Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am Mad As Hell: Voters will Take Revenge at the Ballot Box in 2010

I am Mad As Hell

And I Am Not Going To Take It Anymore

Voters will Take Revenge at the Ballot Box in 2010

. . . Who?

Gillibrand A Smell of Blood
No matter how many incumbents back her and spin masters she hires to run the show, the polls show that most New Yorkers have no opinion of U.S. Representative Kirsten Gillibrand. This is not a good sign for someone who was appointed almost a year ago. A bigger danger Gillibrand faces is that she has to run for election in a year where the public is very angry. Mad at Wall Street, unemployment, a continuing war and locally the despicable Albany circus. Former Rep. Harold Ford Jr. see the public fury out there and may take a shot at Kristen Ex-Tenn. Dem eyes bid vs. Gilly

New York's KGB Leader Walks and No Fine No jail time for spying on a state official? 'Travel Records' case settled Ex-State Police head admits wrong in keeping file on then Senate Majority Leader Brun. Where is the reforms or call for reforms to make sure it does not happen again. Legislatures like (D-Eric Schneiderman (D-Manhattan) and Daniel SquadronBrooklyn) are to busy covering their own ass and the those of the senate with a pop up ethic bill to be presented at the jury conviction of Bruno Joe Bruno corruption case sparks talks on ethics ref

Schoen: Dobbs 'Formidable' Why would the Politicker believe a consultant who was paid millions from the Bloomberg campaign which outspent Thompson 14 to 1 and more in mailings targeted by Mr. Schoen, and only won by the skin of their teeth? His record nationally is not all that great either. But he does look good on fox TV as the liberal commentator and does a great job getting clients how have bucks to spend. Is someone looking for Dobbs $$$?

Above the Fold
Wall St. Makes Turkeys Out of Taxpayers - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
StuyTown feud heats up

Gov of La Mancha Albany $lasher gov to pols: I'm axing you nicely The move won Paterson received praise from business leaders, former Gov. Hugh Carey and Mayor Bloomberg, who said the governor was right to shake the Legislature into action *** Let Dave do it (NYP Ed) *** NY's bloated Legislature Staff bigger than California's *** Struggle over Aqueduct honest graft prize *** Gov. asks lawmakers to let him cut budget *** Albany's action zeros: Dave challenges legislators on budget, and they run for cover *** Governor Paterson asks for the power to close $3.2B budget gap *** A DIY threat for the state deficit Gov. Paterson says if Legislature doesn't make cuts, he'll do it himself *** Gov. David Paterson introduces a deficit reduction bill, as well as a constitutionally controversial request of unilateral budget-cutting power. (TU/ Newsday/ DN) *** “He’s Governor Paterson. He’s not king David Paterson,” Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos said *** Paterson's less dramatic cuts go nowhere *** The panel reviewing Sen. Hiram Monserrate’s misdemeanor assault conviction meets for the second time. (TU) "Cut this deficit with me or I will do it myself," Paterson said. "If the Legislature is unwilling to make the necessary cuts, I will. If the Legislature is unwilling to do what needs to be done, I will. If the Legislature is unwilling to endure the criticism and consequences, I will." *** here's the governor's DRP bill, and its accompanying Article*** The "crunch" date is Dec. 15, according to state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli *** A bill to merge the NYC and Nassau County OTBs, seen as a way to preserve Democratic patronage jobs, has angered the GOP *** Maureen Dowd: Bill Clinton Lobbied Gov. Paterson To Keep Caroline Kennedy Out Of Senate *** Sucking Money from the Future: Albany Does It Again (Roonm 8)
Pay to Play Bruno Ex-state cop boss admits Troopergate role *** Jury takes break in ex-NY pol's corruption case *** For Bruno, Politics and Business Intersected on the Golf Course *** Jury focus: ethics discussion *** The jury in the Bruno trial begins deliberations and asks two questions of the judge before breaking for the holiday. (TU) ***

2010 Ex-Tenn. Dem eyes bid vs. Gilly *** A Weprin Swap: David to run for Assembly *** Lou Dobbs Weighs Senate Run, as a Steppingstone

Eminent "MY" Domain Nets get first court victory (NYP) *** Court upholds eminent domain abuse by state *** Ruling Lets Atlantic Yards Seize Land *** Gonzalez: Couple wants gov to challenge eminent domain *** Court OK's Bruce Ratner land grab to develop Atlantic Yards *** Court Upholds Willets Point Redevelopment Plan

Inside City Hall Bloomberg can't stop lying & the press won't question him City places more than 20,000 in jobs (Queens Crap) *** Colangelo: Four more years for Sanit commish *** In Obama's Name, Bloomberg Takes On Albany *** Mayor Says Student Scores Will Factor Into Teacher Tenure

New York and Terror
Wii now interrupt this game In the event of an emergency, the state of New York may seize control of your Xbox. Video games will pause and warnings about imminent danger, severe *** Zenko: Day of reckoning for Iran *** Holder's Decision is Embarrassing & Offensive - Michael Gerson, Wash Post

New York's Economic Melt Down
Juice $queeze America's priciest big-city electric rates will jump another 4 to 6 percent next year if a deal reached yesterday between Con Ed and state and city officials *** Long Island College Hospital deal smells rotten *** Longer lines at city's pantries & soup kitchens *** Hardhats OK $300M in cutbacks *** Con Ed says it'll hike rates next year *** Brooklyn sees longer lines at soup kitchens

Law and Order
Miracle Vada utters first word: 'Mom' *** Frustrated Gotti jury keeps at it *** 3 years after death of Sean Bell, family still yearns for justice *** Autistic man bullied into murder confession gets $340K from city *** Pedophile priest on probation lives near Manhattan Catholic high school *** Spare Change for Homeless? Cuomo Sees a Sham and Sues *** Lowest scam in town: United Homeless Organization fakes helping the poorest *** Law Protecting Workers From Retaliation Takes Effect
More City News
Thanksgiving Day Parade to bypass Broadway *** Canine lovers and community split over dog park *** Cortlandt stop to reopen northbound
White House Presenting glam Bam and ma’am *** Bam to reveal Afghan victory plan *** U.S. Strategy on Afghanistan Will Contain Many Messages *** Modern Flourishes at Obamas’ State Dinner *** Official Charged With Closing Guantánamo Quits *** Thanks for the Memories President Obama can often be more interested in wooing opponents than tending to those who put themselves on the line for him (NYT Ed) *** President Obama stuck in muck with pledge to 'finish the job' in Afghanistan *** Obamas spice up first state dinner with star-filled menu *** The guest list is full of celebrities and donors. (NYT) *** Obama Stuck in Muck in Afghanistan - James Meek, New York Daily News *** The Gathering Geithner Storm - Thomas Cooley, Forbes *** Obama Faces Challenge with Independents - Jennifer De Pinto, CBS News *** Barack & Sarah's Reversal of Fortune - Michael Goodwin, New York Post *** The First 'Pacific President'? - George Will, Newsweek *** Afghanistan Needs Strategy And Will - Investor's Business Daily *** Afghan Surge Targets Taliban Bastion(WSJ) *** WATCH: Obama Pardons Turkeys, Cracking Jokes Along The Way *** Obama to Go to Copenhagen With Pledge of Emissions Cuts *** Way Too Early to Judge Obama's 'Mistakes' - Joe Klein, Time *** Obama to Speak from West Point *** U.S. Pledges Emissions Cuts *** White House Visitor Logs Show Obama Turned To Business Leaders (AP)

Congress Climate bill on thin ice *** Health Care Mandate is Consitutional - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post *** We Pay Them to Lie to Us - John Stossel, RealClearPolitics *** Greg Craig: Thanks for the Memories - Maureen Dowd, New York Times *** Letter From Lyndon Johnson Staffer Shows What's Wrong With The Senate Today

Pay to Play Washington How Tom Daschle Lobbies In Secret: Influence Laundering (Huff Post)

Political Parties Palin's write $tuff beats out Hillary's

Health Care From the Hospital to Bankruptcy Court *** Counting the Blessings of American Medicine - John Olsen, Seattle Times

Wall Street and the Economy Judge blasts bad bank, erases 525G debt *** S@les are virtual, LOL for Black Friday retailers *** AIG chief will receive promised pay package *** Public filing offers rare peek at Apollo's numbers *** Banking mess may be getting messier (Crains) *** U.S. Looks to Australia on Credit Card Fees *** Home Prices May Be Nearing a New Dip *** Fed Cautious About Strength of Recovery *** Chief of I.M.F. Urges Continued Stimulus Efforts *** As Bank Failures Rise, F.D.I.C. Fund Falls Into Red *** Airlines hit with fines for stranding travelers on planes *** The the economy is in “slow-motion recovery.” (WP) *** The Case for Deficit Spending - John Judis, The New Republic *** Finding the Right Fix for 'Too Big to Fail' - Mortimer Zuckerman, WSJ *** Stimulus Snow Job - Chicago Tribune *** Deficits Are Killing Us - George Melloan, Wall Street Journal

Pay to Play Wall Street Galleon wiretaps targeted *** Whoa! Madoff's law firm demands $22M for 5 months work *** Billionaire Rajaratnam: I'm innocent, gov't violated rights

Spin of the Day WMG loss masks strength Restructuring charges ate into Warner Music Group's fourth-quarter earnings, resulting in a loss, but Edgar Bronfman's record label is doing relatively well in a challenging environment

National State Courts at the Tipping Point State budget cuts are impeding core court functions, forcing court closures and narrowing of access to justice *** As Travelers Cut Costs, Holiday Jaunts Grow Longer *** Race to the Top in Education - Harold Ford, Louis Gerstner & Eli Broad, WSJ

International Vietnam Devalues Currency and Raises Interest Rates *** How Economy Affects Midterm Elections - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics *** Chavez on the Warpath - Luiza Savage, Macleans *** Medvedev vs. Putin? Mystery Returns to the Kremlin - CS Monitor *** Hugo Chavez Loves Vermin of All Kinds - New York Daily News

Media and New Tech ABC cancels singer's 'GMA' concert, CBS picks it up *** Social media profit *** Top BusinessWeek editor steps down ***On Reality Show, Health Takes Back Seat ***Washington Post to Shut U.S. Bureaus ***Group of Magazine Publishers Is Said to Be Building an Online Newsstand *** It's on! Murdoch courts trouble with Google *** How Do You Solve a Problem Like Newsweek? - Noemie Emery, Examiner *** Jon Friedman thinks Bloomberg should buy Newsweek ***Booksellers Remain Anxious ***ABC announces Oprah-Obama Christmas special *** FOX project to win November sweeps for first time... *** How to Save Journalism(nation) ***Lou Dobbs Already Backpedaling on His Signature Issue *** Huffington Post's Misogyny - Mary Katharine Ham, Weekly Standard *** Double Standard: CBS Aired Madonna-Britney Kiss