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What the Editorial Boards Thought of Paterson's Effort

What the Editorial Boards Thought of Paterson's Effort

While all the editorials were in support of Paterson and very upset with the way business is conducted in Albany the newspapers did differ in their approach and demands. Only the NYP comments on what happen last years at the witching hour when the budget was past. It said Paterson folded and past the largest budget in state history. Now with his job on the line will he take the fight to the mat? Stay Tuned.

NYT "To his great credit, Mr. Paterson skipped the usual, and usually insincere, homages to his fellow politicians and went straight into an unsparing assessment of fiscal and political reality. He insisted that the Legislature attack economics and ethics at the same time." Some Honesty in Albany

"In his State of the State Address yesterday, Gov. Paterson proposed a plan to end political corruption in New York -- and lawmakers politely applauded. The NYP was the only one to point out that Paterson had scant credibility because he did the same tough guy act against the budget last years and then blithely OK'd a budget that grew by a whopping 9 percent and hiked taxes $8 billion. Can David deliver?

Paterson laid it on the line . . . At the moment, he is the only hope New Yorkers have for arriving at even a semblance of honest, affordable government. Spoken like a governor: Paterson rightly declares war on do-nothing Legislature
The NYP described the Assembly and Senate response to Paterson's speech "It was like the Mafia giving it up for a crackdown on organized crime." True News has pointed out for this past year how Albany operates like the mob. How Albany Operates Like the Mob. Not one pol in Albany has ever shown any outrage at their fellow pols who were convicted of corruption by speaking up and naming names. Maybe we should have anonymous hot line for pols to turn in other pols like crime stoppers 1-800-577-TIPS. Not only is the pols protection of one another like the cops' Blue Wall of Silance it is very mob like My son, the rat Mob dad rips kid for giving him up. Now Paterson is picking up what Albany said months ago about Albany's 'Blue Wall Of Silence' On May 21 True News talked about Albany's Blue Wall of Silence The Political Wall of Silence: Not One Pol Expresses Outrage, McLaughlin Goes to Jail

Gov of La Mancha Albany Reformer gov gives 'em hell *** Gov. Paterson gives state legislators an earful (Crains) *Paterson Says Legislators Put State in Danger*** Hundreds in room for State of the State speech - but only Gov. Paterson and Cuomo matter * Tough talker sets stage to upset Andy** Lawmakers in Albany on the brink of clinching deal on ethics reform ***Gov. David Paterson left no segment of elective state government unscathed in his annual address — and then he turned to the special interests. (TU) *** “It was different,” Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said of the speech. (NY Public Radio) *** Asked why he was smiling in the face of Paterson’s onslaught, one legislator suggested taking the Lady Hillingdon approach: Shift your gaze and think of Andrew Cuomo. (PolitickerNY) *** Times Union: "This speech was as much a wish list as a blueprint." *** Kevin Parker: "He was a legislator for 25 years and never introduced a single piece of ethics legislation. Now he's been governor two years, and suddenly we have an ethics problem." *** Bill Hammond: "His alpha-male act fell flat in a roomful of people who knew Paterson back when he was a go-along, get-along lawmaker just like most of them." *** The Post Star plays Paterson's speech big * Another top Paterson official steps down Deborah VanAmerongen, commissioner of the Division of Housing and Community Renewal, resigns just weeks after chief of state's Housing Finance Agency departed *** "The governor, as the leader, laid out an agenda,” Cuomo said. “It’s now a question of accomplishing that agenda. Which is different." *** Paterson: Judge me by what I'm fighting for, not my record ***Gov pushes to nix charter school cap

Band-Aid Reform Remedy A man who put Schumer's skill on TV sound bites to shame is an unelected so called good government leader Richard Dadey, executive director for Citizens Union. This guy thinks reform is all about him. Yesterday he said he was upset with the governors proposes because he was not consulted. Today the governor Slams Legislators, Goo-Goos 'Drunk With Power' Dadey said there was not enough time for the governors proposals. What does time have to do with reform when the reforms like those in the past are so full of loop holes that Fat Tony Seminerio got though with no problem on his way to jail. One could come up with the concludion by reading today's DN article Lawmakers in Albany on the brink of clinching deal on ethics reformthat Dadey is running interference for a new loophole filled law
NYT & DN Trys to Light a Fire The NYT is trying to push the Ford for senate story by publishing stories two days in a rowIs Punditry a Prelude to a Race in New York?*A run for her money: A primary challenge to Gillibrand would be good for New York (DN Ed) *Dems rally around Gillibrand as ex-Tenn. pol eyes run** Will the Dems Lose Control of the State Senate? The buzz is that there are the votes to throw out Monserrate and not Cuomo's Subpoenaed Senate for Records on Espada. Does Sampson who just gave to GOPers committees know something we do not? Sky Bombs Only the Daily News is outraged that the counterterror boss stayed on his sky vacation after the plane attack NCTC director Michael Leiter remained on ski slopes after Christmas Day airline bombing attempt (DN) *** Intel chief must go: Fire counterterror boss (DN Ed)

What About the City Council Slush Fund?
Not one word the media about the ongoing city council federal slush fund investigation which New York's tax payers are paying for. The speaker gets reelected and all the media covers is race not crimes against the pubic. Fireworks at council as Quinn re-elected speaker * City council re-elects Christine Quinn as speaker in a racially-charged session Only True News has been covering the slush fund scandal Cover Up At City Hall Continues * Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up * Slush Fund
* Massive Lobbyist Scandal at City Hall *** Domenic Recchia named City Council Finance Chair

PM News
Thompson Candidacy Assisted Bloomberg By Blocking Weiner (Stern NY Civil) *** Obama Unveils Security Steps in Wake of Aborted Plot*** Obama takes responsibility for airline security Los Angeles Times *** Row over claim that Detroit bomber Abdulmutallab was radicalised in London *** Geithner's NY Fed Told AIG to Keep Quiet on Deals

Pay to Play AG subpoenas Espada records *AG Cuomo turns up heat on Sen. Pedro Espada with new subpoena over Senate expense

Election 2010 Gillibrand’s ability to close the deal with New Yorkers remains an open question. (Politico) *Ford's Impossible Dream** Is Harold Ford Jr. hoping to pundit his way to a Senate primary race against Kirsten Gillibrand? (NYT) *Ford's Voter Registration a month and a half ago*Harold Ford Coming To Albany * Latino lawmakers pledged to fight Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy's potential gubernatorial bid *** Harold Ford Jr. broke his silence about a potential primary challenge to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand saying: "I’m absorbing a lot of thoughts, listening to a lot of people. I have a little time to think about it.” *** Former state Democratic Chairwoman Judith Hope said Ford's beliefs are "way more Tennessee...than New York." *** Jacobs To Ford: New York Is Not Tennessee *Susan Molinari may challenge Kirsten Gillibrand, but cautions, "This is very early in a conversation I'm having with myself."* Circling The Wagons For Gillibrand

Inside City Hall Mayor Bloomberg told the Obama administration it's "only fair that the federal government pick up the tab" for the KSM trial, which he pegged at more than $200 million a year *** On his way out the door as comptroller, Bill Thompson approved a contract to expand the Brooklyn jail over which the Bloomberg administration sued him *** At Mayor's Breakfast, 'Interfaith' Means Atheists, Too *** Leftover Campaign Cash Is Ruled Eligible for Matching Funds *** Eutisha Revee Rennix, allegedly ignored by 2 EMTs as she lay dying, had asthma attack: autopsy *** Domenic Recchia named City Council Finance Chair *** The heroin flyer won't be available online, but it's still in print.

Law and Order Hosp court for Jayson *** Wedding bling stolen *** 'Pill-pop' model hit joggers *** Autopsy: Remains found at NY trash center were baby boy *** Male students' oral sex-text claims get NYC principal fired *** Embattled Former Nets Star To Be Arraigned On DWI Charges *** Jayson Williams Is Arraigned *** Plaxico Burress denied work-release program

More City News Smithsonian names head for NYC's design museum *** Study says NYC calorie rule makes a difference *** Tributes to a Father of Modern Harlem *** New York City sues Verizon for too-big building...
Newark TSA guard halted violator, then got the slip *** Security's new metal muddle *** Suicide Bombing Puts a Rare Face on C.I.A.’s Work *** Yemen Says Plane Bomb Suspect Met Radical Cleric *** Many Ex-Detainees Said to Be Engaged in Terror *** Nigerian Indicted in Terrorist Plot *** Seven dead CIA avenged 'righteous martyrs': Al Qaeda *** What Does the Detroit Bomber Know? - Michael Mukasey, Wall St. Journal *** The Sins of Guantanamo - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate *** Naked Truth About Airport Scanners - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune ***Newark Airport video shows guard leaving post for minute and a half (VIDEO) *** VIDEO: Newark Airport Breach

White House
Prez pushes insurance tax *Obama Urges Excise Tax on High-Cost Insurance** Obama to meet with top Congressional leaders on health care *** O's knickers in knot as he rips terror team ***Coat Maker Transforms Obama Photo Into Ad *** Brander-in-chief Unwitting O in ad *** Times Sq. billboard rides Bam coattails without permission *** What a Difference a Year Makes - Thomma & Lightman, McClatchy *** Can Obama Change -- and Keep His Nerve? - Michael Barone, DC Examiner *** Obama Reneges on Health Care Transparency - Chip Reid, CBS News *** Measuring America Against the World - Orville Schell, Los Angeles Times *** The Troubles of American Intelligence - The Economist *** The new White House strategy seems to be finding parallels with Bush administration terror policies. (NPR) *** The President favors a tax on “Cadillac” health plans. (LAT) *** Geithner's New York Fed Pushed AIG To Keep Sweetheart Deals Secret *** President Obama's Fiscal Fantasy World - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal ***PM Buck stops with me on terror, says Bam as he announces new tougher security controls *** Obama Unveils Security Steps in Wake of Aborted Plot *** The Fed's AIG Cover UpCongress The 9/11 Fix Congress Failed to Make Despite it's importance, Bob Kerrey,
a member of 9/11 Commission, says lawmakers continue to turn a blind eye *** Dodd dumps himself (NYP Ed) *** 2010 too 'tough' for Dodd *** What are post-Dodd odds of tougher bank regulation? *** Citing Tough Race, Dodd Steps Aside *** Connecticut Attorney General Says He’ll Seek Senate Seat, and Is Quickly Embraced *** Will the Real Chris Dodd Stand Up? Senator Dodds’s impending retirement frees him from having to succumb to anything other than his own best instincts on financial reform (NYT Ed) *** A Kennedy Endorsement in Massachusetts*** Sen. Chris Dodd decided to end career after visiting grave of pal Ted Kennedy *** Dorgan's Thunderclap - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** Dems Face Tough 2010, But Aren't Dead Yet - Mike Madden, Salon *** Strange Tales of the Vampire Congress - Michelle Malkin, Investor's Biz Dly *** The First Senator From the Tea Party? - Mark Leibovich, NYT Magazine *** How Big Finance Bought Uncle Sam - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones *** Focus Should Be on Massachusetts Election - Chuck Raasch, USA Today *** Democrats Get Out Before Voters Ride Them Out - Chicago Tribune *** Lieberman's Approval Ratings Tank In Connecticut ***How The House Caved To Education Lenders Seeking To Derail Reform *** GOP Senate Tsunami? Not Yet - Joe Conason, Salon *** Fleeing Politicians Skirt Angry Electorate - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
Political Party Abortion Foe Defies Party on Health Bill *** Democrats Wary as Two Senators Decide to Retire *** Bad News for Democrats is Overblown - Gail Collins, New York Times *** Tea Parties Trigger the Leftist Bullies - John O'Hara, Big Government

Wall Street and the Economy Buffett's Mars bar Oracle's Kraft call draws candy-stake scrutiny *** Chinese Decision on Rates Seen as ‘Turning Point’ *** Some at Fed See a Need to Do More for Housing *** Mixed Data in Britain Prompts Bank to Keep Rates Unchanged *** We Owe, We Owe: Staring Into a Spending Abyss - Houston Chronicle

Play to Play Wall Street Kumar plea deal Insider-trading suspect's day in court *** UBS client gets fine, probation *** Ex-AIG executive seeks dismissal
Media and New Tech Another 'Jersey Shore' fight under investigation *** Justice cops to probe Comcast merger *** AT&T will go Android *** Netflix strikes a disk deal with Warner Bros *** The Times at C.E.S. 2010 *** In a Clash Over Cable, Consumers Lose *** AT&T to Sell Smartphones Using the Android System *** Outlook blurry for selling costly 3D TVs *** Justice Dept. to review Comcast, NBC deal for antitrust *** Ted Koppel 'This Week' Host? ABC In Talks
*** New York Times Suffers Gastrointestinal Outbreak, Closes Cafeteria *** NBC Shakeup -- Jay Leno Comes Out on Top *** NBC May Be Considering Reinstating Leno on ‘Tonight Show’

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