Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Will An Uncertain Senate Majority Force Dysfunctional Albany into the Twilight Zone

Schools' Out
Schools Chancellor Joel Klein resigns after 8 years; Hearst exec Cathie Black tapped for post (DN) * Hearst Official to Replace Klein at Helm of N.Y. Schools Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein will be replaced by Cathie Black, the former publisher of USA Today and chairwoman of Hearst Magazines. Mr. Klein will become an executive vice president of the News Corporation. (NYT)  

Will An Uncertain Senate Majority Force Dysfunctional Albany into the Twilight Zone 

“I see it very difficult to convene the Legislature if three members have yet to be seated,” said Sen. Tom Libous. “If we’re still counting votes in January, that would be unfortunate.”

Senate Could Slow Cuomo Control of Chamber May Still Be Contested as Governor Takes Office in January (WSJ) * State Dems concerned about GOP recount 'dirty tricks' (DN) The longer this drags on, the harder it will be for Cuomo to push his agenda through the Senate. (Bill Hammond says “greedy” lawyers are to blame) * Senate horror show, the sequel?: Undecided races in state Senate could hurt Andrew Cuomo's agenda * Senate Dems $2+ Million In Debt * Senate Cliffhangers Update * Suzi Oppenheimer And Bob Cohen 504 Votes Apart in SD-37 * Senate Democrats Borrow $2 Million For Recount Battles - UPDATED
GOP Analysis: They’ll Win Back State Senate (LoHud.com) * Mark Grisanti Would Back A GOP Senate Leader, But After That Republican state Senate candidate Mark Grisanti, who currently holds a 598-vote lead over incumbent Sen. Antoine Thompson, confirmed today -- via his campaign manager -- that if he is ultimately elected, he will cast his vote for a Republican majority...

 Don't even think of raising taxes: Andy (NYP) * Cuomo’s Signals on Silver’s Leadership Unclear (NYT) * Andrew Cuomo pocketed millions from powerbrokers, including MSG's James Dolan & Pepsi's Indra Nooyi (DN) * Cuomo thinks LG-elect Bob Duffy will be able to cast a tie-breaking vote on the Senate leadership. The Republicans disagree. * Who in Cuomo’s circle will be heading to Albany? He says his top priority is “talent, talent, talent.” * Cindy Adams: “Whereas Eliot Spitzer might’ve done things with a sledgehammer, trust mother, kiddies. Smart Andrew Cuomo will do it with a scalpel.” * Cuomo Campaigned Against Special Interests With Special Interest Cash (Huff Post) * WNYC charts Cuomo's possible cabinet appointments. * WNY Democrat Not Supporting Silver

Paterson Who?
Teamsters Local 237 has cut ties with its longtime labor lawyer (and father of the outgoing governor) Basil Paterson. * Streetsblog reports: “Assembly Member Jonathan Bing and the office of Senator Liz Krueger said that at this point, they don’t expect to be called back into session before the new year.” * That’s not good news for Gov. David Paterson’s 145 nominees who are awaiting confirmation. * One thing Paterson's leaving behind for his successor: A plan to reduce the state's greenhouse gas emissions 80% by mid-century.

What About the Corrupt Tammany Hall Law That Allows Political Operatives Who Work At the BOE to Knock Off Their Friends Challengers?Voting Was Smoother on Election Day, Council Finds

Who is Pataki Kidding?  Will he run on how he rebuilt NY's Economy?  Ended Corruption in Albany?  Saved the middle class?  Pataki eyes 2012 prez run (NYP) * Pataki Still Eyeing Presidential Bid (WSJ) * Pataki does not need view of Russia to run for Prez (DN)

Bloomy muddies waters over 'dumb' comments Bloomberg tried to clarify his claim that new members of Congress can't read. (DN) * Congressman-elect Michael Grimm said he expects to “butt heads” with Mayor Bloomberg, but harbors no hard feelings over the mayor’s endorsement of his opponent, outgoing Rep. Mike McMahon. * Bloomberg’s promised report on last year’s deputy mayor-swapping project never materialized.  * Michael Grimm says there's no bad blood with the mayor.

Bloomberg's Establishment lobbyist   Bloomberg Turns Over His Next Campaign to Blagojevich's Ex-Deputy * Don’t Believe What You Heard Yesterday at Blago’s Trial: Bradley Tusk Had a Crony Sponsor 

Wal-Mart hires former Bloomberg aide | The Empire  The chosen one Bradley Tusk works for Koch's New York Uprising, was Bloomberg campaign manager, Former Illinois Deputy Governor Rod Blagojevich and testify at his trial and represents Genting who won the casino contract after AEG went down.

After the Election and More Important After Reid Victory Blocked Schumer from Taking Over the Senate Koch Says Schumer Fails the Reformer Test

Councilmembers Above the Law Ignoring parking tickets, fines, just the latest way pols act like they're above the average Joe (DN) * NYPD will probe ticket quota list, Bloomy says (DN) * Scofflaw politicians have at long last lost immunity from parking-ticket tow-aways  (DN)

New York Economic Meltdown  Disabled sue city over van access (DN) * Bronx parents peeved over end to state test tutoring (DN) *  Custodians' wacky work rules a dirty scandal (NYP) * Where custodians are king (NYP Ed) * 15 city Catholic schools may face shut down (NYP)

Terrorism Prosecution Closes in Trial of Detainee (NYT) * Approval Seen for 9/11 Deal (WSJ) * WTC settlement payout still undecided (DN) * Somalia group gives U.S. terror fighters new jitters (DN) * Hey, we had nothing to do with 9/11, Taliban claim (DN)

Diner slay suspect nabbed after he's caught on JumboTron (DN) Law and Order 'Killer' almost ducks past cop (NYP) * Hero owner 'trashes' thief (NYP) * Cheshire Case Jurors Speak on Death Verdict (NYT) * Death Penalty in Triple Killing (WSJ) * 2 Charged With Fraud of Millions From Pianist (NYT) * Friedman Sex-Abuse Case to Be Reviewed (WSJ) *  * Female Bronx cop claims he's bad lewd-tenant (DN) *  Killers Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky richly deserve the death penalty (DN ED) * Woman Charged With Murder in Daughter’s Death *Brooklyn woman who allegedly starved and beat kid is indicted (NYP) * Former Madam Kristin Davis gets off easy as Manhattan judge takes her off probation (NYP)

Media and New Tech  Conan O’Brien Returns to Late Night 

Jon Stewart Responds To The 'False Equivalency' Critique Of The Rally To Restore Sanity (VIDEO) * 

Conan O’Brien’s First Night On TBS Beats Leno And Letterman * 

NBC Lauer Interview With Bush Bombs in Primetime...

National Economy  The Impossible Dream  There can be no coherent conversation about deficit reduction if tax increases are off-limits and the country is still at war. (Herbert, NYT) * The Crossroads Nation From Bill Clinton’s bridge to the 21st century to President Obama’s new foundation, the next American century is often described vaguely. Here’s why. (Brooks, NYT)