Saturday, May 9, 2009

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Important Pension Update Coming . . .
True News Honors Jimmy
“Rage is the only quality which has kept me, or anybody I have ever studied, writing columns for newspapers.”Jimmy Breslin

Pensiongate . . .
After Introduction From Ferrer, Firm Earned $100,000 From State Pension Fund *** Six Degrees Of Separation, NY Common Retirement Fund Version *** SEC to Propose 'Pay to Play' Rule The SEC is expected to propose a rule to ban investment advisers from managing state pensions after donating to campaigns of those who oversee such funds *** California lobbyist helped developer get N.Y. pension money Sacramento Bee

Nobody Asked Me, But . . . When Bloomberg consultant Hank Sheinkopf said the reason the White House Aide Resigns Over Manhattan Flyover Shot left, was that he either walked or they pushed him out, which would make the NY Air Force 1 flyover more than a one day negative story for the WH. Well, Hank was both right and wrong. The Washington Press might have given Obama a pass like the New York press gives Sheinkopf's client Bloomberg. The NY press did not put any pressure or blame on the mayor or on an obscure City Hall deputy named Marc Mugnos, who makes $60,000 a year, for not telling Bloomberg that the low-flying planes were coming. He was reprimanded - the fall guy. . . The NYP who is pushing for charter schools writes SHEL GIVES MAYORAL CONTROL Of SCHOOLS A KEY NUDGE, The Daily News writes Silver criticizes mayoral school control, says tweaks needed . . . The NYT has as pay to play plea Ex-State Senator Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges Efraín González Jr. was accused of taking money from nonprofit groups in the Bronx to pay for personal expenses, including Yankees tickets and his daughter’s college tuition. It is very interesting that in yesterday's Conflict of Interest Board ruling: Legalised Pay to Play, the Board said a job for a councilmember family or friends is not a benefit. If you ask me, the Conflict of Interest Board along with the Commission on Public Integrity Releases Annual Report that investigated the Spitzer-Bruno war, are not doing a very ethical job. . . As newspapers close or cutback should we be concerned that elected officials who get elected for life (unless they leave in handcuffs) have public relations offices that are becoming the sole provider of information about the job they are doing? Good Reviews for Senate Website *** Sunday *** NYP continues it war on the UFT UFT'S NEW PUPPET ACT and it support for charter schools . . . Brooklyn's Dictator Vito Lopez demands his weight in gold from the MTA MTA boss Elliot Sander refused Democrat chief's request to promote kin So far Vito has gotten Judgeships for his daughter, girlfriend's brother and has put his entire clubhouse in Brooklyn on the government payroll. Growth of a New-Age Political Machine . . . The DN is shocked that politicians are using non profits to help with their reelection efforts, and that the entire point of member items and non profit funding is to get the incumbent reelected. The DN did a good job showing how both Pedro Espada and Peter Rivera run their campaigns with the help of the taxpayers . Now how about going after the Eastside mob led by Speaker Quinn who pumps millions of government dollars into the Highline which helps real estate developers sell their million dollar co-ops, in that highly trendy neighborhood. The Highline got the largest amount of member item funds from the fake non profits. Maybe next week the City's Conflict of Interest Board will rule it ok for pols to use member item funds to get them reelected as long as they use their family and Friends on the non profits payroll.
What is going on with the member items investigation anyway? Taxpayers are still paying for the lawyers to defend the poor council victims against press reports last year on their abuses of member items funds. Lets hope they do not turn to the Senator Parker method of handling their press problem. Is there a better reason we need newspapers which are more than just tabloid reporters with attitudes? Daly: First visitors to crown shouldn't include idle pols.

City's Economic Melt Down MORE CON ED $HOCKERS *** COLLEGE $QUEEZE *** New York Charges Rent for Working Homeless *** Con Edison Seeks 3-Year Rate Increase *** JetBlue might quit Queens HQ in 2012 if city doesn't give them reason to stay *** Mayor Bloomberg plans WTC summit next week *** Give us more, says Con Ed Just got 6.1% rate hike, now wants another 7.4% *** 4,000 People Show Up at Brooklyn Job Fair *** Stamps To Cost More Starting Monday *** TAPAYERS GET GAY-BAR TAB OF 400G *** MTA -- Saved for the Nonce (New York Civic) *** Stimulus to Pay for More Summer Jobs *** Feds Provide $29 Million For City Youth Summer Jobs *** Sunday *** OFFSHORE THING! CITY EYEING TAX CHEATS *** Peel and weep: Stamps costing 2 cents more Monday ***
SAVING MTA FARE COSTS RENTAL-CAR SECTOR JOBS *** Stimulus to Pay for More Summer Jobs in N.Y. *** Child nutrition problem hungry for solutions *** Con Ed Offers Plans For Rate Hike in 2011, 2012 *** MTA Board To Discuss Bailout Details

Road to City Hall Flake endorses Bloomberg for mayor *** Reverend Floyd Flake Backs Bloomberg For Mayor *** Sunday *** DEM FOE EYEING KIRSTEN Long Island Congressman Steve Israel will announce plans to challenge US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in next year's Democratic primary as early as tomorrow *** DROPOUT RUMORS ROIL BILL AS if he doesn't have enough problems going up against a billionaire incumbent, now Bill Thompson has to fend off persistent rumors that he might drop out of the mayoral race *** Lisberg: Why Mike has swarm of backers *** Louis: Beyond black and white The normally all-important ties of ethnicity, race, religion and political party that bind New York politics are loosening these days. Instead of tribal loyalty, the fall election for mayor will be a referendum on the economic plight of the middle class *** Mayor Defends Charging Working Homeless For Ren *** Obama's Bloomberg Joke

Pay to Play Ex-Bronx pol admits 200G caper *** Forest City Ratner just outside top ten in lobbying, but has third largest state contract

The City Lady Liberty Visitors Returning To Top *** AIR FARCE EJECTOR SEAT DOPE BEHIND FLYOVER QUITS* AIDE FAILED TO ALERT OBAMA* CLUELESS ABOUT '9/11' FEAR *** MTA'S BRIGHT IDEA BUSES ROLL WITH TV-STYLE MOVING ADS *** HERO SAILORS GET KEYS, EYE SEAS *** FOE SCALPS TICKET-SALE EXEC *** To the Hardy, Lady Liberty’s Crown Beckons Anew *** Statue of Liberty crown to reopen July 4 *** State's highest-paid surgeon steps down after brain op no-show *** To the Crown Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announces that starting July 4th, the crown of the Statue of Liberty will be open to visitors again *** Aide resigns over NYC flyover; probe continues *** CHARTERS TOP THE CHARTS *** Sunday *** A Chocolate, With Amway Undertones, Networks Its Way Into New York *** LOCK, STOCK & SECURITY WALL ST.'S ROTO-GATE *** GUN-SHY! WEAPON SEIZURES DROP 13% *** 9/11-TILE GAL RIPS MUSEUM PLAN *** FEDS GIVE NY TEENS JOB BOO$T *** RANDI TO ED. BOSSES: LET'S BE PARTNERS *** NOT THE ORIGINAL RECIPE BRONX BATTLE PITS PRIVATE-EQUITY FIRM, STELLA D'ORO UNION *** GET ME REWRITE WALL STREET 2.0 TESTS BLOOMBERG *** Queens College dorm almost done From NY1 *** Pharmacies soon required to translate everything
From the Daily News *** Randi's boost to Mike earns a kiss from Joel *** Don't linger in Liberty's crown, sez safety report *** Hollywood Heavyweights Hit Broadway *** New York City Says New Teachers Need Not Apply *** Obama Jokes About Air Force One Flyover *** The list of organizations that support the Superfund-ing of the Gowanus Canal (into which a car drove last night) includes the federal E.P.A. and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Albany SEN. PARKER ARRESTED IN FOTOG ATTACK *** State Senator busted over tussle with photog *** FORECLOSING ON POL B'KLYN SENATOR A YEAR BEHIND ON MORTGAGE *** GOV'S MTA PICK FACES ROUGH RIDE *** SHEL SAYS WTC DELAY A DISGRACE *** Assembly Speaker Urges End of Impasse on New Skyscrapers at Ground Zero *** Gov. Paterson’s Performance Paterson needs to show New Yorkers that he can master this job, instead of ceding too much power to his former colleagues in the Legislature, NYT Ed *** SUNY students: Budget director breaking the law *** Sunday *** New York Senators Hedge on Gay Marriage *** After Arrest, a State Senator Loses His Leadership Posts *** POL: TREAT ME LIKE KIEFER BROOKLYN SENATOR KEVIN PARKER COMPLAINS OF UNFAIR TREATMENT *** Brooklyn Senator Pleads Not Guilty To Felony Attack *** DEMS SLAP SENATOR SLUGGO BROOKLYN POL LOSES KEY POST OVER FOTOG RAGE *** State pol's laywer: How come Kiefer got off easier? *** CIG WAR BURNS OUT CITY, STATE EASE OFF BOOTLEGGED SMOKES *** GOVS IS. BOAT FERRY SILLY BUY State pols have launched a probe into a Governors Island redevelopment team's nearly $700,000 purchase of an aging ferry that was so dilapidated they had to sell it on eBay for just $23... *** The Daily News editorial board thinks it was wrong of David Paterson to make Lee Sander the "fall guy" for the M.T.A.'s problems, because he's not to blame

White House Correspondents' Dinner *** WATCH: Wanda Sykes Knocks Sarah Palin Over Abstinence *** WATCH: Sykes Derides Hannity For Not Honoring Pledge To Be Waterboarded *** WATCH: Obama Pokes Fun At Michael Steele *** 'GOP Cannot Have A Bailout, Rush Limbaugh Is Not A Troubled Asset' *** WATCH: CNN Asks Ashton Kutcher About Twitter Feud At Correspondents' Dinner *** WATCH: Alicia Keys Arrives At Correspondents' Dinner ***Correspondents dinner is microblogging extravaganza *** Minute-by-minute at the correspondents' dinner *** OBAM-HA SKEWERS PALS, FOES *** Obama pokes fun at himself, Dems and GOP *** Obama Likes Wanda Sykes Joke About Rush Limbaugh: 'I Hope His Kidneys Fail'...President mocks press at dinner: 'All of you voted for me'... *** Barack makes D.C. jollies at dinner *** Obama Rocks D.C. Dinner *** One Big House Party!The stars of the Obama administration—from Rahm to Axe—outshone even Hollywood’s ultra-glamorous ambassadors at the White House Correspondents Dinner after-party hosted by Vanity Fair and Bloomberg *** Ashton Kutcher Tweeted from the event. He was just one of the many Hollywood A-listers in the house. More photos here and here.

President Obama OBAMA MAY VISIT NAZI DEATH CAMP *** O'S HEALTH-CARE RX: EXPECT ACHES & PAINS *** AP sources: Obama wants Fed to be finance supercop *** Obama makes push for credit card legislation *** Analysis: Obama's support of Georgia untested *** Obama won't fight global warming with bear rules *** Obama to address US-Islamic relations in Egypt *** Fine Line for Obama on How to Convey Hope on Economy *** Obama Picks Egypt for Muslim Speech *** Obama to Address US-Islamic Relations in Egypt *** Background Briefings Irk White House Press Corps *** State Dept. out of the loop? *** Trekkie in chief wants screening *** Diplomacy Can't Diffuse Every Threat - Philip Stephens, Financial Times *** Weekly Address: Credit Card ReformThe President calls on Congress to pass a vital credit card reform bill to keep companies from ripping off working Americans *** Military Commissions Revived *** Obama to Propose Fed Oversee Systemic Risk: Sources *** Chrysler lenders give in on restructuring *** White House Military Affairs Director Resigns Over NYC Flyover *** Hispanics push Obama for a Supreme Court seat *** Sunday *** O: END CREDIT 'RIP-OFF' *** Biden offering words of advice to Syracuse grads *** AG Holder says law school grads have duty to serve *** Vt. Dems criticize Obama on stance on Bush aides *** Obama: Send me credit card legislation this month *** Obama Meets With Capt. Richard Phillips At The White House *** Obama sets deadline for credit card 'Bill of Rights' *** Obama sets deadline for credit card 'Bill of Rights' law *** Obama Leaves Budget Choices for the Next One - Washington Post *** Obama's Big Bet on Pakistan - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times *** Obama, Lady Justice Wears a Blindfold - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe *** Obama's Budget: Bad For Women's Health? *** Cheney on the Attack *** Edwards Staff Had "Doomsday" Strategy To Sabotage Campaign Over Affair *** Cheney on Powell: Is he a Republican?

Congress and GOP RESISTING O'S WORLD STICK TO YOUR GUNS, REPUBLICANS *** GOP NEEDS ITS OWN BARACK OBAMA *** GOP: Closing Guantanamo prison threatens security *** Sources: Senators weigh 3 government health plans *** Pelosi still explaining interrogation briefing *** The Care and Feeding of Arlen Arlen Specter’s theory was that his propensity to do whatever he wanted should not only be tolerated, but rewarded, Collins, NYT *** The Deadly Myth of Gun Control in Electoral Politics A belief that the enactment of the 1994 assault weapons ban cost the Democrats control of Congress keeps the party from passing tighter gun laws *** What Congress Knew Congress got 40 briefings from the CIA on interrogations *** Huckabee: GOP Could Become "Irrelevant" *** Alexander: Why not probe Congress? The senator asks if Holder would consider investigating what members knew about torture *** Vitter mixes politics, FEMA *** Nelson: Labor bill 'a fool's errand' *** Missed Opportunity for Budget Sense - David Broder, Washington Post *** What to Look for in 'The Next 100 Days' - Sen. Harry Reid, National Journal *** Pelosi's Amnesia - Las Vegas Review-Journal *** Cantor Group Toes Fine Line *** Pelosi Aide Told of Harsh Interrogation Tactics Washington Post *** Sunday *** Republicans have two-prong strategy on healthcare *** Kennedy still the man at the center *** US House speaker Pelosi in Iraq discusses economy *** Health overhaul draws groups' competing demands *** Congress Plans Incentives for Healthy Habits *** There’s Work to Be Done, but Congress Opts Out *** Ethanol Industry’s 15% Solution Raises Concerns *** The Smoot-Hawley Act Is More Than a Laugh Line *** Congressional Torture Critics In On It All Along - New York Daily News *** The Nation Needs a Better GOP - Mickey Edwards, Los Angeles Times *** GOP Base Rips Cantor's Listening Tour - Politico *** Edward Kennedy: The Lion and the Legacy Vanity Fair *** What Pelosi Knew The Atlantic *** Nancy Pelosi Makes Surprise Trip To Iraq *** Leahy To Return Citigroup Donation *** Reid reluctant on Cheney prosecution *** Bunning says he's ready to run again

Wall Street Mess Evidence piling up that worst of recession is over *** TREASURY'S GMAC ATTACK: GEITHNER PLEDGES SUPPPORT *** BUFFETT'S $1.5B BOMB *** MCDONALD'S APRIL SALES SOAR *** LAYOFFS SLOW TO 539K, JOBLESS RATE RISES *** Far From Over Joblessness is like a cancer in the society. The last thing in the world that you want is for it to metastasize. And that’s what’s happening now, Herbert *** Toward Fair Lending A Senate version of a predatory lending bill should hold both the mortgage originators and the companies to which they sell the illegal loans liable, NYT Ed *** 2 Banks Cited in Stress Tests Find Ready Investors *** Hospitals Pay for Cutting Costly Readmissions *** Creditors Opposing Chrysler’s Overhaul Plan End Alliance *** Fannie Mae Says It Needs $19 Billion More in Aid *** Madoff Trustee Starts Hardship Program for Victims *** 6.9%. Sales Increase at Mcdonald’s Beats Estimates *** Bank in Washington State Is 33rd to Fail *** Most-needy Madoff vics could get quick $500G *** Stocks surge on relief over unemployment, banks *** Tax Boost Proposed for Estates, Firms *** Big Banks Won Concessions on Tests *** Friedman Defends Buying Goldman Stock *** Banks: Too-Big-to-Fail May Become Too-Big-to-Exist - Albert Bozzo, CNBC *** Gangster Government Gave Chrysler to the UAW - Washington Examiner *** Treasury's Rosy Scenario - William Greider, The Nation *** Sunday *** The Credit Card Squeeze The tough new Federal Reserve rules to keep big banks from arbitrarily ratcheting up fees and interest need to kick in now, not next year, NYT Ed *** BOND MARKET'S FULL OF QUESTIONS *** SEC TO PICARD: PAY UP AGENCY RIPS TRUSTEE *** Shift to Saving May Be Downturn’s Lasting Impact *** The C.E.O., Now Appearing on YouTube *** China overtakes the USA as Brazil's largest trading partner... *** Home Foreclosures Still Racking Economy *** Pakistanis Turn on Taliban *** Bank Failure Friday Relatively Quiet *** Did Financial Crime Cause the Current Crisis? Atlantic *** 6 Stress-Test Surprises *** Fear what lies beneath recovery optimism *** U.S. economic growth seen resuming in third quarter Full Article

National Slump Revives Town-Gown Divide Across U.S. *** Hearing Michigan’s Pleas, and Pledging U.S. Help *** For Gay Couples, Obstacles to Health Insurance *** California Counties Target Pot Growers *** Nearly 50 Injured In Boston Trolley Crash *** More Than 30,000 Ordered To Flee California Wildfire *** From ACORN, a mighty GOP fight *** The Big Business of Big Labor - Timothy Carney, Washington Examiner *** New Jersey's GOP Sees Opportunity in Corzine - Paul Mulshine, WSJ *** Auto Crisis Hits Middle America *** Weather gives firefighters the advantage in Santa Barbara *** Sunday *** For Victims of Recession, Patchwork State Aid *** Last licks for 42-cent stamps *** Testing Mayoral Control in Chicago Schools *** Forbes: Obama's Wrong—We're Judeo-Christian Americans have not abandoned the principles upon which we were founded *** Hubble Readies for Revamp *** How woman became first to receive face transplant

International Adroit Envoy States Case for Pakistan *** Karzai’s Ex-Allies Vie for Afghan Presidency *** Is France Losing the War of the Rosés? *** In China, No Problem Selling Cars *** Pakistan Faces Tests in Taliban Battle *** North Korea Invades! (And Other Pentagon War Games) *** South Africa Swears In Zuma As New President *** Sunday *** Taliban-Style Justice Stirs Anger in Pakistan *** Mexicans Blame Big Hog Farms *** 'Time for the Iraqis to Step Up' *** Pope stresses harmony in speech at mosque *** How the Family of a Dissident Fled China *** Pope Benedict on the Question of Judaism *** Israel's Netanyahu: Taking a Turn Toward Pragmatism? *** How to Invest for an Economic Rebound *** Mugabe's Final Throes - Boston Globe *** The CIA's Favorite Tactic *** Petraeus: Al Qaeda Not in Afghanistan ***
WorldReport: Artillery Barrage In Sri Lanka Kills Nearly 400 Civilians

Stars begin to emerge for D.C.'s big party By Emily Goodin and Jordy Yager. A galaxy of stars has converged on Washington as several bold-faced names arrived in town to celebrate President Obama's first White House Correspondents' Association dinner.

Media & New Tech Here Come The Google TV Ads (CLIPS) *** Sunday ***The American Press on Suicide Watch The real question is for the public, not journalists: Does it want to pony up for news, whatever the media that prevail?, Rich, NYT *** Put Aside Logic Just as Spock swoops in to rescue the world from red matter in J. J. Abrams’s dazzling new “Star Trek,” imagine Barack Spock rescuing read matter for the world, Dowd, NYC *** Willie's Week In Review: Obama's Burger, Miss California, Limbaugh & More! *** Shot at Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi lands CBS golf analyst in hot waterRead more *** The Future of Journalism - David Simon, US Senate Commerce Committee *** New Coca Cola Design ... *** Video: SNL Brings in Love Gov to Flesh Out Paterson's Blind Bit *** WATCH: SNL Mocks Tim Geithner, Banks Over Stress Tests *** This Week In Magazines: If The Economy is Driving You to Drink... *** Van Susteren, Todd Palin's handler? *** VIDEO: Sunday show highlights *** David Paterson's office is working with NYPA to bring Yahoo to Buffalo.

People and Places BETTER 'LATE': FALLON A GRAD *** A-Rod Hits Homer During First Time At Bat *** Connie Culp opens up about face transplant on 'GMA' *** Rosie Perez Doesn’t Hate Gentrification, She Just Hates New-Brooklyn Entitlement *** 'Barack' Up, But 'Emma' Tops Baby Names *** NBA, Olympic Coaching Great Chuck Daly Dies *** Under the Wigs, Dodgers Face a Marketing Test *** As Woodstock Turns 40, No Agreement on Tribute *** As Astor Fraud Trial Drags On, Some Judicious Comic Relief Goes a Long Way *** BLAST-OFF! 'STAR TREK' Screenings Pull $75M Weekend... *** Will Donald Trump Save Miss CA? *** The Untold Story of Captain Sully’s Miracle Hudson River Landing *** John Cusack, Gen X's Favorite Antihero *** The Best of Moms and the Worst of Moms

Blog ReportBurlesque At The Beach” Kicks Off At Coney Island: {Kinetic Carnival} *** A Blogger’s Ode To Mother’s Day: {Pardon Me For Asking} *** Mrs. VP Biden To Speak At Kingsboro Community College: {Sheepshead Bay Bites} *** Snag in AY? Appeals court upholds decision that said Boymelgreen improperly assigned lease of footprint building to Ratner {Atlantic Yards Report} ***Imagine Blogs: The Future Of Free Speech In America: {Soho Politics} *** Will It Come? What the Bloomberg Administration Wills at Willets Point (Part I) {Noticing New York}