Monday, April 12, 2010

Crime Back to the Past: Two 5 Year Old Girls Shot

Crime Back to the Past
Two 5 Year Old Girls Shot

The NYP story about a 5-year-old girl struck by stray bullet sounds like we are back in 1993 when the shooting of another 5 year old girl forced Mayor Dinkins' to come of with a crime fighting plan, Safe City, Safe Streets which with Albany's help called for the hiring of more police. Mayor Offers Details of Plan Against Crime (NYT 1993) * 5-Year-Old and Man Hit in Shooting in Brooklyn * A Rise in Violent Crime Evokes City’s Unruly Past * Kelly's meltdown over drugs * Ray Kelly wasn't happy with Joe Hyne's publicity for recent drug busts * A Troubling Rise in Violent Crime

Crack in the Teflon Hospital Closing
It has taken the NYT a week to get the point that the sick will suffer by the closing of St. Vincent's. When will they start blaming the pols who allowed this to happen on their watch? As St. Vincent’s Closes, Other Hospitals Get Busier

A Classy Lie
I Promise You Smaller Class Size After almost ever pol who ran for office promised to reduce class size the reality is more children are being packed into classroom. Both the pols and the public understood because of the city's economic melt down school budgets would be cut. The pols lied and the public seems to be gullible. Don't wait for the press to revisit those false promises Overcrowding on the rise in Manhattan's schools * Tongue tied at school English-help crisis

At NY1 Journalism is Not Number 1
NY1 reporter's career was 'over after harass claims' Ex-NY1 reporter Adele Sammarco claims her TV career was ruined after she was sexually harassed. Sammarco says she was subjected to retaliation after complaining she was groped and forcibly kissed by another reporter and ridiculed by an altered photo depicting her with huge breasts and a blooper tape showing a technician trying to fix her pants zipper with pliers.

The other problem with NY1
NY1 uses only cretin lobbyist and consultant, pro-lobbyist and blackballs independent consultants who do not have ties to the political machines and city's power brokers. The debate NY1 hosted for the 2009 mayoral race did not even ask on question about the city's economy. It is hard to see how NY1 can get away with saying that dismissed Sammarco because she was a bad reporter. When the goal of that is clearly hiring clueless reporters. Which befitted Mayor Bloomberg and other incumbents running for office. A Broken Debate Caused by Clueless Reporters * Corporate Owners: NY1 Dummy Us All Down A new consultant for NY1 Consulting firms Squier Knapp Dunn and KnickerbockerSKD are getting together to form... SKDKnickerbocker * Ex-anchor used boob picture to gain leverage, NY1 lawyer argues * Lawyer for fired NY1 reporter says she was humiliated on job * Former NY1 Reporter Says She was Sexually Harassed during her Time at Network * NY1 Harassment Suit's Witness List Has Local News Media Witnesses

A New Front Against Bruce Ratner
NJ Rep. Bill Pascrell wrote in a letter to Geithner asking for an investigate of Russian's $$$ Mikhail Prokhorov's association with Zimbabwe's oppressive regime before the Russian billionaire is allowed to purchase the Nets and move them to Brooklyn. Tycoon's tyrant ties threaten Nets deal

Law and Order 1 dead after hit-and-run in Brooklyn * Sen. Marty Golden’s nephew was arrested in a bar brawl. (NYP) * Rabbi sentenced to over decade in prison for molesting teen
Inside City Hall Aides who knew Bloomberg best leaving City Hall * Sewage Workers’ Contracts Bring Long-Delayed Raises * New Laws Would Expand City’s Recycling Program * A lesson for New York: Washington teachers set a pattern the city should follow * Bloomberg: Carnegie-funded groups won't automatically get grants
What is Troopergate? Yea what ever happen to that investigation? Oh we have another one going on with the state police and a woman who had an order of protection against Paterson main man. No wonder why David Paterson is OK with giving Eliot Spitzer a second chance.

Election 2010 Levy hits Carl Paladino: "Simply saying, ‘I’m mad as hell,’ and being a millionaire does not qualify somebody to be governor." * Democratic hopefuls for attorney general court rural Democrats * Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, a reformer and gubernatorial hopeful, lived with an ex-con who pleaded guilty in a multimillion-dollar mortgage fraud scheme involving an S&M club and dominatrixes * Early WFP Nod For Schumer

Must be an election year NY state pension fund attacks mining CEO

Open General Election Not Primary Rangel: I Didn't Oust Adam Clayton Powell. The Seat Was Open Powell Defeat Confirmed by Recount June 28, 1970, Sunday (NYT) The Board of Elections declared yesterday that State Assemblyman Charles B. Rangel was the official winner over Representative Adam Clayton Powell in last Tuesday's Democratic primary contest in the 18th Congressional District.

New York City Takes Over Governors Island * City, state unveil master plan for Gov Island * Kids in the Bronx are waiting for their park.

Chinatown Fire In New York: Grand Street Building Burns In 7-Alarm Fire (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Terrorism Details of subway terror plot emerge as 4th suspect nabbed * Obama: Al Qaeda is shopping for nukes to use in major city * NYPD Officers Protect Subway Tunnels from Terror * There’s a Brownstone in Brooklyn With a Secret Passage to the Subway * Terror Planners Targeted Grand Central, Times Square...

4th Suspect Arrested

The Charter Revision Commission will have another meeting tonight at 6 at Hostos Community College in the Bronx.

Hillary Clinton for the Supreme Court? * Elana Kagan is on Barack Obama's short list for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Investigations Sit Idle as LAPD Detectives Hit Overtime Caps - LA Times

Criminals Prey on the Unemployed - Wall St. Journal

If Not for Statutory Cap, Toyota Would Face $13.8 Bil Penalty - Wash. Post
Media and New Tech Tensions Rise for Twitter and Developers * Magazine ad pages, revenue down again *Unclear future Clear Channel * Google CEO: Newspapers Can Make Money Online, 'We're All In This Together' *Poll: News Execs Pessimistic Over Future * Conan O'Brien to return to late night TV ... on TBS * BN's Nook expanding its retail presence * Machines will tell you the news * Times' Food Critic Caught Chowing Down On KFC