Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Political Wall of Silence: Not One Pol Expresses Outrage, McLaughlin Goes to Jail

The Political Wall of Silence
Not One Pol Expresses Outrage, As Their Co-Worker Goes to Jail

Judge Sullivan said. “This is a day of failure for everyone.” "Brian M. McLaughlin" the federal judge continued “You had every opportunity, and you used those opportunities and squandered them for your own benefit on a monumental scale.” The Judge slammed the former Democratic assemblyman for what the judge called a "brazen and perversely creative" theft scheme that funded a lavish lifestyle including three mistresses. Sullivan said the onetime labor leader -- who admitted stealing from taxpayers, political contributors, union members and even his local Little League -- preyed on more victims than the judge had ever before seen. A group of union leaders, family and friends submitted letters to Judge Sullivan for consideration during sentencing. The submissions come from people as wide-ranging as McLaughlin's Alcholics Anonymous sponsor to State Senator Padavan.

Not one word in any of the papers from his former colleagues in the Assembly or anyone else elected to office who according to informed sources, are hiding from the press on this sentencing as they do any time one of their co-workers goes to jail. It is like the bad old days of the police department's "Blue Wall of Silence," before the Rev. Sharpton and others caused at least some good cops to speak out against the bad cops. To this date there been no pressure by the press or any public demonstrations to force pols to speak out against bad pols. In the 70's Rev. Sharpton said the fact that cops did not go after their lawless partners was the leading cause of corruption in the Police Department. No less can be said about the pols who fail to speak out against their corrupt colleagues. Ex-Labor Leader Is Sentenced to 10 Years for Racketeering. The NYT has an editorial about corruption in the British Parliament Poor, Poor Parliament, but nothing about the Brian. No editorial in the NYP or DN either *** Queens residents don't wish Brian well *** POL GETS JAIL IN $3M SCAM *** Supporters bombarded the judge with 50 letters, including some that noted McLaughlin's recent enrollment in Alcoholics Anonymous and renewed devotion to his family *** Ex-Queens Assemblymember Mclaughlin gets 10 years

Nobody Asked Me, But . . . You had to know that Albany would need to cut again this year. Are any of the budget numbers they are using this year, real? Paterson Warns More Cuts May Be Needed This Year . . . The inability to rebuild the WTC will become a symbol of failure for New York. That alone with the tax increase will cause the business community to relocate elsewhere in the future Getting Trade Center Parties in a Room, if Not on the Same Page, NEW GLIMPSE OF WTC LOW-RISE COMPROMISE, Mayor: 'No easy solutions' for WTC timetable, WTC may go $1.1 billion over budget. New York's angry editorial page the DN says Editorial: Stop WTC madness . . . Seven years behind schedule and cost at an estimated $1.4 billion, nearly twice the original estimate for the "Lower Manhattan Transit Hub." If you think it will be ready in 2014 and at the cost they now expect, I have a bridge right near there I'd like to sell you. Delivery Date for Transit Hub Is Set for 2014, TRANSIT-HUB 'BLOOD OATH', Transit Hub Back On Track In Lower Manhattan (What track NY1?) . . . I don't think the pols and political consultants will pay a price for ripping off the pension funds. Will the press ever tie the cause and blame of the red ink that describes the condition of most pension funds today to the pols who caused it? U.S. Insurer of Pensions Sees Flood of Red Ink . . . Anthony Como who was kept on the government payroll by Serf Maltese until he was defeated in the Democratic takeover of the State Senate, is now being put on the payroll by Bloomberg in return for his purchase of the what is left of the Queens' GOP: Como to be a $172,311/yr commissioner From the NY Post . . . What are the real numbers on the increase in crime? We keep hearing buzz about increases all over the city. IT'S THE UPPER EAST SLIDE AS ROBBERIES SPIKE . . . The mayor and his opponents by using the H1N1 flu to gain a political edge, have caused thousands of New Yorkers to run to the ER unnecessarily. More schools shut but Mike says be calm . . . Now even the NYP admits the mayor and council are conspiring to downplay the budget this year to get reelected. It that what they meant when they told us to extend their term limits - because they had the experience to guide the city through this economic crisis? By experience did they mean budget tricks like the fake non profits hidden in past city budgets to pay for member items? POST-VOTE BLUES IN CITY'S $6B DEFICIT A fiscal hurricane is headed toward the city next year and the tough decisions needed to deal with it "are unlikely to be addressed" until after the mayoral election in November. Why are the candidates who are running against incumbent council members not exposing this issue? Some say it is a weak bunch who are not capable of it . . . More evidence that the budget is going into the tank: 10 new city schools put on back burner . . . Who believes this crap from a crap office, made up of numbers from a group of political appointees who could not run a candy store? City's IBO finds a few glimmers of hope for cash-strapped NY . . . The teachers’ pension fund has deals with Carlyle, but unlike the deals with the state pension fund, they did not use a placement agent to get them. . . you mean Morris, Rattner, Ferrer and McCall left some funds? Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says that the state pension fund has plenty of money to invest.

Terror Plots 4 Accused of Bombing Plot at Bronx Synagogues *** 1 in 7 Freed Detainees Rejoins Fight, Report Finds *** 4 Arrested in New York Terror Plot *** SHUL MEMBERS IN SHOCK *** CHILLING TERROR PLOT THWARTED 4 SET TO 'BOMB' BRONX SYNAGOGUES * EYED PLANE 'SHOOTDOWN' *** NY GETTING 'QAEDA' TRIAL *** NY GETTING 'QAEDA' TRIAL *** FBI foils plot to bomb NYC temple; 4 men charged *** NY terror plot foiled; 4 men arrested *** FBI, NYPD Arrest 4 in Alleged Plot to Bomb NY Synagogues *** Four Arrested In Plot To Bomb NYC Temple *** Four Arrested In Plot To Bomb Bronx Temple *** FBI Arrests Four in Bomb, Missile Plot *** Four nabbed in Bronx terror plot *** NY terror scare comes on eve of Obama security speech *** Terror Plot in the Bronx *** Gitmo Trial in New York *** Here's the criminal complaint against the four men who constituted the so-called "home grown" terrorist cell *** Update N.Y. Bomb Plot Suspects Acted Alone, Police Say

Road to City Hall BIG$HOT DEMS BACK BLOOMY *** Bloomberg, Wintour Celebrate Shopping this Fall *** POST-VOTE BLUES IN CITY'S $6B DEFICIT *** Corrections union offering $100 to attend rally *** Ed Dept. shutting out parents, Thompson says *** Credentials take center stage at DA debate *** City controller's Web site lets you track your tax dollars ***Ruiz: Hispanic voters say immigration's No. 1 *** A Times reader doesn't think the billionaire mayor can "possibly begin to understand" what a 14 percent water bill increase can mean to the average city resident *** Albany's New Frontier: What Happens When Senate Democrats Need Republican Votes? Rep. Jose Serrano, the latest name to surface as a possible primary challenger to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, has not yet heard from the White House about the importance of party unity and the need to clear the field for her in 2010. But he expects to get his call soon *** Tom Robbins takes on Leslie Crocker Snyder *** The Mayor's Race: Focus on Education

The City Flu Closings Failing to Keep Schoolchildren at Home *** Luxury vs. the Middle Class From The American *** School budgets are cut *** BURY GOOD LAND OFFER IN B'KLYN City officials are dying to sell Canarsie Cemetery *** CRAIGSLIST SEX-RING RAID
QUEENS 'DIAL-A-HOOKER' *** CLASSROOM SIZE HALF-BAD *** FUROR ON CHARTER 'UNIONS' *** MIKE LAMENTS SWINE FAUX PATIENTS HOGGING ERS *** The Super Rich Come to NYC to Save the World *** Slimmer Fleet Week kicks off in NYC *** Recession’s NYC job-loss estimates ease *** Survey: New York Has Nation's Worst Drivers *** Union Square: Wal-Mart Out, Nordstrom In? *** Orchard Beach bracing for 'staycation' visitors *** Ground Zero: Blown budgets, missed deadlines *** Queens educator felled by swine flu mourned by hundreds *** Queens educator felled by swine flu mourned by hundreds *** Atlantic Yards, Finance Footrace

Albany GOV DROPS FRESH $3B BUDGET BOMB *** SCHOOL ALERTS GO HIGH-TECH *** Maybe Eliot Spitzer Hasn't Changed at All *** Classic Steamroller: Spitzer A Bully During Troopergate Interview *** After budget cuts, swine fight in jeopardy if epidemic continues *** Paterson extends unemployment benefits by 13 weeks *** The governor scaled back his request for a spending cap, suggesting that it only be temporary *** First the ice skating rink, now concerts - the state cuts back at the Empire Plaza *** The governor proposes changes to the bottle bill expansion . . . Traffic on the thruway is down, but a toll hike kept revenue rising *** Albany's New Frontier: What Happens When Senate Democrats Need Republican Votes?

President Obama Bill Changing Credit Card Rules Is Sent to Obama With Gun Measure Included *** Banks Raised Billions, Geithner Says *** IT'S GIT-NO FOR BAM BID TO SHUT JAIL *** BIBI AIDE RIPS O PLAN *** Obama in political box over closing Guantanamo *** Vice President gets warm welcome in Kosovo *** Obama Will Try to Quell Concern on Detainees *** High Court Buzz Centers on Two *** The Meaning of Michelle Obama *** Obama to Address Gitmo-Closing Issues *** 76 Senators Write to Obama: Israel at Risk... *** OBAMA, CHENEY PLAN DUELING SPEECHES... *** Obama, Cheney ready to rumble *** Exclusive: Inside Obama's Private Meeting With Human Rights Leaders *** Jack Welch Slams Obama On Chrysler Bankruptcy, "Fake" Budget *** Obama vs. Cheney *** Obama Meets Court Candidate *** Obama: U.S. 'lost way' fighting terror *** Why closing Gitmo is not so easy *** Gore dials for votes on warming bill *** Biden: U.S. to cooperate with Serbia *** Barbour: Obama a snake charmer *** Obama Fits Role of Commander in Chief - David Broder, Washington Post *** Warning to Obama in California Vote - Washington Examiner

Congress and GOP Senate set to approve Obama war funding request *** House weighs safety of overseas aircraft repairs *** Senate rebukes Obama, blocks Guantanamo shutdown *** Netanyahu Clashed With Obama, Congress On Trip *** GOP Ditches 'Democrat Socialist' Plan *** How Pelosi botched CIA script *** Pelosi bewildered, but unbothered *** Specter embraces his new Dem role *** Will Feinstein sink or swim in Calif.? *** Colorado Dems reject Feinstein plan *** Companies find green pastures on Hill *** GOP eyes challenger to Himes *** Congressman: We're going to Disney *** RNC hiring chafes top Hispanics *** Pawlenty to Kaine: No dice *** Rush 'resigns' as head of the GOP *** Let's close tax evader loopholes *** Pelosi's Struggle with Truth Exposes Deeper Problems - USA Today *** Jesse Jackson Jr. Pays Campaign $247,500 Funds to Wife... *** Pelosi and the Truth (Chicago Tribune)

Wall Street Mess Regulator Shopping Insurance regulation reform should allow for an interplay of state and federal regulation such that each reinforces the other, not pit one against the other, NYT Ed *** The Last Holdouts Cast Their Lot With G.M. *** Gas Is Up; Drivers May Not Cut Back *** Treasury Said to Plan Second Bailout for GMAC *** Fed Considered Increasing Its Purchase of Debt *** Credit reform means new era for college students *** Bank Execs Get Bonuses When Employees *** Further Evidence That Richard Fuld Is Pure Evil *** Saturn's Future May Be Overseas *** Calif. man, alleged to have gotten 300% returns, under investigation in Madoff scheme *** Independent again, Neuberger leaves Lehman behind *** Goldman, others apply to repay TARP *** Inside the panic at Reserve Fund *** Top woman-owned firm announces layoffs *** CNNMoney: Fed's Economic Forecast Worsens *** GM Finance Arm To Get Second Bailout *** Kidder Named Chrysler Chairman *** Kidder Named Chrysler Chairman *** Greenspan: Crisis Yet to End... *** Banning the Pickup Truck - Las Vegas Review-Journal *** AIG's Liddy to step down when new executives found *** AIG's Liddy to step down when new executives found

International U.S. Pullout a Condition in Afghan Peace Overture *** Report Details Abuses in Irish Reformatories *** After Wars, Mass Rapes Persist Mass rape has been an element of warfare in Congo, Darfur, Bosnia, Rwanda, Liberia. But the lesson in Liberia is that even when the fighting ends, the sex crimes continue, Kristof, NYT *** China Grows More Picky About Debt *** Madoff Loss Hits Art Aid for Young in Israel *** US officials: Iran missile may be more advanced *** U.N. Presses to Enter Sri Lanka *** Iran Announces Launch of Medium-Range Missile *** Israel Demolishes West Bank Settler Outpost *** A Woman as President: Iran's Impossible Dream? *** Pakistan, India, U.S. Share Intelligence *** Sexual-Harassment Cases Plague U.N. *** World Economies Plummet *** California's Woes Fall to Steinberg *** Iran says it's tested missile capable of striking Israel *** Olive Branch From the Taliban ***
Iran's New Missile Its Strongest Yet
*** In Lebanon's Election, a More Pragmatic Hizballah

National California, a Broke State, Reels as Voters Rebuff Leaders *** Equal Pay for Women Denied, Again Women who went on maternity leave before the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act was passed should not be denied pensions equal to their male colleagues, NYT Ed *** Follow the Science on Yucca If Washington is serious about finding alternative ways to dispose of nuclear waste, it should complete an evaluation of the Yucca Mountain project, NYT Ed *** Death Row Foes See Newsroom Cuts as Blow *** Bailing Out California *** Quality of Insurance Linked to Cancer Survival: Survey *** Gay Survivor Benefits Contested *** Divide Over Sleep for Medical Residents *** U.S. Disputes Afghan Battle Account *** China Lays Out Stance on Climate *** California's Woes Fall to Steinberg *** BusinessMoney-Losing Country Clubs Are Opening Their Doors To The Public *** California's Dependency Culture - George Will, Washington Post *** Superheroes Can't Save California - Bill Maher, Los Angeles Times *** Bailing Out California Will Make It Worse - Megan McArdle, The Atlantic *** Is There a Cure for Miami's Soaring Health-Care Costs?

Media & New Tech Series Swap Highlights TV’s Financial Issues *** Google Book-Scanning Pact to Give Libraries Input on Price *** NBC went to Oprah before Leno for prime time *** GOOGLE drops newspaper idea; Schmidt unlikely to buy news provider... *** GOOGLE 'falling behind TWITTER'; Could form partnership... *** Nancy Grace Kicks Guest Off The Air After He Calls Her Show "A Joke" *** Morley Safer Suspicious Of Blogs *** To Return! *** Marshall: "I Appreciated" Dowd's Quick Correction *** Attorney General Andrew Cuomo accuses seven people of using Craigslist to provide prostitution services *** URGENT: TIME COVER IS... OBAMA! [MICHELLE]... THE 17TH COVER FROM TIME MAG IN PAST YEAR FEATURING AN OBAMA!... *** NYT Memo Reminds Staffers Of Speaking Fees Ethics *** McClatchy Starts $1.15B Private Debt Exchange Offer *** Detroit Newspapers' Traffic, Sales Up Since Home Delivery Reduction *** "Idol" Results Finale Ratings Hit All-Time Low *** Fox News Can Barely Contain Its Excitement Over Obama vs. Cheney Duel *** Sun never sets on defunct New York Sun news boxes

People and Places Judge quotes from 'Caddyshack' in slamming Giuliani son's lawsuit *** DiCaprio Scorsese's favorite to play Frank Sinatra... *** Molloy: Astor 'family' continues to amaze *** Tangy! Astronauts drink recycled urine at space station *** After budget cuts, swine fight in jeopardy if epidemic continues *** SHOCKER: American Idol Crowned *** Voice of Mickey Mouse Dies

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