Friday, May 28, 2010

Andrew Cuomo Already Gives Silver An Offer He Could Not Refuse: Race to the Top Causes UFT TKO

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APNewsBreak: Judge blocks NY state worker furlough * White House Used Bill Clinton to Approach Sestak (NYT)

Andrew Cuomo Already Gives Silver An Offer He Could Not Refuse
Race to the Top Causes UFT TKO

Has a small federal program taking down the mighty UFT power in Albany? It sure looks that way. Andrew Cuomo made the follow offer to Silver:

"The issue they are debating in Albany now is whether we receive $700,000 in federal funding for public education. We missed the first round because the State Legislature didn’t pass law expanding charter schools and modifying rules. We have a chance at a second bite of the apple. It would be a tragedy if that legislature doesn’t pass." Andrew Cuomo

Assembly vote was at 6AM to late for the morning papers Assembly, city reach deal in charter talks (NYP Online) * Albany Agrees On Raising Charter Schools Cap (NY1) *New York Assembly Lifts LImit on Charter Schools (WINS)*Paterson says Assembly charter bill is "major progress." (Daily Politics) *Deal Near to Approve More N.Y. Charter Schools (NYT) * Framework Set for Deal on Charter Schools (WSJ) * Assembly reaches tentative deal on charter schools (DN) * The charter school agreement was reached just days before the June 1 Round II deadline for federal “Race to the Top” funding * The Assembly and Senate are expected to pass this bill to raise the charter school cap from 200 to 460 today.

State Dems Cuomo Love Convention
Cuomo Accepts Governor Nomination (NYT) * With Caveats, Union Leader Supports Cuomo's Wage Freezes (WSJ) * Cuomo accepts Democratic nomination for governor (DN) * Are they with him? Democrats cheer Andrew Cuomo, but will they follow him? (DN Ed) * Just because they cheered Cuomo’s reform platform at the convention doesn’t necessarily mean Democrats are ready to whole-heartedly endorse it. * “It’s nice to know that your first son who was so close to you and who was so much a part of your own political success…learned something about the political process from his father just by watching me perform, for better or worse,” Mario Cuomo said. Cuomo: 'Do more with deeds than words' (TU) * Cuomo’s inner circle includes his father, friends from his HUD days and a longtime lobbyist * * Probe Complicates Cuomo Endorsement Cuomo defended accepting the Independence Party's backing for governor—but a person familiar with the case said the party remains in prosecutors' cross hairs. (WSJ)

Twitter azipaybarah "a nearby Cuomo aide shouted 'Shut it down!' & Mr. Duffy, trying to answer a question...was whisked into the kitchen" * Azi Paybarah bob hardt: cuomo was "ironically even getting a little miffed when NY1's Scotto asked him if he has the right temperament to be governor"

New Democratic Party Discovers New Math
Comes up with a formula to put all 5 candidates on the ballot
Democrats Put 5 on Ballot for NY Attorney General (NYT)

2006 Democratic Convention
Nominees Missing

Everything Changes

Paterson was noticeably absent from the convention * Paterson On Cuomo’s Message: ‘Absolutely Right’ (YNN)

Furlough YOU

Judge to decide on New York state furloughs (WABC)

Bonus Army 2010
Out of Uniform and Out of Work, and Seeking a Break in a Tough Civilian Job Market (NYT)
The news media called it a ‘Bonus Army’–the assemblage of some 43,000 marchers including 17,000 World War I veterans, their families, and affiliated groups, who protested in Washington, D.C., in spring and summer of 1932. They demanded their bonus cash-payment redemption of their service certificates granted to them eight years earlier via the Adjusted Service Certificate Law of 1924. These bonds had the maturity of twenty years, and could not be redeemed until 1945. However, the coming of the Great Depression destroyed the economy, leaving many veterans jobless.

New York Economic Meltdown In Book on '70s Fire Epidemic, Some Parallels to Today's New York * Worst Cell Phone Dead Zones (WSJ)

Organized Crime Politics
Slew of dirty-politician cases seem to be linked to probe

Organized Crime Politics from True News: How Albany Operates Like the Mob (TN) * Organized Crime Politics - Episode Two: The Rigged Election System * New York’s Political Mob Wars * Agency for aging elects officers (SI Advance) * Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale (TN)

Is the U.S. Attorney Trying to Get Stein to Rat on Hevesi?

It not that New Yorkers are so Jaded that arrested pols is not news anymore it has more to do with Stein pals in the media and the top public relations operatives in the city who have to power to keep Stein's name out of the headlines. The NYP did a direct hit on Andrew Stein Heavyweight Dem's downfall $2M tax-cheat rap for once-high-flying Stein * Manhattan financial adviser to celebs is charged with scamming clients (NYP) * Adviser to Stars Named in Fraud (NYT) * Wife of alleged Ponzi schemer Kenneth Starr was Scores stripper (DN) *Investor busted as star cro$$er (NYP) * Financial Adviser to Celebs Indicted; Former Borough President Also Charged WNYC * More on Stein, working for Arapaho Partners, was paid $1.5 million by Carlyle Europe Partners for helping the group win a $133.7 million deal with the pension fund in 2003. Political bigs gorged on Hevesi pension fund trough * The Kenneth Starr Scandal: A Who's Who Guide(DNAINFO)NY Pension Fund Connection to Yesterday's Indictments
Bubba $$ big linked to scandal Marvin Rosen, a New York corporate and securities lawyer, would sometimes accompany Starr and ex-City Council President Andrew Stein Last year, it was revealed that Rosen's Diamond Edge Capital Partners was paid $3.25 million to act as a middleman for three deals in which New York state pension funds were placed with various investment firms. At the time of those deals -- 2005 to 2006 -- the pension funds were under the auspices of state Comptroller Alan Hevesi, a Democrat who later resigned in disgrace. (NYP)

Gun Runners
Kingpin's NYC turf Jamaican ran drugs & guns here
Law and Order Bagel King Admits Cheating on Taxes (NYT)* Mystery Surrounds Killing of a Girl, 16, in Brooklyn (NYT) * Slain Teen Accused of Tweeting Threats (WSJ) * Jury Weighs Transplant's Role in Death (WSJ) * Reputed Jamaican druglord to surrender in NY: feds (DN) * City to pay 700G in suit over cop shooting in Soundview * Prosecutor threatened me: witness * Bagel King Admits Cheating on Taxes (NYT)

Terrorism NY Full Story » Another suspect revealed in Times Square bomb case (WABCTV)
* Hearing set in Bronx synagogue bomb plot (WABC TV)

Can't Even Imagine Bloomberg Cleaning Trash Like Lindsay
When ‘Fun City’ Wasn’t It is worth taking a look back at the tenure of John Lindsay, the former mayor of New York City.(NYT)
Media and New Tech Frank DiGiacomo to Take Over Daily News Gossip Column

Wall Street Is The SEC Still Working For Wall Street?

Senate Approves $60 Billion For War, While House Cuts $24 Billion For Unemployed Workers And State Aid

Oil Leak
Obama says his administration is in charge of ending the spill (NYP) * Owning the spill (NYP ED) * On Doomed Rig, 'Nobody in Charge' (WSJ) * Howard Fineman: Obama 'Put Too Much Trust In Technology And Business'

Gay Rights Gains
A repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is advancing in Congress.

Sara Palin Loves Fences
Sarah Palin Builds Fence as Joe McGinniss' Son Denies "Stalker" Claim (CBS) * The Journalist and Sarah Palin: Here’s Who I’m Betting On (Wolff, Newser)