Monday, May 3, 2010

DN and NYT Joins True News in Taking Down Pols (Blue) Wall of Silence

DN and NYT Joins True News in Taking Down Pols (Blue) Wall of Silence

True News: End the Pols' Wall of Silence
Last January Paterson charged that were was a blue Wall of Silence similarly to the cops code of never going after corrupt cops was not reviewed or analysed into today papers. Nobody but True News pick up on his comments. Albany's (Blue) Wall of Silence 100%: Cops Attacked, Pols Given A Pass (True News) * Newspapers must continue to demand that pols speak about corrupt of their fellow members. Good government groups and other community leaders must demand that our elected officials speak out against corrupt of their fellow members.

Daily News: End the Pols' Wall of Silence
Today's Daily News Editorial said: When Sen. Pedro Espada was hit with yet another lawsuit from Attorney General Andrew Cuomo last week - this time charging that he systematically paid janitors at his Bronx health clinics far less than the minimum wage - the silence in Albany was deafening. A sitting senator - the majority leader, no less - was credibly accused of exploiting people at the bottom of the economic ladder. And his fellow Democrats had nothing to say.
Where anything goes: State Senate Dems define deviancy down to keep power NYT: End the Pols' Wall of Silence
Last Thursday NYT reported that Senator Parker made his remarks when the Democrats could not afford a new controversy, yet none publicly criticized him. State Senator Charges Racism Among G.O.P. Lawmakers

Desperate Corrupt Gonzalez
Corrupt pol's 'Cuomo' bid In a desperate bid for leniency, ex-Bronx state Sen. Efrain Gonzalez Jr. has given a judge a decade-old letter from state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.In the Sept. 18, 2000, letter, Cuomo, then the Housing and Urban Development secretary, thanks Gonzalez "for joining me to announce $2.86 million in HUD assistance to help the Dominican Republic rebuild from . . . Hurricane Georges."

Car Bomb Update
Authorities plan to release another video in the case, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told CNN's "American Morning" on Monday. Kelly said the person in the video "is seen, we believe, running north on Broadway." He said the video was obtained from a tourist. * Failed Times Square Car Bomb Could Be Part Of Int'l Plot

Times Square Car Bomb
Most of the papers New York coverage is on the Times Square car bomb. Only the WSJ covered the fact that Bloomberg Tracked Times Square News From White House Gala * Mike Bloomberg: Where's the Love for the Alert Street Vendors? (Village Voice)

Wall Street Journal
Police Seek 'Furtive' Figure in Bomb Plot (WSJ) * Foiled Plot Was at Least 11th Since 9/11 (WSJ) * Attempts Suggest Shift to Small-Scale Strikes (WSJ)* Search for Images Yields Few Clues (WSJ)* Street Vendors Help Defuse Bomb Plot (WSJ) * Video: New Clues in the Times Square Bomb Plot (WSJ)

New York Post
SUV 'bomb' man caught on video (NYP) * Times Square hero cop wined & dined by Mayor Bloomberg (NYP) * 'Scary' time for tourists 'Could have been 9/11' * Robo-partner makes sure NYPD is always well-'armed' (NYP)

New York Times
Failed Car Bomb in Times Square Could Have Made ‘Fireball’ (NYT) * Police Seek Man Taped Near Bomb Scene * A Dread Revived: Terror in the Trunk (NYT) * Security Network Planned for Midtown (NYT) * Vendors Who Alerted Police Called Heroes (NYT) * Bomb Scare Reveals Another Side of Times Square (NYT)

Daily News

NYPD hunting suspect caught on security cameras who fled from Times Square car bomb scene (DN) * Cops will flood city in wake of thwarted car bomb attack (DN) * Times Square scare: License plate led FBI to junkyard (DN) * Times Square car bomb fails to dampen spirits of tourists staying in heart of bright-lights mecca (DN)

Security stays tight at Yankee Stadium (WABC TV) *Pres. Obama Addresses Times Square Terror (WNBC TV) * NYPD: Terror Claims Unfounded In Times Square Bombing Attempt (NY1) * Mayoral Monday Morning T.V. Trifecta * The cop who saved Times Square, Wayne Rhatigan, ate steak on Bloomberg’s dime.

4 Days Pay for Nonessential Workers
Gov sticking with furlough Paterson yesterday moved ahead with plans to furlough 100,000 state workers in just over a week

Watergate's Deep Throat Felt Says Always Follow the Money

Albany Analysis: Why a late budget? Follow the money(TU) Facebook Joseph Mercurio Malcolm Smith said, "we are going to draw the lines so that Republicans will be in oblivion in the state of NY." via Azi One can only assume Smith is not on board with political reform. How about at reapportionment time, drawing lines based on communities in big natural blocks, and then moveing a limited number of EDs for politics?

Election 2010
Upstarts Aim to Unseat Upper East Side Fixture Reshma Saujani Vs Carolyn Maloney * Political Test May Loom for the Cuomos’ Bond *Cuomo’s allies say he’s using the lead-up to his big announcement to craft detailed policy positions. * Benjamin: Kathleen Rice making push for state AG * State Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs confirmed there have been discussions about letting all five AG contenders onto the ballot at the convention – even as Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice is poised to nab 30 percent of the weighted vote * Bill Thompson’s wife is mulling a primary challenge to Sen. Kevin Parker. (Second item, DN)

What Spitizer Thinks

Spitzer takes shots at Obama, Bloomberg and Cuomo The hooker-happy former governor chided Mayor Bloomberg for aggressively defending Wall Street, President Obama's financial team for being too close to CEOs and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for refusing to answer tough questions. Using he public relations team headed by Howard Rubinstein the Spitzer chargers appeared in both the NYP and Daily News * The curse of our times: We must remain vigilant, as terror targets city and nation (DN Ed)
* Spitz: Mike wrong on Wall St. (NYP)
* Spitzer Leaves (Almost) No Pol Untrashed In 92nd St. Y Talk
* The One Question Eliot Spitzer Wouldn't Answer Last NightKelly shakes up NYPD in response to murder spike

New York Economic Melt Down
State skips union health benefit payments

Albany Charter Breakthrough

A bill that has the blessing of Democratic leader John Sampson -- and could be voted on as early as today -- would raise the statewide cap on charter schools to 460, up from 200. Chalk one up for kids * Senate weighs charters * UFT President Michael Mulgrew reportedly referred to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein as “numbnuts.” * Weight of the union UFT has turned into $200M monster.

Call the Fat Cats Forth Proposed legislation would require donors who finance political ads to stand by their messages before the camera. That’s healthy, and something voters need to see. (NYT Ed)

Law and Order Linda Stein's Killer Sentenced to 25 Years

Carrión Out as White House Urban Czar, Moving to HUD

Nuclear Reaction: Ahmadinejad In NYC (WCBS TV) * Sen. Chuck Schumer says Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, scheduled to appear at the United Nations today, should condemn the spread of nuclear weapons or go home.

Heartbreak Kid Charles Grodin

Pay to Play Albany Actor Charles Grodin wrote a letter on behalf of soon-to-be-sentenced former state Sen. Joe Bruno.

President Obama says BP is responsible for the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and will be paying the bill for the cleanup.
Media and New Tech Time Warner Cable Puts a New Name on News Stations * Apple Could Face Anti-Trust Inquiry from DOJ, FTC * WATCH: Conan On '60 Minutes'