Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Media Never Explained What the Pension Scandal Meant

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Condition Put on Schools Pick in Rebuke to Bloomberg (NYT)

* Bloomberg pick for schools chancellor hit with setback (NYP)

Press Blinders

How much money did Morris, Rattner and their co-cooks cost the pension funds in rips offs and bad investments?  How much is the city and state forced to transfer from the general budget to the pension funds because of the deficit caused by the scandal? What reforms are needed to prevent future scandals.  Cuomo wanted to the state pension fund to be run like the city with a board making all decisions? The state comptroller was against that and it was not even discussed in the press during the campaign.  We hear from the NYP and something from the Daily News every time a retired firefighter runs in a race on how much that runner is ripping off the pension fund.  We never hear about how Wall Street investers like Rattner are ripping off.  The Stuy Town deal lost the nations pension funds over 3 billion dollars.  That is a whole lot of firefighters running races.

Pension big cops to scam Hevesi pal guilty (NYP) * Adviser Pleads Guilty in Pay-to-Play Pension Scheme (NYT) * Morris Pleads Guilty in 'Pay to Play'(WSJ) Morris statement | Plea agreement * Political Consultant Hank Morris Pleads Guilty To Securities Fraud (NY1)  

Rattner on rampage Tosses verbal grenades at Cuomo (NYP) *

Rattner's legal strategy: Can he outfox Cuomo?

More from Rattner on Cuomo on Rose: The Greatest Interview Ever?New York Observer  * Steve Rattner: I'm Not In Andrew Cuomo's Fan Club- ABC News *


Steve Rattner is it the right of the rich and conneted to misuse the middle class's pension funds? Where are the editorials boards yelling against this bum? 

Rattner Says Cuomo's Lawsuit in New York Pension Case `Close to Extortion' (Bloomberg)


 Petitions Against Black Black-ball is backed by UFTers (NYP) * State Didn’t Vet Advisers on Chancellor Pick for Conflicts (WSJ) * Grades Black-out for school big pick (DN) * 15,000 Petition Cathie Black's Appointment * Parents Express Opposition To Schools Chancellor Selection (NY1) * Poll: Bloomberg In The Red With Black New revelations surfaced about extensive ties between Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and members of the panel evaluating his choice for school's chancellor and state officials acknowledged that they did not screen the panel members for conflicts of interest or connections to the Bloomberg administration before appointing them. * For One Day, the Chancellor Pick Was a Principal (NYT)

This is getting stupid Women For Black * Chancellor Nominee Has Sold Her Connecticut HomeThe assessor's office in Bridgewater, Conn. confirmed that Cathleen Black's antique colonial sold in the past few days for $1.98 million - 15 percent below its $2.35 million asking price.

Bloomberg's Lack of Transparency Brings Public Anger

1. Picks New Schools Chief in Secret Quinnipiac Poll: Majority Says Cathie Black Lacks Proper Experience To Be Schools Chancellor

2. City eyes shuffling Coney 8 (NYP) Closes long time business in Coney Island

3.  Builds bike lands without public input  Expansion of Bike Lanes in City Brings Backlash (NYT) * Cameras Monitor Trespassing in Bus Lanes (NYT)* Bike lane backlash.

True News Asks

Will An Uncertain Senate Majority Force Dysfunctional Albany into the Twilight Zone? 

Control of Chamber May Still Be Contested as Governor Takes Office in January. The longer this drags on, the harder it will be for Cuomo to push his agenda through the Senate.

 The NYT wants to  Count the Ballots Five races in New York State are still not settled. Counting the paper ballots is the best way to guarantee a fair and swift resolution. (NYT Ed) * The Poughkeepsie Journal urges a speedy end to ballot counting in the three cliffhanger Senate races.* Sen. Jeff Klein is angling to move up the leadership ladder.* Progressive advocates worried about the Senate returning to GOP hands are gearing up to make a lame duck session lobbying push. 


2011 New York's Coming Union War

Cuomo Will Use Campaign Cash To War With Unions

Cuomo: I'll spend more than $4M on union war (NYP)

Paterson Lashes Out At Unions, Legislature


MTA Management A Buch of Jerks

MTA gives signal-scandal boss a promotion (NYP)* Christie Shows Support for Subway Plan (WSJ) * MTA cuts Queens service; adds line to ... Hogwarts? (DN)

New Effort to Limit Terms(WSJ)* A government watchdog group is offering Cuomo 11 executive orders to help him stick to his campaign promises to clean up Albany.


Crisis in the City's Black Leadership? 

Beleaguered Rangel to supporters: I'm sorry! (DN) * A congressional aide predicted “a lot of absences” on the day the full House votes on Rangel’s censure.
Tax debt doesn't stop Al Sharpton's salary (DN)

The governor-elect called it “ridiculous” to have state workers babysit an upstate juvenile facility that stopped serving kids in July.  * The situation stems from o the closing of state facilities. a law tucked into the budget while Cuomo’s father was governor that requires lengthy lead time prior t

Press Gives Patterson Free Ride on AEG
Gov goes all in on Catskills casino bet (DN) * The land claim settlement announced by Gov. David Paterson yesterday could face legal challenges from another Indian tribe.* There’s also opposition to the Catskills casino for which the land claim settlement (ostensibly) clears the way. * Cuomo insisted Paterson’s deal with the Stockbridge-Munsee is on “firm legal ground.” * Paterson and Sen. Chuck Schumer say they’ll pressure the feds to accept the deal.* Newsday calls the Catskill casino plan a “bad bet.”

Dead men walking Pedestrians accounted for 52 percent of the traffic fatalities in the city over the past four years(NYP)

Stealing a scene from 'godfather' 'Killer' idea to intimidate witness: DA