Friday, November 13, 2009

Unemployment for Dummies: NY Leaders Say and Do Nothing About Record High Employment Rate

Breaking News: Official: Official: Accused 9/11 mastermind, others to be tried in N.Y. 20 blocks from WTC * Rep. King warns of safety risks if Gitmo thugs are brought to city * NY Times to lay off news service workers

Unemployment for Dummies
New York Leaders Say and Do Nothing About Record High Employment Rate

Despite the fact that New York City unemployment rate is now at 10.3% up from 6% last year, the city and state's elected leaders and media seem unconcern. The rising unemployment crisis is not even part of the political discussion. How can the city create jobs to hire the unemployed when nobody seem to care about this issue? If you read the headlines our leaders care only about themselves and protecting their supporters. New York's unemployed are on there own, twisting in the wind * Government Must Step Up & Create Jobs - Paul Krugman, New York Times

What is in it for ME Leaders
There is no lobbyist for the unemployed to give campaign funds to pol or pull out the unemployed voters at election time. As a result they are off the radar of a very selfish generation of leaders who only care about what help them personally or to gain power and money.

Albany Nothing About Unemployment
We hear about Albany's budget circus and gay rights showdown over and over again with nothing every resolved. The gov and legislators inaction is cased by the lobbyist for the unions, health care and education interests demanding that their budgets not be cut. Get ready to bleed (NYP). The gov is very concerned about himself Delusional Dave says prez will stump for him
The unions are fighting for increases for their members 11% for TWU, 4% teachers and other unions

Bloomberg Nothing About Unemployment
We read about Bloomberg worried about the Muslim community Bloomberg regrets greeting controversial Muslim cleric and solving a political problem he had with some of his supporters in Coney Island by paying a developer $95.6 million Sitt's Thor Equities to revive Coney Island amusements * Bloomberg endosed in the senate election to replace Kenney Khazei.

City Council Nothing About Unemployment
The City Council Speaker delayed a vote on parking fines to help the mayor's reelection
Quinn a parking 'valet' for Mike* An emotional City Council Speaker Christine Quinn urges state senate to pass

The Media Covers Nothing About Unemployment
The media covers all of the above issue except unemployment and Inside Apple's new New York City new store, the New LiLo tape and Levi Johnston has big screen dreams for as-yet unfinished memoir. There have been no unemployment editiorial by the papers asking for something to be done to help the out of work NYS Election Crisis Continues The vote count in the 23rd Congressional race tightens. The election is not yet certified. (AP/ WP) * Could the Newest Member of the House Be Kicked Out of Congress? FOXNews

Lieberman 4 Insurance vs People
Connecticut Insurance Capital of the World the HQ of most of nations insurance companies. That is why Democrats Worry Joe Lieberman Could Sink Health Care. Speaking of Democrats yesterday marked A Decade Without Glass-Steagall: Heckofa Job, Larry Rolling Stone

NY1 Corporate Wimp New Slant Could the answer why NY1 only asks citywide elected officials soft ball questions be the fact they need those officials to extend the NYC cable franchise of their parent company Time Warner?
CITY DRAGGING ITS FEET ON CABLE FRANCHISE - NYC Comptroller. NY1's Roma Torre in her interview this week of Comptroller-Elect John Liu never asked a question about the pension scandal or why he appointed Carl McCall who is under investigation by AG as part of his pension investigation as head of his transition team. It time the city work with Verizon, Apple and other wireless companies planing to compete with Time Warner and cablevision cable monopoly in the future, to help New Yorkers cable prices to fall, instead of giving them 10 more years at soaking us and controlling the news for their own interests.

Gov: 3 Men Online or in A Room is OK Paterson Turns On The Press "Not only do we have dysfunction in the Legislature, but we're starting to have dysfunction in the reporting," the governor groused. ...When it comes to the process, this idea of everyone has to speak out loud for everyone to hear is not good government. Don't ever associate that with reform or good government."Gov. Paterson waffles, fibs, bungles and mumbles ***Paterson responds to transparency questions with snark
Gov of La Mancha's Albany Gov 'calls' $$ audible still no agreement on how to reduce state spending*** The Albany whine Special interests' stranglehold *** Workers Plead Guilty in ‘Man Cave’ Case *** Save kids from drunks: State Assembly must pass Leandra's Law, not a poor imitation *** MADD to Sheldon Silver: Please don't water down 'Leandra's Law' bill *** Spitzer says Paterson doing heckuva job *** State leaders are about three-quarters of the way there, according to the governor. (AP) *** Gov. David Paterson now says he’s open to any deal that will close the budget. (GNS) *** The state prepares for the 2010 census. (TU) *** Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos get into it on a conference call about the DRP. (TU) *** A conference call of state leaders indicated not much budget progress *** People are getting mad about the requirement to buy new license plates *** County Clerks will travel to Albany on Monday to protest new license plates *** Pew Or Not New York Stinks *** Gov. David Paterson is becoming "less and less ideological about deficit reduction." *** They've moved from three men in a room to five men on the line *** California East? *** The Deficit Will Wait Until Next Week (Gotham Gazette) *** "It’s not readily apparent from the (state) Constitution that the Legislature has the power to remove one of its own members," said NYU Prof. Eric Lane, a former Senate counsel.

Pay to Play Bruno Judge in Bruno’s Corruption Trial Chastises Him Over a Remark *** Judge tells Joe Bruno: I'm boss here, pal *** Judge unloads on Bruno (Times Union) *** “For once in your life you don’t control something – I do,” Sharpe told Bruno. “If you ever do what you just did in the presence of that jury again, which is question any of my rulings, I will take measures to make sure you don’t repeat that.” (DN) *** “I understand very clearly what is happening here, Judge, very clearly,” Mr. Bruno replied, prompting a friend sitting in the courtroom to whisper, “Stop it, Joe.” (NYT) *** Team Bruno Demands Mistrial; Motion Denied *** Judge rejects mistrial motion in Bruno case

Pay to Play Pensions A lawyer at the center of the pension fund “double-dipping” investigation took pension credits from his vacation home in Maui. (TU) *** Court backs Cuomo probe of new pension cases

Road to Inside City Hall Big world of thanks: Mike 100 million dollar campaign routinely dispatched staffers to the Board of Elections to get the names of 7,600 voters applying for absentee ballots, as well as the 26,000 on the permanent list *** Mike's 'outreach' idiocy It all makes us nostalgic for the night Rudy Guiliani tossed Yasser Arafat out of Lincoln Center (NYP) *** Quinn must pay heed: Council speaker has to get with the majority on member salaries *** Michael Bloomberg said he wouldn’t have invited Sarij Wahhaj to City Hall had he known about his background *** Terror Associate Greeted By Bloomberg At City Hall *** Bloomberg got fewer votes in Queens this year than in 2005 *** Anthony "Shoot-the-Freak" Berlingieri crashed the Coney Island press conference at City Hall yesterday *** Bloomberg likes to eat in Brooklyn *** Panel Votes To End Social Promotion In Grades 4, 6 *** Mice Dominate NYC School Cafeterias ***Barron Forges Ahead Running for Speaker'

New York's Economic Melt Down Brooklyn condos sold for 44% off at auction *** Buyer promises rebirth for downtown Bklyn condo *** Industrial firm leaving Park Avenue for Chicago *** Dover Corporation to Relocate Corporate Headquarters to Chicago, Illinois
*** EPA names city, Navy in Gowanus pollution mess *** Who will clean the creek & canal From Courier-Life *** Gas rates going up From NY1 *** Still Trying to Lure New Yorkers Across the Hudson *** Labor To Quinn: Time For Paid Sick Time *** New Jersey is using the threat of tax increases to lure New Yorkers across the Hudson.
Inspector clouseau Cop beats 'leak' rap *** Detective Accused of Providing Tips to Informers Is Acquitted

Law and Order Judge tosses conviction after man spends 18 years in the slammer

White House In Tokyo, Seeking to Improve Relations *** Among Obama Aides, Debate Intensifies on Troop Levels *** Craig Steps Down as White House Lawyer *** Bush Returns to Public Spotlight *** In Leaning on Karzai, U.S. Has Limited Leverage *** Decision is part of Obama's quest to close military detention center *** Obama: Decision soon on troops *** Obama to host jobs summit as strong hiring gains still seem far off *** Berman and Miller: Obama, learn from JFK, not LBJ *** Obama lands in Japan, kicking off presidential visit to Asia *** Obama sends Afghanistan war council back to the drawing board *** The Obama Administration weighs the idea of an international short-term climate change pact. (WP) *** Defense Secretary Robert Gates condemns the leaks about the Fort Hood rampage and U.S. Afghan policy. (NYT) *** Obama's Real Afghanistan Decision - Fred Kaplan, Slate *** Can the Clinton Coalition Survive Obama? - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics *** Time to Bring the Troops Home - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Just the Facts, Mr. President - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal *** Rift in War Cabinet as Obama Throws Out All Options - Tim Reid, Times *** The Wall Separates Reagan From Obama - Meghan Gurdon, DC Examiner *** America and Afghanistan: General Disarray - The Economist *** Gibbs: No 'Open- Ended Conflict'

Wall Street and the Economy
Playboy bidding war starts *** Wal-Mart sees Yule as not gift-wrapped *** Fed Pay czar backtracks concerned" that plans to rein in Wall Street bonuses may, in fact, be backfiring ***Citi needs at least four years to fix, analyst figures *** Bah! Humbug! Goldman says no to Christmas party *** Obama's pay czar responds to AIG flap *** Pfizer to Leave Conn A City Where They Won A Supreme Court Land-Use Case *** New Rules Would Restrict Overdraft Fees on Debit Cards *** FHA Housing Agency’s Cash Reserves Down Sharply *** After Bankruptcy, G.M. Struggles to Shed a Legendary Bureaucracy *** G.E. to Sell Security Unit *** Wilpon Firm Challenges Finding by Trustee in Madoff Case *** The New Target Of U.S.'s Crackdown On Global Tax Evasion *** Uncle Sam Is Sitting Atop a Goldmine - David Goldman, CNNMoney *** Give Me Goldman Over Gandhi Anyday - Jonathan Hoenig, SmartMoney *** A New Crisis Ahead? Five Things To Look For - Jon Markman, MSN Money *** A Guide to the Coming Retail Shake-Up - Jeanine Poggi, *** Warren Buffett: Worst Is Over *** JC Penney Profit Falls 78%; Holiday View Guarded

Pay to Play Wall Street Two Are Charged With Helping Madoff Falsify Records

Congress and Political Parties Acorn Sues Over Funding Vote in House *** Rolling Out Sarah Palin's Side of the Story ***Conservatives Oppose Judicial Nominee *** 3 Right-Hand Men Take a Turn at Center Stage *** Reid Mulls Medicare Tax Increase for High Earners *** Reid Says Health Bill Will Be Done by Christmas *** Embarrassed RNC to Drop Abortion Coverage *** Embarrassed RNC to Drop Abortion Coverage *** Rep. Blackburn Won't Pledge To Stop Calling Obama A Socialist *** Goldman Sachs To Private Insurers: No Health Care Reform At All Is Best *** Dan Froomkin Common Sense From The Senator Who Saw The Crisis Coming *** What Health Reform Will Do to My Insurance - Andrew Heinze, WSJ *** The Perils of Palinism - Richard Kim and Betsy Reed, The Nation *** What White Women Want, Surprisingly the GOP - David Paul Kuhn, RCP *** Who Are the Blue Dogs? - Michael Tomasky, New York Review of Books *** McCain Aide Denies Palin Book Claim *** CREW has launched a comprehensive list of Congress members likely under investigation. (There are 20).

Afghan Enclave Offers Model to Rebuild, and Rebuff Taliban *** Japan Cools to America as It Prepares for Obama Visit *** Rebuilding Its Economy, Iraq Shuns U.S. Businesses *** An act of nuclear proliferation Scientist's accounts assert China gave Pakistan enough enriched uranium for 2 atomic bombs ***Europe's New Chapter Starts Now - Timothy Garton Ash, Globe and Mail *** Bomb hits Pakistan's spy agency *** Chavez's Policies Go From Bad to Worse - Miami Herald *** An Issue-Filled Itinerary in Asia - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ***Pakistan Spy Agency Bombed *** Algerian Terrorist Cell Busted in ItalyMedia and New Tech Intel writes AMD $1.25B check to settle suit *** For Comcast’s Chief, Content Led the Way *** Disney Posts Strong Profit Despite Weakness in Films *** After Dobbs, CNN Makes a Bet on King *** Washington Times Editor Solomon Resigns *** New record: 'Modern Warfare 2' brings in $310M in first days *** John King will take over Lou Dobbs’ slot on CNN. (WP) *** The Times says good-bye to Lou Dobbs, whose show “has long been a nesting ground for untruths and conspiracy theories." *** Josh Benson will be the New York Observer's next departure *** Former Gov. Mario Cuomo denied making calls to boost his son's TV career

Still Ducking Hard Choices in California - Orange County Register

Changing NYC A Chance to See the City Change, Site by Site *** Governors Island Airport that wasn't