Monday, August 3, 2009

NYT Joins the Circus: Now the Clowns Need Your Money

New York Times Joins the Ciricus
Now the Clowns Need Your Money

New York Post Sends In the Clown (New York Times) *** A New Gap for Albany The few thoughtful members of the tainted State Senate club need to be figuring out how New York will stay afloat as revenues drop and expenses steadily rise (NYT Editorial) *** SKY 'HIGH' COSTS AX-SEEKING NEW PARK ALREADY NY'S PRICIEST *** No Taxes Here LUXE APTS. NOW $LASH PADS PENTHOUSE PRICE TAKES A $20M Taxes Here LUXE APTS. NOW $LASH PADS PENTHOUSE PRICE TAKES A $20M HIT *** LATEST FISCAL GLOOM COULD DOOM GOV (Dicker NYP) *** BASHING THE GOLDEN GOOSE (NYP Editorial) ***

Road to City Hall On Governor’s Race, Cuomo Stance Is Wait and See *** Fed Up New Yorkers a new political newspaper Put out by candidates and forces trying to beat the mayor *** Editorial: Stinkers, 2009 It's August and time for our annual smell test of garbage on the sidewalks. Not the refuse waiting for collection by the Sanitation Department, but the self-promotional trash cans that are loved so much by elected officials (DN Editorial) *** WABC TV gets into the political blog business, but mostly on the info side at least they know who is running, not like some of the other TV stations and media outlets in the city.

Washington On Economy, a Delicate Balance White House tries to take credit for gains while not appearing out of touch with the unemployed *** 'Clunkers' Rebates at Risk Without Senate
Wall Street Crap New York Magazine does their second story of Steve Rattner in only the last money. Oh True News called their first article a puff piece on Rattner by trying to dump everything on Hank Morris Follow the Pension Money: NY Magazine Hangs Morris, Rattner Richardson Not Involved? Today's NY Mag Exit the Czar How Steve Rattner, the journalist turned banker turned Car Czar, lost control ***Bank Spy Scandal Widens A detective at the center of the Deutsche Bank spying affair says the bank's effort to monitor its critics involved a plan to target as many as 20 people, including a number of investors *** REIT Rally Facing a Challenge Commercial real estate likely has much further to fall, and that could snuff out a significant rally in real-estate-investment-trust stocks *** Wall Street profits from trades with Fed (Financial Times)