Sunday, April 11, 2010

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Breaking New City Takes Over Governors Island

No News Sunday
Breaking News: Tiger 4 Strokes Behind, Poles in NY Mourn and Tina Fey Unveils Sarah Palin's Next Career Move On 'SNL'

It seems that the newspapers have given up on providing news on Sunday. The lose in circulating and staff reductions have taken its toll. Nothing about the budget problems in Albany, cuts in services in the city and who is to blames for closing St. Vincent's hospital.

The Daily News political story is about a billionaire who dreams never die Aides watch for Bloomberg's presidential campaign Harold Wolfson earns his pay. Their editorial is a about a decision made last week by the mayor not to cut police Cop chops get stopped: Mercifully, NYPD won't lose officers to budget cuts Another one is about Albany's on again off again closing of OTB. The only gambling operation in history to lose money Saddled with failure: Albany buffoons put off dealing with OTB for another day

The NYT only story about the city is about the only city neighborhood that still makes noise "East Harlem is boisterous and pulses with energy. Strains of Latin music waft from car windows, elevated trains screech from above and wind chimes clink in community gardens." The Rhythm of the City, Unmuffled Who is paying $5 to read From Darfur to a Corner of Brooklyn? or Chronicle of a Changing City? Can the WSJ start it NYC section Monday a couple of weeks early?

What World Does the NYT Live In
Charter Change Can Wait?

Does The NYT Even Read Their Own Editorial About Corruption and Dysfunctional Government?

The NYT editorial board wants to wait 3 years before New Yorkers can change the way their government works. "Redoing the City Charter "The recasting of the City Charter has to be done methodically and fairly. The most sensible deadline is 2012." (NYT)

Does the NYT understand New Yorkers are suffering and cannot wait Albany and the City's budget melt downs cuts needed programs and services * Hospitals close * Crime increasing because of cuts in the police department budget *Firehouse closed* 10.3% New Yorkers becoming permanently employed * Middle class being priced and taxed out of the city * Parks and libraries closed

NYT Skips NY'S Political Corruption Epidemic

The NYT editorial in asking for a three year delay in changes to the New York's government does not talk about political corruption True News has been talking about the media blackout of news about the city council's slush fund Controlling the News: What Happen to the Council Slush Fund Investigation? * New York City Council chicanery knows know bounds: Slush fund scandal stretches beyond Seabrook

The NYT Editorial Claimed:
"Any broad recasting of the City Charter has to be done methodically and fairly. That cannot possibly happen in time for this November’s ballot.

Yet NYT though it was OK to change the term limits law by the city council that was approved twice by New York's voters in 23 days - Clearly Not Methodically and Not Fair!
NYT Editorial - The Limits of Term Limits October 1, 2008 * NYC Extends Term Limits: Bloomberg Can Run Again October 23, 2008. The NYT says the charter is rushing to get a Term Limits law on the November ballot. Why is the NYT so against New Yorkers from voting on term limits? Which will be done on any charter term limits proposal. Term Limits - New Yorkers say: Its Our Decision! * NYC Term Limits Revisited 2005

NYT Red Herring Rush Job
"Whatever the 2010 Commission recommends must be approved by the voters to take effect, although the City Council has had no compunction to rush in overruling the electorate to suit its own political purposes." (NY Civic) . . . A referendum in 1993 established an eight-year limit for elected city officials, and that section survived a 1996 referendum in which an extension to twelve years was proposed. It was generally assumed that the referenda established the law, but in the fall of 2008, Mayor Bloomberg proposed and the City Council adopted, 29-22, a charter amendment extending term limits.

The NYT Editorial Claimed:
"Slapping a few politically charged items on the ballot this fall is a recipe for mischief."

The NYT ignored all the mischief including hiring people to sit in the only public hearing so real opinionated New Yorkers could express their views Bloomberg's Term-Limits Coup: Heroes, Villains, and Wimps (Village Voice) The NYT also missed the contributions my by Bloomberg to non profits who testified at city hall in support of his position to extend term limits to 3 terms. Bloomberg Brings In Non Profits To Support Term Limit Extension * Criticism of Bloomberg Over Nonprofits' Support -

The NYT says passing charter changes in 2010 is “disgraceful” for a city of opinionated people.

NY's Fire is Out

It is easy for the NYT to ignore people hurting because of budget cuts caused by incompetent government after all they get paid high salaries and eat in private dinning rooms. But even the papers of record have to understand that fact that New Yorkers are not voting anymore. That the heart of the city, a citizen having views on everything is gone. Years of dysfunctional and corrupt government has taken a toll.

Nobody's Voting In the primary our new Comptroller John Liu received 127,173 or just 4% of the registered Democrats in the city (3,177,740) in the runoff. De Blasio did a little better with 138, 736, he got 4.4% of the city's democratic voters. John Liu was elected with just 2.7% of all the city's registered voters casting their vote for him. Henry Stern reported in NY Civic that Mayor O’Dwyer election in 1941, received 1,100,649 more votes than Bloomberg in 2009. The 1940 census reported the population of New York City to be 7,454,995. The most recent estimate from the City Planning Commission, as of July 1, 2009, gives the population of New York City as 8,363,710. Two decades before that Mayor John Francis Hylan(1921) Jimmy Walker(1925) both received 200,000 thousand more votes than Bloomberg on Tuesday. In 1921 the City's population was 620,000.

The NYT Editorial Claimed:
"Winners in nonpartisan elections often turn out to have only one real asset: loads of cash."
NYT wrong on the facts beside Bloomberg we are not aware of any millionaire councilmember. Both Bill de Blasio and John Liu citywide winners are not rich people

The NYT Editorial Claimed:
"Term limits are a seductive but fundamentally undemocratic idea that can prematurely terminate the careers of some very good public servants. Voters should decide who gets thrown out of office and who stays longer on the job."

According to the NYT Editorials

The low voter turnout in recent years in state and municipal elections is proof positive that voters do not think they can change Albany or the slush fund corruption at City Hall. Besides the NYT has said in past editorials that redistricting and member items make it impossible to beat incumbents NYT Op Ed Don’t Let Lawmakers Draw Their Districts the state’s redistricting system creates almost lifetime tenure for elected officials and an almost imperial level of control for the majority leadership. Redistricting, New York Style (NYT Ed) Mapmaking in New York is a dark art form designed to make certain that incumbents in the majority party are safe. * When Politicians Hand Out Money -Slush Funds

The NYT Editorial Claimed:
"Political parties can keep good candidates from succeeding, but parties vet many more."

True News has written Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale * DA probing Bloomberg $750K donation - * Bloomberg's Recent Independence Party Donations *DA Cy pushes hard in 750G 'poll watch' probe * Bloomberg donation investigated after it ends up in hands of campaign operative, say sources * Bloomberg's price for independence: $400G * Working Families Party Documents Subpoenaed

The NYT in 2004 before the Spitzer and Paterson era did not think so highly of the parties vetting process ] "Our state government has totally broken down. The Legislature holds the national record for late budgets, and often appears incapable of passing even the simplest bills. The Assembly speaker, Senate majority leader and governor control all the power, and individual lawmakers are responsible for little more than showing up. Then every election season they go home to face what is, at most, token primary opposition. Since so many of the districts are gerrymandered to be safe for one party or the other, election results are usually preordained. Something drastic is required to break this destructive cycle. If there is a primary race in your district, vote against the incumbent. Vote for an opponent, any opponent.

True News has written about the mischief of the Board of Elections which is controlled by the democrat and republic party leaders not the NYT The Real Campaign is to Suppress Challengers

NY 'rainy day' funds to run dry by June

Park it, Fed man The National Park Service's has threatened Paterson with a shutdown of all federal funding for the state -- education, transportation, you name it -- if he makes good on his plan to temporarily close down a few parks to narrow the deficit.(NYP Ed) * NY Has "Unprecedented" Cash Flow Problems

Election 2010 Governors' Races May Be Tough for Incumbents * Schneiderman Launches Bid For State Attorney General

Yankees could face fines in free tickets Paterson scandal

Ambulances no longer going to St. Vincent's * End of healing at St. Vincent's * Hospitals Prep for Busier ERs * Pregnant St. Vincent's clients left scrambling for new hospital * St. Vincent's leaving legacy of Titanic rescue, reunion

Labor Joins the Tea Party?
Labor: We'll storm Wall St. * No One Is to Blame for AnythingAlan Greenspan and Robert Rubin should take responsibility for their actions. (Rich NYT) * Justice Department Steps Up Antitrust Investigation Of Top Tech Companies

Facebook Unemployment Joseph Mercurio Pew Fiscal Analysis Initiative found that 44% of unemployed have been unemployed for at least six months. Remarkably, the number of unemployed who've been out of work for a year or longer is 23%. During the devastating recession of the early '80s the long-term unemployed, those out for six months, were only 26%.

Bloomberg wants judges to show no mercy for Times Square riot punks

Law and Order Burglary spree in East Village * U.S. Reviews New York Police Dealings With People Who Don’t Speak English * Wife Who Hired Cousin to Kill Husband Appeals Conviction * Manhattan Prosecutors Dispute Juror’s Account in Astor Trial *** Four Charged with Hate Crime in Staten Island * Recent crimes spark fears of bad old days in NYC (WABC TV) * Bias attack suspects are arraigned* Crime and theater (NYP Ed) * Easter 'wilding' reminds New Yorkers of the 'bad old days'

John A. (Junior) Gotti gets last laugh about mafia headlines in '60 Minutes' interview

New York Economic Melt Down
NY home mortgage rates may hit 6% by year's end * Cop chops get stopped: Mercifully, NYPD won't lose officers to budget cuts (DN Ed)

Domino effect: City Council must support visionary plan for Brooklyn waterfront

Helicopter Problem Not Just Noise

Pols get earful of copter-noise complaints * ‘Apocalypse Now’ in Brooklyn Heights?

DEP 'Intern'al switch on summer jobs Last year that DEP had hired 124 paid summer interns many relatives of DEP workers as Bloomberg was considering layoffs for other city employees.

A Billionare and his dreams never die
Aides watch for Bloomberg's presidential campaign Harold Wolfson earns his pay