Wednesday, May 26, 2010

City's Conflict of Interest Board Is a Joke

City's Conflict of Interest Board Is a Joke
It is shocking to know that the mayor appints the COIB and they rule that it is not inherently coercive for a boss in government to have a financial relationship with a subordinate as some of the good government groups has warned.
Some critics said the conflicts board would have greater credibility if the mayor yielded sole discretion to appoint its members.

Mayor Rebuffs Critics Over Aide Mayor Bloomberg rejected criticism from watchdogs that he's inappropriately blurred the lines between his public and private lives by personally paying government employees who moonlight for him.

Silver and Cuomo's
Mutual Admiration Society

Shel's secret millionaire tax to raise $1B (NYP) * Gov. Christie: We're Not Raising Taxes - * Silver: I Set Cuomo Straight * Silver Says He Works Well with Cuomo

Election 2010
Gillibrand Challenger Requesting to Get on Ballot * Twitter 1010WINSNewYork Fossella Decides Not to Seek Former House Seat *Fossella decides against bid for old seatTwitter Roger Stone Ed Cox has been a freind of mine for 25 years- but his candidate for Governor of New York, liberal Democrat Steve Levy is toast ! Read about it here........ Roger Stone: The Stone Zone

Albany's Second Home Jail
Play to Play Gonzalez 7 years

7 yrs. for thief pol Ripped off charities (NYP) * A Former Bronx Senator Gets 7 Years for Corruption (NYT)* Disgraced Bronx pol Gonzalez sentenced to seven years(DN)
Andrew Cuomo selects Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy as Lt. Governor candidate * Cuomo’s LG Pick: Duffy (YNN)* Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy = Cuomo's LG Pick (Daily Politics) * Cuomo's LG: Rob Duffy (Obsever)
Election 2010 Cuomo gets Independence Party nod * Loading Up the Ballot to Succeed Cuomo tate Democratic party moved to allow all the attorney general candidates to get on the primary ballot (NYT) * Cuomo faces questions on Independence Party backing * Cuomo’s acceptance of the state Independence Party line raised eyebrows due to an ongoing investigationby Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. * Dem Party crasher in unlikely bid for Lt. Gov. job (TU) * Curtis Sliwa is not a Cuomo supporter, although he backed Mario Cuomo * “In basing his candidacy on reform, Andrew Cuomo is, in effect, attempting to renounce both his own political past of some 30 years and that of his father,” says the Kingston Freeman * Assemblyman Richard Brodsky insists he’s not switching from the AG race to primary state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli

Stuy Town No Lesson Learned
It clear that Paterson who is about to be ex governor is playing to a spot on a large financial developer firm. The reason for the Stuy Town bankruptcy had nothing to do with the court ruling that the owners of the complex overcharged rents. It had to do with the subprime market meltdown and the fact that real estate was turn into dumping group of overrated derivatives by political connected Wall Street Investors. Paterson Proposing Rent Law Changes After Stuy Town Lawsuit which will make it easier for financial types who goal is to push stabilized tenants out to buy more buildings True News has should who Wall Street and subverted government programs like Fanny Mae were used to buy Wall Street investors to get rid of adorable housing tenants from Stuy Town * Wall Street Hijacks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for Stuy Town 2 (TN)

Wall Street and Pension Funds
Pension Fund Bets on Hudson Yards Deal * Boston Properties Bows Out The company has dropped its quest to invest in and manage One World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, leaving the Durst Organization and Related Cos. to vie for the business * 2 nabbed for allegedly trying to sell quarterly results info * DOW CLOSES BELOW 10,000...

Al's Out House Invited Only
Twitter azipaybarah spoofing al vann's weird comment, 1199 boss says "ive known eric schneiderman a long time, but have not gone to the rest room with him" #nyo *DNDailyPolitics Your blogger is a little freaked out that they are making bathroom jokes here during the AG nominations at #nydemcon.

World Trade Center

NYers wage jihad vs. WTC mosque (NYP) * Vote Endorses Muslim Center Near Ground Zero (NYT) * Community Board OKs Mosque Near Ground Zero *House Panel Approves 9/11 Health Plan * New York Dems Push Health Care Bill for 9/11 First Responders (WSJ) * Ground Zero Mosque Awaits Decision by Community Board (WSJ) * Community Board OKs building mosque near Ground Zero (DN) * Anger for GOP views as 9/11 health bill nears realityMore Scrutiny for Charter Schools in Debate Over Expansion (NYT) * Leaders unite, demand precinct leader's head (DN Ed)

Morgenthau to Lead Effort on Minority Firefighters

Bring Back the Old Subway Anti Spitting Signs

Bus driver full of spit (NYP) * After being spat on, ex-bus driver needed leave (DN) * All wet: It's insane to give months of sick time to bus drivers who get spat onNew York Economic Meltdown Building a Tower of Luxury Apartments in Midtown as Brokers Cross Their Fingers * M.T.A.’s Budget Ills Are Worse Than Accounts of Spitting (NYT) * Deep Budget Cuts Spark Little Debate (Gotham Gazette, May 2010) (Gotham Gazette) * Judge says he'll rule on N.Y. furloughs in day or 2 (SI Advance)

Law and Order Crooks to cooks (NYP)* Boost for self-slay defense (NYP) * Bus driver full of spit (NYP) * A cop-killing bill (NYP Ed) * Murder Conviction Voided Over Prosecutors’ Conduct Brooklyn prosecutor knew that a witness recanted, but said nothing (NYT) * Old Abduction Case Reopened (WSJ) * Driver accused of killing Leandra in crash asks for leniency * Leaders unite, demand precinct leader's head * Police Search Park After Harlem Triple Stabbing - * Teenager Gets 25-Year Sentence in Hate Crime Killing on Long Island

Oil Leak Live BP Starts 'TOP KILL' Method As Next Attempt To Stop The Gulf Leak * Panel Suggests Signs of Trouble Before Rig Explosion (NYT) * BP Reveals Crucial 'Mistake' on Oil Well (WSJ) * James Carville To Obama On Oil Spill: 'Get Down Here And Take Control... We're About To Die' (Huff Post)

Media and New Tech FT Sees 'Sunset' For Print In 5 Years * Law & Order' Won't Be Saved By TNT * Reporter Gets Multiple Parking Tickets On Live TV * Tribune Company's Bankruptcy Bonuses: $15M For Top Executives * Nine Percent of Daily News Editorial Staff * Cutbacks at the News come just as Mr. Zuckerman's Boston Properties bowed out of the race for One World Trade Center * Harper's Down to One Senior Editor After Two More Leave * New King Of Technology: Apple Surpasses Microsoft]

Took the Buyout Wall Street's Victory Lap