Monday, November 30, 2009

Groundhog Albany Paterson, warning again of an imminent "fiscal emergency,"

Groundhog Albany Paterson, warning again of an imminent "fiscal emergency," renewed his call yesterday for the Legislature to act now to reduce the state's looming $3 billion-plus budget deficit. Nothing ever gets done Fed-up gov blasts do-nothing pol$ *** State lawmakers are due back in town today, and there's still no budget deficit deal in sight * Sampson Talks of Urgency, in a Way *** PM Albany Ignores Governor's Call To Close Budget Gap *** Paterson: Legislature doesn’t go far enough (Times Union)
* True News Wags the Dog Again * New York Times Gets True News' Message
From True News November 24
The NYT Editorial Board has tried but failed over the years to change Albany

Today's NYT Editorial It’s All About the Money Twenty years have passed since a commission report declared New York’s campaign finance laws a disgrace and still nothing has changed in Albany

NY School's Civil War Bloomberg vs. UFT, Parents used as pawns. "In the case or our schools," Mike said, "the consumers are the children. Not the politicians. Not the labor unions."
The Mayor is fighting for a piece of a $4.35 billion funding pot, in a new Obama program promises to reward states that adopt key reforms -- like expanding charter schools, sticking to "core" standards and holding teachers truly accountable for student progress. NYP Ed puts pressure on Board or Regents A test for Merryl Tisch A few years back the UFT organized parents and defeated an experiment by the BOE to hire a couple educational companies to take over and run three failing public schools, by organizing parents against the test program. It seem the UFT is now using the same play book to hold back expansion of charter school Today's NYT As charters take up more space in public school buildings, resentment is growing City’s Schools Share Space, and Bitterness More Education Fraud Every candidate running last year promised smaller class sizes, in the face of economic forecasts that clearly indicated that promise to be lie. Now withBudget cuts cause classroom sizes to grow, kindergartners suffer the most not one pol has apologised for the false promise. The media which turn their head while the smaller class sizes were made by candidates all over the city last summer, continue to lets the pols get away with their lies by not focusing in and exposing their fake smaller class size promises * Not only education There may be staff cuts at the FDNY.

Suckng Sound In 1993 businessman Ross Perot said "NAFTA will cause a giant sucking sound as jobs go south of the Boarder and overseas" New York's leaders not to learn by Perot very accurate prediction of American job loss are not hiring overseas contractors China State Construction nets $100m US subway deal (China Daily) Musical Chairs Permanent Government Same tired shit may run for different offices (Queens Crap) It very dangerous out there

Incumbent TV
The state legislature will launch C-SPAN style channels in January. C-SPAN has independent journalist that devote a large amount of time to callers opinions. All the pols and jack asses in the clueless good government groups are talking about is increasing what gets covered on the Legislature cable TV station. With there member items Albany has used the government budget to get reelected and for personal pocket cash. Now they are onto corrupting journalism and good government groups who have failed to achieve any real reforms in decades in Albany are waving them in to corrupt freedom of the press. Unreal

Congratulations Brooklyn Nets
0-17: Nets Match NBA's Worst Start To Season

Above the Fold There are four arms of the Working Families Party. (City Hall) *** ACORN Considered Name-Change *** Obama Delivers Afghan War Orders *** ANOTHER Ex-NY Post Employee Sues The Paper, Charges Racism

Gov of La Mancha Albany
Gov. Paterson taking $1.6B in emergency measures to cover December bills Shifting money from state agencies to the general fund, which must be returned to the agencies within four months under law. He also says he will temporarily use some cash from previously scheduled borrowing for capital projects *** A new volley on the deficit (Times Union) *** Gov. David Paterson announces that he’ll take a $1.6 billion “hodge-podge assortment of stop-gap measures” on his own. But $450 million of the proposed $1.6 million remains in doubt. Among the cuts: anti-smoking programs. State lawmakers are back in town. (TU/ DN/ BN/ AP/ AP/ CN9) *** The State We’re In When even Louisiana is better run than New York State, what’s next? California, here we come *** Elizabeth Benjamin writes that Paterson’s meager campaign war chest won’t deter him from running in 2010. (DN) *** Ravitch keeping a low profile in Albany fiscal talks *** The Assembly likes Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, but still may vote to cut his power as sole trustee of the pension system. (Newsday$) *** There are sharp disparities between upstate and downstate Medicare spending. (GNS) *** Malcolm Smith won't say if he supports David Paterson for re-election *** John Faso suggests ways to address the budget deficit in an op-ed. (TU) *** Paterson gets feisty ***Jay Jacobs tells Liz "there's no single issue" that decides whether David Paterson will be able to run, even though Andrew Cuomo will have more money, and in opposition to what he told party chairs privately two weeks ago *** A state lives hand to mouth (TU Ed) *** Paterson Campaign Mails Against the Legislature
2010 Election Andy to Dems: Don't endorse me yet *** Political Action: Iannece and Vallone still contenders in 2010 races (Times Ledger) *** Vote Recount in Nassau Approaches Completion *** Maloney Mounts A Defense *** More On That Harold Ford Jr. Poll

New York Economic Melt Down The Jobs Imperative Washington’s assumption that the economic recovery will trickle down to workers is wrong and unacceptable. It’s time for an emergency jobs program (Krugman NYT) *** Foreclosures cripple South Jamaica... *** Jobbing New Yorkers: Living-wage scheme will cost good jobs, not make them(DN ed) *** Riders frustrated over leftover fares *** Staff cuts eyed as remedy for FDNY sick leave *** Short-handed day cares blame city cutbacks *** Black Friday sales dropped from 2008 in northeast
*** New Yorkers facing extreme unemployment with 400k jobless *** New York ranks lower than 33 states when it comes to budgetary fitness (NY Mag) *** When Spare Change Becomes Scarce New York on Less: On the streets and underground, passers-by have less to give *** Staten Island Railway Ridership Plummets *** More Time for Bars to Request Later Close on New Year's

New York Terrorism
9/11 attacks still haunt potential jurors Wrenching questions of bias as New Yorkers contemplate trial duty (Wash Post) *** Few Risks for Govt in KSM Trial - Petra Bartosiewicz, Los Angeles Times *** 9/11 Families Must Fight Against KSM Trial - Debra Burlingame, NYDN *** Muslim In NYC: Queens Couple Fears Growing Anti-Islam Sentiments Law and Order Victim's family slams DA in Bronx wife's 'beating' death *** Judge-ment daze T'giving twist adds to lore of 'Junior' jurist *** Judges charge taxpayers for frivolous expenses *** Bad Times Do Not Bring More Crime (if They Ever Did) (NYT) *** Bodies pile up in Staten Island gang war *** Crime is down (Times), But it's bloody in Staten Island (News) *** An Ugly NYPD-Media Confrontation (Huff Post) *** A lawyer for Al Sharpton's daughter defends her cursing out a police officer *** Council Curtails Stores' Use of Rolldown Security Gates

More City News New campus on Governors Island
White House Former White House Guest List Chief Says She Quit Because Of Changes Made By Obama's Social Secretary *** Obama’s Speech on Afghanistan to Envision Exit *** Vital Tests for Obama on Mandate for Change *** Debate on Creating Jobs, Without Raising Deficit *** U.S. offers Pakistan new role *** With Afghan war plan, Obama on road to becoming Dubya redux (DN) *** 7 stories Obama doesn't want told *** Obama Facing Critical Decisions - Jonathan Weisman, Wall Street Journal *** Afghan Success Requires Commitment for Long Haul - Pierre Atlas, RCP *** How Obama Can Find His Way Back - John Heilemann, New York Magazine *** Obama's Policies Hurt the Young - James Kirchick, New York Daily News *** Arabs Have Stopped Applauding Obama - Fouad Ajami, Wall Street Journal *** Obama Must Make the Case on Afghanistan - Miami Herald *** Will Obama Commit Fully to Success in Afghanistan? - Washington Post *** Obama Works to Keep Hispanic Support - Associated Press *** Treasury, Fed Delay Ban on Internet Gambling - Washington Post *** Weak Economy Threatens American Empire - Niall Ferguson, Newsweek *** West Point isn't a new venue for presidential speeches, but the Obama administration plans to use it in a new way *** Mixed Feelings About the War in Afghanistan - Fred Kaplan, Slate *** Obama: Kamikaze in Chief - Ralph Reiland, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review*** Obama Tries to Increase the Pressure on Iran (Time) *** Salahis, official traded e-mails *** Pentagon Official Denies Helping White House Crashers *** The political stakes of Obama's Afghanistan war speech (Christian Science Monitor)

Congress Commuters Beware Congress should extend federal standards to subway and light-rail lines, which are now haphazardly regulated in more than two dozen city and regional systems *** Unemployment and Midterms *** A Tax on Nips and Tucks Angers Patients, Surgeons *** Senate rejoins health debate (Wash Post) *** Study Confirms Health Care Bill Will Cut Costs -- Political Wire *** Democrats whack Obama over his Afghanistan plan *** NY's King Demands Probe Of White House Gate Crash *** Global Warming Consensus? - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner *** All Harry Wants for Christmas is Health Care Bill - Al Hunt, Bloomberg *** In Health Care Reform, No Deficit Cure - Lori Montgomery, Washington Post *** Washington's Latest Benefit for the Not-So-Poor - Washington Post *** Vulnerable Democrats Juggle Washington, Districts - Wall Street Journal *** Nelson, Specter Wrestle with Tax Pledge in Health Care Debate - The Hill *** U.S. senators spend an average of $3.3 million on staffing. (GNS) *** Congress is still working on 12 spending bills that will finance federal agencies next year, but its already authorized spending for itself. (GNS) *** Senate debate on health care will begin today. The big questions: how much it will cost and how much that matters. No matter what, change will come slowly. (AP/ WP/ WP) *** Senators to Watch in the Health Care Debate Reid, Snowe, Lieberman, Burris, and more to star

Political Parties Huckabee Granted Clemency To "Person Of Interest" In Ambush That Killed 4 Cops *** A party that finds itself both united and divided (Wash Post) *** Populism, Politics, and the Power of Palin - Sam Tanenhaus, New Yorker *** Sarah Palin: Going Rogue, Getting Even - Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle *** Poll: Forty Percent Of Democrats Say They 'Probably Won't Vote' Next Year

Wall Street and the Economy Mideast meltdown puts Barneys in creditors' reach *** Arab Emirates Aim to Limit Dubai Crisis in Pledge to Banks *** Shoppers Showed Up, but Spent on Bargains *** As Sales Vanish, Skins Stay on Alligators *** Shoppers pinch pennies *** Only Private Sector Can Create Wealth - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh PG *** Much Ado About Default In Dubai - Zachary Karabell, Wall Street Journal *** The Fed 'Reform' We Do Not Want - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post *** Let's Get Ready For a Weak-Dollar World - Jeffrey Garten, Financial Times *** By All Means, Let Congress Audit the Fed - Michael Maiello, Forbes *** Charlie Gasparino: Don't Blame Media For Missing Financial Meltdown (VIDEO) *** Government Spending, Taxes and the Constitution - John Tamny, Forbes *** Creating Jobs for America's Youth - John Podesta, Politico *** FDIC smacks Shaya Boymelgreen's bank

International Accused Nazi Camp Guard on Trial in Germany *** Honduran Conservative Appears to Win *** A Defiant Iran Vows to Build Nuclear Plants *** Crisis Puts Focus on Dubai’s Complex Relationship With Abu Dhabi *** Iran to expand enrichment effort (Wash Post) *** Swiss minister: Minaret ban targets fundamentalism *** Iran says UN criticism prompted new nuclear plans AP *** Tehran Ups Ante Again as Diplomacy Goes Nowhere - Wall Street Journal *** Swiss Minaret Ban Reflects Fear - Mathieu von Rohr, Der Spiegel *** After Attack, Russia Poised for Revenge - Daniel McLaughlin, Irish Times *** In Elections, Honduras Defeats Chávez - Mary Anastasia O'Grady, WSJ

A Generation in the Balance The lack of confidence in government has turned many older voters rightward. Younger voters have not followed. But even they will want results eventually (Douthat NYT) *** Gagged by the Ivies: Columbia and Princeton won't let woman critical of Islam speak (DN Ed) *** The Hospital That Could Cure Health Care Cleveland Clinic is both highly effective and fiercely efficient. So why are its methods so rare? (Newsweek) *** Democratic governors are watching their poll ratings slip
Media and New Tech DVR turning Leno slot into a black hole *** Aol's plan may pay help very little *** David Carr Eulogizes Old Media: 'Coming Sunset,' Eclipsed by 'Fresh, Ferocious Wave' *** Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Ratings Highest In Years ***Jim Lehrer's Name To Be Removed From PBS Newshour Program *** A Takeover Movie for Hollywood to Watch ***In Japan, an Odd Perch for Google: Looking Up at the Leader *** For Novice Journalists, Rising Risks in Conflict Zones *** 'Twilight' time again at box office *** New York City software developers see challenges, opportunity at Google's Android app store *** An Old Media Climate Failure - Mark Steyn, The Corner *** Google and News Corp. Do Need Each Other *** Murdoch's oldest son wants the Hollywood Reporter *** And here's a blogger story you don't see every day: "Blogger Accused of Threatening U.S. Judge Was Reportedly Paid by F.B.I." *** amNew York and The Post think alike *** Stressing the Web, ‘NewsHour’ Begins an Overhaul *** Oprah's New Protégé? *** Should Google Worry? (Wolff Newser) *** Women Dominate Most Social Networking Sites *** Colleges Fight Back Against Anonymous Gossip Sites (Times) *** BusinessWeek brings on Charlie Rose as columnist *** Hollywood vs. New York: Four Decades Of NYC Destruction On Film *** ANOTHER Ex-NY Post Employee Sues The Paper, Charges Racism