Sunday, May 23, 2010

True News Update All Weekend

"The Days of Win and Roses are Over"
Gov Hugh Carry during the New York fiscal crisis in the 70's

The Cuomo Machine Returns

This Time to Kick Pols Ass
The 180 - From a gov nobody fears to a gov every pol does . . . Get ready for strong media control and if your a pol, phone calls that won't make your day.

Cuomo kicks off run for governor with vow to 'rebuild NY' (NYP) * Enter Andrew (NYP Ed) * Cuomo Opens Campaign for New York Governor (NYT) * Andrew Cuomo's got a sharp tongue and a robust agenda - now he's got to earn the office (DN) * Cuomo looking outside politics for lieutenant gov: sources (DN) * AG Andrew Cuomo attacks Albany with platform (DN Ed) * A return 8 years in the making: A look back on Andrew Cuomo's career in New York politics (DN) * Andrew Cuomo's girlfriend and Food Network star Sandra Lee stands by her man: 'This is his year' * Cuomo Looks Back In First Campaign Speech (Obsever) *Cuomo enters stage, juggles roles (Politico) * Cuomo’s First Union (YNN) * Cuomo's bold promise: Owe, no, I won't (NYP)

Cuomo Video Announces Campaign for Governor this Morning

Cuomo Announcement Video and campaign website * Cuomo put out this 250+ page policy book * Cuomo: Mario was "outstanding, inspiration" *Cuomo: "Not my place" to boost Silver (Politico) *Silver Endorses Cuomo * Cuomo Answers Questions For First Time As A Candidate for Governor (In 2010) (YNN)

The Kinder, Gentler Andrew Cuomo * Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Announces His Candidacy For Governor - WPIX *A.G. Cuomo Throws Hat Into NY Governor's Race - * Video Feature: Perspectives on Andrew M. Cuomo * Cuomo to Propose Eliminating Many State Agencies (NYT) * Questions Surround Cuomo's Platform (WSJ) * Cuomo's opening gambit aims for middle ground (Newsday)
Andrew Cuomo Announces Run For NY Governor- NPR (blog) * Attorney General announces he's running for governor (NYP)

Twitter joshrobinCuomoWatch: AG won't comment on accepting/rejecting working families endorsement - says too premature.

Government Waste? Or Art
DOT chooses tsunami design for Times Square (Queens Crap) Haven't you heard? The City has money to burn. They'll deny park space to kids in Queens and spend like drunken sailors on tourist traps in Manhattan. Sunday Update Pact to boost charter cap closer (NYP) *Times Square Makeover (Wins)* The ‘Randslide’ and Its Discontents The Democrats need a compelling response to the populist rage of the Tea Party movement (Rich, NYT) * Cox wants to 'throw' race to run against Gilly later: critics (DN) * Despite ongoing investigation, Gov. Paterson makes nice by endorsing Andrew Cuomo (DN) * Republican Charles Djou Wins House Seat In Obama's Home District * Cleaning oil-soaked wetlands may be impossible * Carville, Matthews rip W.H. BP response* Obama campaigning against Bush--again (Politico) * TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads (Huff Post) * Van Carrying Presdent Clinton to Yale Involved in Accident (WINS) * Paterson Bill to Keep All NY Parks Open (WINS)

Follow the Money?
Which Bloomberg Campaign Aide Takes the Fall
Mike's funny-money mess Manhattan DA Cy Vance has convened a grand jury to investigate a Bloomberg campaign consultant's disposition of $750,000 -- money he received after the mayor donated $1.2 million to the state Independence Party. * Where's the honesty? Bloomberg flies high on luxury jet, but trips aren't listed on disclosure form (DN)

After Outcry, Bloomberg Aide Halts Bid to Lead Gay Rights Group (NYT)

OTB Racing Economic Meltdown
Without Loan, NYRA Warns Employees of a Shutdown (NYT) * NYRA threatens to close 3 major tracks without bailout (DN) * NYRA says it will close June 9 without assistance ESPN * Gov eyes new OTB jockey (NYP) * NYRA lays off 1400+ pending state loan Albany Times Union

New York Economic Meltdown
MTA chair blames prior administrations for OT costs (DN) * Sick transit: Outrageous abuse of sick leave at MTA must stop(DN Ed) * As Governor Nixes Overtime, Albany’s Weird Al Goes to Work (WSJ) * Queens' PS 143 has longest kindergarten waiting list in city * AMC Retreats From $20 Movie Tickets (WSJ) * Culture vulture$ Taxpayer-funded museums and cultural attractions suffered their worst economic crisis in decades but still paid executives fat salaries and bonuses -- and doled out perks like housing allowances and club memberships * End of the Line for a Traveling Band Queens to Manhattan bus service cut * Sewage workers furious city delaying $290M payout (DN) * St. Vincent’s Was Only Hospital Supporting Home Births (The Guardian via Serf City) * Panel Blasts State Transportation Department Spending (Tri-State Transportation Campaign) * Bloomberg Budget Cuts Homeless Services (Coalition for the Homeless) * Cartoonist’s Take on Unions and the Budget (Matt Davies) * Low Wage Job Growth Threatens City’s Economic Stability (DMI Blog)

Legal Ads Influence the News
Today's Daily News has 5 pages of legal ads from the NYS Comptroller. The paper also has a story about an ongoing investigation, Gov. Paterson making nice by endorsing Andrew Cuomo(DN) The story does not contain anything about the NYS Comptroller who is also under investigation by Cuomo. Could the 5 pages of legal ads which the advertising thin Daily News be a factor in there reporting on the comptrollers? It is unclear who controls the placement of the ads the courts, the comptroller or the government. But it could easily be put on the comptrollers web site for free. DiNapoli In Cuomo's Crosshairs Cuomo and his special counsel, Linda Lacewell, confirmed an April 5, 2007 meeting between Global Strategy Group’s Jon Silvan, a partner from Intermedia (a private equity investment firm seeking pension fund investments) and a MirRam Executive and DiNapoli at his Manhattan office is part of the AG’s probe.

Has the Daily News abandoned their constitutionally protected role to inform the public. Could the reason why the DN did not go after the state comptroller was the paper needed his friends who appointed him, in our state legislators’ complicity to protect one of their most steady income streams. With the internet taking away regular business advertising, most local papers today depend on legal notices to survive, which our State legislators require our court system and other areas of government to print in newspapers. In exchange for this lucrative advertising, newspapers are careful not to bite the hand that feeds them. Many state legislatures across the country have begun to eliminate this system of media manipulation by allowing legal notices to be permanently posted (newspapers have less than a week shelf life) on the internet for free, but, of course, New York’s is not one of them. Our state legislators don’t want to give up their hold on our print media. Legal Ads Help Keep the Political Machines in Power (True News)

In NJ GANNETT's NJ newspaper the COURIER-POST sued the Penn newspaper PENN JERSEY ADVANCE, INC., to stop them from getting ads from the New Jersey courts, comptrollers an government. Gannett lawsuit which they won just shows you have important and political the revenue of legal ads are. NJ lawmakers wrote into their rules and law that all Jersey legal ads would go to Jersey newspapers because they knew the money from the ads would mean that they would get more positive coverage from the papers.

The legal ads system continues in New York and other cities because the political leaders have an arrangement with the local media to push them or the candidates they support. Local papers are filled with stories that praise elected officials and attack challengers to them. Many journalist in local papers say privately the ads effect what they are able to report. The Law Journal a very powerful paper in the legal field and courts in New York cannot exist without legal ads. Time seems to be running out on the Journal and other papers who depend on legal ads.

A Judicial Union?
Labor pain for Albany: A 'judges union' Bid to form alliance with UFT (NYP) * The Teachers’ Unions’ Last Stand (STEVEN BRILL, NYT)
United Federation of Teachers threatens to go to Assembly to iron out charter school deal(DN) * Saturation point: Teachers unions must stop trying to hamstring charter schools (DN Ed)
Ferry Crash Puts Focus on Experience in Pilothouse (NYT)

Judge Agrees to Consider Bias Claims in Brooklyn Zoning Suit Broadway Triangle (NYT)

Law and Order Girl, 14, Stabbed to Death in Bronx Apartment (NYT) * Jury clears B'klyn man accused of March subway murders (DN) * Former NY Rangers player charged with sex assault (DN) * Bronx Girl Killed in Stabbing (WSJ) * Real-estate big crie$, 'Uncle!' (NYP)
*Slay dad's wish for 'killer' *Subway killer heads home * Labor pain for Albany: A 'judges union' *Dogfight fear grips B'klyn park (NYP) *Six People Shot, One Fatally, after Party in Queens (WCBS) *Reunion horror leaves 1 dead, 5 hurt (NYP) * Woman Dies From Injuries In Flushing Attack (NY1)Terrorism NY Officials: NYC bomb suspect claims Taliban support (NYP) * Pakistani Major Among 2 New Arrests in Bombing (NYT) * Imam building WTC mosque urges congregants to stay 'cool' (DN) * City Landmarks Commission Could Halt Ground Zero Mosque (WSJ) * Jurors in trial of '07 plot to be asked about Times Sq. bomb (DN) * The hits keep coming: Another U.S. citizen turns to terror against adopted land (DN) * Pakistan Arrests Four in Times Square Bomb Plot (WSJ) * NYPD gripe over bomb-sniffing stiffing * 2 detainees brag they helped Times Sq. bomber (DN) * Obama to West Point grads: U.S. can't fight terror alone (DN) * AP Yemeni cleric advocates killing US civilians * Obama Prepares West Point Cadets For Two "Changing" Wars (NY1) * At West Point, Obama offers new security strategy Washington Post

How Many More Video Mr. Blumenthal?
Vietnam fibber Blumenthal is nailed again (NYP) *More Blumenthal Claims on Vietnam Emerge NYT)* Defending Record, Blumenthal Wins Nomination (NYT) * Conn. Democrats Endorse Richard Blumenthal for US Senate (WINS) * McMahon, Simmons to Face Off in Primary (WSJ) * NYT Public Editor The Candidate and the War

Wall Street
Financial Reform When House and Senate leaders meet soon to negotiate a final financial reform bill, they need to correct several deficiencies and omissions. (NYT Ed) * Financial Overhaul Bill Poses Big Test for Lobbyists (NYT) * Goldman Sachs donations plummet Wall Street giant campaign giving dropped from $280K to $15K in one month * Hedge-fund manager gets more than 2 years in prison in insider-trading case (NYP) * Ex-Executive Pleads Guilty to Stealing $18 Million

Cattyshack III
Obama: DC debate is wholly 'mole'-y! *Chris Matthews Counts Down Stupidest Political Statements Of All Time

Sestak Confirms White House Offered Him Job, Gibbs Says “Nothing Inappropriate Happened”

Oil Spill Officials Back to Gulf as Frustration on Spill Spreads * Palin suggests O oil $$ link in spill delay (NYP) * White House's Robert Gibbs delivers political punch to Sarah Palin over oil accusation (DN) * US Was Not Ready For Major Oil Spill Wall Street Journal * White House: Oil Spill Isn't Our Katrina (CBS NEWS)

Media and New Tech Hollywood Eyes Shortcut to TV weighing a plan to send movies directly to homes just weeks after films are released at theaters. * Under fire, Facebook promises privacy changes * Duchess of York apologizes over newspaper sting... The Story That Started It All... * Hidden-Camera Video Captures Duchess of York ‘Selling Access’ to Prince Andrew * Pac Man 30th Anniversary: Meet the Gurus Behind Insert Coin * Favorite Law & Order Guest Stars Before They Were Famous