Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paterson Aide Surrenders on Assault Charge

Paterson Aide Surrenders on Assault Charge

An aide to New York Gov. David Paterson surrendered to New York City authorities on assault charges stemming from a 2009 domestic violence case that touched off an evidence-tampering investigation in Albany (WSJ) *David Johnson turns himself in to face assault charge (NYP) * Paterson Aide Charged With Assault (NYT) * Gov. Paterson's former aide turns himself in; charged with assault (NYP)

The Political Party Puppet Show

Opposing Campaigns, With One Unlikely Link (NYT) Roger J. Stone Jr., a Republican political consultant, is working with one candidate for New York governor behind the scenes while advising another. * Is Roger Stone Double Dipping?

Paladino Hires Haggerty * John Haggerty Indicted Over Bloomberg Campaign Funds -
Bloomberg's Recent Independence Party Donations

NY Political Parties for Sale: Ballot Corruption (True News)

NY Political Parties for Sale: Ballot Corruption by Political Mob Bosses

The leaders of New York’s Political Mob are the City’s party leaders who exist with the Tammany Hall power control template, unchallenged and unaccountable to the voters in New York’s broken down election system. Their soldiers are campaign consultants who also operate as lobbyists and are as accountable to the voters as Bernie Madoff was to his investors. In this war the 4th estate has limited itself to covering only the horse race and simply reprinting the candidate’s press releases. The press coverage of politics is amazingly similar to the SEC reviews of Madoff’s records over the years. New York’s Political Mob Wars

Pay to Play Indy Party

Indy Party chief in jam over wife loan The wife of the chairman of the state Independence Party solicited and received a $10,000 business loan from a candidate who got the party's coveted endorsement days later. (NYP) * MacKay and Co. overturned local recommendations in Western NY, favoring incumbents over challengers. * MacKay Under Fire * Frank vs. Frank, Take II

Pay to Play Liberal Party
Ray Harding, former head of NY Liberal party, pleads guilty to taking $800K in pension fund scandal
Pay to Play GOP
Indictment Over Bloomberg Campaign Funds (NYT)

Ballot Corruption

True News has been reporting that ballot lines are for sale for two years while the good government groups have hidden from the issues. Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale (TN) * Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again (TN) * Organized Crime Politics - Episode Two: The Rigged Election System

Election 2010 Cuomo’s new TV ad targets ethics (NYP) * Court-Appointed Referee Doesn't Vote For Pedro In Petition Case (DN) * Lazio Rolls Out Rangel Videos, Criticizes Cuomo for Coming (and Going)

Rangel's War
Rangel: 'This ain't no funeral' (NYP) * Despite Scandal, Rangel Draws a Crowd (NYT) *Dinkins Offers the Finger, and Everybody's Talking (NYT) * Birthday Party Tests Support for Rangel (WSJ) * Rangel Summons Media to a Tongue-Lashing * BLOG: Anatomy of Mayor Dinkins flipping the bird * David Dinkins’ Bird-Flipping Immortalized on Camera * Rangel Answers Obama

Grade-A dunces dumping desks (NYP) * Faltering Harlem Housing Deal Won City Cash

Transit union opens fire on MTA CEO's lifestyle * Getting off the buses: Transit union is both bidding for and suing over new van lines

Suddenly, Bloomberg Has Nothing To Say About Term Limits

Terrorism NY We're not budging, say WTC mosque bigs (NYP) * Dispute Over Ad Opposing Islamic Center Highlights Limits of the M.T.A.’s Powers * Mosque Team Rejects Move (WSJ)

Law and Order Nine people busted in Harlem drug ring: FBI (NYP) * Medicaid 'con,' kin attacked *Foxy bro arrested in 'scam' (NYP) * Bystander Injured in Harlem Episode Cites ‘Contagious Shooting’ in Plan to Sue *Harlem doc busted as "boss" of pill-selling ring * Prep school teacher busted for massive stash of kiddie porn * Sean Bell case and Harlem melee share tragic ties* AIDS doc 'boss' of $1M Oxycodone pill ring: feds

Media and New Tech 'Cathy' Comic Strip ENDING