Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Low Turn Out Expected for City's Run-offs, Helps the Special Interests

Low Turn Out Expected for City's Run-offs, Helps the Special Interests

Some political consultants are predicting a record low turnout for the Comptroller and Public Advocate run offs next Tuesday. One has even offered the opinion that election day will look like a school board election which were discontinued mainly because nobody voted in them except the special interests like the UFT and Catholic Church which wanted resources from the city's school system. The same payoffs to the special interest is how the candidates in the runoffs are planning their GOTV primary day operations. For the last few days the candidates have been going around promising everything but city hall's bathroom sink to special interests group in return for pulling out their members next Tuesday to vote for them. The groups being promised government pay to play include: the Democratic Machines, religious, racial and ethnic leaders, unions and lobbyists who pay for the campaigns, are already on the government tit for member items, programs and grants for themselves are becoming more empowered by the city's falling voter participation and declining media coverage of the issues and how those issues are important to the voters and their families. John Liu, Labor's pawn (NYP Editorial) *** After Years as Aide, Powerful Support (NYT) *** For First Advocate, a Focus on Record *** Today's Tip Sheet: One Last Debate for Public Advocate Candidates *** Weprin Endorses Liu For Comptroller *** Both John Liu and David Yassky have accepted campaign contributions from bankers whose firms manage city pension funds *** Elex fear of a wild 'party' Councilman John Liu, the leading contender for comptroller, is so tight with the Working Families Party that some insiders fear his election would hand the left-wing party and the unions backing it the run of the city's second most important office *** Run-Off Poll: Close *** City Council Representative Yassky's Zigzag Path to the Runoff (Robbins, Village Voice) *** Yassky Calls Liu a Liar *** Liu Recalls Yassky's Term-Limits Vote, and Also That Failed Congressional Run *** Non of the candidates for Comptroller have agreed to Cuomo's code of conduct. Cuomo praises DiNapoli’s move, his office’s Code of Conduct *** History Favors de Blasio and Liu in Runoffs

Nobody Ask Me, But . . . It is criminal how the major media ignores efforts to silent opposition voices in this city Suzannah B. Troy, Vocal Bloomberg Critic, Loses Her YouTube Account *** 6PM YouTube restores Suzannah B Troy's videos Suzannah's YouTube videos are back.*** Did the NYPD mess up? How Using Imam in Terror Inquiry Backfired on Police *** How about real election law reform that makes election competitive in state elections and public officials more accountable to the voters? The NYT Editorial says insiders like Ravitch will fix the system A Bona Fide Lieutenant Governor The State Court of Appeals’ decision to uphold Gov. David Paterson’s appointment of Richard Ravitch as lieutenant governor will help push a stubborn Legislature forward.

New York's Got a Blago Paterson: Impotence on Hill drives Obama admin's NY meddling (DN) *** I'm in it to win it, defiant Dave says *** Paterson Lashes Out at Obama, Naturally (NY Magizine) *** Obama Genial but Chagrined in Encounter, Paterson Says (NYT) *** Goodbye, Exit Strategy (Politicker) *** New York Court Backs Governor on Deputy Pick *** Newsday notes that Lippman is a Paterson appointee *** In the Democrats’ intraparty bickering, the GOP sees an opening *** WHat Did David Paterson Do To Deserve All This? (Room 8) *** Senate President Pedro Espada Jr. is worried the governor might be too compromised to get anything done *** The Journal News believes Paterson "doomed because the Democrats who control the state Legislature came up small time and time again during his watch, especially on financial matters." *** GOP Sees Hope in New York Race *** Obama's Local Reach *** Paterson Thinks Deficit Will Grow Beyond $2.1 Billion; Sampson Disagrees *** Paterson: I Didn't Take a Shot at Obama *** Leaders in Albany Discuss the Growing Deficit *** New York Dems Are Completely Behind Paterson, With Many Caveats *** Paterson: I’m here for the duration, even with a $3 billion deficit (Times Union)

Road to City Hall Thompson Takes Aim at Mayor’s Schools Record and Vows to Give Parents More of a Voice *** Bloomberg boast on graduation rates is misleading, according to study *** After Mayoral Run, Avella Looks For Fresh Fight *** The races aren’t over There is increased speculation that Kenneth Mitchell, Council Member from Staten Island District 49, chagrined over his loss to Debi Rose in the Democratic primary, is readying a run in the general election on the Conservative Party line *** District Mark Winston Griffith, who almost edged out veteran politician Al Vann is, on good authority, plotting a general election campaign against the Dean of Black Brooklyn by running on the WFP line *** Suzannah B. Troy, Vocal Bloomberg Critic, Loses Her YouTube Account *** Meet Your Other Mayoral Candidates *** Stewart to continue election fight against Williams as independent *** Would-be AGs are already jockeying to replace Andrew Cuomo

Hiram & the draggin' lady Trial video shows senator pulling bloody, screaming gal *** Monserrate Team Uses Steve Urkel Defense (NY Magazine) *** Gonzalez: Nabe's testimony could be difference for Hiram (DN)

More City News Report Slams Planning Process At Willets Point *** Russians to Use Atlantic Yards To Infiltrate U.S. Basketball *** Union Ready to Fight New "Tavern on the Green" Operator *** City's jobless rate soars into double digits *** Fifth Avenue rents slip, not fall *** Security Theater In New York City *** After Jersey, New York Has Highest Taxes, Study Finds (Bloomberg)

Washington Obama Is Considering Strategy Shift in Afghan War *** In Mideast Peace Bid, Obama Pivots in His Demands *** Democrats Spar Over Obama’s Deal With Drug Industry *** Congress Presses on War in Afghanistan *** Election 2010: Rage, Not Race - Brent Budowsky, The Hill *** Obama's Media Blitz Boosts Health Care Numbers - Joan Walsh, Salon *** White House Sees Health-Care Law in 6 Weeks - Jensen & Chen, Bloomberg *** The Baucus Bill Contradicts Obama's Goals - Shawn Tully, Fortune *** The Republicans' Deaf Ear on Health Care - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *** Mandatory Insurance: Yes, It's a Tax - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe *** Barack Obama, College Administrator - Victor Davis Hanson, NRO *** Obama Job Approval - 51% Congress Job Approval - 22% *** Kennedy's Senate Replacement Chosen *** At Pentagon's Request, Post Delayed Story on General's Afghanistan Report *** The Democratic Party is Playing With Fire - Tony Blankley, Wash Times

Pay to play Congress Sallie Mae Finds Friends As Major Student Loan Bill Moves Through Congress (Open Secrets) *** Blue Dog Democrat Mike Ross Benefits From Real Estate Deal With Drug Company *** Center for Responsive Politics Health Care Tools Help You Follow the Money

Wall Street Corruption Bank Of America Backpedals On Overdraft Fees *** Bankers Arming Themselves Against Angry Customers With Panic Buttons *** Chase and Bank of America Revise Fee Policies *** G.M. to Call Back 2,400 Factory Workers *** Half of Madoff's investors lost nothing *** Europe, U.S. Spar on Bank Cure *** Entrepreneurs Key to Economic Recovery - Carl Schramm, Huffington Post *** White House Stiff Arms McChrystal - Rowan Scarborough, Human Events *** Capitalism Is "Legalized Greed" - Michael Moore, Good Morning America *** Capitalism Is Not The Problem - Walter Williams, RealClearPolitics

National Countdown '09: NJ, VA Gov Races Strategy Memo

International THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN NYT Cracks in Iran’s Clique Signs that the Iranian regime is becoming vulnerable might mean the United States is in a better position to negotiate a deal at the next round of talks *** Canada plans to walk-out on Ahmadinejad at UN... *** UN Climate Summit Leaves Large Carbon Footprint in NYC; 'Each foreign leader has a convoy of vehicles'... *** Afghanistan Is Not As Simple As More Troops - Fred Kaplan, Slate ***
Is Extremism Now Mainstream?
*** Qaddafi's Loony Rant

Media & New Tech Crisis-Defining Moment at Capitalism Premiere *** WATCH Jack Cafferty: When DeLay Goes To Prison, They Can Show His Dancing Video To Inmates *** MAUREEN DOWD NYT Where the Wild Thing Is Tom DeLay on “Dancing With the Stars” is a reminder that in our lowbrow-loving culture, a scoundrel can do the redemption tango simply by being a good sport.Fox News Ratings Remain Strong Into Fall Season, #3 Network On Cable In Primetime *** Sun-Times, Journal Sentinel Sign Printing Agreement *** UK News Sites' Growth Coming Mostly From US *** Best Buy and Verizon Jump Into E-Reader Fray *** CBS launches residential real estate site *** Condé Nast execs expected to cut 25% *** TV Shapes Up as Web Battleground *** Reporters Should Be Upfront About Political Beliefs - John Stossel, RCP *** The Old Media Is Dead—Really, Truly (Wolff Newser)

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