Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Scripted Governor Campaign: With A Difference Ending

Another Scripted Governor Campaign
With A Difference Ending?

Everyone who runs for office today seem to have a script provided for them by their campaign consultants. The sheriff of Wall Street Spitzer was going to change everything from day one. Obama was going to be the change agent of America, then he got stuck in the day to day realities of governing with congress. The difference between Spitzer and Obama spin and Cuomo is that Cuomo has the experience in the governor office to understand how the pieces work and the balls to use them. For those who know him. Mario son is not tied down by friendships or alliances when he wants to accomplish his agenda. Cuomo goal is not to only win election, but also to tie any victory closely to a specific governing agenda and arrive in Albany in January with a powerful wind behind his back — and a Legislature eager to bargain. In Bid for Governor, Cuomo Wants Public, and Legislators, on His Side (NYT) * Roberts NYT story does nothing to show how today's bosses use government funds as their power base, like elected officials use member items to get reelected Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine

* Cuomo Tries Anti-Albany Stance (WSJ) * Immovable Sheldon Silver likely to be Andrew Cuomo's No. 1 nemesis if AG lands in governor's office (DN) *Shelly who? Cuomo snubs powerful Dem Silver * WFP likes idea of Alec Baldwin running for governor (DN)* Cuomo's Opponents Not Impressed (WCBS) * Cuomo hopes to succeed where Spitzer failed in part by launching a “citizens crusade” before he even gets to Albany with the help of a new media consultant from Obama’s ‘08 campaign. * Governor hopeful Andrew Cuomo's team on the road to Albany * Cuomo has a lot of big-name donors in the $20,000+ category. * Cuomo: Silver 'not an obstacle' (N YP) * Silver: It Takes Three To Tango In Albany (YNN)
County Leaders: We Are Not Done Yet

NYT report Sam Roberts know more than to write a story that party bosses have little power today. While it is true bosses do not have the power of the Tammany Hall days, with the lack of voter participation in elections and the lack of competition, appointed officials like Gillibrand and Comptroller DiNapoli and candidates like Rice for AG still work hard to get the backing of the party bosses like Vito Lopez. It has more to do with them being the last man standing in New York's political order then it does with their win and loss records. Vito Lopez Bad Days Go Unreported

In NY dysfunctional election system where candidate did not grow up in clubs like in past generations. Most people who run for office today do not have power bases or even a basic understand on whose power is real and whose is smoke and mirrors. Most district leaders today are unknown by the people in their district. Almost never challenged and thus have not power to take on their challenge their county leader on anything.

Vito Lopez who is view as the Boss of Brooklyn has lost more competitive elections than he won. Last year he lost the council seat in his home district and his candidate for comptroller David Yassky was beaten in Brooklyn by John Liu Lift was left out of Sam Roberts NYT article So was control the party bosses still have in picking judges, thanks to the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to allow party bosses to continue to pick state supreme court judges in totally controlled party judicial conventions. Now, City Party Bosses Do Little Moving and Shaking (NYT)

The NYT Editorial today begs party bosses to give voters a choice in the AG race to replace Cuomo by allowing all of these qualified contenders get places on the primary ballot in September. The editorial does not talk about have competition in the appointed comptroller, U.S. senate races or in any other races up this year, where there is none. The NYT accepts the fact that party bosses should control who runs. Where is the reform. Other state allow every candidate to place a small bond to run for office. Competitive Primaries (NYT) * Despite accusations of financial mismanagement and abuse of taxpayer dollars, no one appears to be running against Sen. Malcolm Smith or Rep. Gregory Meeks this year

True New has point out to them that it is to late to vote everyone out because most Albany incumbents will not be challenged. Why did the NYT limit their editorial today on competitive Primaries to the AG race. They should have called their editorial Competitive AG Race. NYT Missing the Boat Again Can't Throw the Bums Out (True News)

Facebook Joseph Mercurio Little-known State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has a two-to-one lead over his lesser known Republican opponent, Harry Who Wilson. Siena poll.
The NYT has said that if Albany dysfunctional leaders try to block reform they will encourage the voters to vote against every incumbent.

azipaybarah andrew cuomo: "whether or not i accept the support of the working families party is down the road." #govny #wfp #2010

Is the Cuomo campaign by trying to get pledges by candidates and the public for reforming Albany trying to work with Koch's group NY Uprising or replace it? Group for Improving Albany Sends Pledges to Candidates (NYT)

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Hospital Cutbacks Cause Death
A Hospital Crunch in Queens As Manhattan faces fallout from the closure of St. Vincent's Hospital, Queens could provide a glimpse of what's to come. Three recent hospital closures in the borough have created chronic overcrowding.

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Wall Street
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Harlem Churches in Fight for Survival Gentrification and the loss of longtime congregants have left some houses of worship with sparsely populated pews. (NYT)

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