Friday, August 13, 2010

TV Political Pundit are Mostly Wrong

President Obama comes out in support of Ground Zero mosque (NYP) * Obama Strongly Endorses Islam Center Near 9/11 Site (NYT) * Obama Breaks Silence On Mosque Debate, Sides With Mayor (NY1) * King On Mosque, Rangel, Floor Fight With Weiner * Conservatives Go After ConEd On The Mosque

mikebloomberg President @BarackObama’s words tonight evoked George Washington's own August reminder that 'all possess alike liberty'

TV Political Pundit are Mostly Wrong

Jon Stewart Ridicules Political Pundits And Their Flawed Preliminary Election Narratives

Manhattan Luxury Condos Try FHA Backing in `Game Changer'

Goodby David We Knew You To Well
What do you do when you top aide is arrested for assault that you tried to cover up?
Time To Pass The Torch To Andrew Cuomo, Says Gov. Paterson

Mayor Polls Numbers Drop - Mosque and Independence Party Investigation take toll Mayor’s Stance on Muslim Center Has Deep Roots (NYT) * Mosque developer willing to talk about moving (DN) * Mosque developer willing to talk about moving (DN)

Steinfeld Says Do Nothing
When your poll numbers drop you do not want to fight
Limits of charter reform: Mayor's commission punted on most of its mandate(DN Ed)

Bloomberg says he won't spend any money to campaign against two-term limit for city politicians The mayor suggested the commission might rethink the grandfather clause that will allow incumbent NYC Council members to serve three terms even if voters decide to reinstate the two-term limit.

With Atlantic City and Vegas business down over 40% how well can a Aqueduct slot machines do?
Aqueduct Slot Deal May Give City a Casino (NYT) * After close to a decade of false starts, the Aqueduct racino is finally moving forward, but not everyone is sold on the project.

Now We Know Why Paterson Tried to Stop the Investigation
Aide to Paterson Is Charged With Assault (NYT) * Paterson Aide Charged With Assault (WSJ) *Gov-aide rage ra Pleads not guilty in gal beat-down * Former Paterson Aide Arraigned On Misdemeanor Assault Charges (NY1) * David Johnson’s arrest was one of two new developments in his case. The FBI is now reportedly investigating the unauthorized access by someone at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center of Booker’s medical records * Paterson's tenure reaches a bleak new stage

Rangel's Last Battle
Charlie vows to zip his lip (NYP) * NY's Rangel says he's ready to start campaigning (WOR) * Rangel: 'What happens on the House floor...' (Politico) * Rangel said he “can’t find a better way” to express his feelings than former NYC Mayor David Dinkins’ one-finger salute to protestors outside the congressman’s birthday fundraiser.

UFT No to Union?

What is good for us is not good for you . . . six cops and a whole bunch of UFT security people walk out Callaghan before he could say goodby to his fellow worker who he worked with for over a decade. Was Mulgrew sending a no organizing message to his UFT staff Writer Jim Callaghan says UFT booted him for trying to unionize his colleagues (DN) "[Teachers union president Michael Mulgrew]'s the most hypocritical person in the school system right now," Callaghan said. "He doesn't want us to have the same rights as teachers." * A speechwriter for the United Federation of Teachers said he tried to unionize some of his fellow scribes... and got fired for his pains.

New York Puppet Political Parties
Roger Stone: State Dems "Want To Investigate Me? Laughable." (Daily News) * State Democrats Formalize Paladino/Davis Investigation Request

TwitterJoseph Mercurio Not so smart to try to ding a news-worthy seasoned political consultant, they can sting back bigger.

True News Reports on New York Corrupt Political Parties
New York Corrupt Political Parties

Black Party Charles Barron, Party Builder

E-Mails Show State Officials’ Skepticism About Willets Point Project (NYT)

Election 2010
Andrew's two faces (NYP Ed) * The GOP's Harry Wilson says if he gets the job, he'd want to bar law firms that donate money to the comptroller from receiving lucrative pension-fund business * That's one way to get out of Albany: Senate Democratic Majority Leader John Sampson's chief of staff, Michael Cohen, is running for office himself... in the Garden state. * Monserrate Is Down, but Not Out of Sight

New York Economic Meltdown New York's Only Landmarked Arby's Calls It Quits (WSJ) * Gonzalez: Mayor, Liu spar over CityTime as deadline looms * Fashion big wig pushed in front of subway (NYP) * NYC principal recycled truckloads of 'good' furniture weighing four tons (NYP) *To Cut Demand for Electricity, Some Customers Agree to Unplug (NYT) * MTA Terminates Nearly 200 Station Agents Today (WOR) * NY1 Follow-Up: MTA Booth Agent Caught Snoozing Files For Retirement, Sparks New Debate * Mayor Bloomberg To Gov. Paterson: Become The Sheriff Of Cigarette Street *Nearly 200 NYC subway workers laid off * Laid Off MTA Station Agents Turn In Their Badges * Parking Tickets Still Being Issued At Old Bus Stops, Drivers Say

Tin Man Busted
Wizard Of Oz Character Stabs Man In Times Square * Tin Man' busted for Times Square stabbing (DN) Law and Order Alleged Fraud Targeted Jews (WSJ) * Tin Man' busted for Times Square stabbing (DN) * Athlete & Nike exec face Ritz sex raps (NYP) *Teacher in kid-porn rap (NYP) * Samurai dad-killer's conviction tossed (NYP) * Lawyer Calls For Oversight In Harlem Shooting Probe (NY1) * Crooked carpenters shop steward Brian Carson gets 19 months in prison (NYP)

How to Use the Emergency Exit
JetBlue Flight Attendant Thanks Airline, Passengers (NY1) *JetBlue's Web traffic soars after attendant meltdown (Crain NY)

Dems No Jobs Election
Democratic Seats Vulnerable on JobsThis year's most vulnerable Democrats are facing what could be an insurmountable problem: increasing gloom about the economy (WSJ) * Jobs picture dims as unemployment claims rise - Yahoo! Finance * Wall Street Bonuses Are Looking Good Again (Gawker)

Media and New Tech Rudy Giuliani Hated Times Reporter Michael Powell * NY Daily News CEO Marc Kramer resigns * News Corp To Create Digital Newspaper Plans national newspaper for tablet computers and cellphones to compete with the NYT * Murdoch Taps Post Editor to Launch News Corp. Digital Newspaper * WaPo Columnist Ruth Marcus Calls Left, Blogosphere ‘Deranged’

Spending Posts Now a Liability for Lawmakers (NYT) * Congress OK to cancel ACORN funding: appeals court (NYP)

New York Times Grills Pres Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy in Full Page Editorial'

Top TV moments of Capitol Hill’s surreal summer