Monday, May 31, 2010

True New Moday Holiday Update

Cemetery Normandy France

The dead we honor (NYP Ed) * On Memorial Day What we owe to the fallen, and to those now serving. (WSJ) * Burying the War Dead (WSJ) * Lupica: Memorial Day parades honor the best - and humble (DN) * A tribute to the valiant: Twenty from New York who must be remembered (DN Ed) * This Promising Day (NYT)

Poster Fines
Monday Update Poster-boy pols fined $1.5M three leading Democratic candidates for citywide office last year still face fines of nearly $1.5 million for plastering the town with illegal posters Thompson owes $619,275, Liu $542,259 and de Blasio $301,725 (NYP) * White House Tries to Regroup as Criticism Mounts Over Leak (NYT) * G.O.P. Faces Tough Task in Picking a Nominee (NYT) * Echoes of 9/11 as oil cleanup workers complain of illness (DN) * Vigil held for worker killed in crane collapse 2 years ago * New York Libraries’ Adult English Programs Face Cuts (NYT) * Vigil Marks Anniversary Of Deadly UES Crane Collapse (NY1) * Greenwich Village Residents Make Plea For New Hospital (NY1)

Oil Yey Day 41
BP execs to announce failure of ‘top kill’ attempt, next option (NYP) * BP's confidence in 'top kill' maneuver wanes (Wash Post) * ‘Top Kill’ Fails to Plug Leak; BP Readies Next Approach (NYT) * CNN Airs Allegations BP Bused In Gulf Workers To Scam Obama * Oil giant BP gave millions to Capitol Hill coffers: records (DN) * Activists Condemn Oil Spill At Manhattan BP Station (NY1) Update Ed Markey: BP 'Lying Or Incompetent' About Scope Of Gulf Oil Spill

Sunday Update Columnists Rush & Molloy say goodbye after 15 years To page 6 and the Daily News * New deputy mayor for operations Stephen Goldsmith brings fresh insight to the city DN) * Schools failing on perv fingerprint checks (NYP) * $ecrets of NYC perk force Inside look at the unions’ budget-busting benefits (NYP) *'Sickos' don’t pay taxes either! Cushy sick-leave benefits for city uniformed workers that allow them to collect their full paychecks tax-free plays a major role in the number of sick days called in (NYP) * Schools failing on perv fingerprint checks (NYP) * Labor boss a 'steal' worker The head of the city's powerful union of engineers and architects is a petty thief. * Pal breaks ranks to 'advocate' against Mike Ester Fuchs supports keeping the public advocate position. How is she the mayor's pal? Fuchs was paid to work for him. (NYP) * 'Readmission' of failure at city hosps (NYP) TV Update TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads (Huff Post)

Oil Leak Update
Obama’s Katrina? Maybe Worse The president’s credibility as a champion ofreformed, competent government is held hostage by video from the gulf. (Rich, NYT) * Once More, With Feeling President Obama is still learning to emote, five weeks into the heartbreak in the Gulf of Mexico. (Dowd, NYT) * Malia for PresidentPresident Obama’s next task? Shaping the public reaction to the gulf spill so that we can use it to generate the will to break our addiction to oil. (Friedman) TV Update

Why There is No News in the Papers Today
Newspaper Cutbacks Results In No News and Lots of Fillers
If you read today's papers you would learn. Who do the publishers think is going to buy this crap? Maybe the papers should stop printing on weekends and holidays and just put Internet additions to save money. These stories were in the slots today where the main news stories appear City firefighters win annual Fleet Week tug of war (DN) * Passage's ex-boyfriend of 4 years 'still loves' her (DN) * Handmade Hoops Put the Clang Into New York Courts (NYT) * A Night at the Apollo, Starring Teachers (NYT) * Sparky Lyle: Extra Innings (NYT) * NY's ritziest pad: To the manor porn (NYP) * Bra's uplifting story (NYP)

Clueless Daily News Should have Googled True News Last Week

Today's Daily News Editorial:
Dave goes out of control: Gov.'s proposed overhaul of rent regs makes no sense(DN Ed)

True News Give the Answer To Why Paterson Offered New Rent Regs Wednesday May 26, 2010 It clear that Paterson who is about to be ex governor is playing for a spot on a large financial developer firm. (TN) Paterson Proposing Rent Law Changes After Stuy Town Lawsuit

Another Question for the Daily News
Everyone is against Homelessness Mr. Errol Lewis. In your article in today's Daily News you said the city must find money for rent vouchers to prevent more families being kick out of their apartments. What your article did not tell us is where is that money going to come from. She we cut more library hours, doctors at city hospitals or bus service? Or should we cut the extension of the Number 7 train to the Westside which the city is funding itself and is over budget Budget Questions About 7 Train Extension

You and almost every report have written in the past that Albany does not like make the hard decision. It time that reporters step up and show them how it is done Home is where the vouchers are: NYC and state must step up and help families stave off homelessness

Day 60- Without A State Budget

Washington Heights Pocono Connection No More
Slacker's BID nixed George Sanchez was voted out of the Washington Heights Business Improvement District by officials last week -- a year after The Post revealed the executive director earned $117,000 for a do-nothing job while living in the Poconos. He held the post for 11 years.

Subprime Mortgage Crisis II
Wall Street and the giant banks did not stop at using private home owner subprime mortgages sold to homeowners who could not afford what they were buying. That had at least one other scam going. That had large investors buy middle class apartment complexes at inflated prices to build dark pools of bad investments that companies like Goldman used to sell to political connected money managers like Hank Morris and Steve Rattner to dump bad investments in the nations pension funds. If Willi Sutton were alive today he would not say the reason why I rob banks is because that where the money is. He would say I rob public pension funds because that were the money.
Owners Bet on Raising the Rent, and Lost (NYT)
Debt payments on the properties, which were heavily leveraged
Riverton and Stuyvesant Town, the owners of Parkmerced (San Francisco) sought to take advantage of a roaring market to replace rent-regulated residents with tenants able to pay far higher rates.
All three deals had prompted an outcry from tenant advocates who bemoaned the loss of housing affordable to working and middle-class families.
At the start of the real estate boom in 2004, private equity firms began buying these kind of meat-and-potato complexes, which they had long eschewed in favor of luxury buildings.
$150 billion in commercial loans like theirs have been transferred to special servicers who handle troubled debts.
Business Plan: Replace rent-regulated residents with tenants willing to pay higher, market rents
True News explains how Wall Street used government agencies to raid the pension funds Wall Street Hijacks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for Stuy Town 2 (True News)

Black Firefighter Battle and War Between Bloomberg and Morgenthau Combined
Mike fights Morgy for 'master'y (NYP) Bloomberg doesn't want nemesis Robert Morgenthau anywhere near the city's push to hire more blacks and Hispanics at the FDNY * City Contests Role for Morgenthau in Fire Dept. Case (NYT) * Mayor Mike to ex-DA Morgenthau: Get lost (DN) * NYFD Hiring Flap Intensifies (WSJ) * Lawyers: Morgenthau Has 'Known Distaste' For Mayor (WCBS) * Bad Blood Between Mayor, DA An Issue (Fox 5)

Bloomberg defends Ground Zero mosque as freedom-of-faith issue (NYP)

Judge Grants Injunction Against Paterson Furlough Plan * Judge Blocks State-Worker Furloughs (WSJ)

Silver Blinks on Charter War Cap
Pols lift charter cap in big day for reform (NYP) * The cap gets raised NYP takes a victory lap for it fight for months long fight for lifting the cap on charter schools (BYP ED) * JOEL KLEIN Parents earn an A for helping make history(NYP) * New York State Votes to Expand Charter Schools (NYT) * State beats funding deadline, OKs more charter schools (DN) * Race to the Top talks nearly stalled in final hours: sources (DN) * A huge win for the kids: Charter cap lift puts N.Y. back in race for school funds (DN Ed) * Schools Key in Harlem Election Charter-education programs have taken center stage in the race between Basil Smikle Jr. and Bill Perkins for the state Senate seat * Charter-School Advocates Raise Cap (WSJ) * State Charter Schools, Parks Bills Escape Albany Inertia (NY1)

New York Economic Meltdown
Endangered Parks As states look for ways to slash budgets during these recessionary times, state parks are in serious trouble. (NYT Ed) * As Gino Closes, Career Waiter Bids Farewell * City's Watershed At Center Of Drilling Debate * 'Readmission' of failure at city hosps (NYP)

Election 2010 NY Conservatives give Lazio nod for gov run (DN) * Rochester Mayor Is Cuomo's Lt. Gov Pick (WSJ) * On Cuomo’s Reform Agenda (ReformNY)

Kenneth Starr should've been arrested 2 years ago: Suit claims he fleeced widow out of millions (DN) * Molloy: Starr was easy prey for ex-stripper Passage (DN) * Alleged celeb swindler Kenneth Starr dumped sickly wife (NYP)

AG Andrew Cuomo received $79K in contributions from alleged Ponzi schemer Kenneth Starr
Terror NY Feds nix 'temple plot' terror (NYP) * Dealing With Pakistan The United States is still trying to figure out how to manage relations with Pakistan. And as the Faisal Shahzad case shows, there is no time to waste (NYT Ed) * Laywers for sick WTC workers reduce legal fees by $85M (DN)* Pal of Times Sq. bomb suspect deported * U.S. Military Developing Attack Plan In Pakistan In Case Of Terror Strike * Man Held in Bomb Probe Ordered Deported (WSJ) * Feds: Alleged Bronx Bomb Plotters Are Not Part Of A Terrorist Group (WSJ) * Suspect In Times Square Bomb Plot To Be Deported (WSJ) * Pakistan Frees Ex-Army Major In NYC Terror Probe - *Faisal Shahzad got shoddy terror training in Pakistan (DN)

Law and Order Arrest in teen slay (NYP) * Back to clink for killer ex-cop (NYP) *A Son’s Killing, and a Queens Mother’s Crusade *Ex-Officer’s Conviction for Murder Is Reinstated (NYT) * Teen assaulted - moments after being robbed in Bx. (DN)* Teen busted with rifle and silencer at Manhattan HS (DN) * Merchant of death: New York druggies bolster bloody Jamaican druglord(DN Ed) * Teen Death Sends Police to Twitter (WSJ) * Arrest in Brooklyn teen's slaying (NYP) * Midtown hotel-rob lawsuit (NYP) * Schools failing on perv fingerprint checks (NYP) * Arrest Made In Fatal Shooting Of Brooklyn Teen (NY1) * Cops 'crack' down on 'high'-end SoHo biz Pushing crack in Soho

The Moynihan Future Forty-five years after his report on black America, Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s analysis is just as pressing.

Luna Park's Fate Stirs Opinion Coney Island's newest amusement park opens this weekend, completing the first stage of an effort to revitalize the seaside neighborhood after a bitter feud between city officials and real estate developers. (WSJ)

Wall Street and the Economy The Trans-Atlantic Crisis The American economy still faces risks, and they are made all the worse by an increasingly incoherent response from Congress. (NYT Ed)

Dennis Hopper Dead
Media and New Tech
'EASY RIDER' actor Dennis Hopper dead... * Times Paywall to Encourage Linking (MediaMemo via NYConvergence) * Government Social Media Conversations
(This is going to be BIG!) * Using Technology for Non-Partisan Redistricting (Regional Plan Association) * How Computers Know What We Want — Before We Do (Time)

Bill Clinton's new role: Mr. Fix-It * Sestak Case Casts Light On Murky Political Boundaries (NYT)