Sunday, May 2, 2010

Times Square Terror Plot

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads *Stolen Torah scrolls returned * Bloomberg has offered to help Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is struggling to win re-election in Nevada. A Reid win would end Sen. Chuck Schumer’s chances of landing the top Senate post * Big political changes are afoot in Harlem.

Times Square Terror Plot
Not a Drill

King: Bomb may be 'toon revenge South Park(NYP)
* Times Square car bomb: police investigate South Park link ( * "This vehicle was close to a Viacom building which owns MTV and Comedy Central. And you have the whole issue with 'South Park,' which Islamic terrorists were threatening to have retribution for," Rep. Peter King of Long Island, told CNN,

Facebook jeffjarvisNY Daily News, then Post way ahead of NYT & WSJ, which still don't report South Park angle.

Car bomb causes fright, forces evacuation

Napolitano: 'Amatuerish' bomb being treated as terrorism (NYP)

Police Find Car Bomb in Times Square (NYT)

What Would’ve Happened If the Times Square Bomb Detonated? (WSJ)

Thousands Are Evacuated as Crude Device in S.U.V. Fails

Scare Reveals Other Side of Times Square

T-Shirt Vendor Takes On New Persona: Reluctant Hero of Times Square Even he doesn't trust press

Video: Times Square bomb scare: NY Mayor update ITN NEWS
Times Square a ghost town after car bomb

First New York City car bomb since 1993 at World Trade Center (DN)

Car bomb scares Times Square, but fails to explode

3 cops, street vendor stop Times Square car bomb from detonating; Gas, clock found inside carNY governor says failed car bombing was

Official: Times Square incident similar to Glasgow bombing CNN (blog)

Police Call Bomb 'Amateurish'

Daly: NY's finest deserve praise for stopping bomb
Facebook brianstelter

Broadway shows went on despite car bomb threat in Times Square (DN)

"Amateurish" Bomb Defused in Times Square - CBS News
Sounds like the consensus is that MSNBC was the early leader in the coverage. After 3:15am, only CNN still live (via CNN Intl). (And NY1!)

Facebook brianstelterRT @ohhleary: WABC was only station with local coverage of Times Sq. car bomb presser. All other stations should have FCC licenses revoked.

Goal of the Time Square Terrorist Plot

By targeting the 6:30 hour it was families and children heading the the Lion King and other Broadway Plays. Like Timmy Mcveigh this terrorist lit the fuse before the car was parked. Traffic Camera caught the SUV at 6:28. The first calls into 911 came at 6:34

Men busted in Dubai may be new faces of terror: experts

Comedians 'take the edge' off Ahmadinejad's ravings

Police Defuse Car Bomb In Times Square

Bloomberg Parties In Washington During Early Stages of Terror Investigation
The first calls about the car bomb came in at 6:30 before the events in Washington Started. Obama Shines at White House Correspondents' Dinner; Leno Bombs

The Vanity Fair/Bloomberg White House Correspondents' Dinner Party

Vanity Fair Party
Despite news of a sobering scare in Times Square and an unfolding disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the power elites of Washington, New York, and Hollywood managed to squeeze in an evening of revelry at the French ambassador's residence (Vanity Fair) *Commishing upon a star

Video: Obama Throws Out Some Zingers at WHC Dinner * WATCH: Jay Leno BOMBS At The White House Correspondents' Dinner * WASH POST: RED CARPER ARRIVALS... * VANITY FAIR AFTER-PARTY SNAPS...

Tee-Shirt Vendor Hero
Tee-Shirt Vendor who fellow workers the city is trying to remove from some parks tip off the cops to the bomb Cops Cracking Down on Pushy Times Square Vendors - Gothamist *
City Aims To Slash The Number Of Street Vendors

Other News Sunday

B'klyn food charity paid Kevin Parker's aide's kin with tax $$ * State Sen. Kevin Parker talked to Marcia Kramer of CBS 2 about his recent claims of racism in the Legislature.

Looks like state Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos has finally come into a conflict-of-interest scandal of his very own. Skelos' 'small' sins

Espada hit with Medicaid-fraud probe'

Federal probe shows Senate President Malcolm Smith ripped off elderly couple for $60,000

Copy Cat
Pittsburgh marathon course altered by bomb scare Wilkes Barre Times-Leader

Other Pols Besides Espada Grow Rich from Hospitals

Pay to Play Ebony and Ivory Hospital Rip Offs
Boyland Family 'money tree' A hospital group linked to an influence-peddling scandal in Albany put three members of a prominent family of Brooklyn politicians on its payroll, records and e-mails obtained by The Post show. Prosecutors say MediSys Health Network, which runs Jamaica, Flushing and Brookdale hospitals and other ventures, gave $390,000 in "corrupt payments" to crooked ex-Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio's bogus consulting firm for help with government funding and acquisition of hospitals

It also paid three members of the Boyland family, a force in central Brooklyn politics for decades:Crime Up NYPD command shift over slay surge * Kelly shakes up NYPD in response to murder spike * Desperate addicts now targeting drug stores

Train Wreck Lisberg: Don't add 7 line without station * It's your tax dollars in motion! The MTA's total payroll rose by $70 million in 2009 Gravy train

Goldman Pension Killer
What About the Billions Goldman in Junk Investments Goldman Sold the Pension Fund Over the Years? To Politically Connected Money Managers Like Steve Rattner and Hank Morris NY pensions are losing $$ on Sachs The city and state pension systems have more than $2 billion invested in -- and with -- scandal-stained Goldman Sachs, which has been bleeding money in the wake of fraud charges.Gold men: Inside Sachs culture * Big Money: Debunking the myth of the 'sophisticated investor' Washington Post * What About the Raters? The agencies that rated noxious financial products bear as much responsibility for the financial crisis as the banks that put the investments together (NYT Ed) Which Street Are You On? Why are Chuck Schumer and Mike Bloomberg so heated over financial regulation? It’s hard to get from Wall Street to Main Street. (NY Magazine) * Ben Nelson, Wife Own Millions in Berkshire Stock - Businessweek * Goldman Hid Mortgage Moves From SEC For Months

New York Economic Melt Down State Budget Woes Could Force City To Close Senior Centers

The president of the teachers union apparently has a not-so-nice way of referring to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.

President Obama's health care reform may one day help New Yorkers, meanwhile rates soar

Chemicals Meant To Break Up BP Oil Spill Present New Environmental Concerns

Former Mayors Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani penned a joint OpEd pushing New York Uprising.

A Bloomberg source accused city Comptroller John Liu of pushing out an audit that was highly critical of the EDC.

Election 2010 Ex-Official Wins Straw Poll for Attorney General * Rigging It For Rice? (Updated)

Media and New Tech
Washington Times Sale: Unification Church Plans To Sell Newspaper