Sunday, November 29, 2009

Keep Up With the News: True News Updates All Weekend

While cutbacks in major media news coverage has left the holiday weekend papers with little news. Without their newspaper crib notes TV news is force to show car crashes and fires over and over. True News is there to keep you informed.
Sunday Holiday Update

Paterson Takes $1.6 Billion In Emergency Action
* Tough Times Turning Newspaper Lenders Into Owners

Pay to Play Espada
'Gag' reflex by Espada as charity probe heats up Embattled Bronx politico Pedro Espada Jr. is advising staffers at his health-care charity to check with his lawyers before speaking to state investigators probing allegations of financial misconduct (NYP)

Objection, your honor!
Reproach the bench Objection, your honor! State judges are using taxpayer money to buy everything from spa trips to self-portraits to electronics Check In the Mail? Lawyer sues 'deadbeat' pol Larry Seabrook is struggling to repay legal fees racked up during 2003 and '05 Campaign Finance Board audits Primary Objective Incumbent Protection Staffers' 'primary day' job A large chunk of the City Council staff took off on primary- election day to work on politics * CHIEF JUDGE LIPPMAN ORDERS “BACK DOOR” PAY RAISE SCHEME TO CIRCUMVENT LEGISLATURE

Apples and Oranges
Why did Daily News Reporters Mirela Iverac and Celeste Katz add Bloombergs' charitable givings to a story about how much he spend on the campaign. There is even a quote by spin doctor Wolfson defending the mayor's excellent philanthropists endeavors. How much more can you take the heat off the mayor in this holiday dumped story. Mayor Bloomberg blew $102.1 million during campaign on lots of pizza, coffee and consultants $12 million of it went to ad makers Squier Knapp Dunn for creating ads and buying TV air time: $17,000 for Pizza; $261 million he's dumped into his three races for City Hall . . . Why do reporters think adding a jerky quote by Doug Muzzio of a political consultant increase any value in their story? "Should pass legislation to force this guy to run every year. We could solve the recession," Muzzio kidded? Campaign Spin So Far? Bloomberg in Third-Term to Ax Underperforming Commissioners Mayor see a turnover in perhaps 15 of the 40 commissioner positions (October 18, 2009) Today DN Mayor Bloomberg isn't likely to make proposed staff changes anytime soon (Lisberg)

It's the Message, Not the Budget Agreement While the media and the blogs are following every spin about the budget negotiations in Albany they miss the real story. What message does Albany's out of control clown show give to business owners who operate a business or what to open up businesses in New York. The message the owners and the middle class who reports indicate are bailing out of the city, are getting is your taxes could be raised at any moment and so will your services. More importantly their is no long time plan to encourage business and the middle class to stay or locate hereNY State almost out of cash
Connecting the Dots Why does the media not get it that there be no recovery until the unemployed get jobs. In the thousands of stories about shoppers going nuts, the media has almost abandoned the story of the personal and economic hardship of so many out of work. Manhattan's double dip After short recovery, condo values slip again. The culprits are the usual suspects -- stagnant wages and a persistent and high unemployment rate in the city that is higher than the national total. With 400,000 jobless, New Yorkers experiencing extreme unemployment The media spins that sales this black Friday is up .5% over last year, but don't explain that last year shopping was a bomb. High-def TVs, notebook computers and the king of all holiday scores the Zhu Zhu pet hamsters - holiday sales flat compared to last year, thing is last year was the worst in decades. Early Reports Confirm Weak Holiday Shopping - (Dec. 25, 2008) , Black Friday results for 2009 poor but promising? More: "nearly a third of homeowners with a mortgage — 15.7 million people — owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth, according to Moody’s Economy." * One in Eight Americans On Food Stamps

Media Loves 3Cs' Cover Up The public and media love a celebrity crime story that is comics in it and is based on sex, because it get dummies who normally don't read the paper to buy one or watch the news. Lupica: Lying, or covering up incident not worth it, 20 questions about Tiger Woods' accident

More Sunday News News Exec: Dinner Crashers Shopping Interview shouldn't they be like in jail*** Bush adminstration could've captured terrorist Osama Bin Laden in December 2001: Senate report *** UAE to Back Banks in Dubai Meltdown *** Iran OKs Plans for 10 Nuke Plants Tehran thumbs nose at UN demands to cease program *** Summers Ignored Warnings About Harvard Investments, $1.8 Billion Disappeared

Saturday Holiday Update

Bad News Burial Bloomberg the media master not only dumps the unpleasant news that he payed 183 per vote, but he did it in the middle of a 4 day holiday weekend, when those following the news is at the lowest
Bloomberg's price of victory: $102M (NYP) , Bloomberg Spent $102 Million to Win 3rd Term (NYT) State Going Broke Faster Comptroller's budget red alert *** Most parking rules were still in effect on Friday In New York, a Parking Gift on a Holiday

Black Friday
Year after deadly Black Friday stampede, stores get ready ***Where to Find Black Friday Deals *** At the Stroke of Midnight, the Shopping Began *** Shoppers pack stores for Black Friday in search of Zhu Zhu toys *** A Day of Discounts, Even for Knockoffs *** Site-Hopping for Holiday Savings
Revisionist History Begins with Revisionist Facts Today's NYT says that the mayor's campaign sought to persuade wary voters that he deserved a third term as a no-nonsense financial watchdog who was ready to swing the budget ax. The Bloomberg campaign like all the campaigns run this year promised with it knew it could not deliver and the NYT published those promises Bloomberg Calls for Free Crosstown Buses - City Room Blog , $50 million to boost the city's community colleges The NYT said today the teacher's 4% increase were in danger because the city's economy has change from a year ago. Here are the papers from a year ago Wall Street job losses may hit 46000 by 2010: mayor | U.S. | Reute Jan 30, 2009 * Wall Street Braces for Huge Job Losses - ABC News -Sep 16, 2008 * DiNapoli predicts heavy job losses - November 25, 2008

Those Without Work Need Lift From Us All - USA Today
Who are the lobbyist for the unemployed? Worst since 1983 Unemployment Rate In New York City Hits 9.3 Percent Albany Nothing About Unemployment We hear about Albany's budget circus and gay rights showdown over and over again with nothing every resolved. The gov and legislators inaction is cased by the lobbyist for the unions, health care and education interests demanding that their budgets not be cut. The gov is very concerned about himself Delusional Dave says prez will stump for him The unions are fighting for increases for their members 11% for TWU, 4% teachers and other unions

Tip of the Ice Berg
Stuyvesant Town tenants demand rent cuts, refunds Stuy Town's Wall Street Robbery Wall Street Hijacks Federal Agencies Created to Provide Affordable Housings 1.5 billion from Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac to take over Stuy Town and push middle class tenants out. Millions more in pension funds. Will the robbers pay beyond defaults? StuyTown tremors Tishman's debt tale darkens In a major signal of defeat in its once-grand plans to turn Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village into a cash cow, Tishman Speyer has handed over its $3 billion mortgage to a special servicer

Daily News Needs to Fact Check It is the county committee that picks the democratic Nominee in a special election not the county leader. Today Daily News "If Rangel chooses to retire before July 1, however, the law calls for a special election. In that case, there is no primary, and the party's nominee would be chosen by Manhattan's Democratic Party chair, which right now is Assemblyman Keith Wright (a close Rangel ally who is also thought to be eying the seat)." David Saltonstall Daily News N.Y. Democrats Pick Candidate for Weiss' Seat - Los Angeles Times Pinocchio It was never a backup plan,” and “I never thought about it," said David Weprin about running for his brother's seat.

Eminent Domain
seems to work better for the developers and pension investors then the communities the project is located in. It seems that the property owners who are removed are not the only ones screwed The Barren Fruits of the Kelo Decision - San Francisco Chronicle *** Susette Kelo's revenge: New London regrets eminent domain fiasco *** This ‘Rose’ has thorns! CB1 panel blocks developer’s waterfront towers *** Pouch Camp: Last Stand For Preservationists? builders against environmentalists

Election 2010
Thompson Is Said to Mull a Run Against Gillibrand (NYT) *** Report: Thompson Mulling 2010 Senate Run (NY1) *** "If (Rudy) Giuliani gets in to this race, this one could end up looking like a senate Gov. Paterson all but gave away to the Republicans," writes Josh Marshall
Inside City Hall Mike's war for the kids: Albany must pass the mayor's bold program of school reforms (DN Ed) *** Saturday Mayor Bloomberg spent $102M on campaign to win third term - or $175 per vote *** Bloomberg Spent a Record $102M to Win 3rd Term (WINS) *** A labor of love: Deal between City Hall and construction unions will build many jobs*** Friday***183 per vote Bloomberg Spent $102 Million to Win 3rd Term *** Testing Bloomberg’s Grip on the Budget Ax *** Mayor urges sex trafficking victims to speak up *** Thursday Mike wants OK to ax teachers & schools *** Mayor Says Student Scores Will Factor Into Teacher Tenure *** Amphitheater backlash shuts CB 13 meeting down ***Quinn's numbers are up: It's time to put City Council pay reform to a public vote *** Mayor pushes plan to ax bad teachers; union fumes *** UFT Mulgrew challenges Bloomberg’s get-tough tactics on tenure *** The mayor has visited the White House four times so far this year, according to the latest (pre-holiday) dump of visitor logs *** Enabling the next Fort Hood?Congress's curbs on gun data hurt investigations By Michael Bloomberg and Thomas Kean

Gov of La Mancha Albany State housing plan for mentally disabled is no-go, feds say *** Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown was a no-show at a recent Paterson fundraiser in his city, which attracted just 80 people *** Borrowing From Peter To Pay Paul *** Saturday Killing Jobs To Court Labor egislation to force developers and landlords at state-assisted projects to pay workers (NYP Ed) *** State Controller talks tough on budget cuts via YouTube *** Friday Stalemate in Legislature Has New York Near Its Last Dollar *** Stalemate in Albany as State Nears Its Last Dollar *** EDITORIAL: Governor gets it, legislators don’t (Post Star) *** Thursday GNYHA and SEIU 1199 don't think the governor's revised DRP goes far enough *** State Comptroller echoes Paterson's budget concerns *** A Disappointing DRP Citizen Budget Commission
Pay to Play Bruno Judge in Bruno trial says long break could be dangerous

New York and Terror
Spin of Wheel May Bind a Judge’s Name to a 9/11 Terror Suspect *** Major Nidal Hasan's Enabler: Political Correctness - Mark Steyn, Macleans *** New York Tests Xbox-Based Alert System
New York Economic Crisis Dubai debt smacks NYC *** NY Anti-Smoking Program a Target of Cuts *** Across U.S., Food Stamp Use Soars and Stigma Fades *** Foreclosures cripple South Jamaica *** Saturday Sickening spending A statewide crackdown on Medicaid abuse has revealed $96.7 million in misspent funds *** Many New Year's pub permits get the Eve-ho New Year's Eve might not be so rockin' this year. A 60 percent plunge in the number of Big Apple bars, clubs and restaurants that have been issued special... Recession Sends Older Americans To Food Pantries (WCBS TV) *** Friday Relief from soup kitchens *** Tenants of run-down Bronx buildings bank on protests *** Due to rising demand, food pantries face short supply *** NY Apple Growers Leaving More Fruit On Trees *** Security guards outnumber shoppers at Green Acres Walmart opening *** Helicopter Service to Airports Faces Uncertain Future *** Yes, You Owe That Tax Sales tax must be collected from online retailers to level the playing field and distribute the tax burden more progressively (NYT Ed) *** Thursday Economic woes lead to fewer NY visitors *** Longer lines at city's soup kitchens *** State's creditors always first in line for payment Despite other obligations, failing to cover debt service could mean serious trouble *** Crumbling over span of years A staggering number of the 89 city bridges and crossings used by Amtrak trains have parts that are in crumbling condition *** Relief from soup kitchens

Law and Order 134 busts! So why is this guy free? *** Crime: Back to the ’80s?(NYP Ed) *** 17-Year-Old Is Held in Fatal Chinatown Stabbing *** Convict escapes Manhattan precinct, briefly*** Gangs in New York Twitter trash-talk, plan fights *** Dude, Let's Go to Pot School *** Saturday SI Hit/Run Driver's License Suspended 29 Times (WINS) *** Friday Police Nab 18 In Illegal Cab Crackdown at the Airport *** Subway Killing Captured by a Photo Student *** Bronx Girl Shot Out Of Hospital *** Thursday Aww, poor mafia Judge's hard-times pity *** Shot Vada will be home 'by Christmas' *** Stray Shots and Children: Living With the Wound *** Homeless and Begging, Despite Bad Publicity *** Stray-shot vic's miraculous recovery baffles doctors *** Gotti jury told to stay silent at turkey table *** 'Junior' Gotti Jury Heads Home for Thanksgiving Holiday
New York and Terrorism Alleged 9/11 Pager Messages Appear On Website *** Thousands of 9/11 pager messages released *** 9/11 Trials Create Nasty Legal Spat Among Defense Lawyers

More City News Chelsea flowering as new inn place *** One Foot in the Past Inwood *** Saturday What You Talkin' About Willets? Judge Tosses Lawsuit *** SAVING PUBLIC HOUSING BY BUILDING ANEW *** Illegal conversions worst in Queens *** A Net gain for Brooklyn: High court did right by the city in Atlantic Yards lawsuit *** Longtime Yankees voice Bob Sheppard retiring (WABC) *** 400 yrs. later, NY church apologizes to Native American tribe

White House Obama 'realism' faces Afghan test (Smith Politico) *** WH crashers want pricey TV interview *** U.S. Will Push Mortgage Firms to Reduce More Loan Payments *** White House Intruders Want Money for Their Tale *** Settle down, Mr. President: Pressuring Israel only makes Arabs more stubborn (DN Ed) *** Obama 'Realism' Faces Afghan Test - Ben Smith, Politico *** Marines to focus on Taliban haven (MSNBC) *** Tony Blair Defends Obama From Scathing NYT Editorial *** Obama Keeps Mum on Military Secrets *** White House Confronts Foreclosures *** After Cheney Sounding board, sage on foreign policy, twister of senatorial arms: Joe Biden could be the second-most-powerful vice president in history *** Marines to Deploy Days After Obama Speech *** Obama's Big Gov SWAT Team How a small cadre of technocrats is trying to make government more efficient (Bussiness Week) *** White House Guest List Chief Says She Quit Post *** The making of the president's foreign policy: The decider (The Economist) *** US Soldiers: Afghan War More Difficult Than Iraq *** Saturday Uninvited Pair Met Obama; Secret Service Offers Apology ***Indian Media Say Singh Met Party Crashers Too; Decry 'Massive Security Breach' *** Get Real on Afghanistan, Mr. President - Colbert King, Washington Post *** Obama Diplomacy: Subtle & Strategic, or Weak & Naive? - The Economist *** Obama's Mideast Peace Initiative Unraveling - New York Times *** The White House Christmas Tree *** Justice Department Says Acorn Can Be Paid for Pre-Ban Contracts *** Friday White House party crashers greeted Prez *** Prez makes Thanksgiving calls to troops overseas *** Soviets' Afghan War Informs Surge Debate *** Obamas’ Uninvited Guests Prompt an Inquiry *** Lobbyists pushed from federal advisory panels (Wash Post) *** He Can't Take Another Bow - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal *** FDR vs. the Great Recession - Stephen Herzenberg, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette *** Why Obama Isn't Changing Washington - Fred Barnes, Wall Street Journal *** Obama's Self-Examination on Afghanistan - John Dickerson, Slate *** Obama's Secret Climate Pact - Richard Wolffe, The Daily Beast *** Mr. Obama Goes to Copenhagen - Financial Times *** Joe Klein Knocks Media Criticism Of Obama *** Thursday Crashing Bam's big bash *** Merciful president watches the birdie *** U.S. Is Seeking 10,000 Troops From NATO Allies *** U.S. and China to Go to Talks With Emissions Targets *** Obama Backs Senate on Health Bills’ Disparities *** At the First Obama State Dinner, the First Crashers *** Additional Names of Visitors Are Released by White House *** Obama Will Use West Point as Backdrop to Present Afghan Strategy *** Heartbreaking setback: Jasmina in hospital, cancels Obama visit *** Another Helping of FDR, Please - John Nichols, The Nation *** Obama's Thankless Thanksgiving - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** WH Defends Claim of Cost-Cutting in Health Plans - Shailagh Murray, WP *** The Secret Details of Obama's Afghan Plan - Leslie Gelb, The Daily Beast *** Obama Makes Copenhagen a Photo Op - Ben Webster, Times of London *** Obama Takes Another Risky Trip to Denmark - The Economist *** Obama's Afghan Delay Causing Atlantic Drift - Times of London *** Obama vs. Democrats on Afghan war decision (Wash Post) *** White House Backs Senate On 'Cadillac' Health Tax *** Can U.S. Provide Enough Helicopters to Fight Afghan War? - McClatchy

Congress Turbulence ahead: Senate opens health care debate *** Senate Report: Bin Laden was 'Within Our Grasp *** 'A Modest Public Plan Even a weak public plan would expand the choices available to Americans and could help slow the relentless increases in the cost of health insurance *** WATCH: Sanders 'Absolutely Will Not Vote' For Bernanke *** Are We Going to Let John Die? Those members of Congress who are wavering on health reform are blind to the innumerable Americans who die annually as a consequence of not having insurance (Kristof NYT) *** Senate Report Explores 2001 Escape by bin Laden From Afghan Mountains *** No More Troops to Afghanistan - Senator Paul Kirk, Boston Globe *** Saturday Rove: Anger Builds Over Deficits (WSJ) *** Bill Complicates Drive to Add Doctors ***4 Vie for Kennedy’s Seat, but Only 3 Seek His Mantle - *** Taxing the Speculators (Krugman NYT) *** Abortion in Health Plan Tests a Pennsylvania Senator*** Playing by Reid's Rules on Filibusters - Sen. Jeff Sessions, Washington Post *** Democrats work on multibillion-dollar jobs package --*** Congress: Hands Off the Fed - San Francisco Chronicle *** Dems Hustling for Jobs Bill *** Thursday Heated words for O GOP rips plan to visit climate summit *** In Kentucky, a Senate Candidate With a Pedigree for Agitation *** Damn the Deficit: Full Speed Ahead on HC - Michael Barone, DC Examiner *** Vicki Kennedy describes husband's cancer battle *** Senator Nader? Former Presidential Candidate Considers Connecticut Run In 2010

Political Parties Independents Gaining Traction in New England - Jennifery Duffy, WSJ *** Test Your Palin Knowledge 'Newsweek' goes deep with Sarah trivia *** GOP Readies Its December Attack Plan (Roll Call)

Environment Will Climate Scandal Be a Tipping Point? - Kim Strassel, Wall St. Journal ***Emails Don't Prove Warming is a Fraud - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** The Jobless Gender Gap - David Paul Kuhn, Wall Street Journal

Wall Street and the Economy Bernanke Warns of Risks in Push to Revamp Fed ***UAE to Back Banks in Dubai Meltdown *** When Names Change to Protect the Future *** Dubai house prices seen extending falls on debt crisis *** Can the U.S. Survive Rampant Spending? - Niall Ferguson, Newsweek *** Lack of Candor and the AIG Bailout - Peter Wallison, Wall Street Journal *** Harvard Ignored Warnings About Investments - Beth Healy, Boston Globe *** U.S. Workers Can't Hide From Competition - Ruben Navarrette, CNN *** Saturday Will Abu Dhabi Save Dubai? *** Dubai: A City Built on Sand - Simon Jenkins, The Guardian *** What Happens When Countries Start to Fail? - Jeremy Warner, Telegraph *** The Right Reform for the Fed - Ben Bernanke, Washington Post *** Bernanke: From Helicopter Ben to Beijing Ben - William Pesek, Bloomberg *** A Danger in Dubai - Times of London *** The Return of Credit Default Swaps *** Dubai Debt Woes Raise Fear of Wider Problem *** Wall Street Reels Over Dubai Debt (NY1) *** Dubai Jitters Spread *** 'Black Friday' Tests U.S. Economy *** Bernanke Takes on Congressional Critics *** ING to Raise $11.2 Billion *** Goldman misled investors during IPO: court *** Friday Surge to merge *** 'Coats for Clunkers' aims for nonprofit success A handful of New York City retailers put new twist on New York Cares' annual charity coat drive by offering discounts and other incentives to appeal to reluctant shoppers *** Hedgies are buying stocks like it's 2007 (Crains) *** Dubai's Woes Shake U.A.E. Region *** Truce Opens Door for AIG, Greenberg *** Online Retail Battle Heats Up *** Retailers Take a Wait-and-See Approach to Holiday Hiring *** A Big Loss for Big Tobacco (NYT Ed) *** Ex-UBS Banker Seeks Billions for Blowing Whistle *** 'Cash for Clunkers,' home edition Federal program is expected to boost appliance sales and inspire shoppers to replace older models *** Dubai woes hit world stocks *** Thursday Greenberg buries hatchet with AIG pact *** Fed toughens conflict rules *** Lender opposes The Donald ***Businesses in U.S. Brace for New Rules on Emissions *** Retailers Extend Deals Beyond Black Friday ***Greenberg and A.I.G. Settle Legal Disputes***Toys 'R' Us pushes deals to snag customers for Black Friday rush *** AIG agrees to give papers to former CEO for memoir *** Pilgrims Planted the Seeds of America's Abundance - Rich Lowry, NY Post *** Will the World Go Shopping? - Nouriel Roubini, Forbes *** Scroogenomics - George Will, Sacramento Bee *** Obama and GOP differ over recipe for jobs, economy AP *** Lead, Dangerous Chemicals Found in Toys Despite Law - Washington Post *** Number of Banks on FDIC’s ‘Problem List’ Soars

Political Parties South Carolina Rift Highlights Debate Over G.O.P. *** Sarah Palin: Going Rogue, Getting Even - Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle *** Huckabee Says 2012 Run Unlikely *** Why Race Still Haunts Politics - Clarence Page, Detroit Free Press *** Saturday Apple takes shine to 'Rogue' About 21,000 copies of Palin's autobiography have sold in the New York metropolitan area *** Another Take on the G.O.P. Purity Test *** Donations from athletes help Democrats score big *** Last Column About Sarah Palin--Ever - Katha Pollitt, The Nation

International Iran's UN nuke rebuke *** Russia train derail terror *** Workers of the World vs. China Inc. - Hannah Beech, Time *** Why Turkey Was Real Iraq War Winner - Matthews & Dickey, Newsweek *** Sarkozy Secured Polanski's Release? *** Anti-WTO Protesters Smash Windows *** Pakistan’s Leader, Under Pressure, Cedes Nuclear Office *** Workers of the World vs. China Inc. *** Honduras braces for election unrest *** Swiss voters projected to ban new mosque minarets *** America vs. The NarrativeWhy a cocktail of half-truths, propaganda and outright lies about America have taken hold in the Arab-Muslim world since 9/11 (Friedman NYT) *** Pope Urges Prayer, Action to Comfort AIDS Patients *** Afghans Detail Detention in ‘Black Jail’ at U.S. Base *** Dangers of an Overheated China *** Why Ireland Is Running Out of Priests *** Pakistan must step up action against al Qaeda-Brown *** Saturday Iranian Cleric: Iran to Supply Own Nuclear Reactor Fuel if IAEA Refuses *** Afghans Offer Jobs to Taliban Rank and File if They Defect *** Russia and China Endorse Agency’s Rebuke of Iran *** Rebuke Recasts Standoff With Iran *** Terrorism eyed in Russian train derailment that kills dozens *** Nuts to Brazil: President Lula da Silva's vile embrace of Ahmadinejad was disgusting*** FridayBerlusconi wife wants $5M a month *** Taliban Open Up Front in Once-Quiet Afghan North *** China Joins U.S. in Pledge of Hard Targets on Emissions *** Iran seizes 2003 Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi's medal *** Germany's top military leader resigns amid Afghanistan flap *** German minister Franz Josef Jung resigns over raid (BBC) ***IAEA votes to rebuke Iran over nuclear cover-up *** German Official Resigns Over Airstrikes *** Thursday You rock, Silvio *** Mumbai marks anniversary of terror attacks *** Dubai default fears spook investors *** China plans emissions cuts *** Iraqis reach tentative voting deal *** Taliban Regroups in Pakistan *** Will Israel Barter for One Soldier? *** Australia's First Same-Sex Union *** UK Weighs Super-Tough Bank Bonus Laws Banks to be ordered to reveal numbers of millionaire staff *** Holocaust Survivor, Polish Rescuer Reunited(WNBC) *** Japan Set to Reveal “Secret” U.S. Nuke Pact *** U.N. Nuclear Agency Calls Iran Inquiry ‘Dead End’

National Bedford Falls, USA - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review *** Florida Grapples With Its Deadly Hit-and-Run Car Culture *** NJ Catholic Bishops Campaign Against Gay Marriage *** Saturday Atlanta's Mayoral Race in Dead Heat *** Friday *** New Jersey’s Marriage Moment *** Today, Let's Give Thanks for Our Union - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics *** Whom to Trust on Climate Change? - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal *** The Battle for America: Texas vs. California - Ryan Streeter, The American *** This Thanksgiving, Remember Those in Need - Philadelphia Inquirer *** Tight economy forces some to stay home for holiday *** LA Mayor Calls for Limits on Pot Spots *** Calif. Pension Fund Probes Oversight of Hedge Fund Advisers - LA Times *** Jerry Brown vs. ACORN - Orange County Register

Media and New Tech Dialing up a future New CEO takes Aol for a spin Time Warner will spin off AOL -- er, Aol -- next week as a separate company *** Lou Dobbs mulls White House bid (Politico) *** Saturday Buying, Selling and Twittering All the Way *** Friday Sony Bets On 3-D to Drive Growth *** Even Oscar Has Money Woes *** Posing a new challenge for FCC If Comcast and NBC merge, federal regulators are realizing they may be thrust into a new era *** Thursday Cramer vs. furor CNBC stock jockey Jim Cramer unleashed a tidal wave of fury this week from fans and fellow traders when he advocated for a tax on trades to buoy the economy *** 'Screaming Hot' TVs Abound as Walmart, Kohl's Push for Shoppers *** Roker's all tact on Lambert-GMA snafu *** NBC-Comcast Move Closer to Deal *** MTV's Jersey Shore Irks Italian-Americans Stereotypes in 'Jersey Shore' are damaging, says UNICO *** 'Decade From Hell': Time Mag Trashes The '00s *** Party's over at Condé Nast Drinks, no dinner, for downsized publisher's survivors *** Wikipedia Co-founder Defends Site *** Isn’t it nice to know that news editors think we’re useless asshats *** Can Google Wave replace email?

Blog Report Hotel Lobby Misappropriates Privately-Owned Public Space (I (heart) Public Space) *** Mapping Vacant Storefronts (Curbed) *** Analysis of Tax Receipt Decline Must Factor in Tax Increase (NY Fiscal Watch) *** Washington Times Depends On $40M Subsidy From Unification Church, Says Ex-Editor *** Jay Leno Losing His Audience To DVR Machines *** Time to End the Empire Zone Program (Citizens Budget Commission) *** Group of Co-op Boards Battle the MTA (Habitat Magazine) *** The Waterfront’s Assault on Fifth Avenue (Newsweek) ***The joke's on the UFT (Queens Crap) *** In error-filled editorial, Crain's says elected officials should reassure arena bond investors (Atlantic Yards Report) *** Schumer's Multi-Monopoly Positions Unhealthily Muddy Debate on an Issue With Left, Right and Center Appeal (Noticing New York) *** Getting away with Murder Drunk Driving (Bay Ridge Journal) *** Saving Coney Island Depends On You! (Kinetic Carnival)