Friday, February 19, 2010

NYT Needs Regime Change

Friday Update

Kerik Is Sentenced in Corruption Case *** The fall of Bernie Kerik(NYP Ed) *** Editorial: Bye-bye, Bernie

Ex-AG Representing Bloomberg Volunteer Under Scrutiny

Fading in stretchAssembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is prepared to kill the controversial Aqueduct slots contract awarded to a politically wired consortium because of ongoing federal and state probes *** Aqueduct probers won't find anything, guv boasts

Mob Takes the Fifth in the 20's Today I don't recall
Malcolm Smith: I'm clueless on $$

Slow Building
To keep construction budget going with less funding the state and city has simply cut the number of workers on any given project. This has led to delays delays delays everywhere Ground-Zero (yawn) setback *** Developer nixes plans for 79-story Tower 2 Ground Zero *** Arbitrators rule against Silverstein at Ground Zero *** EDC dropping convention center from Willets Point plan
*** Bloomberg: 'Stop This Craziness' On Ground Zero *** Bloomberg urges WTC site rebuild to 'move forward'

Quinn focuses on jobs she helped destroy (Queens Crap)

Join Assemblyman Joe Morelle In Standing Up For New York State Taxpayers

Monserrate Loses Legal Challenge To Expulsion (Updated) ***
Judge Is Skeptical in Monserrate’s Suit to Return to Senate *** No-show Hiram is on the hooky *** Judge upholds expulsion of convicted Queens senator

Play to Pay Albany Creates Jobs for Themselves Albany Dems charge GOP create jobs... for themselves *** Disgraced ex-Senate Majority Leader Bruno's indictment no problem for New York *** Paterson: Blame lawmakers if tax refunds delayed *** Unions gave almost three times as much money to Andrew Cuomo than David Paterson. (TU) *** CMA Consulting Services got millions in contracts from New York City, Juan Gonzalez finds. (DN)
Check Spelling

The Big Tease and Cynical Spin
Scott Brown killed the health care bill now our pols are trying to win public support for pushing for a public option they know will never pass NY senators join new public option push

City’s Affordable Housing Program Faces Trouble Finding Buyers

Federal Judge Rejects Claim That Terrorist Was Beaten

Obama Should Focus on Jobs, Deficit--Not Health Care - Doug Schoen, WSJ

In a classic scene in the movie Blazing Saddles Cleavon Little points a gun to his head and threatens to kill himself to get away from an very dumb angry white crowd. Today's Daily News editorial says 24 Albany legislators are doing the same routine in blaming the MTA for ending free bus passes when it was the pols who cut the MTA budget Shameless scoundrels: Assembly pols reach new heights of hypocrisy on MTA

National Enquirer Officially in Running for Pulitzer Prize

NYT Needs Regime Change
No More Ivy League Clueless Reporters

Friday NYT Focus in On the Gov

Absent at critical times and not often in his office

The NYT is aware of the very negative reaction it has gotten from both the public and other journalists for the story about David Johnson, today public what many believe was the real direction of their investigation Paterson's personal habits. The NYT said Paterson has become increasing isolation but does not explain how the budget crisis and dysfunctional legislature contributed to it. As Campaign Nears, Paterson Is Seen as Increasingly Remote

With all the corruption in New York how could the NYT publish such a dumb article Wednesday? What more can I say. There is no there there at the Times anymore. The paper needs a new management team if it is going to continue

Paterson response

David Paterson's Sudden Conversion on Monserrate Violence Case Sparked by Times Probe of His Own Aide David Johnson? A Timeline. (Barrett Village Voice)

Taunting The TimesPaterson ripped the New York Times this morning for what radio host John Gambling deemed a "hit piece" on the governor's "body man," David Johnson

Paterson Aide’s Quick Rise Draws Scrutiny Readers are leaving comments slamming the NYT * NYT Plagiarist RESIGNS *** No One's Perfect, Not Even The NY Times *** Scandalous NYT David Paterson Story Not Even About David Paterson *** Let's Not Forget about David Paterson's Other Sketchy Aide Gawker *** David Paterson Story in the Times Undermined by Its Own Foreplay Village Voice *** A Times reader asks: what's the point of the story? *** Reader Cret 75 said my piece "SEEMS MORE LIKE GOSSIP." *** Paterson: New York Times report on aide lacks 'facts' CNN*** Profs respond to Paterson coverage NYU Washington Square News *** The Business Insider apologizes to Paterson, calling the Times story on David Johnson "a big fat nothing." *** Ditto, says the Syracuse Post-Standard.

Eliot advising gov on scoring with voters
Friday Update He's an El of a guy

Bob Hardt trashes The New York Times story on David Paterson and David Johnson: "[T]hese last two weeks have to be one of the lowest points in political journalism in New York City." The story used "something out of the Willie Horton school of photography." Try watching NYT every night **Corporate Owners: NY1 Dummy Us All Down *Dominic Carter Out of Jail, Eleven Days Early -- Daily Intel* A Broken Debate Caused by Clueless Reporters

New York 1 News political director Bob Hardt raises a red flag on The New York Times coverage of David Paterson, saying they're covering the governor in a way that's not extended to others, like Michael Bloomberg. Or Andrew Cuomo.

Paterson Rally in Times Square

What if you gave a campaign and no one showed up?

Paterson seeks crowd for his campaign kickof * Gov. David Paterson's campaign kickoff will be final nail in political coffin if crowds don't show

** Paterson needs big turnout for big turnaround

Aqueduct Investigation Continues
Friday Update Feds on Aqueduct warpath *** Aqueduct Racino Debacle Uncovers Another Astonishing Relationship *** What are they hiding? Burning questions still unanswered about Aqueduct deal (DN Ed) *** Paterson: I Was Against AEG Before I Was For It
(no story by the NYT) exhausted by their David W. Johnson investigation? NYP Aqueduct slots winner started dead last in bid process ***Aqueduct deal's funny bid-ness *** Feds contact losing bidders in probe on Aqueduct deal*** Daily News Editorial: Scratch Aqueduct deal *** Paterson document dump reveals high-stakes wheeling and dealing to win Aqueduct racino competition*** Feds quiz failed Aqueduct bidders over AEG selection*** Feds galloping into probe of Aqueduct racino deal

Andy rips Hiram bid*** Ares Management LLC, Freeman Spogli & Co. sign on to Cuomo's pension fund code of conduct *** New Study Says State Pensions Are $1 TRILLION Short

Tax refunds could be a waity matter

Public disgusted by Obama, Bloomberg and rest of 'in' crowd

Espada’s Bill on Rent Limits Draws Criticism From Tenant Groups

lleged Terror Suspect's Father To Be Released On Bail *** Father of terror suspect Zazi gets bail
Ford: What's Gilly hiding? *** Harold Ford attacked Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand as a “tobacco apologist.” (NYP)

Hospital Workers, St. Vincent's Reach Deal Over Wage Reductions

For Mayor Mike, 60 is the new 70
Mayor Bloomberg's approval rating at lowest in more than 4 years *** Bloomberg's job approval rating falls to 61 percent

Play to Play Congress Economy Is Down, But Dollars Still Roll In To Congress

Ford, Gillibrand escalate political at-tax

Slush Vs Jobs
Pork-fund scandals overshadow Quinn's sweeping change *** Closings loom for NY parks, historic sites *** Sheraton Manhattan laying off 53 workers *** Price of $timulation: 500G per new NY job

Six Reasons Evan Bayh Is Retiring - Howard Fineman, Newsweek *** Obama Electoral Map in Retreat - Ben Smith & Jonathan Martin, Politico *** Bayh's Exit Sends Powerful Message. Is Anyone Listening? - Baltimore Sun *** The Real Reason Evan Bayh Wants Out of Washington - WSJ

Mob City Concrete Testing Company and Owner Are Convicted of Falsifying Work *** Genovese mob boss indicted on racketeering charges

NYT Joins 'True News and NYP in Opposing Member Items

Tuesday Update the NYT joined True News and the NYP in the belief that Council and Albany slush funds lead to political corruption and that so called reforms by both bodies are worthless. The NYT joined TN and the NYP in a call for end to all such member item funds. The NYT like TN and the NYP also listed other pols convicted or under investigation. The NYT even wrote about Seabrooks $177 Bagel. When Politicians Hand Out Money (NYT Ed)

What the NYT editorial did not focus on is the damage slush funds do to competitive elections. The public feels both Albany and the council are dysfunctional and corrupt. But they feel there elected representative is OK. One of the main reason for that belief comes from the pol handing out money to local organizations in their district. How can pol x be bad if he or she gives money to a little league, a group that takes care of battered women or to a school to buy computers. Forget about the corrupt election system member items alone are the reason why almost every incumbent who runs wins reelection. Promises kept: Two more City Council members do the right thing by spurning lulus(DN Ed)

Tuesday UPDATE Meeks directed $290G for convicted drug dealers' nonprofit *** Rep. Meeks sees racism in Aqueduct racino flap *** Aque-losers in leak pique *** Same old Larry: Seabrook's $177 bagel, political nepotism nothing new *** State officials will release Aqueduct bidding documents today. (TU) *** The Rev. Floyd Flake said Aqueduct Entertainment Group is composed of “eminently qualified professionals…A rare blend of leaders in multiple fields has synthesized their best-in-class experiences to form a partnership that will significantly benefit Queens.” (NYP)

Campaign is goin' 'full speed ahead,' Paterson insists *** Albany incumbents are stoking their war chests. (GNS)

What Happen to No Fare Hikes in 2010?
The M.T.A.'s finances are so bad that fares may go up to $2.60 for a single ride. Nov 9. 3009 MTA: No fare hikes, service cuts in 2010 -
Even pols are sick of Washington ***Evan Bayh kicks off 2016 race for the White House *** Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Indiana, said he won’t seek re-election because “there is too much partisanship and not enough progress” in Congress. (WP) *** Politico looks at potential successors. (Politico) *** 'There's Just Too Much Brain-Dead Partisanship' In Congres *** Dems Take Blow as Senator Bows Out - Hitt & Davis, Wall Street Journal *** Bayh Hits Sharp Partisanship in Washington - Taylor Rushing, The Hill *** Good Riddance to Evan Bayh - Steve Kornacki, Salon *** Dems Need More, Not Fewer, Bayhs in the Senate - Chicago Tribune

He Said She Said Kirsten's new a-tax on Harold *** Ford’s speech

Another Bottle Problem? I got 'intimidating' call, says Hiram Monserrate backer Michael Nardiello *** There are echoes in Monserrate’s case of that of Adam Clayton Powell. (NYT)

Lobby Dollars at Work Mudoff and the pension fund scandal long forgotten the rich get set to do it to us again SEC backs off ban on pension-fund middlemen

True News Wags the Dog Again
TN First That Stated Seabrook Was Not the Exception On the Council

Today's NYP editorial copied a story posted by True News last Friday which said many other councilmember have done exactly what Seabrook was indicted for, hire their friends and family members with member items slush funds. Yesterday the NYT's Public Editor blamed the rumors against Paterson and the criticism the NYT is getting over the story on bloggers Somebody Else’s Rumor

Who is there to defend blogger when the old media rip off their stories? NOBODY

HA HA You Can't Hide from Murdock
NYT Investigating Reporter For Copying WSJ Articles *** New York Times Reporter Fired for Plagiarism *** Journal’s Thomson to Times’ Keller: ‘A Case of ... Fundamental Journalistic Integrity’ *** NY Times Discusses Not Discussing That Paterson Rumor
Today's NYP Editorial

But count on this: Seabrook never would've gotten away with it for so long if a lot of his council colleagues weren't neck-deep in much of the same muck. Larry Seabrook's enablers
Today's NYP Editorial Lists members getting slush funds Ex-Councilman Miguel Martinez of Manhattan, who pleaded guilty last year to stealing more than $100,000 from council-funded nonprofits.* * Ex-Councilman Kendall Stewart of Brooklyn: Two of his top aides were caught in 2008 skimming $145,000 from a charity his office funded.* * Bronx Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, who may be the next to fall: Her nephew was indicted last year for stealing $200,000 from nonprofits funded by Arroyo and her mother, Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo.* * Former Councilman Stephen DiBrienza of Brooklyn, who started getting council funds for his own shady nonprofit the moment he left office in 2001.* * Brooklyn Council Members Diana Reyna, Darlene Mealy and Erik Martin Dilan, all of whom tried to send pork to nonprofits run by family members. a. Maria del Carmen Arroyo says her sister and nephew had left the nonprofit by the time the group was given the money. Bronx City Council member Maria Del Carmen Arroyo has a unique way to get taxpayer support for her family. *b. In her penultimate year as a member of the New York City Council, Maria Baez has found herself the subject of media scrutiny. News stories regarding poor attendance at Council meetings, enormous cell phone bills and a check to a non-existent organization, have left Baez with a tarnished public image. *c. Leroy Comrie, who represents southeast Queens, has co-sponsored $115,000 in member items for a nonprofit that lists his wife, Marcia Moxam Comrie, as an unpaid vice president. *d. Brooklyn Pol Put $187G of Your Dough into Wife's Nonprofit *e. Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him *f. From the article "Slush pols look after their own" Helen Foster
g. Millions shifted to unregistered charities with ties to Council members Sara Gonzalez *h. Brooklyn councilwoman Darlene Mealy's 25G for nonprofit run by sister tabledi. T'S ALL ABOUT RECCHIA! THE VOTERS HAVE NO CHOICE * k. Council member Diana Reyna of Brooklyn was generous with her in-laws, starting with $75,000 for the Striking Viking Story Pirates, an acting troupe featuring her sister-in-law, Laura Hernandez. * l. Missing Sanders Campaign Filings Trigger Review * m. Two Council Aides Face Federal Charges Kendal Stewart * n. '3RD TERM' IS $LUSH HOUR MIKE'S FUND GAVE BIG BOOSTS TO COUNCIL POLS MULLING LIMITS LAW James Vacca * o. Tom White PUBLIC $ERVICE PAYS TOP COUNCIL EARNER * p. Gifford Miller: Slush-Fund Refugee * q. Ex-Speaker Hires Lawyer in Inquiry - New York Times * r. CITY TO PAY FOR COUNCIL'S LAWYERS - New York Post * s. A Letter to Garcia: (Michael) Garcia U.S. Attorney Room Eight * t. Queens Crap: Council slush fund quid quo pro * u. - NYC Taxpayers Petition For Slush Fund Inquiry * v. Lobbyists' Role in Council Slush Fund Scandal Probed - June 20 ... * w. BLOOMBERG HAS HIS OWN SLUSH FUND - New York Post * x. Phony Allocations by City Council Reported - New York Times * y. SLUSH-FUND SHENANIGANS - NY Post Editorial * z. QUINN: SLUSH FUND HELPED ME - New York Post

Today's NYP Editorial

Council Speaker Christine Quinn is especially culpable: She says she's instituted "reforms," but pork remains her No. 1 tool for enforcing discipline. She was even caught budgeting cash for made-up groups in order to quietly dispense it to allies later.
The NYP Keeps the Heat on the Flake and Smith Qns. neighbors slam Aque-pick ***Gov OKs 'cover-up' on documents*** Links Between Charity and State Senator’s Staff *** Man at center of 'Katrina scam' passes the buck ***$$ links of mentor Flake & pupil Smith *** Aqueduct slots victor my best bet: Dave *** Charity big & her 145G gig *** 'Cane fund's shamed lawman now a teach *** Tsunami cash down 'sinkhole'

Gov of La Mancha Albany
Paterson's 2010-2011 budget includes a provision that would force daycare workers to pay union dues.

Election 2010
Former Jet and local minister Michael Faulkner will challenge Rep. Charlie Rangel on the GOP line *** Four of the Democrats jockeying for Cuomo's job worked caucus weekend.

Ford: I'm not running (yet)*** Run, Mort, run!(NYP ED) *** Real estate giants bypass laws to give cash to Gov. & Cuomo*** Benjamin: Gov's campaign keeps supporters guessing *** Paterson's "underdog defiant tone" work to rally his base at caucus weekend, Jay Gallagher (!) writes *** The Washington Post suggests "one could look at the facts and plausibly conclude that Cuomo is bashing a bank to further his campaign for governor."

New York Economic Melt Down
Oh, sit! $50 for feet on a seat *Problems at St. Vincent’s Reflect Healthcare System's Woes and Could Create More** WTC transit hub faces delay beyond '14 *** Remnants of Spitzer’s Plan for Universities Are in Peril *** Worry at Stuyvesant Town as Foreclosure Draws Near *** What’s Wrong With Us?Ignoring the nation’s infrastructure problems imperils public safety, diminishes our competitiveness and results in missed opportunities to create jobs."I wasn't involved in the creation of this new concept and I'd rather have a chance to study it before I comment on it," said LG Richard Ravitch of Paterson's plan to change the MTA payroll tax rate *** The Bronx has a new economic czar

Inside City Hall At Bronx Vocational School, Concern Over Plan for Charter

Law and Order DNA Match Leads to Arrest in Rapes From 2000 and ’03

Bank robbers use getaway taxis *** In the City’s Vital Statistics, So Many Ways to Die by Accident
Terror Secret Joint Raid Captures Taliban’s Top Commander *** U.S. Encounters Limits of Iran Engagement Policy *** Taliban's top military commander captured *** Clinton warns of nuclear buildup (Wash Post)
Taliban Fighters Said to Flee Under Coalition Pressure *** So take the bus: Islamic objections to full-body airport scans are not going to fly *** Hillary dares Iran to hold town hall meeting to discuss Israel, nukes and peace

White House Obama Seeks Return To Campaign-Style Discipline *** The Washington Post has a new blog focusing on the cabinet. (WP) *** Cheney's Real Enemy is Bush - Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast *** Biden's Diversion Strategy - William McGurn, Wall Street Journal *** Another Case of TSA Overkill - Daniel Rubin, Philadelphia Inquirer *** India's Unease With Obama - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post

Clinton Fears Iran Is Headed for Military Dictatorship*** Joe Biden fires back after Dick Cheney's criticism of Obama: He's either ignorant or evil *Dueling Vice Presidents Trade Barbs - Helene Cooper, New York Times * Playing National Security Politics - Fred Hiatt, Washington Post *** Obama's Massachusetts Lesson: Time to Lead - John Heilemann, NY Mag *** Obama Needs Bill Clinton More Than Ever - E.J. Dionne, The New Republic *** A White House in Denial - San Diego Union-Tribune *** US Attorney General Eric Holder is working on his political ear after his ill-fated decision to hold the KSM trial in Lower Manhattan *** 'Blame Bush' Argument Wearing Thin With Public - Wall Street Journal *** Interview with Vice President Biden - Meet the Press *** Remembering President Washington - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics***New Jersey Senator Lautenberg Diagnosed with Stomach Cancer

Lautenberg taken to hospital after falling in home *** A list of Democratic, Republican trouble spots to watch out for this fall *** Republicans eye Senate gains (Wash Post) *** Boehner Asks White House To Publish Health Care Bill Online, Then Pounces When It's Posted *** Five ways to lose the Senate majority *** Scorekeepers: Handicapping the House (Politico) *** Possibility of a Republican Senate Grows - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
Senate Democrats Race to Regain Coalition for Jobs Bill - Washington Post *** Lobbyist Spending Up 5% Despite National Recession - The Hill *** Backward Bipartisanship on Health Bill - Paul Waldman, Am. Prospect *** Presidents Day: Congress' Meddling on Display - Johanna Neuman, LAT *** Joe the Plumber says McCain 'screwed my life up' *** Fixing the Court's Campaign Finance Ruling - Washington Post *** Take Piece-by-Piece Approach on Health Care Reform - Denver Post

Political Party Palin Not Ready for Prime Time - Richard Cohen, Washington Post *** President Palin's Long Odds - David Paul Kuhn, RealClearPolitics

Wall Street The Year in ForeclosuresTo stem foreclosures, banks must be compelled to get on board with a Treasury plan to get second-mortgage owners to write down their debt once the first mortgage is modified (NYT Ed) *** New Jobless Era Will Transform America - Don Peck, The Atlantic *** So Far, This Is Not a 1930s Stock Market - Brad Hessel, Motley Fool ** Big Government Not a Solution - John Stossel, FOX Business *** How to Properly Regulate the Big Banks - Henry Paulson, New York Times *** Greek Deficit Crisis Holds Lessons for U.S. - Christian Science Monitor *** Matt Taibbi Blasts Wall Street Again In 'Bailout Hustle'

Dose of Reality on 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post

The China Miscalculation - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** U.K. Inflation Rose Sharply in January

Media and New Tech
Gawker editor shuffled out as it buys Cityfile *** Times Reporter Held by Taliban Is Among Polk Award Winners *** Google Mulls More Changes to Buzz *** Wired Shows Off iPad Edition... Editor: 'This Is What We've Been Waiting For For 15 Years'

'Family Guy' appears to mock Down syndrome of Palin's son *** Maddow: I Don't Cover Don't Ask Don't Tell Because I'm Gay *** Columbia J-School Dean: Fox News Attacks 'Very Good Advertising For Us' *** Vancouver Opening Ceremony Draws 48% More Viewers Than Turin *** BIDING THEIR TIME: The Rise Of The Pundit-Candidate