Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Greatest Generation vs. Today's Take Albany Generation

The Greatest Generation vs. Today's Albany Take Generation

First Thank You Vets Young Veterans Form New Groups, and Old Posts Fade Away *** Number Of Wounded US Soldiers Coming Home Continues To Swell *** Kerrey: What we owe our warriors *** In or out of uniform, always a vet *** Nearly 10,000 homeless vets in NYC area

The Take Albany Generation
This generation in Albany thinks differently. Most are takers who have never lived through a world war or depression. They think all we have to do is get through this short term deficit and things will go back to the normal Bruno, Mclaughlin, Seminario pay to play free money days. Lost to them was generations of New Yorkers who made this city the economic engine of the world. This generation of Albany leader only wants to get back to where we were instead of where we have to go as a city and state to keep New York's world leading economic engine going strong. They do not understand the gas tank is empty and their living on the work of the past generations like Governor Dewitt Clinton who fought the legislature to getting funding for the Erie Canal. To today Albany leaders see the rewards of past generations work are there moral entitlement birth rights.

Next week or shortly there after they will all tell us how great they are because they agreed on a plan to cut the budget. Ridiculous, it does noting to fix the fact that a lot of Wall Street will never return to 2007 level. Cutting the budget does nothing to stop the middle class from leaving the city because they are sick of the high taxes and fees. The clown show in Albany with its anxiety of uncertain clueless ways and tax and spend credo has made New York a toxic place to open a business. What the media does not understand is Albany behavior alone are driving taxes out of the state. Who wants to run a business or live in a Banana Republic? It is funny how the Daily News Editorial Board continues to beg to a generation that has tuned them out. It not denial when you don't care Nothing from nothings: State Senate Dems again fail to do their duty to New Yorkers , Despite Gov. Paterson's dire warnings, pols do squat about budget. There might not have been action at the Capitol, but there was free lunch.

Et Tu Dodd? When you take millions from the banks, Wall Street and a special Countywide VIP mortgage loan and you greed results in taking the nations and worlds economy into a depression and your facing serious reelection you change sides Dodd takes on the Fed

Gov Flunks Budget 101
Paterson said he had been persuaded that $287 million of his proposed Medicaid cuts could result in a loss of $748 million to the state's health-care system because of formulas involving matching federal funds. How come the governor own budget team did not pick that up? *** Barrett: It's a Rotten Time for Paterson To Promote Bogus Budget Numbers (Village Voice)No Free Buses Elections in New York have by hijacked by incumbents to get them reelected. There tools are spin, money and a weak press to get their job done. What a difference election day makes August 3, 2009 Bloomberg Calls for Free Crosstown Buses Today Bloomberg budget ax will cut to the bone

Broken 911 Fix
In 2004 the mayor announced a $300 millon overhaul of New York's Creaky 911 System While police computers in 2004 automatically display the addresses of 911 callers, an unremarkable function in the digital age. Fire dispatchers, however, could not see that information. Strict divisions of turf among the emergency agencies, dating to the 19th century, endure in the incompatible dispatch systems of the 21st. Why five years after the fix began did three Bangladeshi immigrants died in a blaze this weekend, is just two blocks from FDNY Engine 292 after a dispatcher typo sent the fireman to the wrong address? Why does FDNY use a system that sends Bravest to wrong sites?

Pension Mob It the family of insider that control the nations pension funds. The are organize like mob families, some committee crimes like the families and most are protected from prosecution like teflon don Gotti. Joshua Gotbaum, an operating partner at the private equity firm Blue Wolf Capital, is expected to be named director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation by President Obama, the White House said Monday. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation backs up the pensions of more than 44 million Americans. Gotbaum is an operating partner of Blue Wolf a pension fund management company. Joshua step-mother New York City Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum is a trustee of New York City’s Pension Funds. True News and the NYT reported that the founder of Blue Wolf, Josh Wolf-Powers made news earlier this year when he was linked to Steven Rattner, whose private equity firm, Quadrangle Group, came under scrutiny as part of an investigation into potential kickbacks involving New York’s state pension fund. The New York Times reported in April that Mr. Wolf-Powers, told Mr. Rattner if want business in pension funds he should hired a firm that had been run by Hank Morris, a now-indicted associate of New York’s former comptroller, to help gain business in New York, state and federal authorities contend. There is a lot going on with New York's pension funds that never get reported in the press except when they acidenlty come out in a trial Pension Bonus for City Correction Officers Is Questioned in Bruno Trial , The Wolf at Thompson's Door , True News: Wolf at Thompson Door, Part II . Avella Opens A Cut , Blue Wolf Exec to Head U.S. Pension Agency

Was Judith Kaye Ever Out of Politics?
The WFP Goes White-Shoe

Gov of La Mancha: Albany Fiddles State Senate Delays Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Bill *** The legislature convened for a special session yesterday, but had little to show for it. (TU) *** “I can’t explain the dynamic of the Senate because nobody can,” Paterson told reporters. “I wish they would start thinking about the people of New York and what’s right for the people of New York. … They’ve got to get in there and reduce this deficit.” (AP) *** Gay marriage did not come up for a vote. (AP) *** Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. got into a heated exchange with gay marriage advocates. (NY1) *** But the governor attempted to salvage the day by announcing a commitment to bring gay marriage to a vote “before the end of the year.” (BN) *** “Whether a person is for it or against it, I think it’s very unfair for the governor to put this issue in such a spotlight and make so many promises to so many people,” Sen. Jim Alesi said of Paterson’s inclusion of gay marriage into the special session *** The father of Leandra Rosado, a girl who died because of drunk driving, comes to Albany to plead for passage of “Leandra’s Law.” (DN) * The Assembly and Senate point fingers at each other over why the bill wasn’t going anywhere. (Newsday) *** A special session of the legislature ended with no action being taken to address the state's budget deficit *** "I have come to the conclusion that in the three great lies that people tell that we can add a new contender, which is, 'We'll work it out and we'll vote on it when we get to Albany,'" Paterson told reporters *** Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb called the session a "complete and utter failure." *** Despite the crying pleas of a grieving father, legislators couldn't even agree on a measure to increase penalties for drunk driving *** Michael Goodwin says cuts should focus on the state workforce *** The Post says outgoing Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell's popularity undercuts Paterson's claim that his poor poll numbers are the result of the state's fiscal crisis *** Judicial Commission Wants Lawmakers to Fill It Out *** Albany Fails to Pass Drunk-Driving Law *** Gerson Borrero wonders if the same polls that were wrong about Bill Thompson could prove to be wrong about Gov. David Paterson

New York Economic Melt Down
A gold 'plated' rip-off Snazzy new license plate that's been giving New York motorists fits of road rage -- because they'll be forced to pay for it *** Con Ed readies ga$ attack Seeking to raise the price of gas for residents by 6 percent a year for three years *** To cleanse the MTA Contract talks need sunlight *** In Need of Cash, State Requiring Drivers to Buy New $25 Plates *** No Consensus on Financial Crisis's Legacy for City *** Plan's Move to Senate Presents Challenges for New York (Gotham Gazette) *** Schools lose 500 aides at end of week *** New York flunks GED: HS equivalency exam pass rate is shameful last in nation *** All eyes are on city negotiations with UFT & DC 37 *** Retail Vacancies on the Rise *** The architect of the rules protecting New York City’s water supply criticizes the state’s hydrofracking plan. (TU)

Road to City Hall The last word on the 2009 mayoral race *** View of the Mayor’s Race From One Who Opted Out: I Could Have Won ***Paparazzi peeved at mayor's office over film set info change *** After reelection Beep Markowitz woos big companies *** A Manhattan blogger discovers which block loves Bloomberg the most *** The Bloomberg Blowout That Wasn't History's richest campaign wins by a nose *** City to Buy 7 Acres in Coney Island, With an Eye on Revival *** D.A. probing allegations against campaign of South Shore candidate (Why is the SI DA acting as a collection agency for the Advance Group? We need to get Janine Materna story) *** Bill Thompson got 60.8 percent of votes in the Bronx *** The Queens Gazette also notes John Liu's voting-getting prowess.
Bruno Play to Play Bruno judge raps prosecutors *** Trial has lost its way, says judge in Bruno corruption case *** Republican Sen. Betty Little testified at the trial of former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno; she says she did not request a grant that went to a union in her district. (TU) *** Alan Chartock wonders why ex-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is on trial while ex-NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik got off "lightly"

Stupid Human Tricks Madam Kristin Davis does not approve of Eliot Spitzer's impending ethics speech at Harvard

Law and Order
Kerik out of clink *** Kerik Released on Bail to Await Sentencing *** Powder Sent to 3 Missions Is Determined to Be Flour *** Sixth report of suspicious white powder at a NY consulate *** United pilot busted for trying to fly with booze in system *** D.C. Sniper Declined Last Words *** La Guardia's Tough and Incorruptible Police Commissioner

Mob Report Junior almost blew off trial *** Is Younger Gotti’s Teflon Suit Better Than His Father’s?

Terror Plot Obama to feds, Army: What did you know about Fort Hood killer and when did you know it? *** Sometimes, an Extremist Really is an Extremist - Jonah Goldberg, LAT *** Common Sense Says Major Hasan Was a Terrorist - Ed Koch, RCP *** Congress Must Find Answers on Massacre - Chicago Sun-Times *** Did Army Give Hasan a Pass Because of Religion? - Mark Thompson, Time *** PC Insanity is Getting People Killed - Bill O'Reilly, FOX News *** Media Hypes 'Backlash' Against Muslims - Vincent Carroll, Denver Post

White House
President has stirring words for victims Tells soldier kin: 'Your loved ones endure' *** Indie voters nix O's Rx *** 3 Top Obama Advisers Favor Adding Troops in Afghanistan (NYT) *** Obama's Remarks at Ft. Hood Service *** Shift at White House Communications Post *** The EPA tries to censor two of its employees over their opinions about cap-and-trade. (WP) *** “It may be hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy,” eulogized the President at Fort Hood. “But this much we do know: No faith justifies these murderous and craven acts. No just and loving God looks upon them with favor. For what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice, in this world and the next.” *** Hillary Clinton is one of the hawks *** Our Amnesia on Afghanistan - Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian *** Hillary in 2012? - Tony Blankley, Washington Times *** Stimulus Dishonesty - San Diego Union-Tribune *** Obama Mulls 30k Troops *** Why is SEIU Boss the WH's Most Frequent Visitor? - Stephen Spruiell, NRO

Congress and Political Parties Senators Back Panel on Deficit Reduction *** Bill Clinton Urges Senate Democrats to Pass Bill Quickly *** Opt-Out’ Proposal Puts State Leaders to the Test *** Reid Says Health Bill Will Be Done by Christmas *** Senate Plan Would Expand Regulation of Risky Lending *** The U.S. House of Presumptuous Meddlers - John Stossel, RealClearPolitics *** Republicans Edge Ahead of Democrats in 2010 Vote - Jeffrey Jones, Gallup *** 'Choice', 'Freedom' and the Democrats - David Harsanyi, Denver Post *** Pelosi Shows Her Mettle, But Healthcare Bill a Mess - Camille Paglia, Salon *** Dodd's Politicization of the Federal Reserve - Editorial, Washington Post *** Engel Goes After McMahon on Healthcare *** How Credit Raters Fought Off Oversight From Congress And The SEC *** Why Is the Senate Going to Take So Long? - Suzy Khimm, The New Republic

Pay to Play Congress
Can a Donation Buy Legislation? Lots of Cash Has been Raised for Rep. Stephen Buyer's Scholarship Foundation, but So Far No Scholarships Have been Awarded

Health Care
Maine Finds a Health Care Fix Elusive *** Obama brings out big gun for health care *** A health care proposal by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy could snag efforts to pass health care legislation. (WT) *** GOP's Health Scare Tactics - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post ***AMA Advocates Medical Marijuana *** For Many, Staying Home Sick Not an Option Millions Who Don't Have Paid Sick Days are Going to Work and Potentially Spreading H1N1 Flu

International Blackwater Said to Pursue Bribes to Iraq After 17 Died *** U.S. Tries to Salvage Honduras Accord *** Recession Upends German Zeal for Fiscal Prudence *** Merkel Pledges Tax Cuts, Warns on Jobs *** Blackwater Bribed Iraqi Officials *** Brazil's Massive Blackout *** BRAZIL'S CITIES HIT BY BLACKOUTS...

Wall Street and the Economy 'BofA's Lewis says recovery still fragile *** Moody's: AIG should be able to repay bailout money *** Under Attack, Fed Chief Studies Politics *** Virtuous Bankers? Really!?! The saying used to be, whatever happens, the lawyers win. But with bankers getting obscene bonuses again, now it’s whatever happens, the bankers win (Dowd NYT) *** Trucks, Trains and TreesWithout a new system for economic development in the timber-rich tropics, the only Amazon your grandchildren will ever know ends in dot-com and sells books (Friedman NYT) *** Survey Finds Deep Shift in the Makeup of Unions *** Job Seekers Aim to Erase Criminal Past *** Geithner Affirms Strong Dollar *** Las Vegas Sands to Restart Macau Sites *** FedEx Predicts More Holiday Packages *** It's the Stupidity About the Economy, Stupid - Dan Gerstein, Forbes *** The Economic Uses of Al Gore - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal *** The Real Threat to Fed Independence - Henry Kaufman, Wall Street Journal *** Chanos Condemns a 'Monstrous Idea' Banks Love - David Reilly, Bloomberg *** 'AIG Chief Threatens to Resign *** Washington Times Lockdown: Beefed Up Security As Internal Turmoil Continues *** The Nexus of Big Gov't & Wall Street - Charles Gasparino, Big Government

Pay to Play Wall Street Wall St. 1, US 0 Ex-Bear pair acquitted in blow to prosecution *** Feds charge hedge fund exec with fraud *** Picower's wife seeks Madoff deal ***SAC Capital tells clients it's clean ***Ex-Bear Stearns hedge-fund execs acquitted (Crains) *** Madoff's pad: Only $8.9M! *** Galleon Witness Says He Paid for Tips *** Guilty Plea Made in UBS Insider Case

States Mold School Policies to Win Federal Money *** Cindy Adams learns how Chris Christie is losing weight *** Anti-Statism in America - John Judis, The New Republic *** The Truth About Global Warming - George Will, Newsweek ***Salt Lake Mormons Back Gay Rights