Thursday, July 28, 2011

It Like Gilbert and Sullivan, Does Washington Have A Third Act?

Washington Horror Movie Continues

Boehner, on cam this morning: "It's a zippity doo dah day."
As the debt ceiling showdown nears, House Speaker John Boehner has jettisoned his usual laissez-faire approach and demanded that conservative members of his conference fall in line for the vote on his bill later today.

NJ gov at Somerset Medical Center after having trouble breathing(NYP) * Christie Released from Hospital(NBC)


Another Bloomberg Top Aide Not Able to Do the Job Going

BREAKING: Emergency Communications 911 Czar Leaving After Less Than A Year

 Skip Funk, head of the city’s new Office of Citywide Emergency Communications, oversaw the 911 system that was harshly criticized after numerous foul-ups during last December’s blizzard.




MTA Begs the City For $$$ 

The MTA wants the city to chip in an extra $250 million for the Second Avenue Subway and Grand Central Terminal expansion, arguing both projects will ultimately boost the city's bottom lin MTA $queezes city(NYP) * MTA budget is still a trainwreck(NYP) * MTA Budget Plan Includes Future Fare Hikes(NY1) * The MTA’s proposal to borrow almost $7 billion to keep its capital plan afloat was deemed a “ticking time bomb” by critics.

Both NYP and DN give thumbs upto Bloomberg success in ending tenure as we know it

Ending teachers' easy A(NYP Ed) * Once Nearly 100%, Teacher Tenure Rate Drops to 58% as Rules Tighten(NYT) *  Mayor Bloomberg's denial of tenure for teachers makes job protection mean something real (NYDN Ed) * Mayor Applauds Decrease In Tenure For City Teachers(NY*

City Wins Appeal of Law Suit Over Class Size(NYT)


Murdock Uses His Papers to Set Up His Education Company 
One former reporter said his own editor requested a week’s worth of stories about the New York City public schools because “Rupert was going to be in town.” It was coveted real estate in the paper, and the reporter reluctantly obliged. When Mr. Klein visited The Journal last year to discuss education issues with news and opinion writers, Mr. Murdoch interrupted to lavish praise on the chancellor, much to the surprise of the writers. “Just listen to everything that Joel is saying,” Mr. Murdoch insisted, according to one person who attended the meeting. When the story is education, Rupert Murdoch gets involved

Mayor Still Wants Puppet Quinn to Replace Him. . . Is Kelly to Independent? 
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly may lead the Quinnipiac University poll of 2013 mayoral contenders at 23 percent, but he shouldn’t count on an endorsement from his boss. People who have worked closely with Bloomberg say while he trusts Kelly to run the NYPD, he is not convinced Kelly would be as strong at running the rest of the city’s operations. They say the mayor still has the most confidence in City Council Speaker Christine Quinn as a successor. * 2013: “Not since Bill O’Dwyer in 1950 has New York had an Irish mayor, but that may be about to change.”

NY1 Exclusive: NY1/Marist Poll Shows Close Race For Potential 2013 Mayoral Candidates

Kelly Early Front Runner
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly hasn’t hired a single consultant or raised a dime or even expressed interest in running, but he still tops the list of 2013 mayoral contenders, a new Q poll found. * 2013: Kelly’s best borough is Staten Island. [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance] * 2013: “I’m flattered by that, but I have no plans to run for any elective office,” Ray Kelly said. [Erica Orden / WSJ]

Bloomberg Does Not Want Markowitz to Run for His Job
Free Trips: Bloomberg doesn’t like it when politicians get free rides. [Erin Einhorn and Jonathan Lemire / Daily News]

Bloomberg Vs. Liu Continued

The ongoing tension between NYC Comptroller John Liu and Mayor Bloomberg will be on display today before the Banking Commission.    Foreclosure Fight Looms At Banking Commission The forces of city Comptroller John Liu and Mayor Michael Bloomberg will battle in front of an obscure city commission today, when Liu’s office tries to force banks with city business to do more for New Yorkers facing foreclosure.(CHN)

 9th Congressional Vote Update

 Turner Attacks Weprin for His Support of the WTC Mosque

Now, Turner Wants to Make ‘World Trade Center Mosque’ An Issue(NYO) * Bob Turner attacks Weprin for favoring right to build GZ mosque, touts endorsement from Ed Koch, who agrees w/ Weprin* NY-9: “Although Koch referred to himself as a “dedicated Democrat,” it is not unusual for him to endorse a Republican.”  * Y-9: Weprin focuses on defending entitlement programs. *  Turner Hedges on Tax Pledge He Signed in 2010 (NYO)

 Bloomberg Identity Confusion

While greeting Muslim leaders, Bloomberg confused “shalom alaikum” for “salaam alaikum.”




Daily News Demands Thompson Pay His Poster Fine

The NYP and DN Should Also Demand That City Council Change the Poster Posting Law To Make It Harder for Lawyers to Throw Out the Fine  Bill Thompson weasels out of $619,125 in fines for putting up illegal signs during mayoral campaign(NYDN Ed)

DN Goes After Play Station Boyland

Why Not Just Put Stanley Schlein As the New Commissioner of the Board of Elections
Staten Island Democrats have chosen an attorney named Maria Guastella as their new Board of Elections commissioner, potentially providing the sixth vote needed to break the long stalemate in appointing a new BOE executive director. Board sources say once Guastella takes her seat on the board, the five Democratic commissioners plus the Bronx Republican commissioner J.C. Polanco will likely vote for an executive director appointed by Bronx Democratic chair Carl Heastie. But some government advocates worry she has little experience with elections.

How Come Quinn Gives Council Support to Stop A Manhattan Homeless Shelter and Not One in Crown Heights?

Can the fact that Quinn receives most of her contributions and support from Manhattan have something to do with the council favoritism.  The City Council joined a community group in suing to block the city from opening a 328-bed homeless shelter in Chelsea yesterday, arguing it violates a law allowing only 200-bed shelters Council boosts shelter suit(NYP) * Speaker Quinn Upset Over Proposed 12-Story Homeless Shelter(WCBS) * Homeless: Quinn fighting Bloomberg plan for shelter in her district.

de Blasio Facebook Worst Landlord List

New Addition To The Worst Landlord List(WPIX)

 Where is Schumer, Gillibrand, Nadler and Maloney Who Were All Over the Press Taking Credit for the Scaled Down Zadroga Legislation?

Ground Zero sanity(NYP Ed) * Eligibility Concerns Overshadow Meeting On 9/11 Health Fund(NY1) * Commish Ray Kelly disagrees with Zadroga doctor on Ground Zero-related cancer ...(NYDN) * Rescuers rage over cancer exclusion in 9/11 fund (CBS) * New Report Is Setback For 9/11 Responders(WSJ)

State Budget Cuts Few Details 

State Spending: “[N]early all state agencies are declining to say how they will meet the governor’s mandate to slice their operating expenses by 10 percent this year.” [Tom Precious / Buffalo News] * A.M. Roundup: State silent on $1B in agency cuts(TU)

A judge may let relatives of 9/11 Flight 175 victims sue for damages due to the “21 minutes of terror” they experienced at the end of their lives.  Judge May Let 9/11 Lawsuit Pursue Damages for Suffering on Doomed Flight(NYT)


Sensible and Humane Gov. Andrew Cuomo can follow Gov. Chris Christie’s lead and support chronically ill residents by reconsidering the legalization of medical marijuana. (NYT Ed)




Queens Family Court Judge Is Picked to Lead the City’s Child Welfare Agency(NYT) * New Chief Picked for Child Agency(WSJ)





New Yorkers support building a Walmart in the city by a 2-to-1 margin, a new Quinnipiac poll finds. A wide-majority also feels the 9/11 Memorial should be free to the public, and that unionized city workers should be laid off based on performance, not seniority * NYers Like Bikes, Walmart, City Workers: Poll(NYO)




"543 workers on the site compared with 1,620 predicted in state documents"

Atlantic Yards: Former supporters turn on Ratner over lack of local jobs(NYDN) * Brooklynites Who Once Supported Atlantic Yards Switch Sides, Claiming Broken Promises





Rangel Supporter Takes A Plea

B'klyn liar in Rangel case gets probation(NYP)






 Grading Restaurants Often A Close Call

One year after the city started handing out letter-grades to restaurants, most have received the highest grade, the Wall Street Journal says. Department of Health officials say 69% of restaurants inspected had received A's as of July 1, but an analysis shows that many are barely holding on Many Restaurant High Marks Are Close Call (WSJ) *  Loophole lets unhealthy restaurants post passing letter grades(AM NY)

No-Fault Divorce Up 12%

Divorce filings in NY up 12 percent since adoption of no-fault separations(NYP)

  9 NYPD cops probed for leaks in FBI terror case; grand jury investigating NYPD “mishandling” Zazi case, “forcing the FBI to make arrests sooner than it planned. NYPD officers probed in subway terror-plot leaks(NYDN)






Blogger Finds More Classified NYPD in Trash — Again!”

Portions of an NYPD patrol guide were plucked from a trash can outside a midtown NYPD building - the same bin where counterterrorism paperwork was found in May.  Blogger finds NYPD documents in trash behind Manhattan precinct -- Again!(NYDN)



Water-main break causes massive flood in Bronx(NYP) * Water Main Bursts in Bronx(WSJ) * City battles ancient water main system, some pipes date back to 1870s(NYDN) * Officials Say City Bungled Sewage Spill Warning Signs(WNYC)


The Bronx Re-Birth

How the South Bronx's Ruins Became Fertile Ground(NYT)





Ruining the skyling? Upper West Siders Declare War on Peace Sign (DNA Info)




Google's NY headquarters glows with NYC charm (AMNY)




African Burial Ground in Central Park

Unearthing Traces of African-American Village Displaced by Central Park(NYT)



Bike Sting Operation Draws Arrests, and Criticism(NYT) *  Undercover Cops Pretend to Sleep on the Subway, Sell Stolen Bikes(NY Mag)

In eight-hour meeting, maid can't convince DA she's not after cash from DSK(NYP) * Housekeeper’s Lawyer Says She Was Misquoted(NYT) * Strauss-Kahn Accuser Meets Prosecutors(WSJ) * Top cop Kelly says 46 NYPD officers died from Ground Zero-related cancer(NYDN) * Former IMF Chief's Accuser Meets With Prosecutors(NY1)

Law and Order

'Bouquet Bandit' Pleads Guilty to Two Bank Holdups(WSJ) * NY man cleared in old murder hit with abuse charge(WSJ) * 'Most wanted' fugitive fool taunts cops on Facebook(NYDN) * Bust in Fla. shoot of NYPD cop(NYP) * Ex-fed busted on gun rap at La Guardia(NYP) *  'Bouquet' bandit gets jail(NYP) * 'Joyride' chopper cop boss theft bust(NYP) * Killer gets 75 yrs. for random slay of girl(NYP) * Total crime has dropped 8.2 percent statewide.

Police Search For Queens Rape Suspect(NY1)



Sharpton's Affirmative-Action Win

Earlier this year, the reverend lent crucial black support to the controversial merger between Comcast and NBC. Is his new MSNBC show payback? Wayne Barrett investigates.(The Daily Beast) * Al Sharpton’s Comcast connection raises questions (Politico)* Media: Quid pro quo between Sharpton and MSNBC? Steltzer suggests it’s just a problem of hiring activists rather than journos. [Keach Hagey / Politico]


Rupert Murdoch says he is touched by some of the messages people have left on Amy Winehouse's phone

Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News For Playing The Victim Through Nonstop Liberal-Bashing