Saturday, August 1, 2009

Senate Vacation On Us, While WH Makes CEOs Pay for Lunch

New Yorkers: A Bunch of Jerks

After the Senate Circus: Senate Vacation On Us, While WH Makes CEOs Pay for Lunch

Senate shuffle cost 741G in vacation pay Nearly 160 Senate employees got lump sum payments totaling more than $741,000 for unused vacation time, expense records show *** Fork it over! White House invites CEOs to lunch... then makes them pay for it *** Sunday Attendance in Albany is optional for some NY lawmakers*** A secret “man cave” at the New York State Senate (New Yorker) Congressional Circus to Go On Vacation Next Week Without Passing Health Care Reforms

Road to City Hall SORRY FOR THE SLUR THOMPY, 'WHORE' GUY REACH OUT TO QUINN *** Mayor Bloomberg insists in radio address: He doesn't want a fourth term *** Sunday By opting out of forums, Mark Green irked his public advocate rivals *** Controller needs to figure out which Thompson is running for Mayor

Managing the News for Relection NYP says the Mayor warns against Albany filling there latest budget gap by raising taxes ALBANY READY TO PUT THE $QUEEZE ON US: MIKE

What the papers don't report Two months ago Bloomberg asked Albany, and was granted, permission to increase the sales tax one-half-a-point, to ballance a NYC budget gap. That half a percent sales tax increase when into effect today New York City Raises Taxes On Travelers

Not Managing the NYP Well Gov GOP PADDLES PARTY-BOY GOV Paterson, photographed partying it up at a Manhattan nightspot just hours before announcing the state had a $2 billion budget gap, was ripped yesterday for having his "arms *** Let David Paterson Party *** Deficit looms for NY: $2.1B budget gap expanding *** Sunday First the club, then the racetrack: Gov Paterson keeps busy schedule

Pay to Play bye bye Friday is a good day to dump the trash, not many read the saturday papers HOBOKEN'S MAYOR QUITS *** Hoboken’s Mayor Resigns in Corruption Sweep *** Contractor Pleads Guilty in Payoffs to Assemblyman *** Petrocelli admits he gave cash, Crown Vic to union boss

NYC Economic Melt Down Nobody talks about this but it hurts NYC tax base KICK IN THE CASH: HOUSE OKS CURB ON FAT-CAT PAY *** House Approves Limits on Executive Pay *** Signs of the times on Restaurant Row *** Sunday SUBWAYS SUFFER BOOTH LOSS More than 100 subway booths will be shut down in the coming months as NYC Transit moves to trim $50 million in expenses from its strained budget *** SCHOOL-CONSTRUCTION PACTS IN LIMBO *** Taking stock of Tom: Controller DiNapoli beat the market, except when he didn't (DN Editorial)

City 'HEBREW' CHARTER SET *** Mother of slain NYPD Omar Edwards demands a criminal investigation *** State pension fund recovers … a little *** Sunday NY'S WORST NURSES

NYTimes can't run their paper What a waste of a reporter who understand politics and has one of the best institutional memories of NYC politics and government in this town In New York, It’s the Summer That Isn’t NYT does not understand how to stop Pay to Play: Put the bastards in jail Bad Actors, Bad Concrete New York City’s Buildings Department says it has set new standards for testing the durability and safety of concrete, but further trouble may lead to a municipal testing operation (NYT Editorial) *** Anger Has Its Place
Instead of eschewing anger in the face of continuing and deeply racist criminal justice outrages, ordinary black Americans need to channel those emotions into action that will bring change (Herbert, NYT)

Washington KICK IN THE CASH: HOUSE OKS CURB ON FAT-CAT PAY *** Obama: 'Spirit of innovation' key to the future ***Obama, Cabinet meet for mid-year assessment *** Republicans Widely Doubt Obama's Citizenship Pay to Play Lobbyists Lobbying Firm Employee Forged Climate Bill Letters *** Company That Probes War Contractor Injuries for AIG Is Itself Under Scrutiny *** Congressional Candidates Raised $168.5 Million During Second Quarter *** Health, Energy and Finance Sectors Dominate 2nd Quarter Lobbying (Open Secrets)

$$$$$ Tarp Bailouts at least the average joe get on the government tit this time GOV'T COMPUTERS CRASH IN RACE FOR 'CLUNKER' CASH... *** The Fannie and Freddie Black Hole

Health Care GOP blasts Democrats' health care legislation *** Health Bill Clears Hurdle, and Hints at Consensus *** House Committee Approves Health Bill (Washington Post) *** Media Campaign Alarms Seniors *** Health-Care Reform a Messy Art (Washington Post) *** PoliticsBen Nelson On Ads Run Against Him: They Could Kill Health Care Reform *** Battle Likely to Shift to Senate - Alexis Simendinger, National Journal *** The Empowerment of Deception & Ignorance - Joe Conason, Salon *** How House Bill Runs Over Grandma - Investor's Business Daily *** Unions budget up to $15 million for August campaign *** Sunday Curbing Runaway Health Inflation To absorb the cost of a health care plan to cover uninsured Americans, a variety of approaches and “game changers” should be used to slow the rate of growth in health care spending *** Obama Alters Health Reform Plan (Washington Post)

National Alabama Area Reeling in Face of Fiscal Crisis *** Sunday Prolonged Aid to Unemployed Is Running Out *** Small Beer, Big Hangover Whites are expected to be a minority by 2042, and beer won’t cool the fury of those Americans who can’t accept the changing racial profile (Rich NYT)

Wall Street Mess RUTH MADOFF ON TAXMAN'S HOOK FOR $600,000 *** DUANE READE SAVED BY $125M INJECTION *** AIG Has Created a Fantasy World *** High-End Retailers Offering More Discounts *** In Congress, a Jump-Start for Clunkers *** Settlement Reached in UBS Tax Case *** F.D.I.C. Moves to Close Failed Banks in 4 States ***
Regulators shut banks in Fla., NJ, Ohio, Okla... *** Fla. philanthropist fires back at Madoff trustee *** 3 Bank of America board members resign

International Honduran interim leaders: Zelaya can't be restored... *** The Making of an Iran Policy - Roger Cohen, New York Times Magazine *** Why Israel Is Nervous - Elliott Abrams, Wall Street Journal *** Sunday Just When Africa’s Luck Was Changing The continent has been hit hard in the global recession as foreign investment funds dry up *** 100 Iranians Tried for Disputing Election

Media & New Tech UNLOADING THE GLOBE TIMES HAS TWO BIDS FOR STRUGGLING BEANTOWN PAPER *** WASHINGTON POST BUOYED BY ITS KAPLAN DIVISION *** Voices From Above Silence a Cable TV Feud The nightly cage fight between Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly stopped after complaints by network executives *** Apple, AT&T Questioned About Google Application *** Maher On Beer Summit: Obama Drank A 40, Sotomayor Brought The Guacamole *** Dana Milbank: Hillary Clinton Should Drink "Mad Bitch Beer" *** Washington Post Reports $12.2 Million Profit *** GE's Silencing of Olbermann - Glenn Greenwald, Salon *** TV Contestants: Tired, Tipsy and Pushed to Brink *** Sunday NYT's Public Editor Explains How 5 Editors Handled Error-Filled Cronkite Story