Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bloomberg Quiet on Black Setback; Cuomo Rattner War and NY Journalism is Not Classless News

“My recommendation was they vote ‘not at this time,’” said state Education Commissioner David Steiner on the eight-member panel that did not recommend giving a waiver to Mayor Bloomberg’s NYC schools chancellor pick, Cathie Black.   * Former Chancellor Harold O. Levy was skeptical of the compromises Steiner suggested. * “He went into this by himself, and in fact it was revealed that the emperor had no clothes,” said Baruch College political scientist Doug Muzzio said of Bloomberg’s strategy of selecting Black.* Paterson says Cathie Black is no Joel Klein (DN) * Can a Publisher Run Schools? Management Gurus Debate (NYT) * Pols to Bloomberg: No 'Mini-Me' For Black (DN)
* More Shades Of Black: Klein, Cuomo, Silver And Liu Weigh In(DN)  * Schools Chancellor Weighs In On The Cathie Black Debate (NY1)

The Mayor Always Avoids the Press When He Has Setbacks
Bloomberg’s office declined to comment yesterday.


NY Journalism is Not Classless News
Dedication Stone of the Old Daily News Building
"The Daily News well never cover the news with a class bias" Joseph Medill Patterson (Founder of the Daily News)

Today's Daily News Editorial  

The same paper who has space to write about a nut robbing Pizza Dough does not have room to write about Steve Rattner calling the AG an Extortionist?

It seems that billionaire More Zuckerman believes it is the right of the  rich and connected to misuse the middle class's pension funds? How much money did Rattner and Morris cost the state?  The public will never know as long as the Wall Street crowd controls the press in this town.  Rattner Blasts Quadrangle, Cuomo FINalternatives

Using Press Ownership and Politics to Make Money

No Surprise

The DN wants Steiner to “bend” and approve Black’s waiver, regardless of what the panel says. Ditto, says the Post



Cuomo Rattner War

"We have people in jail today who would gladly return the money if they can stay out of jail. That is not justice. Rattner robbed millions from the New York tax payers." (NY)
Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo on Rattner's SEC Settlement: 'That's not justice.' [VIDEO] * Cuomo on Rattner attack: Crooks don't say, 'Yes I'm guilty'Newsday

Does Rattner Have A Italian American Thing?

Rattner: Cuomo’s People Mag Spot ‘Miscarriage Of Justice’

Wayne Barrett failed to ask Rattner what he thinks of Italian American.  Does he think they are all drunks who go to Mexican whore houses.  After all he funded the movie Chooch that had that scenario as it plot.   He also does not think Cuomo is sexy  Andrew Cuomo Sexy? Steve Rattner Begs to Differ(Village Voice) Rattner has apparently indicated a willingness to finance a movie based on the Sexiest Men issue if he is included in 2011, Liz Sporkin, executive editor of People Magazine said.  According to newspaper reports it was Rattner grand jury testimony that granted him immunity and the emails that Cuomo office received  after that showed Rattner was more involved in the funding of Chooch that is causing Cuomo to come down hard on the old media darling Rattner.

Bloomberg's Businessweek defends Rattner

Charlie the Puppet

Charlie Rose Talks to Steven Rattner  Quadrangle's co-founder and Obama's car czar just settled with the SEC over the pay-to-play pension fund scandal. Now, Andrew Cuomo wants a piece of him (Bloomberg, Businessweek)


 Earily this years the Charlie Rose Show was saved by Bloomberg TV after PBS cut  funds

 More from Rattner on Cuomo on Rose: The Greatest Interview Ever?There have been some excellent, low-voice, black-room Charlie Rose interviews this year, as always. Just last month, in fact, there was one with troubled financier


MTA Asleep At the Wheel

MTA snore losers are at it again (NYP)  * U.S. Probes Transit Work Federal authorities are investigating a subcontractor used by the U.S. unit of Swedish construction company Skanska AB on a project for the New York City subway system, the company confirmed Tuesday. (WSJ) * Christie, Lautenberg Trade Jabs Over Subway Plan (WSJ) * Subway Extension Draws Support, if Not Financing (NYT) * No one knows who will pay for the subway extension into New Jersey. * The feds are investigating the company building the Fulton Transit hub for skirting minority and women contracting requirements.

Which Story Will You Never Read in the NYT?
1. Andrew Cuomo Sexist Man Alive  2.  Kirsten Gillibrand Sexist Woman in the Washington 3. Sara Palin Sexist Woman Alive All That Time Serving the Public? Very Sexy Cuomo (NYT)  * On 'Late Night,' Christie Rolls Eyes at Prospect of Palin Presidency 

Lame-duck Gov. Paterson pushes final session (DN) * Sen. Liz Kruger said it will be “pretty difficult” to get budget cuts on Nov. 29.

Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo is ready to go to war with state employee unions.

The Senate Republicans insist the numbers in the 7th and 60th SDs are on their side, which would put them in charge of the chamber.  * Mark Grisanti’s lead over Sen. Antoine Thompson stands at 527 votes.* It isn't clear if Democrat Robert Duffy, the lieutenant governor-elect, will simply be able to vote to continue or halt debate or be able to vote on any critical spending or policy bill if the Senate is deadlocked 31-31. * Counting Stops For Holiday In 60th SD * Senate Dems’ Holiday Appeal

Fraud Inquiries Focus on Public-Works Hiring in New York

Attention Freshman 

Toxic Rangel

House GOP leaders are using Rep. Charlie Rangel as a warning for their freshmen.* Thanksgiving Ritual Gives Rangel a Respite (NYP) * Rangel Breaks Silence At Annual Turkey Giveaway (NY1) * So far three NY House members will be voting “yes” on censuring Rep. Charlie Rangel. One (Rep. Greg Meeks) will vote “no,” and four more aren’t sure yet.

Tom Robbins continues Jack Newfield’s tradition of giving a Thanksgiving shout-out to New Yorkers toiling behind the scenes.

Bloomy says 9/11 Memorial visitors may need ticket (DN) * Atlantic Yards, the musical.

Law and Order TV actor in 'hack slay' of ma (NYP) * My humiliation at hands of NYPD (NYP) * Gun-running 'Blood' money (NYP) * Brooklyn Actor Held in Killing of His Mother (NYT) * Five City Officers Cleared in Shootings of Bystanders (NYT) * Police: Son Kills Mother With Sword (WSJ) * Court Rules Against Woman Hit by Stray Bullet(WSJ) * Sword-swinging 'Ugly Betty' actor Michael Brea slays mother for being 'sinner,' police sources say (DN) * Member of Bloomberg security detail allegedly shot gal pal's ex (DN) * Hamill: Justice comes after 1,543 days (DN) * Sex perverts on the subway get what's coming to them from empowered women armed with cameras (DN Ed) * Accused sexual predator held for attack on elderly woman (NYP) * Alleged Bloods member held on $2M bail for guns 'pipeline' (NYP) * Queens sicko pimped out runaway, 13, as sex slave, imprisoned her in squalid apartment (DN) * Illegal Gun Plea in Death of Boy (Fox 5)


Insider-Trading Probe  Widens to Big Firms(WSJ)