Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Grown Terrorist: We Face An Enemy From Within

Breaking News: NBC: Pakistan arrests 5 'facilitators' of Times Square bomb case * Pakistan arrests eight in connection to Times Square attact * Pakistan arrests eight in connection to Times Square attack * Bomb Suspect Said to Train in Pakistan* Rep. Pete King wants an FBI investigation into the leaking of information about the suspect in the car bomb plot.

Latest Failed Terror Plot Marks NYC's 11th Since 9/11

Home Grown Terrorist
We Face An Enemy From Within

Faisal Shahzad

This man plan to kill children going to see the Lion King at 6:30PM, Saturday in Times Square

The job of the press is to tell us what does the car bomb mean to our future?

The word Wahhabi essentially identifies a rather narrow and bigoted interpretation of Islam. The Wahhabis are (1) oppose civil rights and justice for women and other minorities (2) are anti-secular and in favor of imposing religious law on others by force (3) and extremely intolerant of “others” who do not share their specific religious beliefs. Wahhabis, because of their intolerant outlook and allergy to liberal values and institutions, constantly indulge in a theology of hate.

Good Work NY Congressional Delegation
Feds Cut Homeland Security Funds To New York City * Put the focus on terror: Midtown needs a Ring of Steel security camera system (DN Ed) CYA NY Rep. Slams Obama for Slashing NYC Terror Funding...
Myths Busted By Times Square Car Bomb
1. America because it is an inclusive society does not have as many home grown terrorist as Europe

2. It's a cinch to place dangerous explosives in congested areas of New York. Terror Normally Steers Clear of Times Square (NYT)

3. Easy to build a bomb The time, the city got lucky, the Times says.

4. Such devices are capable of inflicting enormous damage and casualties. We came within a 'millisecond' of 'mass casualties': expert5. International Ties to Terrorist Arrested. Where was he radicalized overseas in Pakistan Times Square suspect denies ties to radical Islamic groups
TS SUV Sold on Craigs List 2 Weeks Ago
Teen stunned by her terror 'sell'(NYP)

Luck and Vigilance The near disaster in Times Square is another reminder of why New York deserves more federal antiterrorism financing and why citizens can’t let down their guard. (NYT Ed)
Yesterday in Times Square Manhole Explosions Jitter Nerves

Bloomberg Nevermind
Yesterday Bloomberg Made the rounds on all the media saying Bloomberg: "No Evidence" Anyone Else InvolvedHe be better off if he used his time going to dinner with the Times Square vendors Vendors Seek Dinner Invite from Mayor Bloomberg * Heroic Times Square vendor 'an average guy'

CBS Features NY Mayor Bloomberg Speculating Bomber Was Mad About ObamaCare * Bloomberg: "No Evidence" Anyone Else Involved NYC Mayor Thinks Attempted Times Square Bomber "Homegrown, Maybe Mentally Deranged" * Hoping for the Right Kind of Terrorist * Billboard invoking mayor's admitted pot use up in smoke

Terrorism U.S. unveils new threat to Iran in heated UN debate
Charter Civil War in Albany

Senate charter OK sparks class war The state Senate last night passed legislation to more than double the number of charter schools -- infuriating teachers-union officials who immediately declared war against the lawmakers who voted for the bill. Fellow Dems put heat on teachers' pets (NYP) Speaker Silver -- the teachers union's best friend at the Capitol -- was described by colleagues as "steaming" and having "smoke coming out of his ears" as a result of the Senate's decision to pass the measure, which puts considerable pressure on politically vulnerable Assembly Democrats to bring the measure to a vote. * State Senate Approves Bill to Increase Charter Schools (NYT) * Charters Get Lift in Albany (WSJ) * A tip of the cap: State Senate casts a brave vote to expand charter schools (DN Ed) * The Senate vote earned rare praise from the Post and the DN * After two hours of debate, the Senate voted 45-15 to raise the cap on charter schools in New York, but the measure is considered DOA in the Assembly. (GNS/DN/NYP/NYT) * UFT Takes To The Air On Charters * Koch Writes ‘Dope’ Malcolm Smith’s ‘Political Obituary’ * Silver shows little enthusiasm for charter school expansion bill

Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno will learn prison fate on Thursday * Former Gov. George Pataki is going to bat for former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, who will be sentenced Thursday.

State Bill to Take on Public Corruption * One Lobbyist Tries to Party On Energy Group Looks for Way Past Ethics Law That Stilled Albany Cocktail Circuit (WSJ) * Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. will join state lawmakers today in proposing legislation that would significantly expand the ability of local law enforcement officials to prosecute public corruption * Former Mayor Ed Koch will testify in Albany today in favor of a bill that would create an independent redistricting commission. * A new bill will create a “duty of faithful public service” for statewide elected officials in New York, and offer stiffer penalties in public corruption cases to district attorneys. (NYT) * Senators will consider a bill for non-partisan redistricting today, after Malcolm Smith indicated different motives in comments this weekend. (TU) * A State Senator is challenged to reveal his private law clients * To bypass Albany's weird lobbying laws, you basically have to invite strangers to your parties * Koch Writes ‘Dope’ Malcolm Smith’s ‘Political Obituary’

Bronx Juries' Acquit
Bronx Acquittals Set Record Bronx jurors in felony cases found defendants guilty only 43% of the time last year, the lowest conviction rate in New York City since the state began tracking such data 22 years ago. The other boroughs had conviction rates of 70% or higher.

Law and Order Assistant to a Celebrity Agent Is Sentenced for Her Murder *Stein's Killer Sentenced to Prison* Christie, Shunning Precedent, Drops Justice From Court * Mobster doesn't know when to quit: Franzese busted at age of 93 * Ex-producer faces jail in NYC for Letterman plot

Monserrate’s Ex-Chief of Staff Is Arrested

Affirmative Inaction
Judge blasts fire-test stall

Parker apologizes for calling GOP pols white supremacist

Another Atlantic Yards Holdout
Raze the stakes And everyone thought Daniel Goldstein was the last holdout.Developers of the $4.9 billion Atlantic Yards project were thrown for a loop after a family emerged from a worn-down Brooklyn building last week -- and demanded more money to get out of the way of bulldozers

Election 2010 "As for whether he was comfortable running for the state’s top law enforcement position with the backing of a senator who has been arrested himself, Schneiderman spoke quickly before ducking into the reception."

Diaz Sr. 'very angry' at Rep. Weiner over Puerto Rico vote

Paterson to Review Immigrant Pardon Requests * Audit: State stiffs self on out-of-state Medicaid bills

The New Monserrate
Disgraced Monserrate wants to fight political foe - in the ring

Cuomo's special interest helper: Can he claim to be a reformer while getting aid from an insider?

Carrión stepping down as Bam's urban czar for HUD job * Urban Czar Adolfo Carrion Leaving White House (updated)Richard (Little Ricky) Izquierdo Arroyo throws temper tantrum on Facebook

A billboard invoking Mayor Bloomberg's pot use is up in smoke * Bloomberg LP, which is being sued by the EEOC for gender discrimination, may argue the government is trying to enforce standards it doesn't even uphold itself.

Campaign Inside Baseball
The blogs have become the flacks playground
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is reportedly poised to launch a TV ad campaign (YNN) * Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand may not be as vulnerable in this year's elections as some people say (Daily Politics) * Protesting Levy (YNN) * No Ring-O-"Levio" On Capitol Pressroom? (Daily Politics) * The Diversity Argument for Rice (Politicker)

NYC Section: Is the WSJ Turning In Its Grave?
The Wall Street Journal has been covering New York City with a dedicated metro section and staff for a week now—and boy is it ghastly. Inside what is still one of the best papers in the world, the new section is a discordant and confounding presence—which may account for the eerie or sheepish quiet about the thing. Everybody’s abashed. Try this lead: “The mounted patrol officer who put himself between a smoking car bomb and a crowd of people in Times Square—despite being months from retirement—says he was just doing his job.”... (Wolff, Newser) * Marcus Brauchli: The Man Who Tried - And Failed - To Manage Murdoch At The Wall Street Journal

Media and New Tech Jobs' million-selling baby: iPad makes good * Colbert Unites New Yorkers In Wake Of Bomb Scare (VIDEO) *NBC: Conan Lied During '60 Minutes' Interview
*Wall Street Journal Staff Renews Pursuit Of Pulitzers *Google Makes it Official: We're Entering Digital Book Business *Sen Scott Brown's Daughter Gets CBS 'Early Show' Job * CBS News & CNN Back In Partnership Negotiations