Friday, April 9, 2010

Goodbye Pay to Play Senator EFRAIN GONZALEZ JR. Judge Says You Plea, You Go to Jail

Breaking News Justice Stevens to Retire After 34 Years * Rep. Stupak, Tea Party target, won't seek re-election * AP Source: New York City Off-Track Betting to Postpone Shutdown Deadline * Future Pope Stalled on Abuse Case, Letter Suggests

Goodbye Pay to Play Senator

Judge Says You Plea, You Go to Jail

A federal judge in Manhattan ruled on Thursday that former State Senator Efrain González Jr. could not withdraw a guilty plea to fraud and conspiracy charges, saying his claim that he had been coerced or pressured into entering the plea was “preposterous.” Faces a possible sentence of seven to nine years for using hundreds of thousands of dollars in state money to pay for personal expenses, including rent for an apartment in the Dominican Republic, jewelry, college tuition for his daughter and Yankees tickets. Judge Won’t Let Former Senator Withdraw Plea * Ex-Bronx State Sen. Efrain Gonzalez pleads guilty to 200G caper

St Vincent Closing
Perfect Storm of Death

As the city, state and the feds cuts services and money to the city's hospitals how can they possibly absorber the patients from the closing of St. Vincent's hospital? Beth Israel Medical Center, New York Downtown Hospital, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center and Bellevue Hospital Center have been told to be ready at 10 a.m. on Friday to receive patients diverted from St. Vincent’s, according to industry officials, who asked not to be named. The poor lady who laid dead in the Kings County Emergency Room will unfortunately not be the last*Emergency Room Death Sparks Outrage - CBS News * Woman Dies on Kings County Hospital Floor * Ambulances to divert from closing St. Vincent's * FDNY To Begin Diverting Ambulances From St. Vincent's * New York City's Health and Hospitals Corp. Plans To Cut 2600 Jobs * City's Health and Hospital Corporation Facing $1B Deficit

Pols and Media See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil
The media has not written one story about who is at fault for St. Vincent's closing. They continue to allow the pols whose poor leadership will cause New Yorkers to die to spin crap to protect their jobs.

"Elected officials are still making last-ditch efforts to save St. Vincent’s, or barring that, to replace its emergency room functions with an urgent-care center that would provide some emergency services. In a letter to Gov. David A. Paterson Thursday afternoon, City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and other elected officials said the proposed urgent-care center as they envisioned it would provide care up to 24 hours including imaging, EKG and X-rays, intravenous medication and fluids, and minor procedures like sutures, cyst removal, incision and drainage and splinting." Ambulances to bypass broke St. Vincent's Hospital as of today * City hospitals facing big headache in wake of St. Vincent's

Budget Crisis Short Takes "Some things you cannot cut." The Times Square riot Sunday and the increase in crime has resulted in the Bloomberg rules out NYPD layoffs in the next year At the same time Budget-bloated MTA hoping to get rail-thin And the public get hit with another $$$ increase Summer water hike in double-digits * The city OTB will close Sunday unless a deal is worked out to save it.

During the 70's Financial Crisis the City Had Strong Leaders who Wanted to Work Together

1975 Teachers Union Helps Bail Out the City
The Teachers Union committed 150 million to bail out NYC "Shanker said he change his mind after agonizing about the city's grave situation."
Mike Mulgrew's mandate: Moment of truth for empowered teacher union boss “When school children start paying union dues, that 's when I'll start representing the interests of school children.” Albert Shanker
New York Economic Melt Down Tax Files Show Harlem Art School’s Path to Ruin * Owners seek partners for city landmark Ridgewood Theatre * Lottery Leaders of Tomorrow scholarship for schools' brightest faces ax in fiscal crisis * The federal government threatened to withhold all payments to New York if the state closes parks. (TU) * Paterson wants contractors to keep working, even if he is delaying their pay. (GNS) * The MTA will slash 141 of the 280 projects in its 2010 budget to save $40.5 million * 13% Water Rate Hike in the Works

NYT Murdoch's Toast?

NEWSPAPER WAR! Murdoch Slashes Ad Rates In Attack On NYT * NewsTrust Findings On New York Media Coverage

Bloomberg Power is Out of the Box
Now we know how he became a billionaire. This guy does not sit around to even eat a cup cake. We all know how he used his money to buy support from pols to non profits to extend term limits and get reelected. He uses gun control to organize the city's across America. He tried to make Green environment a nationwide cause and today he is reaching out to political movers and shakers. The mayor's plan to mail NYC Cards to 50,000 donors is a "novel way to influence the influencers," said the spokesman for the Center for Responsive Politics.

Election 2010 Irish Central hits Steve Levy for his "anchor baby" comment, but thinks he'll do better against Andrew Cuomo than Rick Lazio * Six Upstate Dems Endorse 'Colleague' Brodsky

Pay to Play Housing Rose Plaza Not Dead (Yet)The project's new life came as Mr. Rosenberg started to scramble with defeat looming. In recent weeks, he brought on a slew of new consultants, a step unusual this late in the lengthy land-use approval process. These new consultants included two for public relations: Connelly & McLaughlin and Knickerbocker SKD, a political consulting firm used by Council Speaker Christine Quinn. He also brought on lobbyist Carl Andrews, a former state senator from Brooklyn.

Former Assemblyman Grannis finally makes It in to the papers
DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis defended the state's purchase of Adirondack land that is now being investigated by Cuomo's office.

Law and Order
District Attorney Tries His Hand at Cutting Into Case Backlog * Crown Heights Unnerved as Police Hunt a Rooftop Gunman * Father of a Baby Left With a Cabdriver in 2008 Is Charged *** Junior Gotti recalls how he learned truth about dad * Psycho cycler's revenge * Slain kid 'medically abused': DA * Search for teens in possible bias crimes on LES * Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. did some time in the courtroom as part of an effort to handle a backlog of cases.* Financial mismanagement appears to be at the root of the Harlem School of the Arts' demise * Vance isn't moving fast enough, says the Daily News * NY AG probing 'pension padding'

Rats DOH Closed Nearly 1,800 Restaurants In 2009 *
Video of Rats

Karl Rove and Howard Dean agree (on at least one thing): Democrats will lose seats in the midterm elections

Pay to Play Congress
Senate Staffer Cashes Out, Heads Back To K StreetTerrorism Indulging idiocy: Judge should have tossed suit to make CCNY honor terrorists(DN Ed)