Friday, September 25, 2009

Corporate Owners: NY1 Dummy Us All Down

Corporate Owners: NY1 Dummy Us All Down

Even the NYT in a real showing of how bad journalism has sunk in our city when they wrote after the lack of substance in the public advocate debate Debate Touches More on Sustenance Than Substance.

"The final public advocate’s debate on Wednesday night felt like a bad episode of “Crossfire”: high on slugs, low on policy. The NYT describe the debate full of breezy questions about the political wisdom of Gov. David A. Paterson’s beard (or lack thereof); the indelicacy of Kanye West’s behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards; or the sportsmanship of Serena Williams at the United States Open tennis tournament. . . . When City Councilman Bill De Blasio attempted to explain his answer to one of the only policy questions asked, in what Dominic Carter calls the lighting round where only yes or no, he was cut short by the moderator, the NY1 anchor Dominic Carter. . . The absence of questions about the economy, schools and health care left several political observers unsettled, especially because voter turnout is expected to be unusually low in next week’s runoff election for public advocate and comptroller." (NYT)

Well, the debate last night on NY1 between the comptroller candidates was even more inept on substance Yassky Gets Nasty on Liu in Comptroller's Race Finale. In this debate Dominic Carter and his fellow questioner Erin Einhorn from the Daily News did not ask one question about the indictment of Hark Morris in the pension fund scandal or whether they would allow money managers like Morris to be the "go betweens," between large pension funds and the comptrollers office. (Yassky said he would cut down on the number of money managers on his own). Carter did not ask one question about the too candidates taking money from the people doing business with the comptroller office or the city. The NY1 reporter even avoided the pay to play question, when he quoted half of Harold Wolfson and the NYT story charges about the poor performance of the pension funds and the comptroller getting a quarter of his campaigns funds for his mayoral campaign from people doing business with his comptroller's office. Both candidates said the charges of poor performance of the city pension funds under Thompson watch were not true, in responce to Carter's half question. There will be no more debates, Liu will not show up at Channel 7 scheduled debate this weekend.

Carter or the Daily News reporter did not ask one question how the comptroller office mist for years the existence of a City Council slush fund made up of fake non profits hidden inside the city's budget. NY1 has a history of using inside consultants lobbyist like Koch and Al D'Amato and dozens of others to spin on their cable station for the special interests. Every answer the consultants give has more to do on who is paying them then not what is good for the city or the people who live here. You see the same consultants on each week. You never see anyone on their air talking about the corruption of the consultant lobbyist and how they have hurt our city and destroyed with their dollars the city's election process. Liu brought with him to the NY1 debate Liu brought with him (Ferrer, McCall, Arzt, Seto, Lee!). At least McCall and Ferrer have recieved thousands working as money managers for Comptroller Thompson After Introduction From Ferrer, Firm Earned $100,000 From State Pension Fund, Former Comptroller McCall’s Firm Is Subpoenaed in Pension Inquiry

A journalist should work to inform the public on what they need to know to make decision on who to make their leaders. By conduction a dysfunctional debate and offer no more than the spin of special interests, corporate owned NY1 serves the same special interest that the lobbyist consultants they put on the air does, keeping the special interest in power and fat with government funds *** Green Ties de Blasio to ACORN in Final Advocate Debate *** Giant ACORN nuts in 'shell game' : report *** David Yassky likened John Liu to Bernie Madoff. Liu referred to his opponent as the “three-headed Yassky.” *** Yassky spoke repeatedly about honesty, while Liu focused on term limits and his private sector experience *** Comptroller Candidates Spin: Lies, Term Limits, Tier 5

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