Tuesday, June 30, 2009

High Noon in the Senate

High Noon
in the Senate

"New Yorkers could consider the senators “rude, inconsiderate and egotistical.”
State Supreme Court Justice Joseph C. Teresi

Madoff only has 149 years, 364 days BERNIE: MY 'TERRIBLE MISTAKE', PONZI MONSTER GETS 150 YEARS, NO COUNTRY-CLUB CLINK FOR WORLD'S MOST HATED HUSTLER What are load of BS coming from Bernie wife, she was the bookkeeper. Bookkeepers know more than the owners of what is going on with the money. Ruth has the public relations consultants working full time there must be hidden money somewhere. You can do that in a Ponzi RUTH: 'I FEEL BETRAYED AND CONFUSED', SELL YOUR PHONY APOLOGY TO SOMEONE WHO BUYS IT, OUR RETIREMENT IS DYING IN THE DESERT *** ALL RISE FOR HONORABLE DENNY CHIN! HE RULES!, Waiting to See Madoff, an Angry Crowd Is Disappointed *** 10 others to be charged...

Taxi Lobbyists Why is Queens' Councilman Leroy Comrie doing bidding of the taxi industry? Is the taxi lobbyist close to Quinn? He does get one of the highest amounts of member items in the council. Why are the interest in Pedicab safety Comrie? there all in Manhattan not on in your district POLS PEDAL SAFETY DEAL ON PEDICABS

Union Power The MTA, city and state are in a budget crisis why are we still building this subway? Why can't we use this money to keep the fares down? I know the money is coming from the state and feds who gifted this money to the unions that reelect them 2ND AVENUE SUBWAY, SECOND AVENUE EVACUATION, MTA 100G salary club 8,200 strong