Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernie Madoff Last Suit

Bernie's Last Suit

The Judge will allowed Bernie to wear his own suit in court today. His victims who wanted he to rot in jail and go out in the standard prison-issue khaki jumpsuit got their wish Madoff's Victims Get Their Day in Court *** Day Of Reckoning: Madoff Due In Court For Sentencing *** How Will Ruth Madoff Survive on Just $2.5M? *** Madoff gets 150 years

Albany's Circus The Gov is so out of it he is even meeting with dirty trick GOPer Roger Stone GOV AIDE MEETS WITH TOP GOP MUDSLINGER, PATERSON IN PLEA TO DEMS, NEXT: WEDS DAY GAYS: ALBANY TOPS US FOR OUTRAGEOUSNESS, Gay Marriage Lost in Shuffle of Divided Senate, State Senate Power Struggle Heads Back To Court, Weekend in Review: Albany Stagnates *** I not the worsted (sick) they hate you more Benjamin: Gov's gotta love Senate chaos, Albany Standoff Hits Governor *** Extraordinary session VII. Back to court today - this time for a hearing in the lawsuit brought by Gov. David Paterson against the Senate. Despite being forced to remain in Albany over the weekend, the warring Senate factions appeared no closer to a power-sharing deal *** If a deal is not made in the next two days then there will be war in the 2010 elections UNITED ON SCHOOLS GOV, RANDI BEHIND MIKE OVER CONTROL, STOP THE STATE-SENATE CIRCUS by Randi Weingarten *** It not all about demographics and registration. NYC's GOP exists only on paper and ballot access purchases for citywide and statewide candidates, yet we have not had a democratic mayor since Dinkins Democratic Lock Seen on 2013 Albany Senate, Pols keep squabbling as clock ticks down on mayoral control *** State Senate combat won't end after it gets back to work *** Pedro Espada Thinks Albany Coup Worked Out Swimmingly *** How Monserrate Explains the Coup to Constituents *** Onorato Explains the Mess

Two Sides of the Mouth
What Gloia Says "Over the coming year there will be investigations, and revelations that will embarrass ever one of us." Queens Councilman Eric Gioia when he voted against the overall budget last week exposed the member item slush fund cover up Conspiracy at City Hall: Press Cover up: Slush Fund, Pension Scandal

What Gloia Does Critics: Gioia rips pork while forking it out Public advocate candidate Eric Gioia was the lone city councilman to vote against the budget this year, but had no problem plying his local groups with his own share of pork

Schumer on Albany? Has he tried to use his good office to broker an agreement? Has he made a comment about the Albany's meltdown? How is this important? Chuck rips online tix tricks

Helping the poor and homeless can be enriching work Just ask George McDonald, who runs a not-for-profit agency for homeless men, The Doe Fund, where he earned $403,000 a year THE 'DOUGH' FUND CHARITY FAMILY'S BIG $$

Tammany Hall Election Rules Still controls the election process in New York Public servants at play while Albany burns State Board of Elections. True News explains how the BOE still runs under Tammany Hall rules on this blog

Road to City Hall Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz has an anti-Atlantic Yards challenger, Arena Overload! Stadiums Lose $ as One Grows in Brooklyn *** The proposed Barclays Center in Brooklyn True News will offer any reporter $$$$ to write about any city wide campaign. There has not been a real story about the campaign in weeks. Can anyone say Rose Garden *** "(The mayor) creates the issue, 'solves' it and then takes about manufacturing credit." What goes does it do to cover a mayoral campaign when you do ask his opponents what they think? Credit Where It's Not Due? *** NY-Sen: Maloney plays softball with Chartock

Cap and Fund What programs should we cut to fund the PA office? Public Advocate Candidates Protest a Cut, Bloomberg Doesn't Notice

Hospital Corruption There is a lot of investigations going on at Coney Island Hospital and a lot of management has left in recent years HOSP'S OFF ITS MEDS 'LOST' $4M IN DRUGS *** Catching the Corrupt: City Investigators Use ‘Integrity Tests’, EMT caught ripping off his 'patient', EX-HOSP BIG $LAPPED FOR TRIPLE-DIPPING - New York Post, 'TIME WARP' HOSP BIG $OCKED - New York Post, Fine Ex-Hospital Manager for Conflict; ...

No Light in the MTA Tunnel You think riders are pissed now. Wait till they find out about increasing MTA debt, losing riders and no funding for a capital plan. TAKING US FOR A RIDE! FARE FURY AS HIKES KICK IN, Un-fare! Straphangers rail at MTA hike, Subway riders: It's an unfair hike, The Times takes a dim view of the new Barclays subway station.

Washington Axelrod waffles on tax vow *** Washington to California: Drop dead *** Dodd, Kennedy talked shop week ago *** Obama announces health town hall *** Pawlenty: No more delays for Franken *** GOP-ers fret over young voters *** Obama prioritizes energy efficiency standards *** Supreme Court Rules for White Firefighters *** Democrats Defend Sotomayor Over Firefighter Ruling

Wall Street Mess Swiss Banks Shun Americans as US Compels Disclosure... *** GE Uses Loophole To Become "Biggest Beneficiary" Of Key Bank Rescue Program, How a Loophole Benefits GE in Bank Rescue; Industrial Giant Becomes Top Recipient in Debt-Guarantee Program *** Court: States can probe nationally regulated banks

Media CAN BRUNO SAVE UNIVERSAL? *** GOOGLE CEO: Web censorship is futile... *** New Nielsen Measurement: CNN Tops Fox, MSNBC in Total Exposure *** A nonprofit newspaper in San Juan could be part of new trend *** The Independent newspaper goes mobile