Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finish the WTC Now!: True News Update All Weekend

Finish the WTC Now!
If New York is to remain a great city it must show the world we can rebuild the WTC before this trial is over.

Terror in NYC
Terror thugs to get justice near WTC (NYP) *** Trying times ahead for NYC (NYP)*** Wake up, Mr. President! We're in a war here (NYP Ed) *** Waterboard threatens 9/11 trial *** O decision a blot on my dead son *** 9/11 Trial Poses Unparalleled Legal Obstacles for Both Sides (NYT) *** Trial Venue Leaves 9/11 Families Angry or Satisfied (NYT) *** Accused 9/11 Mastermind to Face Civilian Trial in N.Y. (NYT) *** How New York May Tighten Security Vise (NYT) *** Families of 9/11 Victims Divided Over Detainee Trial Plan (Fox News) *** Concern At a School In a Building Tied to Iran *** A Return to American Justice Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. took a principled step with his decision to prosecute Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four others in federal court (NYT Ed) *** Bloomberg on NYC Hosting 9/11 Trial: 'Fitting' *** For massive ego, a perfect arenaU.S. authorities face hurdle of keeping smug 9/11 "mastermind" from turning his trial into a circus (Wash Post) *** NYers must brace for sadistic showboating at terror trial Meeks: I've looked evil in the eye. Here's what families of the 9/11 dead will see *** An army of snipers, cops in place for 9/11 suspects' arrival *** Snipers, dogs, and small army to keep city secure during 9/11 terrorists trial *** 5 Reasons Holder's Decision is Bad for America *** America on Trial as Much as Muhammed - Alan Dershowitz, Globe and Mail *** Holder's Hidden Agenda - Andrew McCarthy, National Review *** What We Can Expect at KSM's Trial - James Meek, New York Daily News *** The Perfect Arena for a Massive Ego - Peter Finn, Washington Post *** A Jidhast Hides in Plain Sight - Mark Steyn, Orange County Register *** Holder's Decision Morally Confused and Political - Wall Street Journal *** A Return to American Justice - New York Times *** Blinded Prison Guard: Don't House Terror Suspects in NYC *** NYC fearlessly ready for terror suspects *** A risky setting for NYC trial of 9/11 suspects AP *** NYC. police preparing for Sept. 11 trial UPI *** Sunday Investigators Study Tangle of Clues on Fort Hood Suspect *** A diatribe defense: Pros say Khalid Shaikh Mohammed will act as his own lawyer in WTC terror case *** Call Evil by Its Rightful Name - Sherman Frederick, LV Review-Journal *** The Ft. Hood Question We've Yet to Ask - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post *** Terrorists Don't Have Constitutional Rights - Michael Goodwin, NY Post *** Daniel Pearl's Family Disgusted By Decision To Try '9/11 Mastermind' In Open Court *** With Few Strong Cases, Government Rushes Toward Plea Deals for Guantanamo Detainees *** How the U.S. Funds the Taliban - The Nation *** New York Terror-Suspect Trial Plan a 'Mistake,' Giuliani Says *** Axelrod On 9/11 Trial In NYC: 'Justice Will Be Done' TPM LiveWire *** Clinton Welcomes 9/11 Trials in NYC *** Reporter: Army "Timid" About Hasan's Views *** Schumer: Ft. Hood shooter shouldn't have gotten gun
*** Rudy Giuliani: 'I Didn't Think We Were in the Business of Granting the Requests of Terrorists' (NY Magazine)

Proving Squalid Does Not Mean Reform The Daily News said Joe Bruno, Albany sleaze: His trial has already convicted Capitol's squalid doings we thought the conviction of Brian McLaughlin and Tony Seminario already Probed that? Why All the Secret Talks? We know Albany's three men in the room decide who gets what in New York's budget every year, we never heard of secret rent negotiations StuyTown rent talks NYT Leaves the City The paper is moving 25 jobs from Times News Service located in Manhattan which edits text, photos and graphics for news clients around the world to a non union shop in the Gainesville Sun building Judge sentences Wis. man for defrauding NY Times *** 9/11 Mastermind Faces Civilian Trial in NY - Charlie Savage, NY Times *** America on Trial as Much as Muhammed - Alan Dershowitz, Globe and Mail *** The Perfect Arena for a Massive Ego - Peter Finn, Washington Post

Update Daily News continues to beg Albany November 15, 2009 Editorial
Masters of disaster: State Senate fiddles while fiscal Armageddon gets closer True News November 11, 2009 The Greatest Generation vs. Today's Take Albany Generation It is funny how the Daily News Editorial Board continues to beg to a generation that has tuned them out. It not denial when you don't care Nothing from nothings: State Senate Dems again fail to do their duty to New Yorkers

The NYT Public Editor Spins In an article titled About That Bloomberg Runaway
the NYT
CLARK HOYT answered a reader who said the paper was surprised about the closeness of the mayors election. Hoyt the NYT Public Editor made the case that the paper publish an insider account the day after the election that disclosed that Bloomberg's campaign was responsible for the president not going all out for Thompson like he did for the governor of New Jersey. That reasoning is a little like telling us "there is gambling at ricks place." Everyone who understand even a little politics knew there was a deal with the mayor that keep the president for the most part out of New York's mayors race. Hoyt left out the real evidence that would have confirmed how surprised the paper was when at 9:30 with 17% of precincts reporting, calls Bloomberg as the winner, with 49% of the vote to Thompson's 47%. Clearly. At that time the NYT website did not state the race was much closer then everyone though. NBC news which also reported Bloomberg the winner at the same time was informed a short time later by their projection server that they were withdrawing the mayor's win projection. Hoyt said that other readers were incensed that they did not get enough details before the election. The Public Editor then when on to prove his point by going through the papers coverage and pointing out examples were the readers could get clues to what actually occurred. This explanation is also spin because if your examine the NYT style of writing you know there writers always include in their stories opposing ideas or views, on the other hand type of stuff. It is very clear by the NYT own headline the day after the election that readers were shocked by the closeness of the race and that they have a good case to be made at the media for not informing them properly about what was really going on November 4, 2009 NYT Bloomberg Wins 3rd Term as Mayor in Unexpectedly Close Race *** More How Budget Cuts At The Times Helped Give NYC Bloomberg III (Huff Post) *** The Times public editor questions the paper's decision not to conduct a second poll of the mayor's race that might have indicated just how close a contest it was.

OTB Keeping Politics First The little bookie that can’t OTB is probably the best argument out there against any government-run gambling operations (NYP Ed) Paterson's OTB Sink Hole Maybe it the record of governing that has turn the voters against Paterson? In June of 08 the governor bail out OTB in a takeover from the city and made John Sabini its head as part of a deal with the Queens Organization to avoid a serious primary with Hiram Monserrate Paterson Grabs Sabini, Bails Out OTB , Opposing the mayor who Citing a Drain on Profits, Bloomberg Wants to Close OTB Now we have the Monserrate problem and OTB draining the state budget You bet OTB is hurting , Monserrate Senate Query Takes Shape

The Real Human Cost of Pay to Play
Joe Bruno golf outing with Cablevision's Jim Dolan may have derailed West Side Stadium plan There was no garentee that if the stadium was built NYC would have gotten the 2012 Olympic, but at least we would have tried to gain the 125,000 jobs and $11 billion pumped into the city's economy. In stead the city is defenseless as it loses at least 150,000 jobs and budget deficits in the billions that will result in government cuts and higher taxes. City selects finalists for 2012 Olympic Village This is why Bruno should die in jail My desperate search for work

Political Correct Inaction Again and Again Are we making the same mistake as we made in Fort Hood by not cracking down on Illegally divided apartments run rampant because we are tying to be sedative to the needs of immigrants? The one that got away: No one acted on fanatical behavior by Fort Hood mass killer
Losing the race: State must bag foolish laws to compete for school reform funds
Pay to Play Bruno Joe Bru-motivator 270G for speeches not payola: pal *** Mistrial Request Rejected in Ex-State Senator’s Trial *** Judge denies mistrial plea of Joe Bruno in corruption case *** Typecasting at Bruno trial (Planet Albany)

Gov of La Mancha Albany Forces Aligning in Bid to Block Cuts in Albany *** David Paterson makes it up to Brooklyn *** NY Senate Coalition Vows to Kill School Aid Cuts (WINS) *** Sunday Gov. rips lawmakers, threatens to keep reps in session *** NY Senate coalition vows to kill school aid cuts Newsday *** Painless budget mocked as fantasy *** Hillary Clinton says she's not running for NY governor *** Senators, Advocates, Lobbyists: New Rules Mean New Opportunities Next Year(Reform NY) *** No ethics bill (Planet Albany)

The Road to Inside City Hall Bloomberg's vote margin in Queens narrowed considerably *** Quinn helped Bloomberg win (Queens Crap) *** Polls Predicted a Bloomberg Blowout, but Expert Knew Better *** Counting Ballots in N.Y.'s 23rd District *** Thompson has a column in the Amsterdam News *** New Priorities for Mayor Bloomberg's Third Term *** On YouTube, Michael Bloomberg posted video of the Yankees, with a Jay-Z soundtrack * ** Ex-undercover Mafia buster seeks S.I. congressional seat *** The quiet power of Mayor's confidant, Patti Harris
*** Everyone knows it: Christine Quinn's in as Council Speaker *** NYC mayor race barely over, 2013 contenders emerge *** New York City Independence Party is Irked that Big Media Has Not Publicized Its Mayoral Showing(Ballot Acess News) *** Three Brooklyn Council members are vying for the Finance Committee chairmanship that is currently held by Queens *** Information, Telecommunications and Technology Commissioner Paul Cosgrave is expected to be out during Bloomberg III, but Deputy Mayor Bob Lieber is staying *** Staten Island Republicans are split over the future of their party

New York City Economic Melt Down Leading the city in unfinished buildings: Stalled construction sites add to more blight in Brooklyn *** Still Trying to Lure New Yorkers Across the Hudson*** Budget ax falls on 503 school aides *** Biz owners irked by bus firms using Manhattan sidewalks as terminals *** Yankees' Payroll Mocked In Faux MasterCard "Priceless" Ad (VIDEO) *** Feds to Probe Low Milk Prices Paid to N.Y. Farmers *** Empire State is in bad shape, but California, others are worse of *** We Demand A Salary Cap (Room 8) *** Recession influx takes advantage of 'welfare magnet' NY *** Another Day Older And Deeper in Debt (NY Civic)

Stupid Human Tricks Balloon boy parents plan mystery trip to NY *** Aspiring Rabbi From Brooklyn Wins Title in Upset *** New thrill rides moving in to Coney Island *** Eliot Spitzer on money and marriage on the BBC.

Law and Order
Carter's 'choked' wife nearly fainted *** 6 Therapists at Bellevue Forced Out Over Hours Fake time sheets *** Nassau DA joins fight for 'Leandra's Law' *** Mom criticizes cops after son dies after being Tasered by police *** Stabbed Jehovah's Witness' beliefs may have let suspected killer go free

White House Obama urges Congress to put off Ft. Hood probe *** O weighs budget freeze *** Obama won't back down to Korea *** Obama Says U.S. Seeks Stronger Ties to China *** A Recovery for SomeThe government has been on the side of elites in recent decades. The president’s employment summit will provide an opportunity to show whether that has changed (Herbert NYT) *** White House Plan on Immigration Includes Legal Status *** Obama Chooses an Inner-Circle Man *** Obama Walks a Delicate Tightrope on His 1st Trip as President to China *** Obama stresses role of Asia in U.S. economy (Wash Post) *** In bid to woo Asia, Obama calls himself 'America's first Pacific president' *** Is Obama Being Too Conciliatory to Muslims? - Jacob Weisberg, Slate *** On Afghanistan, an Audience of One - Richard Reeves, RealClearPolitics *** Obama is Losing Independent Voters - Scott Rasmussen & Doug Schoen, WSJ *** The One Obama Bailout That's Working - Joshua Zumbrun, Forbes *** Obama's Swelling Ego - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe *** Anita Dunn: Obama OK'd War on FOX News *** High Costs Weigh on Troop Debate for Afghan War *** Sunday Medvedev and Obama Show Impatience on Iran *** China’s Role as U.S. Lender Alters Dynamics for Obama *** How low will he go? Obama gives Japan's Emperor Akihito a wow bow (Updated with video, pic) (LA Times) *** The Missing Link From Killeen to KabulIf something has been learned from the massacre at Fort Hood, it’s that our hawks are utterly confused about who it is we’re fighting in Afghanistan (Rich NYT) *** Obama Backers Fear Opportunities to Reshape Judiciary Are Slipping Away *** "SNL" Comes Down On Obama Administration For Caving On Public Option (VIDEO) *** White House: IL prison eyed for Gitmo inmates *** Obama Afghan Indecision - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post *** CIA on Trial - Michael Isikoff, Daniel Klaidman, & Mark Hosenball, Newsweek *** Will Obama Apologize for Hiroshima & Nagazaki? - Richard Halloran, RCP *** U.S., Russia Impatient with Iran *** How Pricey Are More Troops? *** Obama Pressures Burma on Suu Kyi *** Obama Taps Exec from Pesticide Lobby - Mother Jones *** Copenhagen climate change summit hopes in tatters as Obama backs postponement *** Gates Blocks Release Of Detainee Abuse Photos *** Hillary Clinton is open to coffee with Sarah Palin *** Obama takes heat on Afghan timing (Politico) *** After spending binge, W.H. says it will focus on deficits (Politico) *** Details from the Obama-Bibi meeting (Politico) *** Axelrod: Obama Opposed To Bill With Stupak AmendmentTPMDC Sunday Roundup *** Obama, Russia Eye December Nuclear Treaty (CBS News) *** When It Hit Laura George Was Out of Office (CBS News)

Dodd's danger He's in big trouble, after all, because of ethics -- or, to be precise, the lack of same (NYP ED) *** Challenging Charlie (NYP Ed) *** Stay tuned for 'Sen. Dobbs'
*** Ex-congressman gets 13 years in freezer cash case ***Ex-Louisiana Congressman Sentenced to 13 Years ***Worried About Losing Tax Revenue, Congress to Investigate Airlines’ Fees *** Freezer-cash case ends in 13-yr. sentence for ex-rep *** Fitting Punishment for Disgraced Jefferson - New Orleans Times-Picayune *** Lieberman Finds Stride in Senate as the Democrats' Maverick *** Sunday Demographic Shifts Change Political Lines *** Reforming Health Care - Martha Coakley, Boston Globe *** Abortion Rights Groups Scramble To Fight Back Against Stupak Amendment *** Leahy: US Not Afraid to Try Terrorists *** Lawmakers used Genentech lobbyists statements: report *** Doug Hoffman: With '20-20 Hindsight' I Wouldn't Have Conceded

Pay to Play Congress
In House, Many Spoke With One Voice: Lobbyists’ *** Fannie and Freddie Fire Their Own Inspector General - Huffington Post *** Contractor Convicted in Earmark Case Says Air Force Approved - Roll Call ($) *** Lobbyists Win Again In Securing Tax Break For Home Builders

Political Parties Sarah Palin goes rogue with facts in her new book *** The Passion of the Right - Charles Blow, New York Times *** Sarah Palin's Shot at Redemption & Revenge - Abcarian & Reston, LA Time *** GOP Civil War Heads to Utah Wall Street and the Economy Job Losses Mount, Enduring and Deep *** U.S. Trade Deficit Widens on Oil Imports *** That $35 Cup of Coffee The Federal Reserve Board’s new rules to protect holders of debit cards from overdraft fees are half-measures. Congress should pass bills to put the scam to rest (NYT Ed) *** Moinian misses payment on third property (Crains) *** Sunday The bank revolt of '09 Metro area bank customers are saying no to high fees in record numbers *** Trauma Surgeon of Wall Street ***10 Years Later, a Much Less Expensive Dow 10,000 *** Universities Turn to Consultants to Trim Budgets *** Your New Daddy: Uncle Sam - Patrick McIlheran, Milwaukee Journal Sentine *** What The New York Times Tells Us About Rodge Cohen *** Local Non-Profit Sees Donations Dwindle as Demand Spikes *** Investors Cut Back On US Stocks, Seek Growth Abroad

Pay to Play Wall Street
Bidder up for Madoff Met jacket *** Madoff's tech duo busted for 'scam-hiding' software *** Phil Falcone plans his return *** Two Are Charged With Helping Madoff Falsify Records *** U.S. Marshal's Madoff sale: One last chance to get your money *** SEC to hit Bear Stearns execs with civil trial *** Madoff's ill-gotten gains sold off *** Bidding on Madoff’s Trove While Helping Victims *** Spitzer Slams Wall Street Lies In Harvard Speech *** Alleged Ponzi Scheme in Fla. Could Exceed $1 Billion - Miami Herald *** FBI Seeks Info on Developers Tied to Ex-N.C. Gov - News & Observer International In Yemen, a growing concern *** The Difference Between Muslim and Islamist - Christopher Caldwell, FT *** Chavez's Policies Go From Bad to Worse - Miami Herald *** Sunday Lost There, Felt Here America should still lead such efforts as saving the rainforests. But China’s days as a global free-rider should be over (Friedman NYT) *** World Leaders Agree to Delay a Deal on Climate Change *** How America Backs Pakistani Spies *** The Woman Digging Into Iceland's Crisis *** Iran Condemns U.S. Mosque, Skyscraper Seizure *** China blocks unregistered church service again *** 5 Things the U.S. Can Learn from China (Time Magazine)

Media and New Tech Welch quits BusinessWeek column *** Terms of Digital Book Deal With Google Revised *** Vice President to Appear on 'Daily Show' *** More Than Ever, You Can Say That on Television *** Swiss Say Google’s Street View Is Too Revealing *** Dell Will Introduce a Smartphone *** Tim Armstrong makes case for AOL *** Google narrows copyright deal*** Balloon boy parents Richard Heene, Mayumi Heene headed to NY on mystery 'employment' trip *** Biden to Appear on Daily Show *** Slow fade-out CNN ratings slide could imperil high ad rates *** Sunday At Bloomberg, Modest Strategy to Rule the World *** Apple Wouldn’t Risk Its Cool Over a Gimmick, Would It? *** Times News Service to Lay Off at Least 25 *** "SNL" Skewers Lou Dobbs After Host Quits CNN (VIDEO) *** NBC Prepares For Comcast Takeover As Early As Next Week *** Lou Dobbs: I Wasn't Pushed Out *** Funnies: Oprah and Palin Go Hunting *** The New York Post Shows its Usual Respect for Jim McGreevey's Life Choices (NY Magazine) *** George Stephanopoulos will probably replace Diane Sawyer on GMA. [TDB] *** Is the Fox Business Channel a lost cause at this point? [VF] *** VIDEO: Sunday show highlights

Blog Reports Teachers Not Paid to Teach (The Weekly Standard) *** Palestine in Queens
(The Nation) *** Westboro Baptist Church Vs. New York (The New Republic) *** Cartoonist’s Take on Albany’s Budget (Matt Davies) *** The Times’s Impact on Academic Treatment of the Atlantic Yards (Atlantic Yards Report) *** Economic Development in the Outer Boroughs (DMI Blog) *** One Block Off the Electric Grid in Brooklyn (Idealist in NYC) *** State Legislative Ethics Filings (NYPIRG) *** Musing on the Role of Buses in the City (Second Avenue Sagas) *** City’s Capital Plan Grows (IBO Web Blog) *** Good Government Groups Ask for Investigation into Contribution Violations (League of Women Voters of New York State) *** Con Ed at fault forexplosion death (Queens Crap) *** Money Bears no Odor (NY Council Watch) *** The Trouble with the 9/11 Trial (Connecting the Dots) *** The Birth of Death Panels (Connecting the Dots) *** The final collapse of redevelopment plans in New London leads to new scrutiny of eminent domain for Atlantic Yards (Atlantic Yards Repiort) *** The App Revolution Will Be Mobilized (Sunday Morning)