Saturday, July 4, 2009

True News, Update All Holiday

Inside the Statue of Liberty's Crown *** The Brooklyn Bridge's flag man *** Saturday On Independence Day, Liberty's Crown Reopens *** CROWN REOPENS TO DELIGHT OF NEW YORKERS, TOURISTS *** Joey Chestnut Wins Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest... Eats World-Record 68 Franks *** Independence Day: America turns 233 *** Once Around the Island With Gay Talese *** Magical History Tour: Coney Island

Holiday Circus COMPTROLLER PUTS FREEZE ON CLOWN POLS' PAYCHECKS *** Senators won't let special sessions foil Fourth festivities *** State Controller seekin to hold warring senators' pay *** Understanding the Chaos in Albany *** New York's Future Coffers Empty, California Pays With I.O.U.’s *** Senators at an Impasse Find That Their State Pay Is at an Impasse, Too *** Holiday Plans? Senators Will Be Stuck in Albany *** Pedro Espada’s Self-Coronation The making of an Albany nihilist *** Newsday Editorial With the state senators, it's personal *** Marty Golden proposes a drinking contest to settle the dispute *** Local Pol Says A Lawsuit Will Fix Albany Mess *** Does this remind you of anything? What California lawmakers are debating while Sacramento burns, How California's Fiscal Woes Began: A Crisis 30 Years in the Making, Budget situations dire in several states (Washington Times), Tax Bill Appeals Take Rising Toll on Governments *** Saturday Thaw in Senate Talks, but No Hints of Power-Sharing Deal *** Gov goes soft, changes special sessions to let pols get home for 4th *** Stalled State Senators Enter Unpaid Holiday Weekend *** Espada’s campaign committee *** Senate Status Report: Same Stalemate, Different Date *** Happy Fourth of July from the state Capitol *** Sentate Meets in Albany, Fails to End Standoff (NYP) *** EDITORIAL The Villager End the Senate folliesLet’s give New York’s state senators credit for something: No one else has ever made a clearer, more convincing case proving the depths of Albany’s dysfunction while also showing how desperate the need is for fundamental change *** Senate Fiddles as New York Burns (Henry Stern)
"I have a painful confession to make: After three decades as a journalist covering state government, if I had to do it all over again, I'd find another job. I've covered Govs. Hugh Carey, Mario Cuomo, George Pataki, Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson and for New York to wind up like this after 35 years of modern leadership, it's clear to me that my real job has been to chronicle the devolution -- the decay and decline -- of New York state. We're going backwards, not forwards, and of late we've even been falling apart. The Empire State -- once a beacon of progressive state government to the nation -- is on the brink of ruin. And it doesn't look like anything can be done to stop it. In two words: We're doomed. Read the entire Dicker article - important, here *** Gov. Paterson tells treasurer to freeze senators' direct-deposit salary *** Albany pols unwind for the holiday from all the lack of work *** Dueling press releases *** Writing The Epitaths Of The 62 NYS Senators *** Steve McNair, a Super Bowl Quarterback, Is Shot to Death *** Wipe the slate clean: Albany needs a third-party rescue. Who will lead it? *** Albany pols unwind for the holiday from all the lack of work

It was Not Our Idea Award The NYP attacks Comptroller DiNapoli for violation separation of powers in its editorial DISSING DEMOCRACY. Why would the NYP care if what they call clowns in Albany are not paid? They don't, they just don't want the Daily News who has being demanding DiNapoli dock the salaries of the senator to take credit, too late, the Daily News is Already claiming victory "It's a victory for all New Yorkers - most especially for the thousands of outraged Daily News readers who joined our "Don't Pay the Bums" campaign." *** DiNapoli: No More Welfare Checks for Senators *** Paterson Mediates Unpaid State Senators' Power Struggle

On the Road to City Hall Bloomberg defends massive campaign spending first campaign news story in 2 weeks *** At Working Families Party Forum, Bloomberg Declines to Toe the Liberal Line *** Campaign spin that gets covered as news story. Did he cry last year or the year before? Bloomberg Chokes Up Speaking to New Citizens ***Saturday Campaign spin become news IT ALL 'ADS' UP: MIKE RE-ELECT SPOTS TOUT SCHOOL-CONTROL SUCCESS *** It's constant battle of bulge for B'klyn beep, Marty Markowitz *** Beep anger growsOpponents of Borough President Marty Markowitz’s $64 million plan to build a new amphitheater *** Comptroller Debate BRONXTALK-SPECIAL EDITION/MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2009

Constitutional Convention That is Deputy Mayor Felder Mark Simcha Felder’s plan to get rid of the office is “unworthy of a comment,” said Mark Green’s spokeswoman *** Do the PA vultures believe that that is the only change need in the structure of the city or state? BETSY NOTBAUM POL PUSHES TO PUT END TO OFFICE *** Sadly, New York does not have a recall law *** NYT Wimps Out, Does Not Call for State Constitutional Convention CREATE A REAL, WORKING LEGISLATURE * COMPETITIVE ELECTIONS * CLEANER MONEY *

New Yorkers have the right to choose their own leaders RUN, CAROLYN, RUN NYP Editorial "Then New York's senior senator, Chuck Schumer, and its accidental governor, David Paterson, egregiously and successfully conspired to replace Hillary Clinton with Gillibrand. . . Himself the product of a bruising 1998 primary fight, Schumer has now decided that contested primaries are bad -- doubtless because he knows that his puppet will be hard-pressed to win one." Rangel lashes out at Bam for butting into NY primary *** Bill Clinton is holding a fund-raiser for Carolyn Maloney *** Saturday NYT Editorial Let Them Run For the voters’ sake, the Obama administration should not be trying to stop candidates from challenging Kirsten Gillibrand in the Democratic primary of the New York Senate race
Good Catch Joe
Joseph Mercurio "Just the other day Congressman Rangel said a hard working, competent Congresswoman who is ahead in the polls against someone not elected to the Senate and seem by many to not be OK on issues should be allowed to run in a primary; one has to wonder why it would be racist for an accomplished Attorney General, elected state wide, way ahead a head in the polls to run against a governor not elected, seen by many to be not governing well, and behind in public support?"

More MTA Waste MTA flushed $250M down the toilet From the Times Ledger *** Saturday AWFUL SOUND TRACKS SUBWAY NOISE PERIL
Dysfunctional Campaign
Press are the Enablers
Press Questions Controller Candidates Like: John Liu on His Problems With the Bike Bill (The question is really a hit from another candidate
Questions Not Asked by the Press: How would you clean up the corruption in the NYC Controllers office? That question was asked by True New on April 29 of the candidates, there has been no answer to date Questions The Silence of the Lions: What the Comptroller Candidates Don't Want You to Know Corruption in the office The Wolf at Thompson's Door

Wall Street is Fix The Great American Bubble Machine Matt Taibbi on how Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression *** SEC investigator raised Madoff suspicions in 2004 *** How a Loophole Let GE Qualify for Bank Rescue *** After Call From Inouye's Office, Hawaii Bank Got Aid *** Preventing Another Madoff (The Atlantic) *** For Banks, Wads of Cash and Loads of Trouble *** New wave of foreclosureson the horizon (LA Times) *** Shanghai Planning Its Own "Wall Street Bull": Report

Inspector Clouseau Ann-Margaret Carrozza said she lived for five months in Broooklyn in 2001. The Queens D.A.’s office won’t investigate her residency issue *** 39 city retirees double-dipping with new public jobs All they have to do is move down to Flordia and get a public job or teach in New Jersey and it is legal, why is working out of state ok? *** AmeriCorps Scandal: The City University of New York Connection *** Sunday Do you think this was an accident that it came out on and holiday weekend? 'MOB TAINT' BUILDER SCORES 'WINNING' BID A LONG ISLAND con struction company whose owners in 2001 admitted making payoffs to the Luchese crime family is the low bidder on a major Sanitation Department contract to build a waste-transfer station in Brooklyn.

Washington Obama preaches patience on economy as GOP pounds him on job losses *** Five key Senate Democrats on card-check *** Online posting of House expenditures delayed *** Liberals Likely to Call for Another Stimulus (Roll Call) *** The Making of America: The Legacy of F.D.R. (Time) *** Powell Faults Obama's Agenda (Daily Beast) *** For Waters center, funds dry up Congress moves to ban earmarks for projects named after sitting lawmakers, including the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center in L.A. She's furious (LA Times) *** Obama's Congressional Friends (and Foes) (USA Today) *** Saturday President Delivers Nationwide July 4th Message *** Sunday Obama’s Youthful Ideals Shaped the Long Arc of His Nuclear-Free Vision *** Why Obama's Afghan War is Different (Time) *** U.S. and Russia: The Talk Starts Here (Time) *** D.C. Dems try to bail out Dodd *** Biden: Iraqis on own if violence flares
National The Race to Green Innovation Stanford University President John Hennessy on why so few of the leading clean energy companies are American (The Atlantic)
International Pushing re-set button won’t be easy for Obama, Russia (The Hill) *** Marines in Afghanistan pushes deeper into Taliban territory; troops meeting little resistance ... *** Russia Opens Route for U.S. to Fly Arms to Afghanistan *** Iran Cleric Says British Embassy Staff to Stand Trial *** Saturday Top Reformers Admitted Plot, Iran Declares *** Russia to Open Airspace to U.S. for Afghan War *** N Korea Fires 7 More Missiles for July 4th *** Honduras Braces for a Protracted Fight *** Sunday Leading Clerics Defy Ayatollah on Disputed Iran Election *** Mousavi Details Alleged Election Fraud in Iran (Washington Post) *** OAS Expels Honduras; Zelaya Vows to Return

Media Post Publisher Cancels 'Salons' Ombudsman *** Murdoch Denies Interest In NYT, Disses Twitter, CNBC *** Justice Department Confirms Investigation Of Google Books *** Ex-Rocky Mountain News Staffers' Online Mag Set To Launch *** Newsweek's Newsweekopedia vs. Times' Topics *** Saturday This Preposterous Week! Paul Slansky's News Index (Time) *** 'Wash Post" Pay-to-Play Dinner Offer Blows Up -- Here Are Links to Reactions -- And Video Spoof *** Nielsen: 1.7 Million Still Unready for DTV *** Sunday NY Times: WaPo's Publisher Sold Her Paper's Editorial Integrity *** Saturday Evening Post Undergoing A Redesign ***
Facebook Blows British Spy's Cover
*** Networks To Blanket Tuesday With Live Jacko Coverage, Anchors Going West *** Journalistic narcissism