Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Broken Debate Caused by Clueless Reporters

A Broken Debate Caused by Clueless Reporters

A Spinning Fight on Talking Points, Absent A Serious Debate on the City's Economic Crisis and How it will effect its Future and the Life of Every New Yorker

The reporters failed because the voters do not know anything more about Bloomberg and Thompson or about the fiscal dangers ahead than they did before the debate. We do know that the candidates like to throw punches. The Post deems the debate "an all-out war." However, the well rehearsed answers and the weak questioning did not interfere with either candidate’s campaign spinning operations. Words were dropped that New Yorkers hate, like parking tickets, control of the Board of Education and pay to play instead of real problems discussed. The most serious fault of the debate was that not one question about the city’s fiscal condition was asked to the city’s two top fiscal officers. In a stunning example of clueless journalism the four reporters who question the candidate did not talk about what must be done to balance the city books in what is sure to be (after the election) the largest cuts to city services since the great depression. The MTA fare hikes and red ink budget not discussed. Do these reporters ride the subways? It gets worse.

Do the Moderator or Reporters Know How to Read?

Not one question suggested in NYT was asked in the debate

Soaring pension costs, $5 billion budget deficit, what tax proposals do you favor, what would they do to reduce spending and how will you reduce the city 11% unemployment rate were all ignored by the clueless reporters, Cuts in services and increase taxes are where all New Yorkers will live the next 4 years.

Thanks to Michael Scotto and the other reporters conducting this debate we will be clueless to what the winning candidate will do once in office on these critical issues to every New Yorker. Brian Lehrer and the other reporters added to the dysfunctional campaign that allows candidate to promise more services to the public, special interests and the unions when the reality of the falling city and state tax revenues mean once elected the mayor will close firehouse, people will die waiting ambulances service that will be cut and children will learn less because of crowded class rooms.

Candidate Scripted Attack

Even the candidate when they had a chance to ask each other stay away from asking each other about the city’s economy. Avoidance of the city’s economic melt down dangers and the well scripted spin answers to questions with weak or no follow ups by the clueless reporters, made the campaign somewhat of a bore. Dominic Carter if you are the chosen one who handles every debate get a tape of the late Tim Russet conducting debates and learn how to do it right.

Despite the fact that NY1 is so in love with themselves with there idea of the lighting round. It has to be the dimmest debate tool in the history of debates

It is NY1 Mr. Carter and Mr. Hardt Debate Disaster

Do you think the 10% of New Yorkers who are out of work care if the mayoral candidates get pedicures? Do you think that parents who want their children to receive a good education care about if the candidates exercise? Do you think that the people waiting inside Kings County Hospital care about a mayor’s position about Afghanistan? Do you think a single mother whose child day care center was closed because of lack of funding cares what a mayor things about Roman Polanski. Do you think knowing how many calories in a Big Mac will help unemployed New Yorkers pay for their children food? The dumbest question of the night had to be: Who is better Pedro Espada or Joe Bruno? Barrett: My Favorite Nugget from Last Night's Debate

More on Carter from True News Debate Designed to Confuse

These false statement were not challenged by the clueless reporters Bloomberg lied when he said he did not change parties to set up a presidential run. Thompson lied when he said he did not take any money from money manages who received pension funds from his office.Mayoral Debate's Little Fibs(Voice)

Talking Points Attacks

Neither candidate seemed to land a decisive punch that would alter the course of a lopsided campaign, but there were punches

The questions that did the most damage to the mayor were about term limits - he just did not have a good answer. Thompson shot himself in the foot when he had trouble coming up with a neighborhood where he like to see zoning changes in. After several moments he said the Westside of Manhattan which has never really been associated with over development.

Thompson struck first and strongest blow, blasting Bloomberg for undoing term limits

"Can the richest man in New York City play by his own set of rules, while we play by a separate set of rules?"\

"At every level, it hasn't been about the people of New York City. It's been about you." ***Thompson, a Democrat, defended his education record, saying, "I didn't run the school system," and fuming that Bloomberg was distorting his record.***Bloomberg said the comptroller accepted $650,000 in campaign contributions from people doing business with the pension system he oversees.*** Thompson accused Bloomberg of using his massiv8e wealth to buy votes, charging that the mayor bought party lines and donated funds to curry favor with influential community groups.

Only the NYP wrote about lack of substance in the debate. It was actually the opinion of one of the member of a public panel analysing the debate Showdown all bile, no substance:panel (NYP) *** A wasted debateB'berg, Thompson ignore economy Other media coverage of the debate Mike & Bill turn debate into all-out war (NYP) *** Combative challenger starts hot, ends cold (NYP)*** Bloomberg’s Foe Finds Campaign Spotlight Elusive (NYT) *** Bloomberg Defends His Record in First Mayoral Debate (NYT) *** Dust-Up of the Debate Occasionally Obscures Some Facts (NYT)*** In debate, Thompson sheds sacrificial lamb persona (DN) *** Bill Thompson has the look of a winner now: Is that enough? (DN) *** Body language debate: Mayoral debate like Mr. Heat vs. Mr. Ice *** TV Thompson says Bloomberg buys support (WABC) *** Political Punches Fly During First Mayoral Debate (NY1) *** Bloomberg, Thompson In Spirited First Debate (WCBS) *** Bloomberg, Thompson Spar Over Term Limits, Credibility (WNBC)

Road to City Hall
Calling Tax Hike Mike out on the carpet *** Advocates of Superfund cleanup of Gowanus Canal denied entry at city launch of $150M cleanup *** John Liu takes the pledge: Controller candidate must keep promise to decline matching funds *** Rent is Too Damn High Party tells its nominee to get lost *** Poll: Bloomberg Widens the Gap *** Adam Lisberg: “Thompson has not presented his own strong rationale for running the city. That's not what his campaign is about *** Michael Powell said Bloomberg was unexciting, but Thompson remains unknown *** Brian Lehrer’s analysis: “Bloomberg won the debate unless NYers are angry enough to turn out a mayor whose record was not challenged very much.” *** Michael Barbaro thinks Thompson was on the offensive while Bloomberg was slightly bored and bothered *** Thompson said he “didn’t run the school system.” *** Bloomberg reduced Thompson's term as Board of Ed president to "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic."*** Overlooked Moments in the Debate ***Thompson Asks: What Does $15K An Hour Mean To You? *** Bloomberg: 'Facts Are The Facts' *PM* Bloomberg to Review Actions of Campaign Aide *** The Mayor Who Added Jobs, and Lost Some, Too(NYT) *** Dan Collins: The Mayoral Race That Wasn't
***Mayor Bloomberg's Detailed Answer on Taxes *** Barrett: My Favorite Nugget from Last Night's Debate

Media Pushes for the Mayor Wind reigns at city's green 'power park'
A Wink at the TWU (NYP Ed) Asked if he'd back hitting the TWU with hefty Taylor Law fines if it stages a slowdown, Thompson replied: "I don't know if that violates the Taylor Law" *** City kids are upward bound: New data document major education gains in five boroughs (DN ED)

Cops Push the Media Outside Of Mayoral Debate, Police Threaten Arrests of Public and Press

NYC's Economic Crisis New York's Hospital Havoc (NYP Ed) *** Tax-revenue free fall *** Bus drivers in threat to hit 'breaks' *** Closing of Tavern on the Green Is Threatened *** Riders, MTA brace for transit workers' 'day of outrage' *** HUD honcho a no-show as critical tenants deluge stand-in *** Sales of Manhattan buildings plunge 82% *** NYC Homeless Numbers At 'All-Time High'... ***Poster-Loving Civic Groups Protest Steep Fines *** Riders, MTA Brace For Union's 'Day Of Outrage' *** Tom DiNapoli said the budget could be $4.1 billion out of balance

Pay to Play Paterson awards $1.5M taxpayer funds to Claire's phony LDC *** Mayor Bloomberg's School-Snack Bungle (Voice Robbins)

NYS Economic Crisis
The Legislature Feeds Again As of Oct. 1, they began getting higher travel and lodging stipends, or per-diems -- even though many hotels and restaurants have lowered their prices *** Pols kick gov's 'privates' plan "I remain reluctant," said Assembly Speaker Silver *** The staffs of state leaders will meet today to talk about the budget. (TU) ***Gov. David Paterson vows to keep on keeping on, regardless of his current political situation. (CN9) *** He has a plan to cut the budget, and says he’ll release it in a few days. Legislators have ignored his call for their own cuts. (NYS Public Radio/ DN) *** The Legislature is again ignoring Gov. David Paterson's call for a list of budget cuts *** WSJ: T Minus Four Months Until Stuyvesant Town Defaults *** The First Domino in New Crisis? ***Budget Chicken And A $4.1 Billion Hole (Updated)

Law and Order Crunch time for 'slasher' Monserrate *** Monserrate risked reputation by helping gal, lawyer claims *** As Monserrate Trial Closes, Starkly Different Accounts of Injuries *** Second Suspect in Attack on Gay Man Is Arrested *** Top State Court Hears Cases on Gay Marriage *** Crime Falls, but Why -- and at What Cost? (Gotham Gazette) *** Gonzalez: Verdict in Hiram trial hinges on judge, not jury *** Brutal gay-bias beating caught on film
*** Monserrate's lawyer blasts doc's testimony *** City using videotape to nab, fine cabbies in bus-only lanes *** Atlantic Yards foes land another lawsuit (Crains) *** The Court of Appeals hears arguments in a case over state recognition of same-sex marriages from out of state for state benefits. (TU/ NYT/ AP/ GNS) *** Attorneys file a flurry of pre-trial motions in the case against former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. (TU)

White House The White House's Fiesta Latina *** Biden No Longer a Lone Voice on Afghanistan ***Clinton and Gates Join Forces in Debate on Afghanistan Buildup *** Russia Resists U.S. Position on Sanctions for Iran *** Another Fine Mess: Comics Whack Obama *** Health Insurers Emerge As Obama's Top Foe (Wash Post) *** Obama sending 13,000 troops to Afghanistan: report *** Reagan, Like Obama, Was Adored by Party Base - David Paul Kuhn, RCP *** Obama, Big Pharma, and You - Howard Fineman, Newsweek *** High Price of ObamaCare - Dick Morris, The Hill *** Upcoming: Five Bushie Memoirs

Congress Ex-ally to challenge Charlie *** Rangel’s Ex-Aide Will Run Against Him *** Congress Is Split on Effort to Tax Costly Health Plans *** Rep. Wexler To Resign From Congress *** After Key Vote, Democrats Turn to Harry Reid - Jay Newton-Small, Time *** Snowe Vote Pushes Dems Toward Intraparty Battle - Carrie Brown, Politic *** Washington Is Nuts - Tony Blankley, Washington Times *** House Dems Now Rep Richest Regions

Pay to Play That Promised Financial Reform For lawmakers to deliver robust financial reform to protect the American public, they must resist the lobbying power of the banking industry (NYT Ed) *** In a Case Turning on Financial Ills, a Search for Jurors

Health Care Next Test in Health Care Fight: Melding Competing Bills *** Republican’s Vote Lifts a Health Bill, but Hurdles Remain *** Snowe Called All the Plays (Wash Post) *** Unions Say No To Baucus Bill *** Health Care Reform Will Now Pass - Michael Tomasky, The Guardian *** Your Massachusetts Future - Wall Street Journal *** Baucus Bill Too Skimpy; More Money Needed for Reform - Boston Globe *** Reid Calls for End to Insurance Industry Antitrust Exemption

Schwarzenegger: "Swift Action" awaits Wife Maria Shriver Caught Driving while using Cell Phone; California Gov. Enacted Law in 2008 (CBS)

Wall Street and the Economy Pay czar insuring AIG will slash bonuses *** Federal Pay Czar Tries Again to Trim A.I.G. Bonuses *** JPMorgan Chase Reports Strong Profit of $3.6 Billion *** Still on the Job, but Making Only Half as Much *** Dollar Hits 14-Month Low; Stocks Rise Boosted by Intel *** Don't Reinflate the Old Bubbles (Wash Post) *** JPMorgan earns $3.6B, loan losses soar *** Free Enterprise is Engine for U.S. Jobs - Thomas Donohue, RealClearPolitics *** Who'll Rein In Wall St.? - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post *** What's Michael Moore Talking About? - John Stossel, RealClearPolitics

Pay to Play E-Mail Shows Concerns Over Merrill Deal Screw the share holders *** Court to Hear Ex-Enron Chief Appeal

International Not Good Enough Before we send more troops to Afghanistan, the Obama administration needs to focus on what kind of Afghan government we have as our partner (Friedman NYT) *** India Finds Itself Awash in Foreign Investment *** Pakistan Aid Places U.S. in the Midst of a Divide *** Even 80K troops won't trump Afghan corruption: McChrystal *** The Doomed Mideast 'Peace Process' - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe *** Irans Mullahs Emboldened by U.S. Feebleness - Washington Times

Terror Plot
Report: Terror suspect was in touch with top Al Qaeda leader
Media and New Tech A French twist for NBCU Comcast deal hangs on Vivendi's OK vote for 20% stake *** BlackBerry, Upgraded, Aims to Suit Every User ***Bloomberg Buys BusinessWeek From McGraw-Hill *** Fox’s Volley With Obama Intensifying *** Fox News heavies bite back after dig *** Redstone selling CBS, Viacom stakes *** Bloomberg scoops up BusinessWeek *** WATCH: Jon Stewart Takes On Fox News For Not Covering Gay Rights March *** FCC Chief Seeks Broad Open-Internet 'Rules'... *** Rush and the NFL: Partisan Politics at Play - Carl Cannon, Politics Daily *** How Fox News Outsmarted the White House - John Batchelor, Daily Beast *** WALL STREET JOURNAL passes USA TODAY as nation's top-selling daily newspaper *** COST CUTTING: TV station trains newscasters -- to operate own tele-prompters *** Publishing veteran resurfaces with e-book venture *** Mayor Applauds His Company’s Deal for Business Week *** Report: Oprah, Larry King In "Booking War" *** Kiss Your Wireless Router Goodbye New WiFi Direct would eliminate need for hotspots *** Libraries and Readers Wade Into Digital Lending New York Times calls off sale of Boston Globe *** Free Press: Comcast/NBC Universal Merger Bad for the Public Interest *** Imus gives FOX BUSINESS first ratings victory over CNBC...