Thursday, April 29, 2010

Albany's (Blue) Wall of Silence 100%: Cops Attacked, Pols Given A Pass

Breaking News Ex-Police Officer Guilty of Lying About Critical Mass Shove; Not Guilty on Assault

Albany's (Blue) Wall of Silence 100%
Cops Attacked, Pols Given A Pass

'You Racist People In Here' Sen. Kevin Parker Hurls Racism Accusations At Colleagues In Albany, Calls Republicans 'White Supremacists' (WCBS TV)

Last January Paterson charged that were was a blue Wall of Silence similarly to the cops code of never going after corrupt cops was not reviewed or analysed into today papers. Nobody but True News pick up on his comments. Today the NYT reports that Senator Parker made his remarks when the Democrats could not afford a new controversy, yet none publicly criticized him. State Senator Charges Racism Among G.O.P. Lawmakers

After the Abner Louima beatings the Rev. Sharpton organized marches against the police Blue Wall of Silence. After his fellow cops turned on him and forced Officer Justin Volpe to plead guilty the NYT wrote an editorial on May 26, 1999 that said A Blue Wall of Witnesses (NYT Ed) Sharpton said “Not only are we now getting convictions of police on misconduct, but actually for the conspiracy. This is a real blow to the blue wall of silence.” Despite the conviction of almost a dozen Albany pols and not one pols criticized the behavior of their members. The NYT or any other media outlet has not written on story on the damage the pols (Blue) Wall of Silence has done to New York. True News has: The Silence of the Pols and Press (True News)

Facebook John McElhinney Mac and Cheese Special Bonus Word!!! PEDROESTRIAN- Albany term for handcuffed senator on a perp walk.

More on Parker
The New York state Senate has counted as members crooks and thugs of all types -- but it's only a matter of time before Sen. Kevin Parker of Brooklyn has blood on his hands. Park this senator (NYP Ed) * Parker's poison: State senator's latest rabid attack on Albany colleagues (DN Ed) * Sen. Kevin Parker Explains His Recent Outbursts * Parker says he's the one "fighting the forces of evil." * Kevin Parker: "You have these ... long-term white supremacists ... Republican senators, who you know have been in the majority for a long time." * Paterson Defends Parker? * Schneiderman Calls Parker 'Discourteous'

Albany Goes Around in Circles
Albany’s Workweek The governor wants legislators to work five days a week, not three, and state employees to take an unpaid day off weekly until New York has a budget. Good call. (NYT Ed) * The Times calls CSEA President Danny Donohue’s “nuts” response to Paterson’s furlough plan “just the same old, tedious Albany arrogance and irresponsibility.” * Ravitch on the Budget: 'We're Not Even Close' The comments by the lieutenant governor came hours before the governor insisted that lawmakers put state workers on furloughs until the government could pass a spending bill. (WSJ) * Gov. Paterson condemned union big Danny Donohue as "self-absorbed" yesterday for dismissing the threat of weekly furloughs with a single word: "Nuts!" (DN) * The Legislature left Albany for the week without heeding Gov. David Paterson’s call for an up-or-down vote on his budget or taking action on his furlough bill. *Showdown possible over N.Y. state worker furlough plan (TU) * Paterson: I Was Ignored Even Before I Ditched Campaigning * Ravitch Warns: NY Has No ‘Fairy Godmother’

Facebook azipaybarah On WOR this morning, David Paterson said some people are "peacocking for their constituencies." #GOVny #media #funnywords

The reason the NYT has lost 40% of it local readership in recent years is that the paper constantly telling us about corrupt election everywhere expect in New York. Today the NYT Editorial reports on efforts to manipulate Iraq's elections as dangerous Dangerous Games Every New Yorkers understands how dangerous has been dysfunctional Albany been to to New York's future. Even the NYT own future as the new headquarters continues to fall in value is in danger, as commercial real estate market continues to fall in New York. Only True News has reported New York Incumbents Face Little if Any Opposition at the Polls This Fall

St. Vincent's:
Nixon Like Pols
Shamelessly Try to Save Face

Health Care Cover-Up
What Will Happen to the Sick in Need of Health Care?

As the hospital prepares to close down its emergency room tomorrow, Paterson is proposing that Lenox Hill Hospital temporarily operate a 24/7 "urgent-care facility." Doctors at St. Vincent's say the idea is an ill-planned sop to local pols who demand that St. Vincent's be saved. Despite its name, an "urgent-care facility" handles only low-threshold injuries and illnesses; more serious problems would have to be transported by ambulance to other hospitals. A hopeless hospital (NYP Ed) * Hospital Cuts Hit Health-Care Workers With one hospital closing and others slashing budgets, the city's healthcare-job marketplace could get crowded in the coming days, and some employees fear they could be facing a long spell without work.

How About City Council Members Cutting Pay? LA Mayor urges city council members to cut pay

Election 2010 Queens GOP Flips From Lazio To Levy, Maltese Backs Lazio * Holtzman Won’t Pledge To Reject Wall Street $$ *Adviser to Cuomo Is Also Top Lobbyist Jennifer Cunningham said she kept her work separate from her political advice to the attorney general *Lobbyists * Cuomo 2010 Moves Away from Cuomo AG Office * Queens Flips From Lazio to Levy * Ramos vs. Diaz Sr., Officially Charlie Ramos, a Bronx Democrat who has been dithering between a primary challenge to Assemblyman Marcus Crespo and Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. has finally chosen his target. And the winner is… “This September I will run for the State Senate and take on Reverend Ruben Diaz, Sr. in the Democratic primary,” Ramos wrote in a “Dear Friend” e-mail he is poised to blast out this evening * Wilson Dubs DiNapoli Silver’s ‘Lapdog’

Koch Ousting NY's lawmakers-for-life

Disney Land AirPort Or Westside Rail Yards

Senate Republicans ended their filibuster, which will allow for debate on Wall Street regulatory reform * Wall Street and Washington don’t quite understand each other. (Politico)

Tishman faces $4.4M in liens in Chicago's Loop

2nd Knock Down
Buzz says the feds criminal case expected soon with be Pedro TKD
Cuomo accusing Espada of running a “sham” job training program and pocketing $1.35 million from it. * Espada and son face fresh Cuomo lawsuit (NYP) * State Senator Is Accused of a Scheme to Underpay (NYT) * Cuomo Sues Espada, Son Over Job Program (WSJ) * Pedro's slave wages (NYP) * Espada Jr. accused of stealing $1.35M from fake program (DN) * “There was no training whatsoever. They just handed me a mop and bucket and told me to get to work,” said a Bronx resident who was promised a janitorial job by Soundview if he completed a short training program * Times Union: "[Pedro] Espada said he received no pay from the for-profit company, which received an annual contract from Soundview of $400,000." * Espada paid people as little as $1.70 an hour * The story of a guy ripped off by Espada.

Subway Destruction
M.T.A. Plans More Rounds of Layoffs by July 4 * MTA plans to pinkslip 750 employees *Train Stopped Safely by ‘Dead-Man Feature’ *Non-stop pest control comes to Grand Central

Mayor Bloomberg says the US “is committing national suicide” by failing to implement immigration reform.

No Show Custodian Job Claims

Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch wants to stop SUNY from approving new charter schools over the Regents' objections.

Law and Order Man who killed NYU profs' daughter gets 25 years in prison * Homeless hero mourned *Settlement in Police Shooting That Killed Emotionally Disturbed Man *Theft of Torah Scrolls Saddens a Synagogue * Man Indicted for Easter Night Shootings in Midtown

Terrorism Ahmadinejad to make trip to NY for nuclear conference

Media and New Tech App Makers Prod City for More Data *ABC News completes latest batch of layoffs *PREVIEW: Rielle Hunter Dishes To Oprah *AP SLIDE: Profit, Revenue Down For First Time Since 1993 *Conan Slams Leno, Calls NBC 'Toxic' *Rosanna Scotto Says 'Jism' on Morning TV