Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3 Pols help themselves while building a multi-million dollar health-care "corruption empire"

Lawmaker Extort State Health Care $$$ and Other Queens Hospital Closes 

Hospital Executive Bribed 3 Lawmakers, Judge Is Told(NYT) * Ex-Hospital Chief Accused of Lying(WSJ)

Senator Kruger's Bribe

The prosecutor’s accusations came as the former executive, David P. Rosen, 63, went on trial on various conspiracy charges involving bribery and fraud. Mr. Rosen steered business to a hospice care company from which Carl Kruger “got a cut,”

The Late Assemblyman Seminerio's Bribe
The prosecutor, said evidence would show that Mr. Rosen paid Tony Seminerio about $400,000 from 1999 to 2008, giving him a lucrative consulting position and giving business to companies in which he had a financial interest.

Assemblyman Boyland's Bribe
Mr. Rosen gave William Boyland a sham consulting job and paid him more than $175,000 from 2003 to 2008, Mr. McGorty said. “Seminerio and Boyland Jr. did little or no legitimate consulting work,” the prosecutor said.

Political Greed Closes 3rd Queens Hospital Locals Will Die

If get a heart attack after the Peninsula closes you mines well ask the EMS driver to take you to morgue. Nearest hospital 40 minutes away.  Rockaway hosp flatlining(NYP) * Peninsula Hospital in Rockaways files for bankruptcy, ready to close(NYDN) * Far Rockaway's Peninsula Hospital Faces Closure(NY1)





Is Kruger Chief Of Staff Ratting On His Boss?
Jason Koppel
Kruger had his chief-of-staff call former MediSys Health Network CEO David Rosen for “talking points” so the powerful Brooklyn Democrat could push Rosen’s agenda in Albany, Manhattan federal prosecutor Glen McGorty said during opening statements at Rosen’s bribery trial.

 More FBI Action

An Alleged Fraudster With Political Connections Arrested(YNN)




 Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan to enroll thousands of home-bound elderly and infirmed patients in managed care programs has come under scrutiny by patient advocates and industry insiders, who accuse him of bowing to large, politically connected providers, the Wall Street Journal reports


Weiner Replacement Campaign Will Be All Attack

Bob Friedrich Sends 9/11 Mailer Against Assemblyman David Weprin in His 2010 Race(NYD Friedrich according to the Daily New used 9/11 imagery in calling Weprin out for his support of the right of the Park51 project to go forward. (Brooklyn Political Blog)* Weprin: It’s about Medicare and Social Security (never mind Israel) (WNYC) * Koch Endorsement of Turner (Huff Post)

Koch backs Republican(NYP) * Weprin Tries to Focus Race on Medicare, Social Security(NYO) * Turner Tallies Weprin’s Runs(NYO)

DEIDRA TOWNS TOUTS WORK FOR MYSTERY NONPROFIT: Today we report that as Deidra Towns runs for the Brooklyn Assembly seat previously held by her brother, she is touting her work as executive director of a non-profit called the Versie B. Towns Foundation. But what exactly that entails remains unclear, since little public record of its work exists (CHN)*  Bushwick assembly seat candidate slammed by tenant advocates for 'slumlord' contribution(NYDN)





The Brooklyn Political Colony  

Kruger Vs. Krueger

After Forced To Accept Queens Boss Crowley Pick of Weprin as the 9th Congressional District Democratic Nominee.  A  Manhattan State Senator Now Wants to Choose Who Will Replace Kruger When He Goes to Jail.  Manhattan Sen. Liz Krueger wants to put a Republican rumor to rest: Her No Bad Apples PAC is not aimed at knocking out the four renegade senators in the Independent Democratic Conference. "I may have differences of opinion with any of the four members of the IDC, but I do not define them as 'bad apples,' " Krueger said. With Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate gone, she said, the only sitting Democratic senator who doesn't pass the bad apples test is indicted Sen. Carl Kruger. (CHN)  By the way Krueger was appointed the  Democratic nominee by the Manhattan Dem Boss in  a 2002 special election . Dem in a speicial is a sure win in her district.


Obama and GOP Play to Their Base Not To the Good of the Country 

Parties Head to Showdown as Obama Warns of a ‘Crisis’(NYP) * Obama Warns of Default Risk(WSJ) * Downgrade Threat Looms Large(WSJ) * Capital Journal: Twin Forces Paralyze Washington(WSJ) * Obama has yet to bring a plan of his own to the table during debt crisis(NYDN) * Leaders Spar As Monumental Debt Crisis Looms(NY1) * President Obama implored Americans to voice their opinions to members of Congress about the debt ceiling stalemate in D.C. They complied, crashing several House Websites in the process.* As the a looming debt crisis nears, a poll released yesterday by The Hill newspaper has found 71 percent of voters are skeptical that leaders in the capital will reach a budget deal, and only 27 percent believe a solution will be found.*  Mild Effect Of Debt Crisis On Wall St. May Have Major Effect On You (WPIX) * Congress has hit a new low, according to Rasmussen’s latest poll.

***Update  If Boehner can't pass his own plan, how can ANYTHING pass the know-nothing Republican House caucus? Eugene Robinso * BREAKING: US debt closer to downgrade. S+P just put US debt on credit watch negative, meaning S+P likely to act within 90 days.

Members of Congress flooded with calls(Wash Post)

Mayor Bloomberg inserted himself into the debt limit debate

“Every day this standoff goes on, more seeds of doubt are sown – not just among American companies, but among investors around the world,” Bloomberg said. Bloomberg: Uh, owe!(NYP) * Debt Crisis Has Already Hurt Economy, Bloomberg Says(NYT) * Prolonged Debt Talks Hurt All, Mayor Says(WSJ)* DiNapoli Warns Of ‘Severe’ Impact Of Default(YNN)


Jon Stewart Debt Crisis Update: ‘Both Sides Switched, Everybody Caved, No One Agreed’




Twitter On Fire

CUNY journalism professor Jeff Jarvis tapped into anger over debt stalemate with a tweet that caught fire (CBS)



Does This Fine $20,000 Sink Markowitz's Mayoral Campaign 

NYP: Cutting Ethical Corners

"Actually, Marty Markowitz seems to get into trouble every time he opens his mouth"  NYP

Markowitz slapped with $20G fine for spouse's freebie trips(NYP) * Brooklyn beep's serial trips(NYP) * Markowitz Fined $20,000 for Wife's Free Overseas Trips(NYT) * BP Marty Markowitz Calls For Clarification Following $20K Fine(NY1) * In his testimony, Markowitz referred to himself as “mayor” of Brooklyn, and his wife as the borough’s “first lady.” 


Staten Island BP James Molinaro’s campaign was dunned more than $5,623 for accepting what the CFB deemed an illegal corporate contribution. 




Another day, another imminent vacancy for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to mull

NYPower Authority Chief Kessel Resigning(YNN)




Child Welfare Chief Resigns in NYC(NBC)




Taxis: Taxi drivers protest Bloomberg’s bill.


Rep. Carolyn McCarthy faced down rumors of retirement and health problems last year and now intends to seek re-election in 2012.  






 What states are giving big to the 2013 Democratic mayoral candidates? * 2013: Quinn raised the most out-of-state funds. * 2013: Stringer got campaign cash from execs at organizations he gave taxpayer money to.

* Feds' $113M will boost NY charters(NYP)



 NYC: Poster Law Full of Loop-Holes For Lawyed Up Candidates

 Former city comptroller Bill Thompson got a $619,125 boost for his 2013 mayoral campaign from the Environmental Control Board, which last week tossed out 8,255 violations for illegally posting campaign signs in 2009. The board overruled an administrative law judge and said the Sanitation Department didn't properly serve the campaign with notices of violations. Thompson's forces said they always told staff to use signs properly and shouldn't be held responsible for overzealous volunteers. Comptroller John Liu beat $528,225 in similar fines on technicalities as well; Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is still fighting $303,750 in fines.(CHN)* 2nd mayoral contender beats $600K worth of summonses for posters



Sneaking In Subway Pays Well

50,000 fare-beaters take ride every day but only 120,000 ticketed in a YEAR The MTA estimated fare-beaters entered without paying 18.5 million times in 2009 - an astounding average of 50,684 a day.  It pays to be subway turnstile jumper in NYC - even if you are caught(NYDN)

* MTA Budget: $1 fee for MetroCards on the way?

President Goodfellas Not

Rudy Giuliani’s hosting of AMC’s “Mob Week” is being seen by at least one reporter as a sign he won’t run in 2012.  Rudy's 'mob' scenes Hosts classic films(NYP) *2012: Rudy is running for something. He’s hosting AMC’s “Mob Week’ movie marathon.


Walmart Sitdown

Walmart hopes to sell itself to undecided New Yorkers with breakfast offensive(NYDN)

Insiders Protesting Lack of Promised Jobs


Buying the Green Mayor Title

Mr. Bloomberg and the Sierra Club  The New York Times says that while Mayor Michael Bloomberg's $50 million donation to the Sierra Club to help fight the construction of coal-fueled power plants is admirable, his own environmental record is mixed* Dreck-ceiling-bloombergs-centrist-shtick-getting-old-and-dangerous (Capital)


Crapped Beaches

DOH Officials Close Some Beaches Due To Elevated Bacteria(NY1) * NYC Officials Close 4 Beaches Due to Sewage Leak(NBC)



Driving Miss'. Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo is teaching his daughters how to drive.  (NYT)

Cheap Bus Suspensions

Cuomo takes buses off road(NYP) * 8 New York Bus Companies Face Suspensions Over Safety Issues(NYT) * Eight NY Charter Bus Lines Suspended(NBC)



 Brighton Beach Boom Town . .  Here Come the Russian Dolls

Coney Island and Brighton Beach enjoying an economic boom (NYDN) * Coney Island area gains jobs(WABC)

Sunday’s Rush of Happy Couples Becomes Monday’s Steady Statewide Procession(NYT) * Gay-nuptials wedding suit(NYP)

The long-shot lawsuit filed yesterday against New York's same-sex marriage law could pose some complications for Bloomberg. It claims the mayor's money improperly influenced Senate Republicans who switched their vote to support the bill. His huge donations in the past to the Independence and Republican parties have bought great influence through tiny loopholes, and the group that brought the lawsuit wants to put Bloomberg under oath to talk about how and why he gives. "He's definitely on our list of people to depose, because he's right in the middle of all this," said Liberty Counsel Chairman Mathew Staver.

Metrazur Out, Apple Store In At Grand Central Terminal(NY1) * With Apple, Shake Shack in Grand Central, worries over brutal lines(AMNY) * Older Tenants Edged out of Grand Central(NBC)





Bronx subways named filthiest in NYC(WABC)





Democratic Rep. David Wu to resign amid sex scandal(NYP)




EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Motorman on train attacked by lunatic with screwdriver(NYDN)



 DSK Accuser Story Wonders

Scheduled for court hearing Monday; Vance hasn’t said what he plans to do DSK accuser's tale may hurt her case(NYP) * Interviews by Strauss-Kahn’s Accuser Raise Doubts About Prosecutors’ Plans(NYT) *Strauss-Kahn Accuser Risks Media Push(WSJ) * Daly: All eyes are on DA Vance in Dominique Strauss-Kahn case(NYDN) * Lifting the Veil of Anonymity in Sex Assault Cases(NYT) * Next Strauss-Kahn court date pushed back to Aug. 23(NYP)

  Slain over a glanceSlain over a glance(NYP)

In Queens, a Tangled Revenge Plot(NYT)



 Law and Order 

Temps, tempers flare at city pools (NY Metro)

Brand of jeans may help identify woman's body(NYDN) * Mob prisoner has curfew extended but has to be back by midnight(NYDN) * New Defense Lawyer Prepared To Represent Accused Killer Of Leiby Kletzky(NY1) * Pair Of Brooklyn Jewelry Store Robbers Still At Large (CBS) *WATCH: Brooklyn Jewelry Store Robbery * Pair Of Brooklyn Jewelry Store Robbers Still At Large(WCBS) * Motorman Attacked With Screwdriver(Fox 50) * NYPD Withholds Detailed Bronx Crime Stats(NBC) * A Killer Is Sentenced, but the Heartache Remains(NYT) * Police Look for Suspect in Queens Attempted Sex Assault(NBC)

Terrorism   Riverdale plotter suffering 'delusions': lawyer(NYP) * Feds Arrest Four On Drug-Related Terrorism Charges(NY1)



This Is Considered Punishment?  Wells Fargo gets a wrist slap from the Federal Reserve, and the federal government still won’t prosecute financial wrongdoers.(NYT Op Ed) 

News Corp spox says Joel Klein is reporting to independent directors, not Murdoch, for probe.