Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gov Lays A Trap for Albany

Gov Lays A
Trap for Albany

The polls indicate that Paterson's running against Albany is working, today he takes his fight to the major leagues and it becomes personal. Gov bids to expose lawyer pols' $ecrets The Gov team of Lynch and Ickes and the remaining only bulls from the Harlem gang of 4 understand that his low poll numbers can only be if convince the public that Paterson is the reformer in the race. It is unclear if the rest of Albany is stunned about the gov Hail Mary pass or just think they can get away with with anything like they also do. Dave dares the devils: Gov. Paterson throws down ethical gauntlet but has few takers(DN Ed) *** Lawmakers React to Paterson's Proposal for Reform *** Paterson much show that he can not only talk the talk but must deliver. His future rise in polls will depend on how well he stands up for a balance budget and the moral and ethical reforms he is proposing today Paterson's State of the State address willl focus on state of finance mess * Paterson To Propose Term Limits For Albany (NY1)True News has asked the gov to go all the way to clean up Albany Gov Where Is Our Seabury Commision? To Investigate the Crime Wave of Corruption in NY * At 1 p.m., Governor David Paterson delivers the State of the State speech. *** The Speech Paterson Chastises Lawmakers in Blunt Speech *No One Escapes Paterson's Wrath *** Paterson Unveils Plans For Sweeping Ethics Reforms (NY1) *** David in the Lions' Den Paterson Proposes Reforms on Ethics and Term Limits (Henry Stern NY Civic) * Paterson Speech *** Paterson’s State of the State Shows a Governor Finally Learning From His Mistakes (NY Magazine) * Majority Conference Leader's Priorities for 2010 *** Paterson Takes on the Legislature (WNBC) *** Paterson Versus Everyone *** Espada's Response *** Silver Reacts

"One wonders. Does he expect to achieve all of this? Where are his more specific priorities? Or does he have any?" Asks the Times Union. "An unpopular governor has effectively declared war on an even more unpopular Legislature. That might qualify as desperate yet shrewd politics in the eyes of a wary and disillusioned public. Mr. Paterson should remember, though, that war with the Legislature is dirty and difficult business. He hasn't had so much tangible success at it, and his predecessor, Eliot Spitzer, fared even worse." * “He’s decided he’s going to run against the Albany that he presides over,” said one veteran Assembly Democrat. “And the only way for him to do that is he has to blame someone other than himself for the mess we’re in.” (DN) * “I think the governor knows we are working on a package with the Senate that we’re ready to unveil in a day or two or three. So I think the governor decided he was going to go first,” Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said. (GNS) * Paterson won’t put his money where his mouth is when it comes to reform and his spokesman compares ethics reform to nuclear disarmament. (NYS Public Radio) * Paterson’s proposal would require disclosure of attorneys’ clients affecting the 39 members of the 150-seat Assembly and 19 members of the 62-seat Senate that have law degrees. (NYP) * “My opinion is confrontational tone gets you nowhere,” Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos said. “Eliot Spitzer took the steamroller approach it didn’t work.” (DP) * Paterson’s likely confrontational style at the State of the State has precedent. (BN) *** "Elected officials at the state level are going to have a lot of explaining to do if they pass a watered-down version...the governor wants real reform,” said Paterson's chief of staff Larry Schwartz. Liu Team Helps Paterson There was a lot of politics in Comptroller Liu selection of Eric Eve as first deputy comptroller. Eric father Arthur is a powerhouse in upstate politics. In 2007 the Harlem Gang of 4 disrupted a deal that Arthur Eve had with Eliot Spitzer to make his daughter the Lt Gov, with a guy named David Paterson. The first Deputy of the Gang of 4 is the transition chief for Comptroller Liu. By delivering a job that will open doors for the rest of his life in the very very profitable field of pension investment to his son, there is very little chance that Arthur will seek to get even by backing Cuomo. Picking Councilman Felder as another one of his top aids will open up fund-raising among Syrian Jews and other conservative Jews. The new Felder Jewish money coupled with this his Asian financial backing will allow Liu to spend like Bloomberg in his try for mayor in 2013. * Comptroller hires a diverse mix of deputies * Percy Sutton's funeral is at 11 a.m. at Riverside Church.

Remember 911 Not?
Yesterday the president said the intelligence agencies failed again to connect the dots that allowed a bomber to almost kill an additional 300 Americans. We had congressional hearing, a 911 commission and billions spent to make sure the dots would be connected. Now we learn they can not even keep a camera working at an airport. How could they promise to fix it now if they could not do it in the name of 3000 dead American on 911? In the name of those dead American the congress should spear us the yelling for the cameras at new hearing to tell us how they will fix it this time for sure Newark cameras not rollin' Surveillance cameras at Newark Airport were not recording when a man walked into a secure area without being checked -- a breach that set off near pandemonium and inconvenienced thousands of travelers, officials said yesterday * Camera Faulted in Newark Airport Breach * Was Obama's rebuke helpful to the US intelligence community?

Good Government Grade F
Now we hear that the workers who pick up checks from good government groups are upset they were not consulted ahead of the Paterson speech on the reforms he was proposing. In 2005 there were consulted by former Majority Leader Bruno about reform legislation and you saw how good that worked. Beside either you for or against term limits. What is to consult? The only conclusion to be reach is the Goo Goos have become full of themself. It funny how Good Government leaders like pols seem to have life time positions. Maybe we should have term limits for Good Government leaders also. Dadey: Paterson Reform Package 'Dead On Arrival'
Short Takes Sampson Succeeds With Two GOP Committee Chairs (Updated) *** Page Six writes about Senator Carl Kruger's conflict with gay activists *** Bloomberg and Thompson: The (R eally) Odd Couple Now it can be told: The surprising ties between the billionaire mayor and the poor slob who ran against him

Pay to Play Contractors
Pol Charged With Corruption in Ratner (Atlantic Yards) Project in Yonkers **What Was Developer No. 2's Involvement in the Yonkers Federal Indictment Unsealed Today? *Yonkers politician accused of accepting bribes* Corruption Charges in Yonkers Development May Have Links to Forest City Ratner Board of Elections New York City Picks New Electronic Voting Machines 1010 Wins *** ES&S has spent $193,000 on a bevy of lobbyists including Hank Sheinkopf, Norman Levy and powerhouse firm Davidoff, Malito & Hutcher. Today a lobbyist for ES&S voting machines were indicted * Vote-machine lobbyist was in 'rig' trouble

Election 2010
Bill nixes run against Gilly *Thompson to Run for Mayor in 2013*Harold Ford Jr. Weighs a Challenge to Gillibrand* Mike eyeing ex-Tenn. Dem in race vs. Kirsten *** Thompson Plans Political Comeback In 2013 *** Wayne Barrett thinks Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy's potential gubernatorial bid helps AG Andrew Cuomo *** As Levy Mulls Bid for Governor, Hispanic Lawmakers Protest *** The L.A. Times blog on Harold Ford: "[A]s a telegenic member of the media's chattering classes, he would get lots of attention." *** NARAL, Empire State Pride Agenda blast Ford

Inside New York NYC narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan blasts 'heroin how-to' pamphlet - *City Urged to Withdraw Flier on ‘Safer’ Heroin Use That Some See as How-To Guide** New device is 'voted in' *Voting System to Finally Join Electronic Age*Votin88g will go hi-tech as Board of Elections green-lights new machine * City councilman to resign, join Liu’s staff *** As Clout Grows, Working Families Party Faces a Question: Has It Reached Too Far? Accusations that the party has constructed an end run around campaign finance laws could pose a test in coming elections *** City Ignoring Law on Class Sizes, Suit Says *** Sticking it to taxpayers: The public gets the bill for councilman's job-hopping *** Teachers sue city *** The City Council will vote on a speaker, at noon *** Quinn Re-Elected as Speaker of Council *Barron Snares a Vote for Council Speaker ** Council Speaker Tries to Move Out of Mayor’s Shadow *** Mayor Bloomberg Gave Christine Quinn Permission to Endorse Thompson

New York's Economic Melt Down Drake's new take vacant Midtown lot *** NYRA wants the court to throw out the city OTB's bankruptcy petition *** Atlantic City Casino Bringing Back $2 Blackjack Tables ...

Law and Order
Cop-shoot mayhem as dog attacks *2 Policemen Are Wounded as 3rd Officer Fires at Pit Bull** Teach admits he's 'Net perv *** Philly fans taunt run-n-gun Arenas *** Jayson Williams was shooting liquor before wrecking SUV *** Sources: Drugged Model Runs Down Two S.I. Joggers *** Queens Principal Sexually Assaulted Students, Investigation Finds *** Bloomberg, who has a place in Bermuda, reportedly offered the island the assistance of the NYPD's Gang Unit
More City News Brooklyn’s Top 10 stories of the decade *** Bronx tenants win case citing Stuy Town *** In Packing Up, Morgenthau Unearths Long-Lost Treasures *** No Longer Majority Black, Harlem Is in Transition *** Private High School Coming to Greenwich Village *** "Captain Sully" Attends Red Carpet Premiere ***The L.A. Times blog on Harold Ford: "[A]s a telegenic member of the media's chattering classes, he would get lots of attention." *** Thousands mourn civil rights attorney Percy Sutton

Terrorism Yemen sends out forces to combat Qaeda *3 Qaeda Militants Arrested in Yemen** U.S. Saw a Path to Qaeda Chiefs Before Bombing *** Father Knows Best Any measure taken to protect us from terrorism won’t be sufficient unless the societies from whence these suicide bombers emerge also erect political, religious and moral restraints (Friedman NYT) *** Court Backs War Powers Over Rights of Detainees *** Arab-American students busted with shirts depicting 9/11 attack *** Cupp: Jihadism doesn't want converts - it wants scalps *** Security Theatre of the Absurd - Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail *** Muslim World Must Publicly Denounce Jihadists - Thomas Friedman, NYT *** Terror suspect indicted for foiled airliner attack USA Today *** U.S. Can Learn From Israel's Airport Security Model - Pierre Atlas, RCP *** Man Who Caused Newark Airport Breach Looks "Stubborn" on Video *** CIA Bomber Saw U.S. as Enemy, Wife Says

White House AP sources: Obama backs high-end health plan tax *** TSA nominee put on hold *** O's knickers in knot as he rips terror team *** Obama Says Plot Could Have Been Disrupted *** Promise to Trim Deficit Is Growing Harder to Keep ***U.S. Job Site Bans Bias Over Gender Identity ***The Gitmo two-step (NYP Ed) *** Lawyer Says Third White House ‘Crasher’ Was Invited *** Obama: Hurry Up On Health Care, Bypass Usual Negotiations *** Obama Security Review: No Finger Pointing, But Jobs At Stake *** Ready for prime time: Obama should put health care talks on C-SPAN, as promised (DN Ed) *** Obama: We will improve air security after 'screwup' allowed Christmas Day terror scare *** Obama Assails Intel Failures on Terror Plot - Rotella & Parsons, LA Times *** The Whirlwind of Obama's Ambiguity - David Paul Kuhn, RealClearPolitics *** Obama Must Not Downplay Terror Threat - Ed Koch, RealClearPolitics *** Obama's Wrongheaded Policies Are Fair Game - Newt Gingrich, USA Today *** It's Silly to Argue Obama Was 'Distracted' - David Corn, Politics Daily *** Response to a Near Miss - Washington Post *** So Much for Obama's Pledge of C-Span Transparency - Wall Street Journal *** White House on Defensive on Health Care - Erica Werner, Associated Press *** Obama Should Reverse Course on Security Policies - Liz Cheney, Facebook *** A Case for Presidential Power on Terrorism - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post *** Don't Try Terrorists in U.S. Courts - Gerald Shargel, The Daily Beast *** Stricter Rules for Oil and Gas Leasing on Federal Land
Congress Abrupt Democratic retirements show tough landscape
Dodd won't seek re-election this fall *Senator Dodd Will Not Seek Re-election, Democrats Say*Decision Sets Stage for Pitched Battle*Chris Dodd expected to announce retirement from Senate * Dems against democracy behind closed doors to craft a final health-care bill *** Pelosi takes shot at prez *** Senator Dorgan of North Dakota to Retire *** Republicans Join Call for Live Coverage of Health Talks *** House Democrats to Pursue Health Bill Changes *** Richard Blumenthal Will Run To Replace Dodd In Senate *** Why Cap-and-Trade Ain't Dead Yet - Bradford Plumer, The New Republic *** US Sen Dodd's Departure Could Set Back Financial Overhaul *** Retirements in Senate Signal Tough Year for Democrats ***Schwarzenegger Withdraws Support for Democrats’ Health Care Reform *** A Shifting & Perilous Political Environment - Nagourney & Zeleny, NYT *** Dodd Exits, Gracefully - Steve Kornacki, New York Observer *** Kerry: Cheney criticism 'hysteria' ***AP sources: Obama OKs taxing high-end health plans *** The 50 Richest Members of Congress

Political Party
The New Two Party System - Dick Morris, The Hill *** Top Democrats Head for the Exits - Manu Raju & Josh Kraushaar, Politico *** Could the GOP Win Back the Senate in 2010? - Toby Harnden, Telegraph *** Even in Ma., Dems Desperate for Answers - Michael Graham, Boston Herald *** Democrats Still in Better Shape Than 1994 - Adam Howard, The Nation *** Steele Burns through RNC's Cash *** Complete Congressional Primary Calendar *** Democrats begin election year on the defensive (Wash Post)

Pay to Play Congress No New Contracts for Murtha-Tied Firm - Politico

National 2010 form stirs in-census-tivity *Use of word Negro on 2010 census forms raises memories of Jim Crow** New Year but No Relief for Strapped States *** Medicare and the Mayo Clinic - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe

Iran Shielding Its Nuclear Efforts in Maze of Tunnels ***Survivor of 2 Atomic Bombs Dies at 93 *** Afghanistan Cemetery Literally 'Graveyard Of Empires'
Wall Street and the Economy
Take our jobs and shove 'em: US workers *** Ford pulls ahead in showroom showdown *** Macy's will close 5 underperforming stores *** If Fed Missed This Bubble, Will It See a New One? *** Asia Gains a Tech Edge by Backing Start-Ups *** Slowing Pace of Home Sales Raises Fears of New Retreat *** Biopharmaceutical Industry Is Banking on Boston *** WATCH: Goldman Board Member Compares Bankers To Movie Stars *** Wall St. Hubris Soars as Crisis Goes to Waste - William Cohan, Bloomberg *** Banks Take Revenge for New Consumer Rules - Los Angeles Times

Pay to Play Wall Street
Raj fed fraud rap balloons to $36M *Prosecutors: Galleon’s Rajaratnam Paid Tipster - Wall Steet Journal ($) ** U.S. Plans New Charge in Galleon Insider Case *** Ex-UBS Banker Asks Review of the Handling of His Case *** Gonzalez: UBS whistleblower deserves statue on Wall Street, not prison sentence

Environment The state comptroller's office has written off more than $85 million owed to New York for cleaning up petroleum spills.

Media and New Tech
Google's new 'superphone' *** Apple buys mobile ad marketer *** Television Begins a Push Into the 3rd Dimension *** CNN DENIES Kathy Griffin Banned From Network *** Hand Puppet Invades CNN Broadcast (VIDEO) *** Skype coming to a TV near you
*** What Google's Nexus One Really Means *** Justice Department to Study Comcast Takeover of NBC *** Another Installment of the Times Series That Doesn't Trust You to Know What They're Talking About *** White House budget director ditched pregnant girlfriend for ABC News gal *** The death of a curious mind Deborah Howell ombudsman of the Washington Post *** Curtis Sliwa's excited to be new morning man at WNYM (970 AM)
Page 6 The hottest wives and girlfriends in sports *** Tragic Casey's grim final daze
*** The Most-Seen Face Of The 2000s **White House budget director ditched pregnant girlfriend for ABC News gal ***Hanes Pulls Charlie Sheen Commercials ***Mariah Carey's 'Drunk' Speech Raises Eyebrows ***Tiger Woods, Warren Beatty, and the American Man: Who Is Allowed to Do It? (Wolff Newser) ***Top 10 Sex Tape Scandals of 2009