (D-Queens) rammed through separate legislation to OK the sale through a three-day message of necessity. That passed in July 2006. When the sale took longer than expected, Padavan and Weprin authored another bill in 2007 to extend the timetable for the sale by a year. The group showered Padavan and Weprin with campaign contributions. Members donated at least $2,850 to Padavan and $2,510 to Weprin for his City Council and Assembly runs between 2000 and 2009 Queens Dems worked with Padavan on corrupt land deal(Queens Crap)  * Pols deny knowledge of Creedmoor towers(Queens Chronicle)

Brooklyn Quiz for Weprin (The Midwood Blog)


 NYP Says Stop the slush!

The Post calls for a ban on ‘member items’ steered by lawmakers into the pockets of family and friends

Lawmakers increasingly steer the money to “nonprofit” groups that they, their relatives and/or their friends control. That makes the whole practice — both in Albany and at City Hall — just another way for pols to line their own pockets and those of friends and family. Rep. Gregory Meeks and state Senate ex-President Malcolm Smith * Assemblywoman Vivian Cook * State Sen. Shirley Huntley 

DOI What Corruption?

Assemblywoman Barbara Clark * City Councilman Larry Seabrook * Councilman Miguel Martinez * Assemblyman and Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez founded the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council * Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo and Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo * Ex-state Sen. Efrain Gonzalez * Ex-state Sen. and Councilman Hiram Monserrate

Pay to Play Harlem Week Director
Harlem fest's a fea$t Harlem Week draws thousands to the annual summertime celebration of the community -- and plenty of cash for its organizer. Lloyd Williams, director of both... 

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

Gay-Rights Group Gave Cuomo $60,000 as He Pushed Marriage Bill, Records Show(NYT) * 'Untouchable' Cuomo raises $9.2M for reelection(NYDN) * Andy's got $9M handy(NYP)  * Union Concedes in Agreement With Cuomo(NYT)



PEF agrees to 3-year wage freeze, higher health insurance contributions and boosting retirement age to 65 - 9 days of unpaid leave

 Cuomo PEF Deal

Governor Cuomo Announces Five Year Labor Agreement With The Public Employees Federation * Union Yields on Benefits in Agreement With Cuomo (NYT) * State’s Unions Press Members to Accept Deal (NYT)



NYS: Economy A Disaster

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's next major challenge: The state's economy( democrat and chronicle)





Cuomo, Under Pressure, Is Still Silent on Intentions for Bill to Expand Taxi Service(NYT)





School Officials and Union Agree on Pilot Program for Teacher Evaluations(NYT) * Teacher Grading System Passes(WSJ) * City, unions reach $65M deal for troubled schools (NYDN) * DOE And Teachers Union Agree On Plans To Aid 33 Schools(NY1)

How Deal to Avert Teacher Layoffs Unfolded, and What Challenges Lie Ahead(NYT)


Hazardous Dirty Oil To See Continued Use In City Schools(NY1)




Mike's gridiron goof

$5 Million rehab and  Lehman HS in The Bronx still has a 80 yards long that cannot be play on (NYP)

Life on the 'Pry' Line Voyeurs madden residents

Albany Gives Hugh Property Tax Break
A new analysis by the Independent Budget Office of the city's property-tax rolls found that religious institutions, wealthy private colleges, hospitals and other nonprofits -- and even Madison Square Garden -- are exempt from an astonishing $13.5 billion in property taxes.

 New Nets Arena Built On Tax Breaks and Gov't $$$
The new Nets' arena rising in Brooklyn is shaping up as a huge plus for an underused neighborhood(NYDN Ed)

 UN Eats A Park

Gov gives UN an OK to expand(NYP)


Waiting for the Wrecking Ball After two buildings in the East Village are demolished, some residents will return to a shiny glass tower. But to them, it will be the death of a grittier, even cherished, era.(NYT)

Obama compares budget clash to reality TV, urges lawmakers to avert debt crisis(NYP) * Governors Fear Debt Debate Will End in Cuts for States(NYT) * Election Shadows Deficit Battle(WSJ) *  Credit-rating firms loom over debt debate(Wash Post) *  Obama, congressional Republicans fail to show leadership needed to end debt-ceiling debacle(NYDN Ed) * Top lawmakers planning "grand bargain" while Obama and others focus on fallback plan (Wash Post)*


Federal judge rightly slaps down City Council-NYCLU effort to trample abortion opponents' First Amen (NYDN Ed)



 How Google Got Started

Google: The Beginning




Why Subway Rats Aren’t Electrocuted by the Third Rail(NYT)

Scrabble Street Back

For a Bereft Street Corner in Queens, a Red-Letter Day(NYT)

Sunday  Leiby's family keeps horrific details of death from mom(NYP) * Leiby Kletzky's confessed killer visited Orlando during Casey Anthony trial(NYDN) * Aron's confession so bizarre experts are confused(NYDN) * Leiby's grieving father attends Sabbath service(NYDN) * Vets rip actor's 'no-pay' charity(NYP) * Police Looking For Suspect Who Shot 2 Teens In Brooklyn(WCBS) * Indictment Expected Next Week For Alleged Killer Of Leiby …(NY1) *  Struggling with why children die (Wash Post) *  A Look Inside Brooklyn’s Shomrim Patrol (WCBS) * Hasidic star writing song for slain boy(NYP)

Saturday Brooklyn mom says Levi Aron previously tried to kidnap her boy(NYP) * Family of 8-year-old B'klyn boy thanks New Yorkers for their support (NYP) * Ritual Mourning for Slain Brooklyn 8-Year-Old(NYT) * Police Sort Through Suspect’s Account as He Pleads Not Guilty in Killing(NYT) * Civilian Patrol, Not Police, Was Family's First Call(WSJ) * Aron's confession so bizarre experts are confused(NYDN) * Little Leiby's final moments(NYDN) * Monster's ex-wife: 'Sociopath' knows right from wrong(NYP)  * Brooklyn man uncovered security video that led to Aron's …(WABC) * Investigation: Bayside Cemetery damage(WABC) * Grappling With the Suffering of Innocents (Gabe Pressman, NBC)

Law and Order

Sunday  Strip club has dollars but no sense stashes thousands in tackle box, refrigerator: feds(NYDN) * Women foil attempted rapes on East Side and Times Square(NYDN) * Dad arrested for kidnapping 3-year-old son from Brooklyn street * Armed nut nabbed at airport(NYP)* Thug guns down B'klyn teen(NYP)*  Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'slept with three women' the same weekend he allegedly assaulted maid(NYP) * Police Looking For Suspect Who Shot 2 Teens In Brooklyn(WCBS) * Woman Shot Outside Bar Named Shooters(Fox 5) * Three Shot At Brooklyn Hoops Game(Fox 5) * Two teens shot, 1 killed on school playground (WABC) * NYC teen charged in beating bus driver over dog (WABC) * NYPD searching for a serial groper(WABC) * Teen Shot Dead, Another Wounded in Playground Shootings(WNBC)* Father Accused Of Abducting Son Charged(NY1) * Upper East Side Groping May Be Related To Six Previous Assaults (NY*Supporters Of Hotel Housekeeper In DSK Sex Assault Case Rally In Manhattan(WCBS)

Saturday  Leader of accused gay-bashing sodomy posse suing city over prison van wreck (NYDN) * Catching Counterfeiters, a Real Cat-and-Mouse Game(NYT) * For Strauss-Kahn, 2 Concerts, and a Stay, in the Berkshires(NYT) * Sommelier Stole Art Openly, Police Say(NYT) *  Brooklyn Bridge acrobats cite WTC wire walk in court plea(NYDN)* Man who stabbed pizza boss heads back to jail for pot use(NYDN) * Dad 'grabs' B'klyn tot(NYP) * 3 shot at hoops game(NYP) * Gal charged in bus-driver attack(NYP) * Letterman 'trasher' indicted(NYP) * Year in jail for pizza-slice guy(NYP) * Extensive Search Conducted At Home Of Suspected Child Killer …(WCBS) * Stepfather Arrested In Beating Death Of 18-Year-Old Woman …(WCBS)* FBI takes $$ from poorfella(NYP) * AMBER ALERT: 3-year-old Ferrari Tiesto Stojka  * Off-duty firefighter arrested for DUI(WABC) * Police Issue Amber Alert For Abducted Brooklyn Boy(NY1)

Bronx Teen Indicted In Attack On Bus Driver(NY1) * Cop: Teen Beat Bus Driver Over Dog(Fox 5) * Bronx Teen Indicted In Attack On Bus Driver(NY1)

Stepfather said slain teen lied about sexual abuse, so he beat her with hammer(NYDN)


Trial To Begin For Father Of Self-Confessed Terrorist  (NY1)