Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Inspector Clouseau

Inspector Clouseau All the commission are run by the mob or corrupt contrators Albany: Waterfront Commission Plagued By Corruption *** Corruption Found at Waterfront Watchdog Pay to Play COUNCIL KIN 'SKIM SCAM' The nephew of a Bronx councilwoman yesterday denied skimming about $200,000 from a taxpayer-funded nonprofit which runs two low-income apartment buildings in The Bronx *** and 100,000's from the State Senate Democratic Campaign Committee PARTY LABORS TO JUSTIFY PAYMENT The Working Families Party and nine of its candidates have funneled more than $800,000 to the labor-backed group's for-profit campaign company King Espada THE SON ALSO RISES 120G POST FOR SENATE TRAITOR'S KID Street Corruption ‘It Was All Fake,’ Madoff Aide Tells Court *** Big worries over small, midsize banks *** CIT shares plunge on delayed filing *** BofA And Merrill Lynch "Lied To Their Shareholders," Judge Says Albany Dysfunction After Power Shift in Albany, Senate Republicans Lose Fund-Raising Edge *** State Democrats Fear That Paterson Is Liability *** Don't let them scare you to death, says Obama about Health Care protesters *** Crime does pay: Inmates collect unemployment in jail *** As the city goes broke candidates around the city run promising more services Could be $80B short for roads, says DiNapoli DiNapoli estimated the state faces $250.1B in infrastructure costs over the next 20 years, far more than local, state and federal governments are projected to spend *** WATCH: Leno Defends Conan On Ratings Woes Easy Target and free crosstoWn buses press put any crap put out by mayor's spinners Michael Bloomberg continues campaigning against the M.T.A.