Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Copycat Newspaper War? NYT and WSJ are doing the same stories

Public Pension Funds and Investment Funds Again
Breaking News Ex-Borough President Andrew Stein Indicted Andrew J. Stein, the former assemblyman, City Council president and Manhattan borough president, was indicted on charges of lying to the I.R.S. in connection with his role in a celebrity financial adviser's multimillion-dollar fraud scheme. Picture Diana Passage was a partner in the campaign Manhattan financial adviser to celebs is charged with scamming clients (NYP) * Andy Stein nabbed by feds Politico

The Copycat Newspaper War?
NYT and WSJ are doing the same stories

A month after the Wall Street Journal stated its New York section the hope that the newspaper war would generate a more comprehensive coverage of New York has been dashed by both papers need to make sure that they cover the same stories. On same days more than half of both papers stories are the same. Is this how news is controlled? Or is this the result of cuts in news reporter?

Minority Hiring At the NYFD

Judge Names Morgenthau to Monitor Fire Dept.’s Minority Hiring The choice of Robert M. Morgenthau could be seen as an effort by the judge to pressure New York City’s leaders. (NYT) * Morgenthau Polices Fire Case (WSJ)

New Grading System for the City's Eateries
Restaurateurs Make Final Plea on Grades (NYT) * Eateries Fight Grading System (WSJ)

WSJ “Tenant-Friendly.” NYT Tenants Criticize

Tenants and Landlords Criticize Paterson’s Rent Regulation Proposal ( NYT) * Paterson Pushes Tenant-Friendly Rent Measures (WSJ)

Cuomo's Lt Gov Candidate
* With Cuomo, a Mayor With an Eye on Education (NYT) * Rochester Mayor Is Cuomo's Lt. Gov Pick (WSJ)

Important Stories in the NYT Not in the WSJ

Bias Seen in ‘Police-on-Police’ Shootings * Some Tests, Long Ignored, Showed Signs of Heart Illness * A Case Built in New York Against a Jamaican Kingpin * Witness Issue Prompts a Hearing on Possible Misconduct by Prosecutors to Be Postponed

Important Stories in the WSJ and Not in the NYT

Overcrowded Schools Draw Ire * Opinion: New York Is Almost Out of Cash

More Copycat from the NYT and WSJ

Concete Mob Testing
Concrete Testing Executive Sentenced to Up to 21 Years (NYT) * NY concrete lab chief gets prison (NYP)

The Schumer PR Machine
Schumer Wants New Rules for Pre-Paid Cellphones (WSJ) * Prepaid cell phones can be a weapon of terror: Schumer (DN)

Whitney Mores Downtown
Whitney Museum Plans New Building Downtown (NYT) * Whitney Bolting UES for Downtown (WSJ)

Andrew Cuomo Master of the Press
Andy taps union foe as his mate (NYP) * With Cuomo, a Mayor With an Eye on Education (NYT) * Rochester Mayor Is Cuomo's Lt. Gov Pick (WSJ) * Gov and Andy nix 'rich' tax (NYP) * Budget Problems in New York and Mr. Cuomo Andrew Cuomo, set to accept the Democratic nod for governor, has some interesting long-range plans, but he needs to explain how to fix the budget crisis. And now. (NYT Ed) * All-white lineup on Dem ballot raises concerns * Louis: The timid, bitter 'new' Dem Party (Timid?) * “Cuomo, DiNapoli & Duffy – it sounds like a Long Island law firm,” said a minority political operative, citing concerns about the Democrats’ all-white ticket *Cuomo Called Sharpton to Discuss Diversity Among Democrats* Most state legislators, who are in Cuomo’s crosshairs, won’t be on hand for his big moment today * New Democrat: No Union Bug * Cuomo Calls For The Empire To Strike Back (WCBS) * Convention To Wrap Up With Formal Cuomo Nomination (NY1) * Cuomo Accepts Nomination for Governor (NY1) * Cuomo accepts Dem nomination for Gov race
Facebook Joseph Mercurio What's the point of a party convention if everyone gets on the ballot? Simplify ballot access. Have political party operative and candidate training academies. Democrats Back 5 for New York Attorney General - * “You see the signs that say the New Democratic Party? This is the new math,” said state Chairman Jay Jacobs, trying to explain the cumbersome two-vote process that put all five AG contenders on the ballot. * Azi Paybarah andrew cuomo: "We're going to be tangling with public employee unions going forward." #nydemcon #unions #nyo * azipaybarah new dem party? bob hardt: cuomo picking duffy & taking independence party endorsement = "ripped out of the standard political playbook"

Election 2010
Trouble For Rangel At 3 Parks (Updated) * Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand were unanimously placed on the ballot at the convention, much to the chagrin of their little-known primary challengers * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, who was also placed on the ballot with unanimous consent, is not as good at fundraising as Alan Hevesi was. Election 2013 Largely overlooked in a recent Q poll: NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s support among black voters. * Politics, Bedfellows, Strangeness: Friday, City Hall, 1 p.m. Bill Thompson Endorses Tony Avella

All the Political Corruption Cases are the Same
It is Deja Vu All Over Again
Ex-Bronx state Sen. Efrain Gonzalez latest in string of convicted politicians (DN)
In late 2006, DOI formed a special unit to look at dozens of such groups with ties to politicians. What they discovered was shocking: politicians and their cronies using nonprofits as piggy banks to fly to exotic destinations, buy clothes, eat at top-notch restaurants and attend Yankees games. Soon the investigation revealed the City Council was parking taxpayer funds in fictional nonprofits, while some members were steering it to nonprofits that employed relatives. * Blakeman Under Fire For D’Amato Support

It is Deja Vu All Over Again
East New York Crime Wave according to author Walter Thabit cause it to become a ghetto One neighborhood leads city in murders, rapes & assaults East New York * New York Daily News Crime is up 8% in the 75th Precinct in East New York, Brooklyn this year. Do you live there? Do you think it is becoming more dangerous? Brooklyn's 75th Precinct nervously watches rising tide of crime

Law and Order The max for hate stabber (NYP) * Poker-rob pair guilty of slay (NYP) * Al-Taya Conyers, 16, Shot, Killed In Brooklyn - WPIX * Bias Seen in ‘Police-on-Police’ Shootings * L.I. Man Gets 25-Year Term in Killing of Immigrant (NYT) * Ex-Officer Calls Sex Charges Part of a Plot (NYT) * A Case Built in New York Against a Jamaican Kingpin (NYT) * Keeping the Peace by Riding the Urban Range Mounted Police * Witness Issue Prompts a Hearing on Possible Misconduct by Prosecutors to Be Postponed (NYT) * 'Narco Queen' busted for leading drug-trafficking gang (DN) * Brooklyn's 75th Precinct watches rising tide of crime (DN) * Morgy tapped to fight against bias in FDNY exams * Two Presumed Dead At NY Beaches (Fox 5) *Brooklyn Teen Fatally Shot (NY1) * 16-year-old Brooklyn girl gunned down in possible retaliation for school assault complaint (DN) * Robert Morgenthau is Back, and He's Mike Bloomberg's Problem (Robins, Village Voice)

Charter Reforms Will Pass
Final Charter School Push The cap mush be lifted by June 1 is the state is going to qualify for the second round of race to the top funds. As always the NYP leads the way on this issue Kids outperformed public-school students on science and social studies tests (NYP) * A challenge for Andrew Raise the cap on charter schools (NYP Ed)

How Many More Will Die With the Coming Hospital Cutbacks
Hospitals looking to 'cut class' In what would be the largest shakeup of its kind in 50 years, the city's municipal hospital system is considering hiring as many as 2,600 doctors directly instead of paying medical schools to supply them under contracts that run $857 million a year (NYP)

New York Economic Meltdown Overcrowded Schools Draw Ire Parents frustrated with overcrowded classrooms on the Upper West Side are trying to take matters into their own hands (WSJ) * Opinion: New York Is Almost Out of Cash (WSJ) * US District Court Judge Lawrence Kahn will decide by tomorrow whether Paterson’s furlough plan can go forward * The state is cutting back on the AC to save money * Pardon Me For Asking: The Sad End Of Monte's Venetian Restaurant: Marshal Seizes Famous Gowanus Eate * Shadow Space Haunts New York Real Estate Market

Terrorism NY Fulfilling a duty: House panel finally votes to fund health care for WTC responders (DN) * Computer whiz Wesem El-Hanafi accused of forming 'mini terror cell' loyal to Al Qaeda chiefs (DN) * Homeland Security memo warns: Terror attacks at all time high, and will likely get worse (DN)

Mob Union
Carpenters: The Mob's Union Two decades later, the feds are still trying to clean up carpenters' dirt (Robins, Village Voice)

3C's Of Journalism
Anything to do with the 3 C's Crime, Comics and (Women) makes the front page of the NYP]

Media and New Tech
Nine Percent of Daily News Editorial Staff Took the Buyout * Sumner Redstone: 'I Will Never, Never Sell Viacom Or CBS' * Newsweek Relaunches Web Site: An ImprovementWall Street Lehman: JPMorgan Chase pushed firm into bankruptcy (NYP) * Quadrangle Said to Consider Selling Stake in Firm (Update1) * EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Probes Goldman's Infamous 'Sh*tty Deal'

Oil Leak BP Used Riskier Method to Seal Oil Well Before Blast (NYT) * Unusual Decisions Set Stage for BP Disaster (WSJ) * White House Holds Meeting With Columnists To Defend Oil Spill Handling * James Carville To Obama: Tell BP 'I'm Your Daddy'

Vietnam Service Slip-Up No Harm To Blumenthal