Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Conspiracy at City Hall: Press Cover up: Slush Fund, Pension Scandal

at City Hall

Cover up: Slush Fund, Pension Scandal

"Over the coming year there will be investigations, and revelations that will embarrass ever one of us." Queens Councilman Eric Gioia when he voted against the overall budget last week exposed the member item slush fund cover up.

Gioia exposed an ongoing cover up by the mayor, DOI and the council speaker to delay the slush fund investigation until after the 2009 election. The City Hall press is doing its part as always by looking the other way. Not one follow up story to the slush fund investigation in over a year Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up, NY's Non Investigations. One reason why member items are so important to council member City Council members get campaign contributions from nonprofit ...

Almost a year ago the FBI asked Norman Siegel to delay his lawsuit against the slush fund so that can continue criminal investigations. They asked for 90 days delay. That was over a year ago. Where is the criminal investigation? NYC COUNCIL SLUSH FUND LAW SUIT

Conspiracy 2: Another investigation that has fallen off the presses radar is the pension fund scandal. Over two months ago True News exposed serious problems that need to be investigated in the pension funds and in the city's controller office The Wolf at Thompson's Door. True News also asked the current candidates for City Comptroller to comment on those problems. The Silence of the Lions: What the Comptroller Candidates Don't Want You to Know. Not a response has come forward to TN or to anyone. In fact it seems the press is working with the candidates to allow the current system where political insiders like Morris, McCall and Ferrer get big payoffs from the city's pension holders. In coverage about these candidates the press seems to cover everything but the pension fund scandal Roll Call of Cowardice: The controller candidates are a bunch of weenies, Yassky pitch return to beekeeping to New York City

Albany Circus The NYP Editorial says it all about the senate CLOWNS HAVE MORE DIGNITY . . . Any attempt to describe what is going on is worthless. It like describing "Bluto" Butarsky (John Belushi) food fight in the movie Animal House Senate Truly Descends Into Childish Chaos . . . Espara knows how to use public relations Espada’s Health Clinics Draw Wide Support Among Bronx Constituents . . . More Orwillian press coverage MTA boss says cuts won't make transit service any worse than usual. . . Those pols and lobbyist consultants who think the public always forgets should understand that when the public gets embarrassed about it leadership, it becomes personal. A record high number of New Yorkers - 63 percent - now think the state is headed in the wrong direction, today's Siena poll finds New Yorkers are quite embarrassed

Wall Street 150,000 job loss Who was watching and protecting New York's finical engine Wall Street, not our U.S, Senators, to them it became a contribution drug New York's senators have received more campaign contributions from the hedge fund-industry than all but one other member of Congress, according to a new report NY SENATORS $CORE ON RAISER'S HEDGE . . . Yes it can get more expensive to live here. Forget GM, renters need a federal bailout ALL-OUT RENT WAR! HIKES OK'D AS BOARD SQUABBLES WITH ITSELF.

The Fog of Circus War? Defiant state Senate Democratic leader John Sampson proposed 11th-hour legislation yesterday to curb City Hall's control over schools by imposing fixed terms on appointees to the Panel 'POISON PILL' FOR MAYOR . . . Also lost in the fog of the clown war Assemblyman Anthony S. Seminerio, a Democrat from Queens, will plead guilty on Wednesday to influence-peddling charges Assemblyman Steps Down and Admits Guilt in Scheme . . . Winds of war! Rivals Gillibrand, Maloney come together for 9/11 victims

Why can't Suozzi ask his old bull father to walk over the the office of old bull Basil Paterson in their join law firm and find a way to stop the dumbest show on earth? SUOZZI: SENATE CIRCUS SQUEEZES LOCAL GOV'T