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TN Updated All Weekend: NYT Fails to See the Real Story

How New Yorkers
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A new generation of local reports who can do little more investigation reporting than reading the newspapers, which are also reducing there news coverage because of internet and red ink. Recession redrawing local media landscape, with no end in sight *** LOCAL TV NEWS SHARING - New York Post *** A Generation of Local TV Anchors Is Signing Off -

NYT Fails to See the Real Story
On the same day the NYT does an article saying pols can do whatever they want and get reelected, it prints an article about Espada lawyer long time Bronx Democratic Party operative and lobbyist Stanley Schlein that is off point. Nicholas Confessore the writer of the NYT article does not go into why are Democratic lawyer is helping the man who destroyed the Democratic majority in the State Senate. He sidetracks the story to the fact that Schlein is a lobbyist for the Real Estate Board of New York away from dysfunctional battle over the control of the State Senate. Is Schlein attempting to broker a deal between the two sides? Espada Puts Lawyer-Lobbyist at Center of Talks on Senate Power Struggle

What Confessore should have been looking at is why the Bronx DA is all the sudden trying to drop the assault case against Espada son Judge benches plea deal for son over scuffle with blogger. A deal brokered between prosecutors and State Sen. Pedro Espada's son to allow the younger Espada to avoid criminal charges fell apart in Bronx Supreme Court Thursday when Judge Joseph Dawson (appointed by republican mayor Giuliani) felt the terms were too light. Alejandro Espada, 30, is accused of pushing 75-year-old City Hall blogger Rafael Martinez-Alequin and breaking his video camera after Martinez-Alequin peppered Sen. Espada with questions during a campaign rally on Sept. 7, 2008. For months True News has been calling an end to organize crime politics. If the voter had a fair chance to defeat an incumbent the NYC would not have to write editorials like they did today, because Albany's representatives would be working to serve the public not themselves Ignoring the Unemployed or stories like this $LAPPED HANGERS RIDER FURY ON EVE OF MTA FARE HIKE *** Albany Festers, and Voters Don’t Clean House For those wondering how Albany could have sunk to the level it has, one good answer is that the state’s legislators know that they will almost never be voted out of office. By the way real estate lobbyist Schlein help cut the deal that resulted in the dems controlling the senate and Espara becoming the head of the Senate's Housing Committee.

More Espara State pulls Espada grant Comptroller revokes $3M payment to renegade senator's Bronx health network, citing liens, judgments and warrants *** In an article Sunday in the DN by Barbara Ross reports that State Sen. Pedro Espada finally filed campaign finance disclosure forms with the state, he claimed he had "no activity" in his grueling bid for election last year. The story also reported that A Bronx grand jury has subpoenaed testimony and tapes from blogger, Rafael Martinez Alequin, who took videos of Espada's food distribution and petition signing events. But did not report a tape of Espada neighbors saying he did not live at the Bronx residence he claims as his legal residents for his senate job. It also did not report on judge who refused to go along with a deal to dismiss an assault charge against Espara son who attacked Martinez while he was filing a rally after Martinez residence tape become public. This is very strange since Eddie Baez who the DN reported did not get paid the money by Espapa's son for hanging posters, is also a witness in the Martinez ass ult case No activity' or brutal campaign by Pedro Espada, wonders election big

Quit Albany Weekend Even the daily are running out of ideas how to cover Albany's Circus. Not much coverage today (NYP) SENATORS 'WORK' ON SATURDAZE *** (NYT) Paterson’s Powers Are Tested as Gridlock Drags On (DN) Saturday At The Capitol: Team Meetings, Speed Sessions, No Movement (Updated) *** Saturday in Albany: Blah, Blah Blah *** (Albany Times Union) Senate on Saturday: Much (use of the word) progress*** Extraordinary Session A.M. Roundup Mini-Edition *** Paterson Calls Sunday Session For State Senate *** NY Senators Ordered to Court *** Paterson orders Sunday evening session of State Senate

Gay Rights HOW STONEWALL BECAME A SYMBOL OF GAY RIGHTS *** 40 Years Later, Still Second-Class Americans, Rich, NYT

More DA Unjustice Even the NYP called the slap on the wrist Albany DA David Soares gave ex- state Health Commissioner Antonia Novello the former US surgeon general, was allowed to plead guilty yesterday to a felony count of filing a false document involving a worker's duties. She would have faced up to 12 years in prison if convicted of all 20 counts on which she originally was indicted. NYP editorial called Soares a creampuff who winked at Eliot Spitzer's Troopergate depredations? A MINOR ALBANY OUTRAGE, HEALTH BIG COPS PLEA

Blogger Report The Daily News editorial board smokes crack (Queens Crap) *** David Weprin does stand-up comedy (Queens Crap)

Daily News Reports State Dems in Senate may let mayoral control of schools

Does any Elected Official Live in their District? Carrozza represents Queens, but is living large on L.I. Gold Coast

Media People Still Go to CNN for Breaking News *** Time Rushes Commemorative Michael Jackson Issue for Monday *** China, Cuba, Other Authoritarian Regimes Censor News From Iran

Future Increase? Very little coverage on the fare increase, and non of that coverage talks about how out of wack the MTA budget and future capital improvement budget are. With the deaths on the Washington,DC Metro system last week the capital budget which includes improving safety become very important Farewell $2, hi $2.25 on subway
Farewell $2, hi $2.25 on subway

Bloomberg Creating Jobs for Indians? As the campaign commericals blast that the mayor is creating jobs and the city's unemployment rate his a 16 year high of 9.1%, city contractor IBM contract with the Department of Finance to analyze its old main databases , has transported "consultants" from Mumbai and other parts of India to do most of the work. The NYP just reported the story about the contract not the connection to the mayoral campaign which because of the Albany Circus has gotten no coverage in weeks NYC HIT BY NERD JOB ROB CITY $$ FOR INDIAN HIRES

No Endorsement Helpful? In Felder's Boro Park district were most children go to private religious schools, not getting the UFT endorsement will get him more votes UFT TEACHES POL A LESSON 'CUE CARD' REVENGE IT'S payback time for the powerful UFT. The United Federation of Teachers blocked City Councilman Simcha Felder from receiving an "early endorsement"

Inspector Clouseau Norman Chesler name pop up in the NYP today in a dumb story about a watch. The real story about Chesler like so many investigations involving politicians in New York was covered Up

A scandal-linked Brooklyn shrink Norman Chesler who claims he lent a pricey Rolex to a city councilman's wife is going to court to recover the ice-encrusted timepiece. Councilman Michael Nelson

The Norman Chesler Cover Up

Big Question Unanswered in Scandal - New York Times Jan 24, 2007
The cousin, an owner of medical clinics named Norman Chesler, told grand jurors that he gave Mr. Norman more than $40,000 cash and several thousand more in postage stamps on behalf of the judge, said one of the officials, who was granted anonymity because the investigation was far from finished. Justice Ruditzky’s alleged path to power was first laid out in detail last week in The Village Voice. In the Voice account, Mr. Chesler is quoted as saying that Mr. Norman said that the money would be used to further their private business relationship. But, he said, he continued to believe it would further his cousin’s judicial career. One of Mr. Norman’s lawyers, Edward D. Wilford, declined to comment on the payoff charges. “There’s nothing to address,” he said last night, adding that he and Mr. Norman were focused strictly on winning his acquittal in the current case.

The Sales of Justice In the dark corridors of Brooklyn politics, a State Supreme Court judgeship sells for $50,000 stuffed in an envelope, and $6,000 in postage stamps. Chesler asked again what "the chances" were of Ruditzky becoming a supreme court judge. Feldman said Ruditzky was "too dumb to go to supreme," provoking a hostile exchange with Chesler. When Feldman went back inside, Norman "popped the question, saying he wanted $50,000." He told Chesler the money was required in order for Norman to help him out "with his practice," not because of Ruditzky. Norman told him he would "get back" to him "about the circumstances" of payment, and Chesler made it clear he could not make such a large payment at one time. Chesler says that Norman began simultaneously soliciting another $50,000 from Ruditzky himself, telling the judge at one meeting that he had to come up with $50,000 "to hire legal, advertising, and other people" suggested by the party. $56000 in Cash & Stamps For a Brooklyn Judgeship - Gothamist *** misguided black robes: MISGUIDED SUPREME COURT JUSTICE JOAN LOBIS ...