Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New York Economic Melt Down

Doo's and don'ts of a lady: Remembering Fran Lee, the pooper-scooper trooper (DNEd)

New York Economic Melt Down
1K layoffs on track to save MTA $50M *** li blitzed over 500G hosp deal *** State sales-tax hit Sales-tax collections tumbled 5.9 statewide in 2009 -- the sharpest drop in at least two decades *** OTB bailout nixed *** M.T.A. Plans to Lay Off Subway Agents *** City Orders Reductions in Lengths of Parades to save money *** City's sales tax collections declined in 2009 *** Sources: MTA To Announce New Round Of Layoffs

***Monday ***
If you have no money to build new housing you spin preserve. The city's development policy has destroyed a large amount of the city's affordable housing City’s New Plan on Affordable Housing: Build Less, Preserve More *Decaying Apartments Symptom of Housing Crisis (WINS) ** Goal shift for city affordable housing plans *** MTA Ridership Down; Job Loss, Economy Blamed *** City’s Public Hospitals Fear Huge Loss in Subsidies ***NYRA brass in the chips Bosses pulling in big salaries as racing group implores state for aid*** City health gap soars *** Transit pres. says whole MTA system needs makeover

Gov of La Mancha Albany
Paterson confidante David Johnson flew to Dallas last fall for a Giants-Cowboys game, courtesy of affordable-housing magnate Jonathan Coren (NYP Ed)*** Gov. Paterson not fazed by his plunging poll numbers

*** Monday *** Paterson, Before Meeting Obama, Hones Message *** Gov. Paterson turnout in Buffalo exceeds campaign estimates after 200 supporters show *** David Paterson, the "Teflon governor"? ***Dave still has an empty feeling *** Ex-aide deals gov race card Charles O'Byrne -- who became infamous after claiming that "late filers' syndrome" prevented him from paying state and federal taxes for five years -- has emerged as a key figure during the governor's late-stage political collapse.

Out of Times If you want to know how out of touch the NYT has become, ask yourself how a state running close to a ten billion dollar debt can find any money for anything. Failing GradeTo fully rebuild New York’s G.E.D. system, the State Legislature should put more money into the program.

Pay to Play Council
2nd council member in boiler-firm hot water The blacklisted Bronx boiler company that allegedly bribed indicted City Councilman Larry Seabrook also steered thousands of dollars to another council member with her own set of legal woes, records show. Bronx Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, who has been identified as a target of an ongoing Department of Investigation

A Day At the RacesOrleans outraged over Meeks do-nothing 'charity' *** Aqueduct deal smells like horse %#!+: poll

*** Monday ***Ex-New Orleans big: Queens charity promised Katrina aid - but never delivered

ACORN shell of itself as it renames office *** WFP cuts off its arm *** ACORN's NY branch to cut all ties with parent group *** Acorn cracked: reorganizes under new names

Election 2010 Lupica: If you can't make it here, you can't make it anywherePaterson, Ford and Monserrate prove any bozo can make it in NY politics *** Sharpton still backing Gillibrand - for now *** O campaign czar praises Gilly, stays mum on Ford *** Gillibrand: Ford sounds more like Palin than NY Dem *** Obama Aide Holds Fundraiser For Gillibrand

Even Hiram bests gov *** Monserrate wants to run

The Research Foundation of the State University of New York issued a very lucrative no-bid contract to former Chief Judge Judith Kaye to investigate SUNY Binghamton's athletic program.

New York Times Silent On Major Carlos Slim Lawsuit

Stuy-Town residents on their own, says Bloomberg

Bloomberg Doesn’t Want to Talk About His Money

Man Accused Of Plotting Attack On City Accepts Plea Deal

Pols, be careful what you wish: Black, Latino legislators are equal opportunity offendersThe tribal culture of today's politics and media Drop Dead Unemployed As long as pols get reelected without having to solve the city's unemployment problem there will be no solution to how to find jobs for New Yorkers. The mayor and his newspaper friends are all Wall Street Investors and don't see jobs as their top priority. 20 unemployed vie for every one NYC position *** Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs Inside Baseball Campaign Coverage. Pols not responsible for any problem or issues. Campaigns are measured on how you attack your opponent, not solve a problem like unemployment How Ford got Gilly in gear: Potential rival has made Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tougher, say experts * Obama's Dangerous Game of Politics - Mort Zuckerman, US News & WR Not only New York, America Cannot Solve Its Problems Also Why I’m Leaving the Senate Op-Ed: Evan Bayh *** Does Washington Need Fixing? - John Harwood, New York Times * So Much for the Pivot to Jobs - J. Capretta & Y. Levin, Weekly Standard

Facebook Hiram Monserrate Dear Friends; As we are reviewing our appeal options there has been a special election called for March 16, 2010. I am requesting everyone's Help to collect signatures to get on the ballot. Any registered voter in NYS can assist us. please stop by our Campaign Office 40-53 99th street in Corona, Queens. Thanks!!!

Steve Ratner's High Noon
Bloomberg Dumps Him

The only reason why Bloomberg will be taking money out of Steve Ratner firms is that he has gotten word that something is immanent on what will happen to the one time White House advisor for his role in the pension scandal and his relationship with the indicted Hank Morris. Too many friends. Expect a soft landing since the NYT is spin the reason is a 2012 Bloomberg run. Most of the people who handle the Bloomberg account will be moving on to the new firm. The same thing happens when a mob company get convicted by the feds. All their equipment is moved to a new contractor with the same people in control. Bloomberg Shifts $5 Billion Out of Friend’s Firm ***Bloomberg Pulls Assets From Quadrangle Background: True News Explains What is Really Going On in the Pension Scandal

Even the NYT who owner has a special relationship with Ratner today has an editorial against the Comptrollers plan to bring back Bringing Back the Fixers pension funds politically connected money managers. The NYT says "If firms owned by women or minorities are being shut out of the investment competition, there are better ways to deal with the problem than using placement agents."Liu Proposes Changes to NYC Pension Fund Management *** Rattner: Toxic Conflict of Interest; Is the NYT at Risk? *** Organized Crime Politics: Comptroller Office for Sale $$$ *** The Silence of the Lions: What the Comptroller Candidates Don't Want You to Know *** Bloomberg Moves Money From Pal's Firm, 2012 In Sight? *** Paterson Launches Election Campaign In Long Island *** New York's Accidental Governor Runs For Full Term Huffington Post (blog) *** Paterson Bombshell Story Not That Shocking 18 (NY Magazine) *** Defiant Paterson Launches Campaign (WNYC)

When you buy ink by the barrel and want to get rid of a governor you do stories until the voters agree
As Campaign Nears, Paterson Is Seen as Increasingly Remote Read the comments on the NYT Paterson story *** Times Says Paterson Is Remote and Uninvolved Except for Two Buddies

The Comeback Kid?
Facebook Joseph Mercurio Paterson was a Queens ADA's, on the staff of Borough President Dinkins. He was elected State Senator and in 2003 became Minority Leader. Paterson was selected as Lt. Gov. in the 2006 election and replaced Spitzer when he stepped down. Yet he is now running for reelection saying, "We're not the establishment candidate.” Gov. Paterson set to launch election bid at Hofstra rally *** David who? Dems absent at campaign kickoff *** Win or lose, life will go on for Gov. Paterson's wife *** The Times Profiles Paterson
*** Sitting Governor 'Not the Establishment Candidate' *** Update Paterson Declares Intention to Seek Re-election *** NY Gov. Paterson launches election bid Washington Post *** NewsPoliticsGov. David Paterson at campaign kickoff: I'm running for office *** Did the Times hold Paterson too accountable on Race to the Top? GothamSchools *** Rex Smith: After the hype, a real truth told *** Guv launches election bid at Hofstra rally (NYP) *** Paterson Offically Launches His Campaign, Is Defensive*** Paterson Opens His Campaign (NYT)
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver ap pears poised to kill the scandal- scarred Aqueduct racino deal be cause of ongoing federal and state investigations *** Flock flogs Rev. Flake for rolling dice on Aqueduct slots *** Once Low Bidder, AEG Upped Its Ante Queens Tribune

Jefferson Let the People Choose Facebook Joseph Mercurio Senate can expel Monserrate and the voteers protection is the special election. "in Alexander Hamilton's words, 'that the people should choose whom they please to govern them." Now lets defeat him in the election. Judge Declines to Reverse Monserrate’s Expulsion From the State Senate *** Judge Rejects Attempt To Block Monserrate Expulsion *** MONSERRATE REACTIONConstituents react to Hiram mess (Queens Courier) ***UPDATE Sears to run as Republican in special election

No More Dog Crap
A Great New York Fran Lee who said decades ago that what dogs leave behind will lead to sickness in New Yorkers was not only ahead of her time but a real New York character in the form of Bella Abzug with is so missed into New York culture. Fran Lee, Whose Work Led to Pooper-Scooper Law, Is Dead at 99 *** Fran Lee, Champion of 'Pooper-Scooper' Law, Dies

The first 9 Pages of the 68 page NYP is all Tiger Woods

Senate Mud Fight Ford rips Gilly over '06 House returns *** Ford launches harshest attack yet on Gilly

Albany Dysfunctionalism Grab the money: Albany must not blow chance at cash for Housing Authority

Inside City Hall
911 'wrong button' fatal *** Comparing the Government Structures of London and NYC (Urban Omnibus) *** How the Planning Department Sabotages Sustainability (Streetsblog) *** The Non-Profit that Saved Central Park (City Journal) *** Some Nuance on Congestion Pricing (NY Fiscal Watch) *** NY Boy Dies After Ambulance Goes To Wrong Address

New York Economic Melt Down
Bakery bailing on Plaza over mall 'bait-&-switch' *** City spending 2 million on dinner pay for workers who stay late *** NYRA honchos want state to pony up higher salaries*** $100,000+ Teacher Pensions are "Ticking Time Bombs" (Gothamist) *** NYC transit ridership dips; total still second-highest since 1969

Law and Order All 3 cops cleared in subway sodomy
*** Monday *** 3 homicides in five hours *** Senior Counsel, Very Senior Counsel Robert M. Morgenthau *** Disorder in the court: Lawyers have let down sickened Ground Zero workers
*** Saturday *** Cops comb Park Slope for woman *** Jury nails firefighter in LI arson murders *** Slay confess but hung jury *** Jury in Police-Abuse Trial Restarts Its Deliberations*** Ex-inmate sues city after being beaten for taking 3 crackers*** A dozen 9/11 health cases finally head to court *** Man Awaits Arraignment In Connection With Wife's Death

Al Qaeda terrorist’s chilling testimony, in his own words *** They want us dead: Zazi's chilling terror admissions show the dangers we face (DN Ed)

*** Monday ***
Marines Do Heavy Lifting as Afghan Army Lags in Battle *** Warhead bombshell: UN's new watchdog warns of Iran nuke danger *** Marines converge on Taliban holdouts in Marjah
*** Saturday *** F.B.I., Laying Out Evidence, Closes Anthrax Letters Case *** Top Terror Prosecutor Is a Critic of Civilian Trials *** Foul play is fair game: Mossad got the bad guy, and that's what counts (DN Ed) *** Bush lawyers Yoo, Bybee cleared on torture rap *** Nuclear Countdown for Iran - Ralph Peters, New York Post *** Homeland Security’s Bet on Better Communications Falters *** War, the old-fashioned way (Wash Post) *** A dozen 9/11 health cases, chosen out of 10,000 lawsuits filed, will go to trial starting in May

White House
Obama calls for healthy debate *** The Fat Lady Has SungPresident Obama’s calling is to lead nation-building. He clearly understands this but he has yet to give full voice to it (NYT Ed) * Obama's Dangerous Game of Politics - Mort Zuckerman, US News & WR *** It's Not a Communications Problem at WH - Charlie Cook, National Journal ***White House rolls out health care 2.0: No public option, but more for New Yorkers (with a catch)

*** Saturday *** Bam: You bet I love Sin City! *** Krauthammer: Clinton was a leader. Obama can't seem to manage *** Will Obama Try to Force Through Health Bill? - Peter Wehner, Politics Dly *** Supreme Court Justice Barack Obama? - Jeffrey Rosen, Washington Post *** It's Time to Move Forward on Health Care Bill - President Barack Obama *** Why Obama Needs Rahm at the Top - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *** Whatever Happened to Candidate Obama? - Katha Pollitt, The Nation *** Losing Congress Could Be Good for Obama - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** Obama's Stimulus PR Fraught With Malarkey - Jay Ambrose, OC Register *** What's Gone Wrong? Blame Obama More Than System - The Economist *** Former Secretary of State Haig Dies at 85 *Hillary Clinton Praises Haig** Obama Invites G.O.P. Lawmakers’ Health Care Ideas *** Anniversary of Stimulus Met with Praise and Scorn *** Reid, Obama bound by necessity (Politico) *** Obama: Dems work for greater goo *** Live From Washington! It's Obama health care drama *** OUT THE BACK DOOR DALAI; DON'T SLIP ON THE GARBAGE... *** Obama: No 'political theater' *** Obama’s Prospects in ‘New Blue’ States in 2012 (Newsweek)

Congress In Passage of Jobs Measure, a Glimpse of Bipartisanship *** Newest GOPer crosses aisle to advance 15B jobs bill
*** Monday *** Modest Won’t Do It Without comprehensive regulatory reform, banks are bound to revert to the pre-crisis status quo when the coast is clear (NYT Ed) *** Congress Parties With the Big Money The law that protects Congressional groups collecting corporate and union money for nonprofits without limits urgently needs tightening (NYT Ed)
*** Saturday *** Lautenberg, 86, in cancer fight *** Brown Should Seize Chance to be a Uniter, Not 'Mr. 41' - Boston Globe *** Oink, Oink - Las Vegas Review-Journal *** Public-Option Comeback a Fake Out? *** Pennsylvania: Field Grows to Replace Murtha in Congress *** Indiana: Congressman Enters Race for Bayh’s Senate Seat *** Lincoln will back cloture on jobs bill

Political Parties & Campaigns Senator Now a Challenger Lagging in Polls *** Gingrich and Beck Galvanize Conservatives
*** Saturday *** The GOP's Sprint Away From Sanity - William Galston, The New Republic *** Conservatism is the Future of America - Nile Gardiner, Daily Telegraph *** Quit Redefining Conservatism - Christopher Buckley, The Daily Beast *** Ron Paul Rocks CPAC *** Conservatives vie for CPAC stardom *** Markell: Gov races bright spot for Dems *** Tea-Party Drive Steeped in Novices *** Ron Paul Wins Early Conservative Poll (CBS News) *** Ron Paul wins presidential straw poll at CPAC (CNN)

Wall Street Banks Apply Pressure to Keep Fees Rolling In
*** Wall Street *** Goldman's rehab *** Unsustainable Spending - David Warren, Ottawa Citizen *** U.S. Should Pay Attention To Greece - Clive Crook, National Journal
*** Saturday *** Watchdog takes digital big bite out of Wall Street crooks *** WATCH Elizabeth Warren To Bill Maher: It's Bank Lobbyists vs. American Families *** Paul Volcker: Mortgage Market Will 'Have To Be Reconstructed' *** BofA’s Lewis Knew of Decision to Keep Mum on Merrill Losses - WSJ ($) *** Bank Failures Rise to 20 for 2010

International No remorse in Israel over Hamas leader's assassination *** Broken 'Engagement' in Middle East - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
*** Saturday *** Karzai: NATO Kills Too Many Innocents *** Sunni Party Drops Out of Elections *** Greek Crisis Fallout: Could the Euro's Days Be Numbered? (Time Magazine) *** Fighting rages as Karzai urges restraint from NATO *** Muslims turn to home schooling *** Dutch Government Collapses Over Afghan Mission

Media and New Tech Sarah Palin One Of Jay Leno's First 'Tonight Show' Guests *** Reader's Digest exits bankruptcy with less debt ...
***Monday *** Conan Planning Comeback On Stage *** Bill O'Reilly Tells CPAC: Don't Bash Obama! *** WATCH Eliot Spitzer: Reform Doesn't Come From Bipartisanship *** Tiger and Toyota Try to Rebuild Their Brands - Tim Rutten, LA Times *** Tim Burton's very weird WONDERLAND... *** New York Times Blogs Will Be Behind Pay Wall *** The Birth of Cheap Communication (and Junk Mail)
Page 6 Forgive Tiger? Yes. But Believe? - Philadelphia Inquirer *** Tiger's Mistresses Want Apology Too