Wednesday, July 27, 2011

America Anger At Washington Exploding

30 Years of Incompetent Economic Leadership

 9.1% Unemployment * Businesses Moved Overseas * Corporate Tax Breaks * Wall Street & Big Banks Organized Crime
All over the country, angry Americans unleashed their rage via Twitter, email and phone calls to their respective representatives.   With elections gamed for incumbents and special interests funded candidates the public anger has not had a chance to express its anger at Washington until now.   Fury over debt stalemate boils over(NYP) * Not O.K. at the O.K. Corral The final frontier of debt negotiations has left Americans plumb tired of all that government (Dowd, NYT) * Boehner Plan On Debt Faces Rebellion(WSJ)

Vote on Boehner Plan Delayed Amid Opposition(NYT) * On All Levels of the Economy, Concern About the Impasse(NYT) * Companies Bracing for U.S. Default(WSJ) * BREAKING: Jim Clyburn calls for Obama to use 14th Amendment to circumvent debt ceilinga *  Boehner Issues Blunt Warning to Dissenters to Back Plan(NYT) * John McCain Tells New Senators to Get Off His Lawn (NY Mag) *  Restive G.O.P. Yielding to Boehner Plan on Budget(NYT)* Larry Sabato Congress down to single-digit approval.Man-in-street calls 'em clowns, jackasses & unprintable names.GOP/Tea party getting worst of it. (Twitter)

#fuckyouwashington on Twitter*
Americans are expressing their frustration on Twitter, appending #fuckyouwashington to their angry tweets. This morning, the already explosive hashtag got national attention, nabbing a feature on CBS's The Early Show. The hashtag has given tweeters a forum to express their disappointment with lawmakers, who have yet to reach a debt-ceiling deal as time runs out. * No one owns a hashtag (Buzz Machine)

B. Hamm

Media Says Weiner Replacement Race About Israel What About Corrupt Election Process That Picked the Candidates and Run Their Campaigns?

NYP Reports: Weiner’s Exit Sets Off a Race to Be Israel’s Better Friend(NYT) NYT the race to replace Weiner is emerging as a potential referendum on President Obama’s proposals about the Middle East. Koch has acknowledged that Mr. Weprin is a strong supporter of Israel, but argued that the election of Mr. Turner would serve as a rebuke to Mr. Obama for saying that Israel’s pre-1967 border should be the basis for a peace agreement.  * Koch backs GOP hopeful in bid to sway Obama on Israel Jewish Telegraphic Agency * Despite Assemblyman David Weprin’s efforts to change the subject, the NY Times buys into the idea that the NY-9 race is mostly about who’ll fight harder for Israel.*  Turner's previous job as CEO of the entertainment division of Multimedia Entertainment. Turner's bio on his campaign website says he used to oversee talk shows from Phil Donahue, Sally Jesse Raphael and Jerry Springer. * Turner Hits Obama on Palestinian Terrorism Reportc*Update  Joe Lieberman To Endorse David Weprin Tomorrow (NYO) * NY-9: “The National Jewish Democratic Council rebuked Koch.” * Assemblyman David Weprin’s former finance director received a voicemail message threatening the congressional candidate.

 The Queens Fixer

Boss Crowley Pick Them and Parkside Runs Their Campaign - Political Corruption in Queens for A Generation - Unchallenged by the Law and Good Government Groups

New York's Especially Undemocratic Elections - * Cuomo bowed to party bosses in setting rigged elections to fill congressional, Assembly seats(NYDN Ed) * One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next - True News * Queens Crap: DOI probing slush fund lobbyists * Queens Crap: Times exposes Bloomberg-EDC-Parkside-Shulman corruption

More Brooklyn Politics
Three-Way Race Creates Excitement In Special Election for Assembly (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

Mayoral Campaign 2013
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly leads the 2013 pack of NYC mayoral hopefuls with 23 percent, even though he’s not running (yet), according to a new Q poll.
Council Speaker Christine Quinn leads the pack, followed by Marty Markowitz, John Liu, Bill Thompson, Bill de Blasio and Scott Stringer(CHN)

MTA plans 7.5% fare and toll hikes in 2013, 2015(NYP) * MTA Seeking $6.9 Billion of New Debt(WSJ) * NYPD boss Kelly pleads case to Albany: Increase fines for fare-beaters(NYDN)* MTA will raise fares twice over next four years but promises no service cuts(NYDN) * Departing Jay Walder leaves New York a balanced MTA budget and warnings to keep it that way(NYDN Ed) * The embattled authority will unveil its latest budget today, which includes no immediate fare hikes, but the assumption that the TWU will go along with a 3-year pay freeze. Fare hikes and union concessions are on tap for the MTA's five-year financial plan, set to be reviewed by the agency's board today *  New $1 MetroCard Surcharge Goes Into Effect 2013 (WPIX) * MTA Budget To Include Future Fare Hikes (NY1) * MTA: Plan to borrow $6,9 billion; “ticking time bomb” warns board member.

How Does the MTA Promise No Fare Hikes Over 4 Years?
When We Do Not Know Who Will Lead the Agency
The Agency Already is $6.9 Billion in Debt on its
Capital Plan Funding Projects


 Another City Payoff to Outside Consultants

$1 million contest to draw business downtown panned for its consultant fees

Two-thirds of the cash will likely go to consultant(NYDN)


36 years after NYC went bankrupt the city still has to regulations imposed by the federal loan guarantees  . . .   What Will A Federal Bankruptcy Do?

Bloomberg presented the NYC financial plan at the annual state Financial Control Board meeting. 

How Many of the Unemployed in NYC Would Be Working If the Olympics Were Held Here?

London 2012 - One year to go (BBC)

For all Those who opposed the NY Olympic bid do you really think the city does not need the jobs or the economic development.  How do you make up to the young minority workers that they will not have working for the Olympics on their resume? So far 50,000 people have worked on the London Olympics.

Vito Lopez also spending campaign cash on legal bills
Since September 2010, Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s campaign committee has cut nearly $46,000 in checks to a top white-collar criminal defense attorney, Gerald Lefcourt. Both the city and federal governments are investigating the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, which Lopez founded. Lefcourt warned the Brooklyn Paper in October he was considering a libel case, but has not pursued one. Lopez and Lefcourt, who is also representing lobbyist Richard Lipsky in his corruption trial, didn’t respond to requests for comment.(CHN)


Working Familes Party Has the Political Backing to Flaunt the Law

 The Working Families Party poured more than $600,000 in the last six months into its for-profit campaign arm Data & Field Services, despite lingering legal questions over whether the two are properly separated. (CHN)


Mayor Of William’s Town Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. plays Facebook games on his phone during legislative sessions (CHN) * Scandal-scarred Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. missed 1/3 of sessions this year, but he made sure to keep up to date on Facebook.

Adam Lisberg

Assemblyman Boyland at work: “Leadership and their staff often had to remind him to press the button and vote.”(Twitter) Authored No Bills

AM Boyland responds via fbook: "So glad to see so many of my reporter friends follow me on facebook, you might want to try doind (sic) some real reporting and telling the truth..... Btw I'm also on twitter follow me there"



Bogus Picture of Kruger and Daughter 

Puzzle at trial over Kruger's bogus daughter(NYP)



Cuomo is being pressured by opponents and advocates of the taxi bill

Hack-lers storm City Hall(NYP)




 Commissioner Mattingly announces departure; Councilman Koppell said "There have been too many instances of failure."

City's embattled kid-welfare boss quits(NYP) * Head of Child Welfare Agency Resigns(NYT) * Child Services Chief Resigns(WSJ) * ACS Commissioner's Controversial Term Ends With Sudden Resignation(NY1)

  Update Mayor Bloomberg appoints Family Court Judge Ron Richter to lead ACS.  Former deputy under Mattingly. *  Children’s Services Leader Leaving After 7 Years(NYT)



The Post takes some credit for the resignation of NYPA chief Richard Kessel 

State power big unplugged(NYP) * Bye bye, Richie(NYP) * One observer told the TU Kessel’s resignation is a surprise because he helped Cuomo raise campaign cash in 2010. (He’s also a former Mario Cuomo operative).






Cuomo's rhetoric strategy is to "to talk more of the future rather than in the past." 

 Cuomo: Look to the future for glory days(TU)

 Cuomo and Duffy have formed a mutual admiration society. The governor said of his No. 2: “He is the single, best, competent professional I have worked with in the state and that’s why he’s in charge. He is extraordinary.”



 34 NYC Post Offices to Close -3,700 offices nation Wide

17 could close in the Bronx

Bronx is PO'd at post-office plan(NYP) * Postal Service Closing List Gets Stamp of DisapprovalThe U.S. Postal Service is weighing shutting down 34 post offices in New York City as it tries to cut costs.(WSJ) * USPS Considers 34 Post Office Closures In City(NY1)





U.S. To Cancer Stricken  Grown Zero Workers "Drop Dead"

Feds nix cancer for 9/11 Zadroga $$(NYP) * Scant Evidence to Link 9/11 to Cancer, U.S. Report Says(NYT) * New Report Is Setback for 9/11 Responders(WSJ) * Report: No Proven Link Between Cancers, Ground Zero (WSJ) * 9/11 responders outraged that cancer is excluded from Zadroga bill (NYDN) * Doc running WTC program rules out cancer for now, but wisely leaves door open for scientific proof (NYDN Ed) * Zadroga Bill Still Withholds Help To Cancer Patients( Zadroga: "Several studies, including a sweeping review of the FDNY's medical records, are expected to be released later this year and could link certain types of cancers to Ground Zero toxins."

"Embattled Department of Education parent-liaison is fired and replacement gets a raise." 

Ed. parent-liaison chief shown door(NYP) * Walcott Appoints a New Liaison to Public School Parents(NYT) * Parents steamed over hot classrooms in public schools(NYDN) * Gonzalez: Success for Eva Moskowitz but not public schools(NYDN) * Only 58% of eligible teachers were granted tenure this year, down frm 97% in '07 * Delaying Teacher Tenure (Gotham Gazette) * Schools: Bloomberg admin happy teacher tenure is harder to get. * Mayor Applauds Decrease In Tenure For City Teachers(NY1) * Once Nearly 100%, Teacher Tenure Rate Drops to 58% as Rules Tighten (NYT)



Rattner FU On Local Jobs for the Hood 

"A Broken Promise" Over Atlantic Yards Jobs Workers rally in the shadow of the still-rising Barclays Center to express outrage over a lack of construction positions for Brooklyn residents.(Fort Green Patch)


 Markowitz NYP  Daily News Beat Up On Him

NYP Attacks the Markowitz's While the DN Spins Marty's Side
Marty Mark's freebies(NYP ED) * 'Post'-er girl But Mrs. Marty won't be smiling long. Post knocks him for using campaign cash to fight the Conflict of Interest Board charges (NYP) * The News Editorial Board calls him a "knucklehead"

The Daily News Reporters Gives Marty A Break Brooklyn BP Markowitz: Change City Travel Law(NYDN) The DN says Markowitz wants to change the travel rules to allow elected officials to bring their spouses on trips paid for by foreign governments *  Jamie Markowitz is indeed our ‘First Lady’ (Brooklyn Paper)

 Wu pulls a WeinerWu pulls a Weiner(NYP) * Oregon Congressman Wu resigns amid sex scandal(NYDN)


Tompkins rat patrol(NYP)







City Closes 4 Beaches After Harlem Sewage Discharge(NYT)

 Environment: State's stringent standards may prevent it from getting about $750 million in federal funds.



 Bus Companies Push Back

Bus companies targeted by the Cuomo administration are fighting back





Gleaning a Range of Visions for an East Side Pier That Will Become a Park(NYT)





The man behind the towers: His buildings lost, but not his faith(AMNY) *   Port Authority head touts progress at WTC site  





 Schneiderman's objections to a 50-state settlement deal with major U.S. banks over how they sold mortgages during the housing bubble are starting to have a domino effect

 AG Schneiderman is gaining allies and momentum in his investigation into the mortgage foreclosure mess.* The AG is also challenging DOMA, saying it undercuts New York’s new gay marriage law.



After Setbacks, Taking Steps to Bolster Prosecutors’ Morale, Including a Raise(NYT)

Maid will meet with DSK DA(NYP) * Children’s Services Leader Leaving After 7 Years(NYT) * What to Make of the 'DSK Maid' Interview(WSJ)


Law and Order

Wrong-way slay charge(NYP) * Two Drugstores Accused of Fraud in Medicare Bills(WSJ) * It's low fashion for accused castration killer in court appearance(NYDN)* Model accused in castration slay dresses for court like it's a nightclub(NYDN) * UPDATE: Police Take Reported Gunman into Custody in Flatiron District(NBC) * Thug who killed teen girl outside house party gets 75 years(NYP)

Police Search For Queens Rape Suspect(NY1)


 Terrorism 4 'terrorists' in drug sting(NYP) * Rep. Peter King Resuming Hearings On Muslim Radicalization In America(CBS) * Rep. Pete King maintains dozens of Americans have traveled to Somalia to join the al-Qaeda-linked group al-Shabaab * Former President George W. Bush recalled 9/11 during his first extended interview since Osama bin Laden was killed.


Jon Stewart Wasn’t Reassured By Obama’s Debt Speech: ‘Did The President Just Quit?’




Bring Back Larry King 

The Noose Tightens Around Piers Morgan’s Neck (Waker) * CNN's Piers Morgan sucked into phone-hacking scandal (NYDN) * pewresearch 34% say it is very likely US news organizations use illegal tactics and 38 percent say it is somewhat likely 


If Rudy Giuliani can host “Mob Week,” perhaps Eliot Spitzer will do the same for a film festival about prostitution?




GE FU America's Workers

GE moving X-ray business to China. What message is sent to U.S.? 

Jeffrey Immelt To Head President's Council On Jobs And Competitiveness


Sharpton's Affirmative-Action Win

Earlier this year, the reverend lent crucial black support to the controversial merger between Comcast and NBC. Is his new MSNBC show payback? Wayne Barrett investigates.(The Daily Beast)